Cultivate Ourselves and Turn Our World into Heaven July 16, 2009    
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It's great to see you all 
Did you see me before? No. No? First time. You stayed so long? Okay. It's good. You stay as long as you want because,this time,not too many people. Okay? Are you sick? Yes?
Yes? Be careful when you go outside. At the airport,wear a mask,okay? People might think we look funny,but it's all right because we have to protect ourselves. Wear a mask when you are at the airport and on the plane. I told them to buy some more masks and put them downstairs. Have you gotten one? Each person take one when you leave. When you're staying here,there is no problem.
Well,I'm glad to see you. I'm very glad to see you. How many are Chinese? Raise your hand. All are Chinese! Even this non-Chinese knows Chinese,so the majority prevails. Okay,good! I can talk half in Chinese and half in English. I'm half and half. Right? European. I'm European. European,but I'm wearing Chinese clothes,so I'm half and half. Okay. I have also guessed it right that you would all be Chinese today,so I'm wearing Chinese clothes. See?
Aulacese (Vietnamese)?
How many? Two,three,four,right?
Okay,yes,any questions at all? No?
Good girl. “No” is always a good answer. “No” is the best question for me. It's okay. You can ask me questions. You've come such a long distance. Anyone who has never seen me before? Raise your hand! Only one. Then others have seen me before. Why do you still come here? Two! But you've seen me many times in America.
You've never seen me before? This is the first time? Come! Come here! Come here! Then others can go home now? You keep staring at me and I might disappear. Come over here. Where are you from?
*Formosa (Taiwan).
Formosa (Taiwan)! How come you had never seen me until now? I lived there for a long time. &I never saw you before.
You never saw me? Really? How strange! The Formosan (Taiwanese) people saw me so much. that they got tired of me. Which planet did you come from? Okay,okay,okay. Forget it. You're the only one today.
*He is Malaysian Chinese.
Malaysian Chinese?
*Overseas Chinese,right.
He said he was from Formosa (Taiwan).
*He works in Formosa (Taiwan) now.
He works in Formosa (Taiwan). Okay,okay. You're lucky! I'll give you this. Are you on vacation?
Yes. Vacation?
Every day should be holiday. Every day should be a vacation day. “Xiu” in “xiu xi” (rest) is the same as Spiritual practice…”Xiu-xi” is being on vacation! Being on vacation is the same as spiritual practice. Every day should be like a vacation day,and every day you should meditate and practice spiritually. Okay? Yes. Has your wisdom grown a bit? Do you feel any different now? I mean,have you improved in your spiritual practice?
You answered according to my facial expressions! You Chinese always do this: you react according to one's facial expression. If I pretend to be stern,then I'll get whatever I want. If I'm too lenient with you,Strange! You are just like my dogs. Sometimes,even if my dogs understood me,they pretend not to. But when I became stern,they listen to me. They act innocent! They wag their tails, smile,and act cute. Yes,okay. You are also very cute. Okay. How long are you going to stay here? One month? One week?
*Two weeks.
Two weeks! You're so rich! You don't work and you come here to stay for two weeks! So who in the family is making money?
*We're retired.
Retired? You have income in retirement?
How terrific. My God! Then I should retire,too. Then I can also take a two-week vacation. Okay. Retired? You're so young,so how come you're retired already? Really?
*Fifty-six. You could retire at 56?
*We can retire at 55.
What was your job? A policeman? I heard that only policemen and firefighters could retire at such a young age. Why did you retire so early?
*In Mainland China,some people can retire at 45,50,55 or 60.
China is such a wonderful place. Then what are you still complaining about? You can retire at 45. after 40. At 45 or 40? Q (f): At 45. How wonderful! Why didn't you tell me sooner? I could have moved to China so I don't have to keep working now.
I still have to give talks here. I might as well move to China. but I don't know if the Chinese government Too much trouble! I'm such a lovable person,and I'm also very kind. I do good things wherever I go,and I help people and advise people to do virtuous deeds. This is also improving the society,right?
