Connecting Yourself with God - P2/3 May 7, 1999 Lisbon, Portugal (In Portuguese)    
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So in order to even to be happy in this physical life,not to talk about Heaven yet, in order to be happy here, to live a pleasant life here, and to be a more intelligent person here, we should meditate. I hope I did not offend you.

You are intelligent, very,already,but we have not used enough of our brainpower. We use only 5% or 10% yet,and we are already so clever. We invent so many things,and suppose  if you meditate, you use more of your brainpower, of course you will be more intelligent  not that I want to offend you. Yes,the average people use only up to 10% of the brainpower.

That is a fact known to every one of us, scientifically proven. So where do we put the other 80%,90%? It's a waste. That's why we are not a complete being. We don't feel complete. We feel frustrated, we feel weak, because we haven't used our complete power. So meditation, we can also call in another way, is to make use of our complete power.

That is what the meditation is for, or that's what the meaning of meditation is
to harness our complete might so that we become almighty just like God,or at least like the children of God. Otherwise,we don't have enough energy to sometimes take care of the small problems or small things,and we do not always do things completely to our satisfaction because we lack power,lack wisdom.

So to know God is to know ourselves completely, and when we know ourselves completely, we know God. Then,because we are one with God, we are just like Hirm the way Hes made us. Because God made man in Hiers own image. Yes,that's why sometimes in the meditation we see God appear also in the form of... looks like us, human beings. Just some form so that we can see, we can feel, we can talk to Hirm.

Otherwise, God,of course, is everywhere. God is formless. But most of the time, since God is formless, we contact Hirm by contacting the Light, because God is Light, and God is the Word, this vibration that emits throughout eternity and reverberates all over the universe.

And that's when we can see the Light, when we can hear this reverberating Music, that is when we know that we know God. There is no such language that I can explain this. We only know it the moment we get contact with this power. That's why in the Bible it's stated when Moses saw God, Hes appeared as a flame,as a bush of fire, and when some saints of the past heard God speak, Hiers voice like the sound of many waters.

Also sometimes in the Bible it's stated that Saint John went to Heaven and he heard the sound of a trumpet,etc. All these vibrations, the Music of the universe, is the teaching of God and we can hear that in order to be wiser. And the Light is the glory of God manifested so that we can know ourselves that we are also the essence of Light.

And when we see the Light, we become brighter, we become more loving, more content,and then we know ourselves better and better. We know our greatness, and we know the glory of Heaven. Of course, we were talking about the inner world. When we even close our eyes,forsake this physical body, and our surroundings, we enter the Kingdom of God, we see Heaven.

Heaven also exists,as scenery speaking, Heaven also exists as a place if you want to go there. Heaven also exists as a blissfulness that we feel in our heart. And Heaven also exists in the love that grows each day with our contemplation. I have tried my best to explain what is unexplainable. I have tried my best to describe what is indescribable.

The human language has no power to describe the happiness we feel the moment of enlightenment, and we can be enlightened like that every day in our life if we begin to do the right meditation and contact ourselves with Heaven.

And that's why in the old times,when Jesus,or a great master like Jesus or Buddha, taught mankind this way to contact Heaven, people were so grateful,so happy, and they worshiped him. It is also good if we want to worship a master, but it is not necessary. Most of the masters, they are very humble; they don't want any kind of physical or mental worship.

They just want to make you a master, they just want to make you realize that you yourselves are children of God, you yourself are great. He wants to make you as great as you should be. Because no master ever thinks that he is better than anybody else, because he knows that everyone is equal, equal,equal,equal in every sense of this world, here and in Heaven.

But it's such a human nature that if someone teaches them something so blissful,so rare, like Heaven on Earth, of course they mostly worship that person. We can do if we still feel we need to worship any master. But the best form of worship is to become a master yourself, master of your own life, master of your wisdom, master of your destiny, master of your own sincerity, be true to yourself in every day.

And we can only do that when we know ourselves completely as who we really are. Then we can be truthful. We can live our life in a master way.If you would like to ask some further questions, I can clarify them.

Does meditation come to you spontaneously or does it require a long time of training before you can begin to meditate?

It does come spontaneously,and it does also require training. It doesn't come spontaneously now because you don't know how. After we show you,it will come spontaneously. But it does require training.Not because you have to train in order to meditate, it's just that you have to quiet yourself in order to hear God, and that's what we call meditation. Because most of the time we like to be busy.

