Supreme Master Ching Hai's Book Premiere: Love of Centuries, Mongolian Edition - P5/5 April 22, 2011 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia    
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*Our respectful congratulations to all dignitaries and distinguished guests invited to this very special enlightening moment with Supreme Master Ching Hai. Mongolians are truly fortunate and wonderful people,more uplifted and more blessed by Providence. Such a special people!By the love and blessing of Supreme Master Ching Hai,may humankind in different countries of the world co-exist on a wonderful,spiritual,enlightened path.
So I would like to bring your attention back to the concert of Supreme Master Ching Hai's outstanding and extraordinary artistic creation, 『The Love of Centuries,』Mongolian book premiere on Earth Day. A traditional Mongolian long song, 『Boundless Ocean,』performed by long song singer Ya Munkhbayar,Morin khuur musician,B. Baasansuren. Please enjoy. 『O,Boundless Ocean Your waves' hue looks lightening May all sentient beings in the universe Exist with full of bliss without suffering.』
*Now,let me introduce our next performance: music by Sukhbaatar entitled 『Uulen Bor,』performed by students of the Morin Khuur Class of the Children's Art Center.
*Thank you to the morin khuur players for the wonderful music. Let's hear some words from author Gun Uils.
*Greetings to you on this wonderful day,this time,this minute,this moment. Generally,people are born to be happy. They try to have happy moments in their lives. Wonderful moments like today will occur often in our life. Ultimately,people seem to live happily; personally,I understand that. I have understood many things from Supreme Master's book.
I have been translating classical novels of Pushkin,Shakespeare,Goethe,etc.,so I have a special experience. And now,Master has written it in Aulacese (Vietnamese),and it looks like the people who translated it are proficient in English. When I see all these,her skill seems to be on par with the authors of world-renowned classics. About the idea,it is totally,immensely great,exquisite,yes,like that.
So,the key point of the poems of Supreme Master is only love,love of centuries,eternal love. But how it will become reality isto know that this world,this universe,is not for a single person. Now,there is wildlife- many more types of fish,minnows,birds,animals,etc.,many beings - so to physically feel the suffering and happiness of all these beings,the existence of all these beings…
And after experiencing it physically,now,distributing love to them,shining the love upon them to live,like that,this is the main,key,philosophy of the poetry,the collection of poems. Since I'm here as a translator,and I think that if I read four verses to you,as you might be interested to hear,how the translator will read the poem. When I just opened the book, 『Bird of Paradise』appeared.
『Oh,Glorious Bird of Paradise!Where hither doth Thou go?On a span of wind that never blows... To the nameless regions `bove the rainbow?The sunless sun doth Thou acquaint The sandless shore Thy feet shall land Thy thirst Thou quench Thy thirst Thou quench Of the sweetest ambrosia `til Thy heart's content. Oh,Bird of Paradise!Fly Home!Fly!
On a spread of purple cloud Dost Thou arise... Lightest wing Softest heart Follow the stringless harp Thou doth arrive!At the land of endless time To bathe in the river of ever calm To play in the fields of ever young And spoken to by the Lord in melodious tone. Oh,Bird of Paradise!Thou knowest the most loved One Thou knowest the Benevolent.
Take me on Thy empowr'd wings For I also must come Must come Home... I must come Home... Far away sweet Home!Home,Heaven Home!』Thank you. Thank you all. God bless you,all of you. Thank you very much.
*Thank you,Honorable Gun-Uils. May God bless you. Through your efforts many,many people will experience the bliss and blessings of this book. It's a wonderful,honorable,virtuous work to give the precious creation of Supreme Master Ching Hai's wisdom through meditation to the public,and it will help many people to be elevated to a higher wisdom.
And now,I invite you to enjoy our performance for Supreme Master Ching Hai's outstanding and extraordinary artistic creation, 『The Love of Centuries,』Mongolian edition,book premiere on Earth Day. 『Biy biyelgee,』a compilation of ethnic dances,performed by the students of the Cultural University of Mongolia. Thank you for your great performance!Let's give a warm applause to the students of Morin Khuur Class. A unique performance by the special Mongolian contortionists,contortionists from the Mongol Contortion Center. Let's give a warm applause to encourage the Mongolian center's contortionists once more. Mongolian contortion is one of the unique,wonderful and delightful types of tradition. Now,『Love of History,』with music by saxophonist Gan-Erdene and Munkh-Erdene.
Today's event is simple but also very uplifting. We think you will like it,and we are very happy that you are with us on this wonderful evening. An exalted spiritual creation of Supreme Master Ching Hai's The Love of Centuries book premiere is a rare,truly rare,opportunity for Mongolia to be blessed by enlightening wisdom and the highest existence through contact with the author of this creation.
I want to express my sincere gratitude to our saintly,noble,spiritual,intelligent guests for this rare occasion with us. Sonow, 『Love of History,』musical melody by Munkh-Erdeneand Gan-Erdene.
Thank you for your wonderful music Munkh-Erdeneand Gan-Erdene. We wish you good luck in your career. Next,an amazing performance, 『Farewell Song,』by Mongolian national artist,Mrs. Munkhshur,music and lyrics by Supreme Master Ching Hai.
*: Thank you,life,wisdom,pure love. Beautiful Master,I wish you a long life and the highest happiness. And I also wish you the same: to be happy,and with the highest happiness.
Where,where are you going my winter sun?Won't,won't you miss me Standing on this shore,water blue. When,when will I see you,my everything?Won't someone hold you When you wake up crying?Where,where are you now,my only one Won't someone tell me if you will ever return?Won't someone tell me if you will ever return?
*Supreme Master Ching Hai's 『The Love of Centuries,』eight-language book premiere was also organized in Los Angeles in the USA on April 10,with one of those eight languages being Mongolian. As tonight's enlightening event that we have celebrated together,the poetry and art creation, 『The Love of Centuries』book premiere comes to a close,I am dedicating one of Supreme Master Ching Hai's poems - 『Please,Wake Up!』- together with a wish: may your actions,life,governmental activities,as well as your wisdom,all be elevated into a higher consciousness. 『O world,wake up and behold Rivers and mountains are in tumult Burnt forests,eroded hills,desiccated streams Whither do the poor souls go in the end of all dreams?』
*We wish you all every success in your work and spiritual path,and we wish you a loving and compassionate heart to save the planet and the environment. We sincerely express our thankfulness to everyone.
*When I saw Master on the screen,I felt great inspiration from the bottom of my heart,and I cried. I think it's a great honor for me that I am living in the same era in which Grand Master lives. I would also like to ask everyone: Please,let's refrain from eating meat to save the world. Let's not kill animals; instead,eat vegetables and be vegan to save the planet.
*This book is one which you can't stop reading,because every word,every letter,every page of this book shows you how to love others; and the way to love others,it's very magical.
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