My goodness,it's been 20 years of hard work. I've taught you everything and yet there is only very little progress. Formosan (Taiwan) people can visit the UK for 6 months without a visa now. How can it be so great! Mainlanders can also visit Formosa (Taiwan),etc. We've waited for so long that we've almost turned into giraffes. Our necks have become very long. Has there been any progress elsewhere? Has there? Yes?
China has progressed? When I see you,I feel that there is progress. When I don't,I wouldn't know. But from what I see,China is pretty good. Like when our group went for relief efforts,I saw on Supreme Master TVthat the Chinese soldiers were helping the victims alongside us. There weren't any problems.
There is no problem as long as I don't go there. but it's already very good. In the past,it was very difficult to go help the victims even. The relief effort used to be very dangerous. In the past,the relief effort in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) was very dangerous,too. In China,it used to be difficult for the relief efforts sometimes. Now,relief efforts are allowed. I forgot how to say “permission” in Chinese. all): “Xu-ke.” “Xu-ke.” Okay. We can get permission now.
We're so grateful. Sometimes,it's not that easy to do good deeds. Now they allow us to help and I'm already very grateful. Many countries are like this. It's very strange. While I was in Canada,it was also the same,I don't know why,and they wouldn't explain,and they wouldn't take the money. However,there was one time after hurricane Katrina The powerful Katrina was Hurricane. a very powerful hurricane in the US,right? I wasn't in the US at the time. I was in Canada.
 When I read about it in the newspaper,or saw it on TV,I heard that the Canadian Red Cross was going to send help to that area,so I wired money to Canada. It wasn't a small amount; it was $300,000 Canadian dollars,or maybe US dollars. At least,it was in Canadian dollars. Okay,there was no problem at all. I didn't have a single problem.
They didn't ask me a single question. It was so easy,and it was sent. A few days later,I asked them,“Did you receive my donation?” “We did. Thank you!” Sometimes,this world is so funny. I've traveled all over the world. Sometimes,it's so tiring to do any work. Understand? It's not thatI don't want to do it. It's just so,so tiring.
There are many obstacles. Your life is too comfortable. You pray for Master's help at any time,and everything will be okay. I don't know who I can pray to. All the transcendental masters have gone to answer your prayers,so I don't get any help. Understand? Everyone prayed,and when it was my turn,“All gone?” I couldn't get any. Therefore,you don't understand what suffering is.
So,if you come here sometimes to complain about trouble getting here,don't do that,because if you have one complaint,I have a hundred. It is like that. You pray to me at any time,and then everything will be okay and your life will be so comfortable. Sometimes,you don't know the difficulties I face, okay? It's just like this. I can't get my turn. Like the time when I went to Europe to give lectures by myself,you went there,too.
Not you,but some people went there. They were ahead of me in line and bought their airline tickets. They also exchanged money ahead of me and hired all the taxis. Understand? So,sometimes,they all boarded the plane,and left me standing alone there. Later,someone said that he wasn't going,or several said so,so I could have the opportunity to get on the plane. Otherwise,all of them went,leaving me behind. Wonderful!
All the equipment and working staff went on the flight smoothly,so they could go before me to get the venue,ready for me to give a lecture. As a result,they left me behind! This world is so funny. Similarly,all the transcendental masters are busy answering your prayers and no one is left for me,but it's all right as long as you feel good. It's just like this. The life of a Master is just like this; she deserves it. Who asked me to be a Master,right? Okay,do you have any questions? Seriously. Here,quick. Talk. I've heard it all. It's nonsense!
*My question I've already asked the resident at the spiritual desk,and she told me to ask you when I have a chance. Master,you told us once that there were beings of the Fourth and Fifth Levels living on the sun.