Of course, we have to work like eight or ten hours a day or more even to earn a living, and that's already very busy,busy and noisy. And then we have to go to movies,we have to listen to television, we have to talk on the phone, we have to call the friend,and then we don't have time for God.

So we have to train ourselves to be quiet for some time of the day. Then we can contact God,we can hear what Hes wants to tell us. That's just the beginning. Later,it just becomes spontaneous.

I have tried very intensely, but I have never been able to see Light. Because I try to look into myself, I try to understand.

Okay,stay around and I'll help you. If you want to see the Light, after the lecture, I'll help you.

I have read a lot, but I haven't been able so far.

Of course, maybe you haven't tried the right way. If you have time, stay after the lecture, after all the questions.I can show you. You will see it like this.

Supreme Master Ching Hai,how do we achieve mind quietness in order to get the serenity enough to achieve the connection to the superior plane? Thank you very much.

Yes,stay around. After the lecture, I'll show you how. Yes,there is just a little,little,little trick, that we can quiet the mind and then catch the glimpse of God. And once we catch the glimpse of God, everything else quietens down,more and more every day. Only God's love, when reopened,can quench all our thirst and solve all our restlessness.

Is it wrong to deeply wish to realize God, to become illuminated, in this incarnation of life? Thank you.

No,of course not! That's the only thing that we should do. Everything else is just by the way. /Our whole life should be devoted just to the idea of getting to know God.  But we still can do the work, can do business, can earn money, can have family. These are by the way, but concentrate on God, we must. We must know God.

That is the sole purpose of a human life, if you want to know. Everything else comes and goes; everything else we have to leave behind when we depart from this physical world. And if we do not know God, we have nothing.

What is your concept of God?

I have tried all this time,and you still did not understand? Shall I start the lecture all over again? But I don't blame you. You have to eat in order to know what the cake tastes like. Just talk,just hearing advertisement will never satisfy you. If you want to know God, you have to do what I do.

If you want to know my concept of God, you have to know God the way I do. Nobody can be quenched of thirst just listening to the talk about water alone,no? I can talk about water a hundred years; you're still thirsty. So stay around. If you want to know God, I'll show you, and then you will have your own concept about Hirm. Yes, firsthand knowledge.

What are the keys? How can we learn to use them and to listen to our inner Self,besides prayers,mantras,etc.? How can I expand? How can I understand the presence of God in me? Thank you.

Yes,stay around. After the lecture, I'll show you.

Is it only through the Word that you use the sound which communicates with God?

Through the Word,yes; the Sound,or the Word, or the vibration, or the energy,yes. Through that we can communicate with God,/ because the Word is God.

You talked about the sole condition for meditation: Do not eat meat, to be vegetarian. My doubt is, cigarettes and alcohol, do they combine with meditation

No. We also advise you to please stop the cigarettes, but of course, sometimes you can not stop right away; then you do it gradually. Anything that is not natural, anything that blurs our vision, doesn't go with meditation, will not calm your mind and will make confusion to us.

Drugs,alcohol, or stimulants of any kind, or also like aggressive meat, exciting…other kinds of visual films, and exciting kinds of provoking literature, are not very conducive to your peace of mind, and therefore not very conducive to meditation because we want to quieten down.

And meat,alcohol, cigarettes,drugs and all that,they make us more aggressive, more restless, more agitated,and we could not calm down. And when we could not calm everything down, it's difficult to receive the message from God. That's all. Not because we are strict or anything like that.

The energy from the animal is very restless and full of fear and hatred. So if we eat the meat inside us,it interferes with our magnetic field and //makes us very agitated. It sometimes blurs our vision, so we could not see God clearly,we could not hear Hirm clearly.

We might be able to,in some of the coarser levels, which are more corresponding to our physical world. But if we want to go higher,higher,to a finer and to the finest vibration frequency, we cannot take all this gross matter with us,especially, like animal energy. Vegetarian energy is lighter,easier to take care.

I,Kazimira,have some spiritual problems. Sometimes I burp a lot, some very strange burps. I would like to know how I can get rid of those burps.

What kind of things are you doing? I don't know what meditation you are doing. Could you be more specific? Maybe you eat too many onions or something. It might not have anything to do with spiritual problem, it might have to do with your indigestion problem. I suggest you just go to a doctor and have a look.

It is very complicated. How to see God and the spiritual way? Can I see clearly from now on? When and what is the propitious moment for meditation? What to do to know,truly,God? When is Hes present constantly? Does Hes illuminate me in all my ways and all my family, close and at distance?

