The International Conference on Human Rights - P1/6 May 25, 1994 Taipei, Formosa (Taiwan) (In Formosan)    
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Welcome to the conference on caring for human rights and Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees. The conference is about to begin. The International Human Rights Conference begins. All the guests, please rise.

Three Principles of The People) Our aim shall be: To found a free land, World peace be our stand. Lead on, friends, Vanguards you are. Hold fast your aim, By sun and star. Be earnest and brave, Your country to save, One heart, one soul, One mind, one goal.

*Please be seated. Address by the chairpersons. Let us welcome Mrs. Barbara Finch, Director of the International Federation of Human Rights, Secretary of State Affairs in Iowa, and the organizer of the conference, to give a speech. The International Federation of Human Rights is established by the governors and secretaries of seven US states. Its current honorary president is Terry Brandstad, Governor of the state of Iowa. Please welcome Mrs. Barbara Finch. Thank you. Mrs. Finch arrived in Formosa (Taiwan) on May 21. She is very willing to promote peace in Formosa (Taiwan) and the whole world. Let's also welcome Mr. Chen Hung-Kwang, General Secretary of the World Cultural Communication Association.

*On Monday, the Master spoke to you and used a quote from the Bible, where God told his people, God said, “I was a stranger and you did not invite me in; I needed clothes, and you did not clothe me; I was sick and in prison, and you did not look after me." And they also will answer, "Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison and did not help you?" And He replied, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.” There are many problems which can easily be resolved if we can communicate with a loving heart, and in so doing, we are all aware of the fact that world peace and harmony are yet to be reached among the citizens of the world, due to reasons such as political structure, economic competence, and religious prejudice and cultural difference.

*As we know, the disharmony among humanity today is attributable to many factors: political standpoints, economic competition, religious prejudices, and cultural differences. In addition, our own self interest and viewpoints have caused wars in some parts of the world. Hatred from wars has led to escalating tension in the world, causing more and more tragedies. The number of refugees has been increasing since World War II.

*Unfortunately, the number of broken families due to the ongoing battles in this world has increased a great deal, especially after the Second World War, in which the number of refugees has reached up to 30 million people.

* Hatred from war has brought tension in the world, causing tragedies. Since World War II, the number of refugees has reached over 30 million. They are victims of devastating battles, and continuously strive for the basic human ideals of democracy and freedom.

*Being victims of wars, they have pursued a life of freedom and human dignity.

*As we are all from the same origin, we should not forget that if we experience this world with love, and use love as our principle, then it will be much easier to solve all the problems in the world, and there will be no more wars or disasters.

*While the rest of the world praises their bravery for just cause, little has been done to help these homeless wanderers. Some of the democratic nations have abandoned them, forcing them to sacrifice their bodies and souls under the inhumane and cruel living conditions of camps. Their circumstances remind me of how the Jews were treated by the Nazis during World War II.

*Our goal is to have no more wars, violence or repression. The purpose of today's conference is to make known our International Human Rights Proclamation, the purpose of which is to solve the world's refugee problems. We want no refugees in this world.

*Thank you for inviting me and allowing me to speak to you on this issue.

*We are both honored to host this conference today. We have two great leaders here in Formosa (Taiwan). One is our President, Mr. Lee Teng-Hui, who has worked hard to gain UN membership for our country. Another is our world spiritual leader, Supreme Master Ching Hai. President Lee has paid great attention to this International Conference on Human Rights. Since our schedule is in conflict with his parliamentary meetings and other important matters which require his attention, he will probably receive us and the delegates from both international organizations at another appropriate time. He offers his commendation to our highly respected and beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai. We are honored to have this opportunity to report to you on these developments. Thank you very much.

*Let us now introduce our distinguished guests.

*Thank you very much. We'd now like to introduce some of our honored guests.

* From Canada, we have Mr. Stephen James Godden, editor and columnist of SCENE, CKSL-1410 AM radio.

*From Canada, we have Mr. Stephen James Godden, editor of CKSL-1410 AM radio and columnist of SCENE. CKSL-1410 Radio mainly covers news and sports in the London area of Canada.

*From France, M. Vincent Dupont, reporter for Figaro News.

*From France, M. Vincent Dupont, reporter for Figaro News, which is noted for its support of humanitarian work.

*From France again, Mr. Jean-Claude Carton, General Secretary of the Now & Here radio station.

*Mr. Jean-Claude Carton, General Secretary of the Now & Here radio station in France. The station specializes in religious and spiritual programs, with the focus on promoting mutual help and love among humans.

*From France again, Mr. Lê Trung Cang, former Chairman of the Committee for Protecting the Boat People.

*From France, Mr. Lê Trung Cang, former chairman of the Committee for Protecting the Boat People. This committee has approached the UNHCR concerning the policy on Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees.

*From Korea, Mr. Song Chung Mu, President and publisher of Inside the World magazine.

*Mr. Son Chung Mu, President and publisher of the Inside the World magazine in Korea. This magazine focuses on political issues and a variety of news coverage.