*Because above the Third Level,the Fourth and the Fifth are the eternal worlds. I've always been interested in astronomy,so I have a question: The sun belongs to the physical dimension,so if the Fourth and the Fifth level beings live on the sun,then are the spiritual world and the physical world overlapping,or do these beings have special protective gear?
For example,the Martians are also of the Fourth Level,but their planet has already been destroyed. So I was thinking that when you said that these beings reached the Fourth Level,did you mean that this was the level they would reach when they died,and that they had physical bodies just like us?
No. Do you see their physical bodies? How can a physical body endure that kind of planet? Don't you know that the temperature is thousands of degrees there? You must be joking.
*So is the spiritual world and the physical world overlapping?
What overlap? Let me tell you,okay. What kind of world is our current world? A physical one or a spiritual one?
*A physical one.
Well,I'm living here now. What level am I? Suppose you've reached the Fourth Level,for example,then where do you live now?
*Because once you told us that when high level beings came down here,they could only stay for a short period of time,so we are… so I'm a little confused.
I was saying that they had already reached that level,and if they decided to come down here for fun or to visit some people,they would do that. You are already living in this world,and your level will be slowly elevated,which is different. Understand? Do you all understand?
*So our souls can go up?
Yes,during your meditation,it will go up. (Right.)
But your karma (retribution) is still kept here,so not the entirety of you can go up. After you discard this physical body,you can go up. Right now,you go up and come down all the time,like you go shopping for groceries. You know how you go shopping for groceries? You can stay here because you have this physical body.
Without this physical body, you cannot stay here for too long. So you're very blessed,okay? You can stay here,and you can go up to visit Heaven; you can go up and then come down again. Q(f): Then what about the Martians? Ayah-ya-ya,please,I've explained it so clearly already.f
*Thank you,Master.
Your relatives have passed away,right?
Then if they want to come down,they can. If they don't want to,you can't force them to come down. If they want to come down,they'll do that. If they don't want to,they won't. What for? We're so eager to go up there,so why would they come down? Those beings would sometimes come down because they have some responsibilities.
You have a comfortable home to live in,and you go shopping for groceries once in a while. You wouldn't hang around in the supermarket every day. What benefits would they get coming down here? We all want to go up there,right? Okay.
Do you understand my explanation now?
*Yes,we do.
*I want to ask that even though the Fourth and the Fifth levels are eternal worlds,and they will never be destroyed,the astronomers said that when the sun finishes its nuclear fusion,it will get old and be destroyed. That's why I wanted to ask. If it's said that the worlds of the Fourth and the Fifth Levels are eternal,then…
Okay,let me ask you this: Which level do you think I'm in right now? Just take me,for example.
*You're in the Ninth Level. You are in the highest,the Ninth Level.
So if this planet is destroyed,will I be destroyed,too?
*No,you won't.
That's right! So it's the same with the beings on the sun.
*So they will move to other planets? Or…?
Why do they have to move? These beings are omnipresent. Why move? You're talking about the soul,not the physical body.
Do you understand now?
Thank God!,when our soul reaches the Fourth or the Fifth Level,we can live anywhere. For example,some beings of the Fourth and the Fifth Levels come to the Earth because they want to help people and the Earth. Understand? When they are gone,they'll go back to the Fourth and the Fifth Levels. They won't be destroyed even when their bodies are destroyed. Even if the entire planet is destroyed,these beings won't be destroyed.
They're Tathagatas,meaning omnipresent. They are the same wherever they are. For example,you are at the Fifth Level and you see all the suffering in this world,so you transform into this physical body,or you transmigrate into this world to use this physical body,to help other physical beings. Your inner soul belongs to the Fourth or the Fifth Level,okay? Y
our worldly body is like everyone else's,but even if your physical body is destroyed,you won't be destroyed. That's why it's said that the Earth Store BodhisatTVa is very happy living in hell. But other beings in hell are in a lot of pain. Understand? (Yes.) Wherever he goes,he brings Heaven with him; he carries it in his pocket.