Dogs and cats included? Yes,God is everywhere, of course,but it depends on how quiet we can calm our mind, how quiet can we be, how sincere we are, how much we really want to know Hirm.  Hes will appear whenever appropriate for yourself. God is always there, so there is no need even to ask the question whether or when Hes appears or not.

But it's if we want to see Hirm, we have to calm down. So,depends on the degree of our quietness. And of course,once we get to know God, like after initiation, even our five,six,seven, nine generations, the past and the present are taken care of by Hirm and illuminated and protected as well.

They sometimes can even see God through your effort, through your merit. Yes,it is a blessing, immensely, for everyone,even for your cat and dog. I am not kidding. Even your friends, your lovers,yes, whomever you think of, whomever you care for, the blessing will flow through you to that person once you are illuminated.

So if you love your family so much,the way you ask- you included everybody- hurry up,do something! Get to know God. That's one of the reasons why I believed and got initiated right away in the first time because I heard that many generations from my family are also benefited. One of the reasons,yes. Same like you. That's very nice, very loving.

When and where can I learn and practice meditation here in Portugal?

Right now,here. Go outside and put your name down. Tonight! We will tell you some of the basics and then you can do it at home every day yourself. And if you need to ask some more questions later, you can write to me or come see me or I come to see you again,whatever.

It's very difficult for me to concentrate. When I am starting, undesirable images come to my mind that prevent me from concentrating to start my meditation.

Yes. That's why we need to train ourselves again and again, because it's not that God doesn't appear if we don't concentrate. It's just that because we don't concentrate, we cannot see God. So we have to train our mind, little by little, until it gets used to the new way.

Everything is just habit-forming. Everything,when we do it again and again, it becomes natural until it's spontaneous. Today,we will show you to have a glimpse of God, but if you want to see Hirm again and again and again,you have to do it every day, in order to see more of Hirm. That's why you need to know how to meditate on Hirm. Yes.

Is it possible in your opinion to reach the state of illumination without necessarily being vegetarian? Can I think of light without abdicating from meat in my diet, for instance?

You'll get illumination to some extent. I have already mentioned before. But if you want to go to a higher dimension, we have to forsake the gross energy of meat and animal products. Even if what I say is not true,it's a small price to sacrifice to know God,no?

What is the good of knowing God, being all-love and compassion,and still enjoy the suffering of other beings? God is all love and merciful. We want to be more God-like. Compassion is enough reason to be vegetarian.

Whether we get enlightened from that or not, compassion is a virtue that we should have. Of course,it's up to you. You choose the way you walk your life. I am just telling you because you're asking me. Thank you.

Can we get some information about the method today?

Yes,yes,of course. We have it outside. If you want to ask a little bit more questions, go outside and ask about the method. They can also tell you. I can also say generally that it is not really a method; it's a quiet transmission.

So we just call it “method”; otherwise,you will keep asking what is it. And during the initiation, there is no talk- quiet. And there is a quiet power that will be descended from God and help you to open your own power.

Hes just uses, for example,me, as an electric pole to go through. And you will be in direct communication with God from then on. And it costs nothing from now and later and before and after you die. Costs nothing! My teachings are all free.

You are not obliged to be anything, to do anything for me. Just meditate every day for yourself, in your own home. Yes,and if you want to see me,then I probably have a place somewhere. And if you want to see me,you are welcome to come.

If you don't ever see me again,it's okay. And the so-called method that we will tell you is not the method. It's just to tell you how to sit so that you are comfortable,where to concentrate so that you can see God better, at what time you should meditate, when it is more calm for your mind,and how many hours a day is the best for you.

That's all. These are not really the true method. These are just the instructions so you are more comfortable and know how to sit; otherwise, the method is silence, the method is not written, the method has no trace.

That's why you don't find it in any Bible or in any scripture, whether Buddhist, Christian,Muslim or Sikh,Jain- nothing,nada. They just talk about God, but they don't tell you how to find God because they cannot tell. This thing has to be transmitted through a living pole,and that's since ancient time. It's like that.

Why Hes chooses one pole and not another, don't ask me. Hes does what Hes wants. But we all can become poles later if we know ourselves completely, and maybe one day God will say, "You,you." And then even if you don't want to be a living pole, you cannot escape. If it's in your destiny, then God's will is always done because at that time we don't have our own will anymore.

We don't have ego anymore to resist or to say yes,to say no, to whatever God wants us to do. We always say yes. It is necessary to have a living transmission. That's all. And then you will be your own master. And you don't owe me anything anymore, anything at all, whatsoever.

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