Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai by James Bean of Spiritual Awakening Radio - P2/3 April 26, 2011    
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As in India,especially in the old times,cows are loved and even worshipped as second mothers to children,not slaughtered for meat,like in other countries. Yes?And they give milk naturally,you see?They give milk naturally. So the lacto diet came from there. Yes?The cows live in a natural environment. It's okay to take that kind of milk or the cheese from there if the cows just give lovingly and willingly,naturally. So,of course,in India they follow lacto diet,and it's normal. You see what I mean?Yes.
So we can understand why the people still follow a lacto-veggie diet in some part of the world,or in India. Not everyone knows about the horror of factory farming animals. So some vegetarians even eat eggs!That's bad. Egg is not a vegetable,is it?No. Egg industry,James,is another form of cruelty beyond our imaginations.
I just tell you,very short,because I can't bear it if I talk too long. If the chicks are males,for example,James,they will be thrown into a grinding machine- alive!- to be made into food for dogs or something. I saw a little chick in a show of the 『Cruelty to Animal』shows,he was wandering on the edge of the conveyor that would lead him to the grinding machine.
He was wandering so innocently on the edge,looking for Mama. My God!I broke down. I just broke down. I cannot go into more details because I cannot bear it. I will just be broken down again. Please,if anyone listens,just log on to for all the facts and info you wish to verify,or contact any vegan groups near you.
Contact PETA,for example,international PETA. There are things even that you also need to know before you buy the next animal products or food,because they are not only cruelty manifested,they are also poisonous. If you know what is in there,you wouldn't put it in your mouth or into your children's mouth. (*Right.) Now,to convince the religious community,we can send fact-checked info to all religious leaders.
We are doing that,James,as well,yes,(*Yes.) me and my colleagues,yes,my Association members. You know,we must have an association because the government demanded it,not because we want to have any association or official anything. But we have an association,and my Association members and I,we are sending these fact-checked info to all kinds of people - to world leaders,religious leaders,community leaders,to farmers,to slaughterhouse owners,etc.,etc. We are still doing it.
We cannot do everything in one day,two days; we continue. I wish I have done it all yesterday,but we have so much to do,James,so much to do. The more we do,the more work,and… But,you see,you are doing your part,luckily,and I'm grateful. You see?You give talks on radio… Also,other people can do the same or they can go grassroots,go on air,go on TV,like we do on Supreme Master Television.
But I don't feel like we are doing enough. Of course,because we are just a small group compared to the world population. And every vegan should also help. Please help. Help all of us. Help each other. Help us. Help the world. Help yourself. We need all the help we can to create a "wake-up," strong wake-upcall and to maintain the trend. Yes. (*Yes.)
* Yes,you mentioned that it was due to the meritorious good karma (retribution) that makes it possible for souls to be privileged to incarnate here,and live on this beautiful Earth. (Yes.) It sounds like we have some important lessons to learn in order to evolve. Could you explain about karma (retribution) and the dangers that the world faces,if there's too much bad karma (retribution),bad actions,in the world?
Thank you for asking,for the sake of your listeners. Karma is the law of cause and effect,or "as you sow,so shall you reap," that we mentioned early on - meaning every action provokes a reaction,and some even cause chain reaction or domino effect. It is very logical and very scientific. We don't have to follow a religion or any meditation group,any guru,in order to even see this.
So we cannot go on creating bad karma (retribution) and then waiting for good result and not worry about its effect. It will come sooner or later. Up to now,humans have created and still are creating tremendous bad energy,you see,bad karma (retribution) - that means 『bad energy』- that twists around us like a chain,and it gets tighter at every passing moment so that maybe,at some point,we can't even escape.
We can see evidence everywhere now,that we suffer so much violence,wars,catastrophic disasters,everywhere. Almost every day we look on TV,there's a disastersomewhere in some country,one way or another,yes,or war or conflicts. We need intervention now,more than ever,from a force that is much stronger than this binding chain,to break it loose.
That power is the universal love within ourselves. We must reawaken it by actions that are in tune with this love. By loving all beings,respecting all creations of God,we will forsake vengeance and war,we will stop torturing and killing humans and animals. 
Only then,James, only then can we overcome the opposite dark force,which we invited in,in the first place,and we even strengthen it by our unloving actions. Like attracts like,you know,very logical,very simple. If we want peace,we have to act in a way of peace. If we want mercy from Heaven,we have to act in a merciful way.
* Yes. I started doing more programs on vegan diet and peace issues Becausespirituality is so linked to… We need to have a planet to live on if souls are going to evolve or become more enlightened. We need to have a breathable atmosphere and a healthy planet to be on.  (Right. Right. Right.) So spirituality just compels you to care or to be compassionate,be a BodhisatTVa of compassion,towards all life. (Okay,James. That's right.) Yes.
Continue your job. Thank you.