Thus,Heaven and hell are not just places; they are our spiritual attainment or the level of our spiritual practice. Understand? Since we have already come to this world,why should we wait to get back to Heaven? We should just try our best to change this world into Heaven. Why should we wait to go to Heaven? Understand?
Every day while you're meditating,you're in Heaven,just like coming here,right? ( *Yes.) You always say to me that coming here… Tell the truth. Yes or no?
Okay,Heaven is just like this. Okay? Heaven is within a saint. The beings of the Fourth and the Fifth levels live in the sun because they want to help the planets around it,and help this Earth.Without the sun,many things can't grow.
People will be miserable because the world will be always as dark as night. At night,don't we wait to get up at dawn? We feel so happy,right? We do like to sleep,but we also wait for the sun to come out so we can move around and feel happy. We feel so good to see the sun. That's why in wintertime,we feel more depressed. In summertime,everyone is very happy,like we're coming alive.
It's because of the sun. Those beings live there to bless us,to help us,and to make us happy. In case the sun is destroyed,they won't be destroyed. They don't have physical bodies,okay? We have a physical body,so we can be destroyed,but they don't have a physical body,their bodies can't be destroyed.
Otherwise,how could they endure temperatures of thousands of degrees there? No one could stay on the sun,not even for a split second,because it's too hot. Okay,any more questions? No more?Yeah,year. Okay,everyone…?? (beep sound) Okay? Everyone says that after you die,you'll go to Heaven. That's also correct,okay? It's also correct about going to Heaven,but since we're living here,we should figure out ways to turn it into Heaven,okay?
For example,we move into a new house and it doesn't meet our requirements,or maybe we don't have enough money to buy a prettier house or a newer one and we buy a cheaper,more run-down one because it's closer to our work place with convenient transportation by train or bus. So we buy that house,we can just afford it and it's easy to get to work. Okay,so we buy that house. First,perhaps no other houses are for sale right now,or the ones on the market are too expensive,so we buy this old house.
Will we keep it in its run-down condition just for fun? No. When we move in,we'll fix it up,right? We'll scrub and clean and then buy some new furniture,arrange things in this corner and that corner,hang some paintings or family pictures,place some flowers,even fake ones,and place fruits here,and the bed there. We'll walk around to see where to place things appropriately. Then when we have time,we'll paint the house to make it brighter and fresher,more suited to our taste. Is that not so?
Similarly,since you are here,don't keep praying to go to Heaven or to see what your level is. You have to make this place prettier,even if just for a short time,so you can live more comfortably here. Okay,now you know. So we'll just do our best to beautify this world. We don't necessarily have to plant flowers or paint on the planet. What I mean is to make people's hearts more beautiful. Improve the atmosphere by reminding people to do good deeds and to walk on the righteous path,understand? Okay?
In this way,this world will become Heaven,right? For example,when you come here,you all have the same ideal,right? You have the same concept because you want to practice spiritually. Because of this,you all feel good,right? You all know that your neighbors are very nice,dependable,trustworthy,and kind,and they are all vegetarians, so they don't have the smell of meat or blood in their mouths. For example like this. So everyone feels good and relaxed here.
Similarly,if we make our surroundings like this,then we'll feel very comfortable. Heaven is right here where we've made changes. We also help pull everyone up to the same happy realm with us. This is what a spiritual practitioner does. We meditate to practice spiritually and put the teachings into practice,understand?
We cultivate ourselves and we walk the talk. For example,we say that people should do good deeds,then we do good deeds ourselves,understand? We say that people should be vegetarian,and we are true vegetarians ourselves. This is called spiritual practice.. It's just like this. I think that spiritual practice means cultivating ourselves and putting the teachings into practice as well. It's just like this. We walk our talk,okay? Okay,when you come here,it's like taking a vacation. If I have time,I will come to see you.

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