The Loving Nature of Birds December 11, 2010 Cancún, Mexico    
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You do like this, honey: out, down. Yes. (*Okay.) Take some more, as much as you want, go that much. Then you can do it like this.
*I think it's the last one.
Yes, take the part that you like. Thank you. That's for you guys. Just accompanying, there's some soup here.
*Thank you.
Yes, just put it anywhere, honey. They'll reach it, don't worry. Wherever you put, they'll see it. Just like the birds outside, you know, they're far away, but when I spread the bread, they're all flying, quickly come. But the bird today, what did you call the name, that black bird with the neck like turkeys'?
*Zopilote (vulture).
Zopilote (vulture)? (* Yes.) Big, you know. (*Big, very big.) Very big.
*They do circle like that.
Yes? I didn't know that. He just goes straight to my balcony, sits next to me, like arm's length, like this, and he's not afraid of me at all. (*Yes.) I was thinking, “I've never seen such a bird in my life!” you know? Maybe it's typical in Mexico, right? (Yes, yes.)
My God. Thank God we still have them.
*North Mexico and South Mexico, it's very typical, yes.
I don't know why he just came straight to me like he knew I was sitting there. I was reading a document, you know, was movement and not just not-movement, and I had big hat on. And I was so curious, I was thinking, “My God! What kind of bird is that? So curious. And I said, “You want some bread?” You know, he didn't say nothing much. And then he said, “Can try.” So I came in. When I stood up, he got a little scared and so he went a few meters away instead. And then when I came out, I spread the bread over there and I went back to sit in the chair; he came back, same position, staring at my nose like that.
*He must think you're a beautiful bird.
I was thinking, “He's a rare bird,” but for a Chinese blonde, for him, I'm rare. So he was thinking, “Oh!” He probably made some videotape for his television. I am photographing him and he's “videotaping” me for his 6 o'clock news, birdie television Yes, he really was not afraid at all. Yes, so beautiful and big. How come they're not afraid? Because people are friendly to him in Mexico or they are just very friendly as birds?
*Normally they don't get close to people.
Are you kidding? He sits right here, like here distance. You know, the balcony outside here is very, very narrow, about like one meter, and I sit on my chair and he's just on the balcony there, right in front of me. He deliberately goes there, because he could “park” elsewhere, you know. [ He could park on the swimming pool nearby or on top of me even.
*He wanted a closer look at you.
Yes, probably blonde, you know?
*Maybe he wants to sing mariachi.
*Sing mariachi or something.
I want to sing. Oh, my God! He's so beautiful. I was so grateful that he showed me such a trust, you know? And I was thinking, maybe because Mexican birds are like that, because all the birds, they also come to eat almost from my hand. I'd never seen them before! These birds every day I feed. If they're near, they just come down right away and eat in front of me, like an open restaurant.
*South Mexico, there are a lot of very bright colored birds, yes.
Yes, yes, a lot of them here because they protect the environment around here in Cancún.
(Yes.) You see, you can hear them. You see them? - a lot. (*Yes, it's a lot.) But this big bird, he scared me, you know? When he went straight, I was thinking he'd just fly from afar and when he'd go near, he'd just land there quietly. I was thinking maybe he'd just fly straight on my shoulder. It seemed like that. But no, he landed on the balcony and just looked at me. I said, “I love you so much. My, you're so beautiful, beautiful.” He's really beautiful. It's really a good day today.
The birds visit, two, you know? Two, one parked nearby and one parked just in front of me. I'm sure he “videotaped” me and aired it on his 6 o'clock news; birdie television, you know? Bird TV. Because he'd never seen it before… “Chinese blonde!” He'd probably introduce in his TV: “Beloved audience, Chinese I've seen a lot, but this one, blonde Chinese, I tell you, I have never seen it in my life! Have a look at her. You never learn enough, you know? You thought you have seen it all, but you haven't.” Yes, so cute.
That's really made my day, the bird, you know? I really love that bird. The neck is all wrinkled, rough, like turkey. (*Yes.) Yes. The head also, all bald, bald, but the whole body is full of hair.
