Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai by Encadena TV -P2/2 December 9, 2010 Cancún, Mexico    
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Talking about what's going on here in CancúnRiviera Mayathe COP16( Yes.) we have been expecting so many deals(Yes.) pro environment.


How do you see the situation

Of course,I have to wait until the end to really know. But most of the time they just What I think,it's like watering the plant on the leaves,(Yes.) not at the root. The root is we have to stop the global warming,first of all,before we even think of anything else.
Because if we don't have the planet,because if global warming reaches more than two degrees,then we're in trouble. Then nobody can bear,especially a hot country like Mexico. They say they are going to increase to five degrees now. They predict like that. Can you imagine?Five degrees in Mexico?More?( No.) Five degrees Celsius. ( That is so… Yes.) You'll be burning!We can never get out of the house,you understand me?(Yes.)

And then all the crops will die. Too hot.

And people will die too.


People die,animals die - not to talk about anything else. And then disease will spread because of the heat. When everything is so depleted like that,I don't think it's a very good idea. Firsthave to stop the animals industry to cool the planet and then everything else we can have time to take care.

You were invited to belikethe hero of ecology. In the COP16,there was this dinner and they talked about your vegan organic diet( Yes.) and I think that it's so good that people startlike(being) interested in this topic. They are the ones that are going to affect us all and protect us all.

Yes. I think we're all heroes if we begin to realize that the animal industry is killing our people and our planet. Killing our people by giving disease and sickness and abnormal functionand killing the planet because of methane gas heating up our planet. So,if we realize that and we put that into action,like we will stop it,then we are all heroes. Actually,we are all savers of the planet. I don't want to be the only one hero on the planet. ( No,I know.) I don't want to be praised or given award or anything.

I just want everybody to become a hero,and now,to save our home,because… Okay,even if they plan until 2050,but what about after that?After that the children,the young children,will grow up,they will not know what to do if the planet is killing them. They're too young then - you see what I mean?( Yes.) - the children who are born after this period of time. We cannot do this.
Then we'll all become murderers of the innocents. If we kill animalswe are all murderersbecause we murder people as wellby that. By killing animals to eat,we're killing our planet,and then we all become murderers. So I want everyone to become heroes - save the planet,stop eating the animals. We,nowadays,we have alternatives. Our ancestors,like the Mayans,the Aztecs,they ate mainly beans and corns,and they had great civilization. People still come and look.

They were so intelligent.

Yes,and they still come now and look at whatever's left over. (Yes.) ( Yes.) Nowadays,I don't think anybody can build a pyramid like that,even.

NoI think not.

With all the technology,and so precise like this,every little corner,every little millimeter. (That's so true.) Yes,yes. And the great civilizations,they don't need meat to eat. And then we keep breeding more to eat. It's not even natural,you see what I mean?
They give them hormones and all that so they will breed more,and give them antibiotics,and then feeding us with all this poison. No wonder - now we have more hospitals than ever; ( Yes.) the more meat,the more hospitals.


And I think that people sometimes realize thisbut think like,『Ohit's such a big changeI can't do anything. My help won't be needed. ( Yes.) It won't be of any help.( Yes.) And we have to sell to people like,『Act localthink global.( Yesyes.) Start with little actions.

Yes,that's right. I reallyreally want to invite the government to take this opportunity to be more heroicmore noblemore protector of the planetof their people,because,truly they have more facilities than you and I. Yes?We're just passionate. We try what we can,but the government has more facilities.
And the mediaif the government starts itthe media also jump in. They can spread information on the internet,they can spread it locally,grassroots,by giving out information. Print it out and give it out. You see what I mean?That's what we do,but we are just a group. ( Yes.) We are not in the government power.

I'm working,it's not like all glorious and easy. No
It's not always easy for me,but I continue.

Well. It was a very great pleasure to have this interview. I could just extend and be hours and hours talking to you about this interesting topic.

Okay. We have many things that we could tell you,but please read the book. It's all in there,(Yes.)
From Crisis to Peace.You will know all the information. you need to know. Well,there will be always more updated,but at least you have the framework of it already.

And it's a beautiful topicFrom Crisis to Peace,』like looking about how the social phenomena is going through on the climatefrom crisis to peacethat maybe if we work hardermaybe one day we're going to look back and say It was hardbut we did it well.

Yes,hopefully. (Hopefully.) Hopefully. We still have some timebut a short time to stop; otherwise it will be more out of control.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Thank you so much. (Supreme Master.) You are so young and beautiful and so goodhearted. God bless you. (Thank you.)