*From Indonesia, Ms. Rindang Herawati, military reporter of the Java Post newspaper.

*From Indonesia, Ms. Rindang Herawati, military reporter of the Java Post, the largest newspaper in East Java.

*From Indonesia, Mr. Suprihadi, foreign reporter and editor of the Harian Surya. And we also have Mr. Basuki Vermart of Surabaya, Indonesia; Benny Chris, cameraman of REPISETB, Jakarta, Indonesia.

* Mr. Suprihadi, foreign reporter and editor of the Indonesian Harian Surya News, which has quickly achieved a wide circulation in East Indonesia.

*From Indonesia again, Mr. Moxa Nadeak, reporter for the Suara Pembaruan.

*Mr. Moxa Nadeak, reporter of the Indonesian Suara Pembaruan News, the second largest local language newspaper in Jakarta.

*Again, from Indonesia, Mr. FA Prasetyo, reporter and director of PT Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia (RCTI).

*From Indonesia, Mr. FA Prasetyo, reporter and broadcasting director of RCTI Television, and cameraman, Mr. Groda. RCTI is the only private television station in Indonesia and is highly influential in the country.

*From the Philippines, Mr. Joe Lad Santos, Editor-in-Chief of the Filipino Reporter Magazine.

*Mr. Joe Lad Santos, Chief editor of the Filipino Reporter Magazine, which is known for its fair coverage and support and sympathy for victims both at home and abroad.

*Again, from the Philippines, Dr. and Mrs. Rene G. Santos of the Asian Pacific Youth Freedom League, Philippine Center.

*From the Philippines, Dr. Rene G. Santos, Chairman of the Asian Pacific Youth Freedom League (Philippine Chapter) and his wife, Mrs. Amy Santos. This organization has offered immense help to victims of the Mt. Pinatubo volcanic eruptions and has shown great support and sympathy to Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees abroad.

*From California, USA, Mr. Hồ Kỳ, President of the Hải Ninh Community Association.

*Mr. Hồ Kỳ, President of the Hải Ninh Community Association in California, USA. Over the past three years, this association has saved countless numbers of Aulacese (Vietnamese)

refugees from Hong Kong through various means.

*From the USA, New York, Paz Huneeus of the United Nations.

*Ms. Paz Huneeus of the United Nations in New York.

*From Oregon, Dr. Richard Schneider, University of Global Education and Peace International Radio.

*Dr. Richard Schneider, Director of the Radio for Peace International and Dean of the University of Global Education in Oregon, USA. He is accompanied by photographer Mr. Raymond Dukes. Peace International Radio reaches audiences in over 60 countries globally. Its purpose is to promote peace and social justice, protect the environment and ecology, and foster cultural exchanges.

*From Arizona, the Reverend Jim Proper, Vice President of the Lutheran Social Ministry, and Mr. John Navin, also of the Lutheran Social Ministry.

*Mr. Jim Proper and Mr. John Navin, Vice President and staff of the Arizona Lutheran Social Ministry.

*From Arizona, Ms. Mary Hoppin, Circulation Director of the Current Media newspaper.

*Ms. Mary Hoppin, Circulation Director of the “Current” monthly newspaper in Arizona.

*From Houston, Texas, Mr. Vũ Thu, Intake Technician of the Refugee Program at the Houston Community College System.

*Mr. Vũ Trọng Thu, Intake Technician for the refugee program of the Houston Community College System, Texas. He is working to help refugees find jobs and receive an education.

*From Sydney, Australia, Ms. Candace Sutton, reporter for the Sun Herald newspaper.

*Ms. Candace Sutton, reporter of the Sun Herald newspaper in Sydney, Australia.

*From Australia, again, we have Mr. David Giang, publisher for the Morning Sun (Chiều Dương) news.

*Mr. David Giang, publisher of the Morning Sun newspaper in Australia.

*From the International Red Cross, the United States, we have Mr. King-Bo, Cheong King-Bo.

*Mr. Cheong King-Bo of the International Red Cross, USA.

*From Hawaii, representing the United Chinese Press, Mr. Leow Chi-Quon.

*Mr. Leow Chi-Quon of the United Chinese Press in Hawaii.

*Also from the US, representing the Vietnam-Chinese newspaper, Mr. Kwang Shao-Zhen.

*Mr. Kwang Shao-Zhen, reporter of the Vietnam-Chinese newspaper in the US.

*From the US, representing the Read-over Newspaper, Mr.Chen Shu-Chuan.

*Mr. Chen Shu-Chuan, reporter of the Chung Hsing Newspaper in the US.

*From California, Editor-in-Chief of the Ngày Mai magazine in California, Mr. Vũ Khôi.

*Mr. Vũ Khôi, Editor-in-Chief of the Ngày Mai magazine in California.

*From the Philippines, Editor of the Foreign News of the Manila Bulletin, noted journalist, Mr. Alfredo Gabot.

*Mr. Alfredo Gabot, journalist and Foreign News Editor of the Manila Bulletin in the Philippines. [

*From the Ananda Marga Group of spiritual practitioners, we're happy to have Bigi Nana.

