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Next,we have Mr. Lai Mao-Sheng who teaches people about organic planting in Yuanlin Community College in Changhua County.

LM(m): Supreme Master and honorable guests, (Supreme Master Ching Hai: How are you?) good evening. I'm here to prove to you that after being a vegetarian for over 40 years, ever since childhood, a vegetarian diet is good for our health! When I was little, I aspired to promote environmental protection when I grew up. I've worked in this field for over 20 years now.(Supreme Master Ching Hai: Bravo!)

I've been promoting changing organic waste into food. This is the result of my past work. But I won't talk about my work today. I'm here to ask Master's advice. Global warming has caused many changes to planetary climate. One area of negligence of us humans is using clean water to flush the toilet. How can we call on everyone to cherish our water resources, reduce water waste, establish a system for recycling water and capture rainwater for utilization? Thank you!

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes. Thank you,Mr. Lai. Thank you for being veg. And thank you for protecting the environment all these decades. We have tried to go in your direction all these years as well. Recently we go a step further to try to inform the people all this on Supreme Master TV, such as what foods to plant to save water, like edible plants that don't need much water and can sustain us with more than enough nutrition. We tell people to do organic farming, how to conserve rainwater, ground water, and conserve land, planting trees to attract rain,and the trees also preserve water in the soil so it doesn't erode the land and run away,etc.,etc. And we also show many of the organic self-farmers everywhere in different countries to show people the examples of how easy it is to plant organic,nutritious,and waterless vegetarian food.

For example,in Âu Lạc - meaning Vietnam; I like the name Âu Lạc because it denotes a lucky, auspicious meaning and also wishing the people of Vietnam well. Âu Lạc means 『happy and prosperous,』 and also the name of our ancestors. Now,the farmers in Âu Lạc - meaning Vietnam - discovered a way to reap bountiful harvests during their dry season, which lasts from November to May. They plant drought-resistant crops like green peas,peanuts, black sesame, sweet potato leaves, and creamy beans,etc. They don't need any water for this. They just plant them on dry land, or even watermelons and some other melons,etc. - no watering,no irrigating, nothing needed.

The farmers explain that the leaves from the bean plants and other plants spread over the soil to keep the moisture in. The leaves also later become part of the soil and help the soil stay rich. So,there is no need even for fertilizer as they would need for rice or corn,for example. It's nature's miracle at work,and there is a bare minimum to almost no labor required even, until it's time to harvest, and which is also very easy. They don't even need much work. They just pull the plant up. That's it.

As you mentioned,Mr. Lai, there are also good ways to harvest the rainwater, by guiding the rain into the soil to be used by the trees and the plants. The trees are like living pumps to use the water to give fruits, and prevent erosion,etc. They use these water-conserving techniques in dry parts of Africa and India and,as a result, the water level rises more than they take out from their wells. And the villagers in the Alwar district of Rajasthan,India,where one Indian village was able to guide the water enough that it brought back to life five flowing rivers, - five flowing rivers - that had been dead before, been dried up before due to withdrawing too much water. Now they bring back to life five flowing, abundant rivers, five,which had been dried up before. You see?

Because of withdrawing too much water and deforestation. So now the Indian villagers, they have organized and they have done their best to revive these 5 dead rivers. We could learn from them as well. But even these water losses pale in comparison to the incredible amount of water that is wasted for animal production. It takes approximately 4,664 liters of water to produce just one serving of beef,but an entire vegan meal can be produced with only 371 liters of water. The livestock sector is probably the world's biggest source of water pollution as well, Mr. Lai. I am sure you know all this, being an environmentalist.

Excessive animal waste, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides degrade waterways, killing aquatic organisms by creating algae blooms, which in turn chokes the oxygen from water systems and help form these oceanic dead zones. The number of oxygen-depleted oceanic dead zones has increased from only 49 in the 1960s to 405 in 2008. And I am sure there are more now, there are much more sea dead zones right now. The dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico is one of the largest in the world. It is 22,000 square kilometers and was created mainly from agriculture runoff, including food raised for livestock and manure. Around 212,000 metric tons of fish are estimated to die in the Gulf of Mexico dead zone every year, Mr. Lai.

I'm sure you know this. I am just saying all this for the knowledge of the audience. However sad it is,we must be informed of the fact. Mr. Lai, in addition to these useful farming programs, we try our best to inform people of the numerous, contaminated drying or disappeared dead rivers and lakes all over the world. There're tens of thousands of rivers and lakes dying all over the world. People are dying from droughts,people are leaving their villages, their hometowns because they don't have any more water to drink. Just because we Formosan (Taiwanese) still have water, just because where I am sitting,I am lucky to still have water, doesn't mean tens of millions of other people are as lucky. Some die on the road because of starvation; some die on the road looking for water. This is very,very tragic, Mr. Lai.