God bless your country and your family.

Thank you very much.

Bless all of the staff here,and continue to do good work,okay?All right.

. It was amazing. I love this interview.

(Thank you so much.)

Thank you very much. Reallyit's very interesting what you talk aboutand I think I am going to be vegetarian right now.

Please. You will be more beautiful and live longer.


It's so true what you said about the ancient… (Noble,yes. It's a very noble diet.) ancient civilizations ( Yes.) Likethey did great worksand greatest governmentand it wasn't usually like thisantibiotic… They built this great civilization and they didn't invite thisthe meat process and antibiotics.( No.)Yes. That is so true.

They don't need all this.

Thatpeople don't need; and we are all connected.

Yes. We are all connected.

It's real what you have saidreally.

Thank you so much for understanding all that. You're so smart. People who are vegetarian have higher IQ. Do you know that?(Yes?) Yes,it's been proven,it's been proven. The people with five points more IQ above the average,they naturally just become vegetarian when they can decide for themselves. When they have information,they become vegetarian. These people have five points or more above the average IQ people. Five points moreIQ.

I know vegetarian is not eating any meat,not even chicken.

No,no,nothing,no animals. We love animals,cannot eat them. For example,will you go and grab a chicken and cut its throat and eat it,if you do it?(No.) No,you can't. Just because people do it already and make it look so nice,a little piece,you don't even realize that it's life,it's real life.
He was walking on the farm yesterday with his little children and then they took him and cut his throat and then put on the table and eat it. (Yes.) Can you imagine?(Too sad.) We don't do that - too sad,too sad. Because
people don't realize it,they're too busy (Yes,they are too busy.)
Not like they don't have a good heart: all the people have a good heart. They just don't know that it becomes a habitand one generation after another generation.

So normallike you see it and it's so normal to eat.

Yes,even if you don't eat,people say,『Oh,you don't eat,you will not grow up.』Something like that. 『You must eat meat』and all that,you know,protein. It's not true,it's not true. See,look at him. He's vegetarian,vegetarian - much more,they're all vegan.

And they're really smart.


They're more smart. I have your book.

You have?You can also give it to people.

That's my mum.

It's a good one. She was talking about you a lot.


Thank you,thank you. She's been talking about (Yes how good her parents are. Because you always trained her since she was young,and involved her in your work instead of just forgetting her at home.


Because I asked her how she's so young and so smart and already successful in this business,she said 『because my parents include me everywhere they go.』

Yesof courseshe… She is very happy.

So lucky.

Yes  Did you already tell her what you want to be?(No.) She wants to study international relations.

Why not?(Yes,why not?) Yes,anything you like. But she's so smart already,because you brought her up right,you included her in everything. Researchers say that the children,if they're interacting more with elderly people,then they become smarter,more secure,more peaceful.

Of course. Of courseyes.

Yes,so that's why. What is it now?

So that she can sign it for you. Are you happy…

Yes,yes. (For the interview?) Oh,very good.

Thank you.

Thank you for having me because (No,no. It's a pleasure.) this will help some people. Maybe it will help some people,your people or the world people. Yes,who knows.

YesI know.

All right. Okay.

What's your name?

María José.

supporting interview.Yes. CH ♥

Thank you very much.

Look. 『Be Veg.』

Thank you.

Thank you,darling. You're such a sweetheart,you're such a sweetheart. Your parents are also lucky. She's lucky and parents lucky,because it's difficult to have such a good child like this.

YesI know.

Not every child… (No.) No,because also the parents are at fault They don't include them and they don't train them,they don't teach them at a young age. They're just forced into the school,and to do anything,and then they're just busy with earning money,but don't think to take care of the child. Not just money,emotional (Yes,of course,yes.) and mental support,education (Yes.) at home,very important.
Is veryvery important. And I questionedwhen she was youngI said,『María Josédo you want to do the interview with any…?』


I don't like itMummy.So when I asked herDo you want to be introduced to her?』

When she questioned medo you want to interviewshe's a Supreme Mastershe's so focused in ecologyand I was likeOf courseyes. It's interesting.

Okay,because you like my idea?(Yes.) Because it's in your heart,that's why. You identify with the project. That's why. It's really good to have like people around the world interested in our situation,and global warming,and in Mexico of course.

Yes,I'm glad you are very passionate about this,because it's my planet. I just bring something for you in case sometimes you are too stressed and…

Thank you

Just a little bit,you know?Yes,we arranged it,made a little bit nice.