Maybe he liked my hat, big hat.
*He managed to find you. Like you said, probably he just wants to capture you fully so he can go back and broadcast to his species.
Broadcast to the whole bird TV. (*Live.) Live. (* Live broadcasting.) Live from Cancún, straight from COP16, freshly emerged from Moon Palace.
And you see, even when we came out, the whole group like that, at least 3, 4 people with camera, and he still did not fly away, and we were so tiptoeing and all that - he couldn't care less.
He brought some good news! But I don't want to tell you now; maybe later. Special bird. You know, not all birds are normal birds. Some birds are kings and queens and princesses. They have rank. Like Laguna, she's queen, and like Libra, he's like General rank But because they don't have flocks so they don't do anything, but she's still the queen.
One time, I was in Spain and I sat with her next to the sea, you know? It had a cliff, and that house looks straight down to the sea that you can “ spit on the water,” - that's what they call it - and I thought she wouldn't fly away from me, so I just let her stand next to my chair, you know, on the chair, behind there on the armchair. Suddenly, she just flew away. That was scary. And all the seagulls flew, you know, surrounding her and behind her, not in front.
Then she flew to the front mountain, nearby, and sat there and lecturing. They all stood around listening to her. When I found her, I thought, “What are you doing?” She was having a grand time! She was having a great time, and I was having a great time when I took her back. My God. There's a mountain with less water and she stood on the rock, lecturing to all surrounding seagulls, like “Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet. My Master says that.”
Can't believe it. Birds, they're so beautiful. You want some more fruit? Normally, I don't even have an attendant. It's just because this time you've already arranged, and I need a lot of stuff, so they have to bring it; have to have attendant to take care Otherwise, I travel alone. I eat taquitos every day, only: taquito morning, lunch, dinner, or if…or want. Or bread, bread and apple, Maggi, that's it. I don't want bother. I don't want to be dependent on all these kinds of things.
You eat if you want, if not, you just take it with you. Want to try some Mexican stuff? Because I know we had it, but you never had chance to eat, so you eat. If not, you just take some with you; or eat and then we have some more for you to take, okay?
*Thank you, Master. More tea? Coffee? Eat it and we have more for you to take home, and share it.
At the end, the COP16 delegates came to an agreement, because I was following the news and…
They didn't want.
* There was a stalemate…
Yes, yes, yes.
*It didn't go anywhere.
Yes, yes, it didn't go anywhere, I know.
*You were there.
Yes, I go and shake hands with everybody, (Yes.) with the Japanese and the Americans, I told them. Yes, they feel softened somewhat. Because they walked out already - American walked out, Chinese didn't want, Japanese didn't want.
So, it was very, very, very good at the end. Everybody liked it, relieved, and clapped hands the whole night through. The chairman or anybody had hardly a chance to talk because they were all clapping, clapping, all the time. “We know already, we just clap.” It was so cute. Okay, at least some accord, you know? Yes, peaceful at the end. Now, at least I feel I must go. That's okay. Tired?
Are you tired, all of you? Okay? Tired, but happy now, the end. (*Very happy, yes.). Last time, last day, I think everybody was happy also to go home. Go home feeling they have something, you know. But they have just one, one or two titles only, one or two subjects only, not the whole accord. Yes, so probably they can talk it out. They work hard, truly work hard. I'd also feel very sorry for them if they come out with anything; that'd be more terrible.
Everybody worked very hard, running from one room to another, one meeting room to another, which is many kilometers away, No car, just walking. Well, but I don't know. I feel it's already better than nothing Just that we don't have much time and they still want to… But there's so many countries, what to do?
But at least they have something, to come out with; many things in there are good. Okay. But maybe they will agree to that, you know, organic vegan, maybe. Maybe when they work more on this agreement, you know, because it's like a framework, it's almost not like complete yet, you know? Okay, they agree on something like the title of it, but then I think they have to work more.
Like if they stop deforestation and all that, then maybe they have to think “why deforestation?” And they go subtly into the animal section because most of the deforestation is for animals.  So if they try to stop deforestation, meaning, “Ahem!” something like that. Okay. I love these birds. Beautiful birds. The two birds are so sweet.