I hope we all wake up and wake up quick to save our people, to save our home. We have listed some on the for your reference. Please copy at no cost and send it to all other people who you can come in touch with - by mail, by e-mail,by post, leaflets,poster,whatever may be suitable to you. I also encourage the audience to do the same. Please help. Please help each other, please help us.

Because many of our world co-citizens are not aware that many of our other co-citizens are dying because of lack of water, and lack of water means lack of food, lack of security. Water means everything to our existence. We must conserve the water; we must do everything we can. And the first step to begin is to be vegan. Because animal industry uses 70 more percent of our clean water of our planet! Thank you,Mr Lai. Thank you for doing what you do and thank you for your questions. Mr. Lai (m): Thank you.

S(f): Thank you very much, Master,for your very valuable and useful information. Next,we have Ms. Tan Ai-Chen, animal lover,well-known movie and TV actress, and a vegetarian cooking show host.

TAC(f): Supreme Master Ching Hai, we are all very confident. Please don't feel too sad.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Hallo!

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Hallo.

TAC(f): Master, you look so beautiful today. Is your dress specially designed for today's conference?

TAC(f): Yes,19 years ago, I read a report that while you were practicing in the mountains in Miaoli, you lived a simple life. You had told people that they could be very happy by surviving on white rice, nori seaweed and black sesame. I'd like to ask you that if we eat a vegetarian diet, how can we keep our diet simple and keep our body energized with a beautiful complexion just like you? Thank you.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Hallo,Ms. Tan. Thank you for coming here. You also look beautiful and healthy. TAC(f): Thank you.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: You are also beautiful, and very,very healthy yourself. You are a good example of being a vegan. Twenty-plus years ago, it's true that I was eating black sesame. No seaweed, no luxury like that. Sesame and brown rice and clean water and salt, or sometimes soy sauce. Now,that was when I was on a retreat. I sit in retreat, meditation alone for three months and, of course,I didn't want to bother people bringing food to me every day. First,it's bothering to the busy,ordinary people. Second,they will be disturbing me every time knocking at the door for food,so I just made simple sesame in a big pot and easy to eat anytime I wish. The thing is,that's also enough nutrition.

Because there was a monk in Formosa (Taiwan), he's teaching qigong; he's very,very strong. He could bend metal like you bend noodles. Big metal stick like my thumb, he would bend it like you bend noodles. And if you put a knife to his throat, he would just bend it by his own chi power - means the vital energy of his body. He just makes the knife spring away or bend it - useless,you can't kill him. And if you stab him on the back,the knife also springs back. If you broke a glass bottle on his body, it would just break into pieces; it never harms or injures his body. And he eats only black sesame,brown rice, and water. Why black sesame? Because black sesame is cheaper,that's all. White sesame also has good quality. But I don't advise everybody to just eat that. All right? That is for people who have no time or who would prefer to live very frugal and simple, like a monk or a retreat person.

I am not always eating black sesame and brown rice,Ms. Tan. But I do very,very often, because of my busy schedule, you understand,Ms. Tan? But whenever I am not busy,I also do a little cooking show for people to let people know that vegetarian is very tasty, just the way you do. Yes,I'm going the same direction as you are. And I don't advise everybody just to eat brown rice,sesame, even though it's healthy, but it's not that palatable all the time. Although when I eat it, I feel very,very good. Tasty,yes? Anything was tasty. But the thing is, not everybody likes this. Yes? So please,don't advise your audience on TV to just eat brown rice and sesame.

Even though, according to Oshawa, the Japanese nutritionist… he was very healthy and very,very famous. He wrote a book about nutrition and how to cure cancer and all kinds of incurable diseases by brown rice and sesame. If we want to cure our disease, we have to eat according to the instruction, not just blindly sesame and brown rice. Not just that,but people who eat vegetarian,they also cure many diseases. You know that yourself. You want to have brown rice,sesame, all the time? Can do. The monk,he's still living, he stays in Formosa (Taiwan). He lives in a place called Ling Shan Lecture Hall.

You can go and learn qigong with him and you know how he's very,very strong. You cannot defeat him with anything. I am also a living example. I eat brown rice,sesame, a lot,a lot of times whenever I'm too busy, can't even cook or I don't want to bother my assistants to cook because they are also busy. Then,we,all of us, eat brown rice,sesame. And even my dogs,during those times, they also eat brown rice,sesame, and they're very healthy. No problem with any of us at all. It is a problem when we eat a lot more rich food.