*Yes. I believe most everyone who has become familiar with the facts about climate change would be in agreement with the information presented in your new book, 『From Crisis to Peace,』which I have a copy of,and there is also a strong spiritual component in 『From Crisis to Peace.』Your teachings are based on compassion towards all life,and the principles of ahimsa,or non-violence,in thought,word,and deed. Communicating with followers of various world religions is,of course,what I do,
but there are so many ways people can get involved in changing the world,or 『being the change,』to quote Gandhi. What can each of us,what can all of the listeners or viewers of this program,do to "start a vegan trend," as you suggest in your new book?How can we all pitch in,in different ways,you know,all of us?
Yes. Yes,we should all do. Everyone can print out info about vegan benefits and the harms of the animal diet,then pass it out,wherever,whenever,we can,of how,what,why,when,where to find veg food and how to make veg food. And I'm glad you're doing it,and many are doing it,and we are doing it,and pray that more will do the same,by whatever means they have,through internet…
Nowadays,it's more easy even. See,we have internet,we have all kinds of informationtools,yes,to use and to pass it out for people. We can write letters,or have group talks,school talks,school conference,open vegetarian/vegan restaurant,café,snack bar vegan supply store/company,plant organic vegetables,sell organic vegetables,ask the government to subsidize those endeavors,etc. Every help counts. It's time. It's time that we all must work fast to save lives in our world; and even save ourselves.
* Yes. You mentioned in the book about extraterrestrials,there are other vegan civilizations in the universe,and that's a subject I've been always quite interested in, SETI,the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. (Yes.) Do you think that that we're about to be contacted,or,you know,have…I don't know… some help from above,and by that,in addition to God,you can say 『help from above,』you know,from other intelligent life in the universe?
Did you see them coming?
*Not me,but I've interviewed scientists who are part of the SETIprogram. (What did they say?) They listen for extraterrestrial radio signals,clues,that there are others out there. And the search for alien life is really picking up,because they're starting to find planets out there,Earthlike,the size of the planets are like the Earth,(Yes.) in warm parts of solar systems and other stars. So they're starting to look for life.
And that that's really becoming a serious search right now. So some someday soon,they will find evidence of life,probably. (Probably. Probably,yes. Okay. ) Probably so. It's picking up pretty… The pace is picking up.
What is your question?That's what they're doing,yes,(*Yes.) but you think they're going to help us?No. I do not fully agree to this concept and expectation,(*Yes.) that the aliens are going to play a role in saving our planet and they are going to do it. No. I don't expect that. If they do,well,that would be a miracle,and it'd be lucky for us. But you see,you can see evidence of catastrophic disasters and wars and violence everywhere,but did you see any aliens who came?Any extraterrestrials who came and appear to help us?
* They're not going to pick up after us. That's our job as human beings to work for…
Yes. Yes,you're right. You're right. They can't interfere with our karma (retribution) also,you see?(*Yes.) We can't just continue walking into darkness and ignore the wise counsel of the elders or past and present masters,and just keep continue doing what we do,walking in darkness,don't turn around the way they told us,and expect that light is there when we keep walking in the direction of darkness. See?
We ourselves must do our part. You're right. They don't pick up after us,okay?We are not babies. (*Right.)We are an intelligent race of beings. We are supposed to be even the crown of the creation. Proud. So proud of us. Then,you see,even if we start to do things in the goodness direction,yes,then goodness will come. Like attracts like. This is always the talk of the town but nobody really understands,yes?
Like attracts like. Everybody says that on the tip of their tongues and they don't do the 『like』thing. We have to do the things like heavenly beings; then we will have Heaven. We have to be merciful; then we have mercy. Yes?We have to act like peaceful people; then we have peace.
Not only by praying on our knees or waiting for others to clean up our mess. Just like we should stop drinking alcohol if we want to stay sober and healthy, then we will be able,either to help ourselves or find extra help from experts. Unlike many of our planet's inhabitants,the aliens do not believe in flexing muscle to solve conflict and karmic problems.
They rarely do,rarely. (*Yes.) They know that it would not help much in the long run,James. Rather,people have to change their pattern of habit to live according to the universal law of love. This is so simple. So the aliens,as I think,guess,or intuitively know or talk to,they just let the spiritual masters do their job,like reasoning to humans by philosophy,by example,coaxing them to change their way of life.
Actually,it wasn't a change,it was just to go back to the original goodness that we are,see?But what a monumental job that is for any master at all since the beginning of time; you know very well because you study many religions. All teachers have a hard time; try to convince humans,most often at the cost of their lives. (*Yes. Yes.) Look at Jesus,what did he do?
What did he do to deserve being nailed on the cross?Look at Buddha,what did he do to deserve insults and attempts on his life,(*Yes.) and slandering his reputation,etc.,etc. All they did was just teach humans to be good,to be kind to each other,yes?- and elevated them to a higher spiritual standard. That's all they did. They harmed no one. They took nothing for themselves,yes. Not just Jesus,Buddha - all the masters do the same,the Sikh gurus... And what did they do?What do they have,for return?Nothing,except trouble,dangers,and losing their lives,their family members,etc.,etc. (*Right.) So,do you think anybody would like to come and help us?Yes,tell me.