Not afraid of me at all, like he knows me, like one of my birds at home only. It's such an overwhelming familiarity, you know? - intimacy. I almost cry. So trusting, so beautiful. Only after we left, then they went on the roof. But when we come out and the camera clicking, and videotape, they don't move. See? Very near already. I'm afraid we go too near. But, maybe even if we go nearer, they also don't move because they're so lovely. He just comes right straight to me on purpose, you know, like that.
So beautiful. I love! I send them my love. Just love. I want to hug them. I want to touch his bald head. No hair at all. No hair from here to here, you know? Funny, the whole body's full of hair, black, and here nothing! All bald! So cute. Even turkeys, they have something on their head; this has nothing, just bald. Wrinkledand bald; they're so cute. So cute, so cute. The first time I see him come here, brings good news, brings good news. Thank you so much.
*We have hope, like the audience said they're going to make it happen. It means good news. Maybe the king of these (Birds.) big birds brings you good news, that's why.
Good luck, good news, yes. I don't care what he brings or not, I love him so much. Such an intimacy, such a trust, you know? - makes me feel so good, so good, so loved, loved. Oh, my God. I feel so honored, so honored, so privileged that he'd just come straight to me like that, as if he wants to step on my hand even, almost like that, yes. I feel like I could come and say, “Hey, up,” and then he'll come, that, you know?
But I was also scared, all these sharp nails, you know? Otherwise, I love so much. Oh, my God! So intimate, yes. Two times, not just one time. Like, maybe the first time maybe he mistook and thought I was just sitting there, like a tree or something. But I moved, and I came back and I sat down, and he came back. See? It's the same. And then you guys came and then broke our spell. I was sitting there and loving him, and then the journalist came. Concurrence, the competitions, you know? “He brings news, I also come here, get the news!” Both are journalists. You know? What's the name again?
*Zopilotes (vultures).
Zopilotes So big, big. Majestic, and powerful. He feels powerful, but he comes so sweet, like a pigeon. You look in the eyes, he's so sweet, so sweet - full of love! My God! Melts my heart, you know. I could just sit there forever, forever, forever. Yes. But it's good that you guys came, also share the joy. But it was so magical, the two of us sitting there, looking into each other's eyes, no words spoken, and he was so loving, love... Oh, my God.
If all humans were so loving like that, we would have peace. I don't know until when it will happen. But you see, better already, like Israel wants to cooperate with Palestine. “If there's a fire that comes to your country, we help each other now.” The two ministers, Netanyahu and the president, talked together because of the fire in Israel. It was so big, Palestine helped and then… You see, it's a bad thing, but it's a good news. See what I mean? It takes some disaster like that to bring the two countries together. I was so happy to see that news. Yes?
The two talked together, cooperate to help each other in the future. My God. That is really something. I like so much. And Prime Minister Netanyahu also apologized to Turkey already about the lives lost last time. He said sorry already; it was very good. That's a mended relationship. I can't believe it! It's so good. It's so good, so good. Yes?
*Your hard work is paying off. It's getting there, Master.
Not my hard work. My spiritual account is going, going, yes, but I'm happy to give.  I'm just happy, very happy. I ask all the time that, “Can I give more?” and when Heaven says no, I have to stop. I would give more and more all the time. Whenever I have, I give, but there are only limits, yes.
Just like you cannot give your child too much money at the same time to go to school, or to do something Just enough, and then you give more later if you need, if they need. Originally, I even asked if I could die (*No.) to help everything in the world. They say, “Not useful.” It's better I live. (*Yes.) So, I have to protect my life.
When I live, I help more than when I die. I thought if I die, that would be the ultimate sacrifice to help the world, but they said, “No, no. That is not.” They said, “Not useful too much,” you know, “a little bit, but not too much.”
*We cannot live without you, Master. We probably cannot survive.
No. You'll be okay; it's just that, you know, for the world, it's better. You see, to lose your life is not much compared to losing your spiritual points.  So, this time they want more than just physical life - you see what I mean? Yes. More than just physical life, material life.
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