Sometimes I feel sorry for them and I give them a little vegan butter and vegan cheese and all that, and then they get fat and the doctor says, 『Oh,please, put your dogs on a diet.』 Something like that. Otherwise,even just brown rice and sesame, for me,it was enough. I had never experienced any health problems when I was on brown rice, sesame,and a water diet. It's just that,of course I'm going out a lot also, and whenever I'm out, people cook vegetarian and I just eat them. But during the brown rice, sesame period, I never experienced any discomfort of any kind.

Now,we will have a lot of energy and health from the vegetarian diet. The one that you're teaching is very nutritious already. But not all have to eat brown rice sesame,please. We have tons of nutritious, appealing,tasty food from the vegetables, fruits,legume kingdom, which can be enjoyed raw, liquid,or cooked. They are delectable, healthy,and give us an abundance of energy inside and make us young,vigorous outside. We will feel happy, happy and very energetic. You know it yourself. And your audience of your cooking show would know that; they would tell you that. They would give you feedback on that.

People,even, just to eat vegetables for two weeks,they feel a big difference already. And thanks,by the way, for what you're doing to help bring this vital information to the public on your veggie show. You're doing a great job. When people see just how beautiful,and healthy and energetic you are, they will be convinced. I'm sure countless people have become vegetarian because of your show. God bless you.

We also have a lot of international shows and healthy lifestyle advice and cooking shows from experts,medical professionals,yogis from all over the world to offer people knowledge of a better lifestyle, the vegetarian lifestyle. All people can log on to our website for a rich wealth of veggie info. The myth that vegetarians are undernourished is just a myth,nothing else. To prove it,we can point to so many beautiful, healthy vegetarians and successful vegans out there.

You know we have all of them on TV. Some of them are very famous, like in Formosa (Taiwan), even,look at your fellow celebrity Big S,also known as Barbie Hsu internationally, who is a lovely vegetarian singer and actress. There are movie stars like Tobey Maguire who played Spiderman; Kareena Kapoor from India; Yogi Cameron,the former super male model, the most expensive male model who became an acclaimed Ayurveda and yoga therapist; American vegan basketball stars James Donaldson and John Salley; Brendan Brazier, the professional Ironman tri-athlete and vegan; Olympic athletes,etc.

In fact, many of the best athletes and supermodels choose to be vegetarian or vegan so that they can maintain top healthy condition to do their job; that's why they're the best in their field. Just log onto our website www.SupremeMasterTV. com/alternative-living. You can download a free flyer that has some of these veggie elite people,and the benefits of a veg diet. Many more unsung vegan and vegetarian heroes who walk among us, of all ages and all professions - from doctors, to actresses,to singers,to athletes,to fitness trainers.

They are healthy, their eyes are shining, and skin is glowing. They often have a brighter face and attitude. And it's been proven that they live longer. It is the meat eating population who suffer 3,4,5,7 times the rate of cancer,heart disease, diabetes,etc. In Formosa(Taiwan), a study found that the vegetarian diet protects men from getting prostate cancer even,and that's the most dangerous for men - prostate cancer; men are very afraid of that. Another study found that Formosan (Taiwanese) postmenopausal women who were vegetarian had a much lower blood pressure than women who were not vegetarian.

There are countless studies such as these,and about children as well. Children who are born and raised vegetarian seldom get sick like their non-vegetarian peers who come to school with the flu or get skin disease and allergies and obesity and all kinds of unbearable afflictions at a tender age. So it's not fair to the children to feed them meat. It's time to look after our family health in a better way. Even the US First Lady, Michelle Obama, she shared with her people through personal experiences that fresh vegetables and fruits daily give herself and her family more energy and better health. And she's going to appear on some of the Sesame Street TV shows to teach children about how beneficial vegetables and fruits are. You see? It's good news.

Many doctors in the US advise people to be veg. They treat their patients with veg diet,and they go out a healthier, medicine-free,longer life-expectancy person. These are respected and even famous doctors like Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Neal Barnard, and Dr. John McDougall, to name a few,who are all vegans themselves, by the way. It is said that Dr. McDougall even joked that he nearly went bankrupt because he lost his patients.

They all get healthy and didn't need a doctor anymore! They don't come back. Some of these experts and vegan health information were featured on Supreme Master Television. We have them all and more on Free to download and print out and give it to your people whenever you need. Thank you,Ms. Tan, for your noble role as an example and a show host in helping people. B(m): Thank you, Supreme Master Ching Hai.

This is a very important subject. I hope everybody will pay close attention to the issue of climate change.

Q Fever Norovirus

Mouth,liver,breast & colorectal cancer

Children afflicted by anxiety and depression

A study in Mississippi, USA found that heart attack were reduced by 27% three years after indoor smoking was banned, with similar bans in 11 other worldwide locations also showing a reduction in both heart attacks and heart disease.
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