*Ms. Xiao Ming-Hua, co-chairperson of the US National Republican Party, Asian Chapter.

*From the World League for Freedom & Democracy, Mr. T. T. Liu.

*Mr. Lin Cheng-Chieh, Legislator; Mr. Chang Fu-Hsing, Chairman of the National Congress Chairpersons' Assembly. These two gentlemen have extended great support to the Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees. Let's give them a round of applause. Mr. Lin Kuo-Hsien, Deputy General-Secretary of the Judicial Yuan; Mr. Lin Jui-Ching, Yunlin County Legislator; Mr. Lin Shou-Shan, Kaohsiung County Legislator;

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chen, Director of the State of Florida, USA, Office in Taipei; Mr. Jung Tzu-Hao, Chairman of Life Line International in Formosa (Taiwan); Mr. Chen Jun-Hwa, Hualien County Councilor; Mr. Liu Pei-Xun, Director of the Ta Min News; Mr. Wang Lin-Jiu, commissioner of Data Management of the Directorate General of Customs; Mr. Carlos James, Deputy Commissioner of the St. Vincent Internal Revenue Department; Mr. Alpheus T. Mdluli, Deputy Commissioner of the Swaziland Inland Revenue Department; Mr. Hong Wen-Ching, Director of the National Elderly Association; Mr. Satoshi Saeki, special reporter of the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper of Japan. There are many more representatives from different walks of life and friends from major local TV stations, newspapers, magazines, and radio stations, who are present. We apologize for not being able to introduce every one of our honored guests. Please allow us to extend to each one of you our heartfelt respect and best wishes. Thank you very much for your interest in this conference.

* We forget to use love to deal with things, which cause us troubles and burdens. Now, we must utilize our wisdom and compassion to solve the serious issue of the refugees. It is the responsibility of all the people in the world to provide relief for the refugees. If we ignore this responsibility, we might cause further complications and hence start even worse problems for ourselves. We have to face this problem and think about what God's will is. They are our siblings. Let's treat each individual as a citizen of the world, where there are no distressed brothers and sisters. Let's build a common trusted civilization and move forward into the new era of the universe.

* We have forgotten what justice is, and that we all come from one family, the House of God. And we have forgotten about our brothers and sisters. There are many problems which can be easily resolved if we would communicate with a loving heart. We might not even have any wars, disasters, conflicts, or unnecessary problems, but the most important issue here is how to utilize our wisdom and compassion to solve the severe issue of refugees.

* That's why we proposed this Human Rights Declaration. Today, under the witness of the international media, we gather people from around the world to express our support for them. We explained how we got contact with them and our personal background. We all know that even young people are caring about the suffering of the people in the world.

* As long as there are refugees, it is a responsibility of the world to provide relief. Our ignoring of this responsibility might just cause further complications and hence trigger an even worse problem upon us. We have to regard this from God's point of view that they are our siblings. Let's all be the citizens of the universe where everyone lives in harmony. Therefore, the purpose of this conference is to reclaim the world human rights proclamation under the witness of God and mass media all over the world. We pray to God that He will have mercy on us - no more wars and no more refugees.

Ms. Hsieh Chi-Da, Legislator; Mr. Lin Hsi-Hou, National Assembly Deputy; Mr. Su Fang-Chang, National Assembly Deputy; Mr. Lin Hung-Chih, National Assembly Deputy; Mr. Hua Chia-Chih, Kao Pin Legislator; Mr. Lee Cheng-Ran, Section Chief of the International Organizations Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Mr. Oung Yien-Xiang, Director of Market Events, RPTI International Ltd; Mr. Kao Chen-Yi, Advisor of the Ministry of Economic Affairs; Ms. Lin Mei-Zhen, Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs;

Mr. Yu Yu-Chao, Director of Bureau of International Culture & Education Relations, Ministry of Education; Mr. Ko Si-Hsien, Taipei City Department of Transportation; Mr. Hu Mu-Lan, Section Chief of Social Affairs of the Formosan Provincial Government; Mr. Yang Guo-Fu, Mayor of MaGong City; Ms. Wu Si-Huei, Director of the China Women Democratic Party; Mr.Chen Fa-Huei, Vice Commissioner of the Central Office of the China Women Democratic Party; Mr. Yuei Jin, Secretary of the Civil Aeronautics Administration; Mr. Tang He-Lin, Former Confidential Secretary of the President's Office; Mr. Lin Gou-Hsiou, Mr. Hwang Lo-Bin and Mr. Wu Chuan-Sheng of World Cultural Communication Association; Mr. Ding Wei-Tzi, General Secretary of Sino-Arab Cultural and Economic Association; Mr. Chao Tze-Chi, Senior Consultant of the President's Office and Director of the World League for Freedom and Democracy; Mr. Liou Chi-Tong, Consultant of the World League for Freedom and Democracy; Mr. Tsao Kang-Fu, Representative from Secretary Office of the Asian Pacific League for Freedom and Democracy;

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