* We're a tough crowd. Human beings are a (Very tough.) tough crowd to work.
Very tough,James. Sometimes,sometimes I'm driving on the street and look around me and I say,『Oh my God.』You know?Or go into supermarket and see all the bloody meat there and, 『Oh my God!where am I?』You know?
What can I do in this kind of world?And so many things that you saw on TVthat it doesn't seem befitting the children of God's behavior and actions at all. (*Right.) I… Sorry,I don't want to criticize. Forgive me. Continue your questions.
* The extraterrestrials,where do you think they're coming from and what is their role?
They are not all aliens,the 『extraterrestrial』that we call them. Some of them came from under our planet. Yes,because in the planet there is empty space,inside our planet,empty space,and the people live down there,it's about 4,800,000-something,the population down there,and they're more technologically advanced than us,yes. So,they came from,also,from other planets and inside the empty space of our Earth,you see?They're good neighbors.
But what can they do to help us in any case,if we don't first help ourselves?They might be able to deactivate nuclear bombs here and there,or avert a tsunami,but how long can they continue to do that if we continue to create more and worse disasters with our 『tsunami』actions?We destroy huge forestland,drown,torture,maim,murder billions of innocent,harmless helpers,like our animals co-inhabitants,daily. They are our helpers. But these acts,aren't they not tsunami-like destruction?
Well,if we stop all that before anyone can help us to stop the destruction of our Earth,why do we destroy our house and wait for help?Suppose they will take pity on us,and even take us to their planet or home,hopefully,would we be willing to leave this Earth where we are used to and attached to?Would we be willing to adjust to their way of life,even if it's better,but different?Would you,James?Maybe. Maybe you and I will go to a different planet. But not everyone would like.
* Yes. And certainly we would need to change our ways here on this planet (Yes.) and make this planet a nice place to live.
Yes. You see,we can't even forgo a piece of meat,with all the poisons in it,on earth. Think we can leave other things behind or forgo them to live with so-called "aliens," yes?They might not have meat,alcohol,or any of those poisons that we crave!They might not even look like us. Then we might blame them,fight with them,or make war on their planet. Who knows?Scary,James. They're scared of us,truly. (Probably.)
They told me they're scared of humans. (*Right.) Yes. We are making war here already in our familiar environment. We're killing our neighbors and friends,next door,next country - this next door,right?(Yes.)
Trust that we won't make war in a strange world?I shall be blunt and honest with you,James. Here,with,well,more or less primitive technology and we are already using them like toys to kill real people,real beings,to maim,to kill,to destroy ourselves and the environment,and so many species on the planet,from the high sky to the deep sea,like nothing matters,like they don't feel pain at all.
Now,if we get a hold of those high-tech secrets from the aliens,imagine,James,what more murderous weapons we will invent to even destroy their race or make interplanetary war!Trust that we can handle it all and make peace with them?Even if the aliens can interfere and help us,do you think they're not afraid to do so?Tell me,yes or no?(*Yes.) Are they?Will you be afraid to help us?Tell me,James.
* Yes. Hopefully they follow the Star Trek prime directive and not interfere with us or get too close to us.
Yes. They're afraid,yes.
* They want to stay out of trouble,(Yes.) stay away from us until we mature.
Yes. Shall we even blame them if they won't even go near us openly?Okay. (*Yes.) What can we do,James?Even if they have high tech,yes,yes,more advanced,more civilized,but we have weapons of multi levels of lethal,murderous,dangerous killing instruments,everywhere; stacked,stuffed,exposed and hidden in all corners of our planet,and continue to develop more and more,mightier and mightier,more and more dangerous ones,you know,weapons.
So you think they have nothing better to do than forever go hunting for weapons to disable,to destroy,or to annihilate,for us,or can they even?- without disturbing our planetary pattern or endangering lives on Earth,yes?They might have shown us some example here and there,but it's up to us to wake up,yes,shake off the dust of our ignorance and start making life a Heaven for all. Don't you think,James?
* Yes,hopefully we can learn to get beyond war (Yes.) and conflict. (Right.) What can we do?What needs to be done to get beyond the idea of war?
What can I do? The people's consciousnesses have to be more elevated. The spiritual leaders have to try harder to enlighten themselves,more than what we are right now,more enlightened. And then the spiritual leaders should enlighten the leaders of the world more,if the leaders of the world are ready.
You see,we have many things,even more better technologies that help our planet already,and that even being stopped,because of some business giants who do not want to lose their influence and their income,their profit,if some other things better are on the market. We should have had free electricity long ago.
We should have had free medical care long ago. We should have cured many diseases long ago,yes. But we,many,don't want to do that,because - profit. We should never have hunger in the world,but we still do,because - profit. We should not have any more war on the planet,we should not even develop any more war weapons,but we still do because?You know,profit. That is the problem with us. We could be more advanced than we are right now.
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