And those are all Mexican.

Yes. You can dig in and there's some surprise down there. See that?(Thank you.) Treasure!

Thank you

For everyone here to have a little sweeter life,stress of working. You look beautiful.

Thank youThank youMaster. I love the way that you became so passionatelike going around the world and saying your message.

We have to. Thank you. Thank you for being on my side.

I am on your side. I meanlikewho is not

It's our planet. Thanks for helping.

Ohno. Thanks for helpingyou.

Mexico is more than 50%already becoming desert - becoming or already became and some already becoming,going to be desert; desertification - because of deforestation,cutting trees and all that. And without trees,the water will just run. (Yes.) The trees keep the water in the soil and distribute slowly,slowly.

And oxygentoo.

Yes,and oxygen,of course. Without trees,it will just be flood,flood,flood,and also,it will stop the wind and all that. And if we keep cutting trees,then we will have nothing to protect us anymore,and the people cannot cultivate,because too much flood and the Mexican people cannot use the land anymore,if no more trees. (Yes,I know.) This is the thing.

And most of our country lives from agriculture.


It's like a lot of work lossa lot of unemployment.


It's very hardthat situationand so many timeslike the people that are on the topnot the agriculturiststhe top of the factories and at the top of the government ( Yes.) is that they don't notice about thataren't worried about that.

They may be not well-informed as well. (Yes.) Yes. Maybe they didn't do this on purpose,or they think it's just a job that they do,


just like a business,but they are not overall informed about the whole situation of the planet or the consequence of the business.

Yesthey are not aware of the consequences.

Yes,not aware. That's why you in the media,for example,must intensively inform people.

YesI know.

It might be a little bit late,but better than never. (Yes.) Better than never.

Better than never. ( Yes,okay.)It's never too late.

Never too late. We still have a little time.


A little time.

I hope.

And counting every day.

I hopeI hope.

It's all right.

And how has been your stay here in Mexico

I like it very much. It's just too busy also.

YesI can imagine.

Don't have time to think too much. But I have been in your country many times,and I've been in Cancún a couple of times before. Before this COP16,I have been here two weeks before to pray for the…

World,(Yes.) convention.

And for the atmosphere to be smooth and convenient for everyonefor the negotiation to be right. Do you stay here in Cancún or in Riviera Maya

I stay in Cancún.

In Cancún here.

Normally if I come here,I would stay in the Hotel Zone.


This time my people already arranged in another hotel,and because we will make a gala there,you see?(

Yes) So,it's more convenient to stay there.

Noand the beaches are beautiful there…

Is it?

It's like too peacefulwhen...

I don't know. The hotel is far and I had no chance to walk to the beach yet. I will.

Wellyou'll have a chanceI hope.

I will. No,I'm here just to work,honey,really. That's why. It's okay. It's okay,I can come back any other time.


Yes,don't worry. Your country is beautiful anyway,no matter where,yes. It's just also surrounded with the forest,you know?

YesI know.

And they look like untouched They really try to protect the environment. It's all green around the hotel,and not many high buildings,so it looks still very pretty,yes.

I knowI know. Have you just been herein Mexico Cityor any other parts of Mexico

I've been in other parts as well,yes. Like,the islands,and Mexico City,Cancún. Everywhere is beautiful. It's very beautiful.

It's like from such a diversity; it's so different in many parts as well. You compare like here in Cancún and Mexico Cityit's like a different world( Yes.) but both are beautiful.

Beautiful,especially when you see from the airplane,(Yes.) because it's not very high rise building. Mostly it's all very placid and peaceful,almost like flat together. And from the airplane,you look down at night,God… (I know,I know.)

It's like another world. I keep telling all the passengers,『Come here!Look,look!Sit in my seat so you can see!』(Yes.) And I tell everybody,『Come and have a look!Quickly!Quickly!』

It's kind of sad because when you're on the airplaneyou can see the pollution. Have you ever seen that(Yes.) It's very sad because it's such a beautiful city. Well I love itMexico City.

Yes,and when it's all clear,you can see it's so beautiful!(Yes.)

It's like you look at,you know,on top is the stars and down there is also stars,like,very big. Mexico City,very beautiful. You must go on the airplane sometime and look when it's at night.

YesI know. It's beautiful.

It's out of… imagination. It's very beautiful. And I'm in love with your people. I always am.

I knowwe are so warm-hearted.

Yes,very. When I first came to Mexicoon my lecture tour,a long time ago,maybe 15years ago even,first time ever in Mexico,I just gave a one-time lecture and then people wanted to learn to meditate with me. Okay. And I showed them how,and after that,I left - I mean,two,three days I left.
Everyone was crying like I was their daughter and just going away and never coming back. Something like that. I felt so emotionally very overwhelmed,you know?They loved me just like I had been in their families forever,and they said,『Please,don't go,Master. Don't go!Please come back.』And every time I come back,it's the same.

It's like first time,always crying when I left.

a warm-hearted people.

When you show somethingthey will be interested in you. That's a little bit of a struggle in our countrybecause many people just have less education and there is so much poverty( Yes.) but when you give like the keys to that peoplethey will appreciate it. And that's what makes usI think unique.

Yes. I don't know. They just appreciate anyway,even if I don't give anything. Just like these days in COP16,your government really,really makes such a great effort to employ the right people. They all speak English and they're all so friendly; they're all coordinated like one body (I know.)
So everywhere you go,it's the same treatment,no surprise,no hassle,nothing. They just show you. Day after day,they're still smiling and very patiently showing them,helping them. Such a people!And I don't know,it's just that Mexico's people,some became poor. It's not supposed to be like that. (Yes.)
 It's just maybe some exploitation before,very inconsiderate management of the environment,so the people lost jobs and lost their protection of the land. But your government is making it back now,making it up: reforestation,more infrastructure to build for people,and helping people to regain their job,their life. Your government is trying hard.

I knowI know.

You understand the richness of people,it's not by how many big buildings we have. The richness of people is in the heart.  (Yes,I know.) And now they have all that,except maybe if we need a little bit more comfortable life,then just a step further only,otherwise the Mexican people they have everything already. They are so blessed!(I know.) In Cancún,we have three big Spiritual Blessing Lines (Yes?) that protect your country,yes.

What are they

They make people happy. Even if they are not spiritual,people just be very happy where such Spiritual Blessing Lines are. And if you are already very spiritual,then they lift you up more and more,all the time Of course,normally Spiritual Blessing Lineit is to protect the planet.
Like the planet is like this,(Yes.) and there used to be lines crisscrossing the planet,to hold it in balance,and to make people happy and prosperous,and spiritually uplifting. But because we have done many terrible things - we killed many masters from Heaven,we killed too many of each other,we killed too many animals - so the Spiritual Blessing Lines,they become thinning,thinning,and disappeared or broken.
We used to have… All the planet,was covered with this blessing,crisscrossing like a net. And now we've lost many. We have only like about 700-something left.

That's beautiful… And that's very sad. And that's so quite interesting

And that's why we have so many disasters and trouble

I'm so interestedreally.

You should have come to the gala. (I've learned so many things today.) You should have come to the gala. Okay,I leave this here for you in case you want to read more or add in something later on,okay?I've made some main points in here for you in case something we have forgotten You can add onto it if you like (Okay,thank you very much.) or the next,yes. So,for your information or maybe for the next talk,when you talk alone by yourself (Thank you.) or when you talk with us or whatever

I thank you. That's so good. Thank you.

Thank you for having us.

And I heard that you… She writes poetry. She's a writer. You make jewelry too. I read that.

Yes,I make jewelry.

You must be amazed with the jewelry here in Mexico.

yes. I bought someI bought some.

Did you make your own earrings


It's really beautiful. One of the designs. It's a small thing.

They're beautiful.

So she makes everything

You want it?

Oh nothank you. Thank you. It's such a… Oh my God

It's real. (Oh my God!) Real ruby,real diamond,real gold.

Oh my GodI can't believe it

Because I see you have holes in your ears,you can wear it.

Thank you.

Your mother can also wear; sometimes borrow.

Thank you very much.

Keep it for your future marriage or something.

Thank you so much.

You're welcome. Okay. You wear it. It will look good on you. It will look good on you. You did already. Here,here,let me try.

How nice they areRightThey're beautiful

There. One,one. Two. There you are. You even have a hole in here- very traditional girl.

How beautiful they are

Yes,it suits her,because she's young and beautiful. All right. Very nice!Okay. Let people see it. Very nice. Looks good on you. Suits your face,also looks like the heart shape.

Thank you( You're welcome.) I'm so excited

With mother's permission.

Yesof course.

Permit,yes.Thank you.

Thank you very much. It was a great pleasureand I hope that maybe one day we will meet again.

Sure,sure,sure. God's willing,God's willingYes.


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