The Difference Between Quan Yin Method and Breatharianism - P1/2 December 20-21, 2010 Cancún, Mexico    
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BEGINNING TEXT PAGE (DISCLAIMER): This program discusses the possibility of breatharianism, or living without eating food, and is not a full instruction. For your safety, please do not attempt to cease eating without proper expert guidance.

It looks very tight, and it's very bad for your circulation, especially when you sit long. Yes, very tight is very bad for your circulation. It may look sexy, but it's bad for your health. Look, Mexico, they're very traditional, you know, very wise - three times my size. I can have room for rent.
See that? Generous people, that's why. The clothes are big, so comfy. Meditate. The Maya, you know Mayan people? They meditated; they are good, good. They knew things in the future.
I forgot completely that it's Christmas, believe it or not. Honestly, it's not a joke. Just because today I talked to you and then I realized, “My God!” - no wonder, you know? Even yesterday, the two men, one said he had to come home for Christmas, right? I still didn't get it. I didn't understand, you know?
I said, “Christmas, okay. Go back for Christmas,” but I didn't understand I was still “somewhere.” And today I talked to you in the daytime, then it's brighter; I understand “Christmas.” So, if you have to go home, it's fine, and we can always come back after Christmas. Okay? You have two choices: you go back home with the family so we'd have less, you know, struggle in the future. You know, like good and brave women, come back for Christmas, and then later, “Can I go back for New Year?”
For example like that. You do what you do, okay? Or, you worry that you might die at Christmas, or after Christmas or before Christmas, and you don't have a chance to meditate in such a beautiful, spiritual, full-of-blessing place, then you stay, okay? (*Yes, yes.) Or you come back again later on. See what I mean? Yes.
So please come back whenever, okay? But I think you have to organize within yourselves.
*Maybe some people can, you know, stay behind, (Yes. Take turns.) take turns, yes.
Okay. Who's staying behind? By the way. (*I can.)
*I can stay here for good.
Who? (*Yes, me.) You stay forever? (*Yes.) Then who's going to feed you? We'll all go, you know.
*I feed myself.
You feed yourself? How?
*I can take care of myself, I can eat fruit only, that's okay with me.
And is okay to you? Okay, but you have enough money for fruit?
* Yes, for a couple of years.
Here is very cheap actually, you know? (*Yes.) If you just eat fruit maybe you'll last more than a couple of years. But I'm not sure, no guarantee, no money back guarantee. This house you'll not stay. You come every day, check, clean up, (*Yes, yes.) so that anytime any brother and sister want to come to meditate it's always spotless and clean, okay? (*Yes.)
The food, maybe should go elsewhere, or should stay here? Food cooking, the cooking, should go some other places. Because if there's cooking here maybe you don't meditate that well, you know? It's a different atmosphere, isn't it? I wanted to move it yesterday already, but I thought yesterday was too busy for everybody, too tiring to also… on top of this.
And today I wanted to move again already and I thought, you're so relaxed, I don't have the heart to make you work today. So it doesn't matter, it will go one day or another, okay? This is a yellow house. No, orange. Yes, it's funny. A little orange here and there is cute. Who cares? I'm perfectly happy the way it is. It's clean, it's painted, and some different colors in different places. You see, here is okay. It's my color; there is your color. It's not too bad. It's okay.
*Jesus is already here.
Yes, yes, yes. And there's a cross in the front of the door outside. And all the disciples even there. Big crowd.
So you can decide. Okay? Go home and come back, or stay. No big deal, okay. So please, don't make trouble for yourself over Christmas and New Year, okay? Yes, yes. But if you can, you stay, because this is a good place, okay?
Either way is okay You can remember the spiritual place and bring it home, maybe, in your heart, then it's also a little connected. Like the telephone line, “Hallo, Spiritual Blessing Line, are you still there?
You're with me?” You know, like remote control Spiritual Blessing Line. Yes, it possible, it's possible.
So who is going for Christmas? You going? (*I'm going.) You're coming, yes? (*Yes, will come, I come.) Yes, coming, going. (*Yes.)
You two are going? Okay, okay. Mexico City? Somewhere. (*Veracruz.) (*Puebla.) (*It's two hours, near Mexico City.) Okay. It's okay, it's good, there is nothing really, right? Nothing really. A lot of responsibilities, this world; keeps us busy. It's not easy.
Any questions? No? No? Yes? No? Good. Mosquitoes bite me a lot here, I don't know why. Mexican people love me, but also Mexican mosquitoes. [laughter.] I told you already, it is easier for our digestion system if we eat simple, like not too many mixed vegetables, or mixed things in one day, you know?
Like this, it's difficult for the stomach to sort out: what time for carrot, what time for cucumber - I told you already - and how much energy for cucumber, how much energy for potatoes, you know, mixing a lot.
Even if it's expensive or cheap, you eat one thing today and another thing tomorrow, it's still the same money anyway, cheap or not. I don't mean about money, right? Mixing too much, sometimes you feel very heavy, okay? - because of the body system. It's very logical, just like if you put carrot and cucumber, same time, into a pot, boiling pot, and cucumber cooks first - see what I mean? - softens first and cooks first, and carrot is still hard for a while. See what I mean? Same, same; same in here.
Normally, if you eat you should chew a lot, a lot of times, a hundred times, something like that, according to Oshawa. But we never chew even, we just drink the carrot, drink the cucumber, rush it down, and it's not very good for our body, yes? But as I told you already, the food is just the catalyst to receive other source of nourishment.
Because I'm not sure how much we really absorb from all the carrots or potatoes, whatever,. As you've noticed, whatever you eat, it comes out almost, or sometimes more than you thought you'd put in. Where from? You know what I mean? Yes, it is really funny. All right, so it just a game, you know? Food is a game that we have been playing since we discovered food on this planet, and our system, it's just kind of built around this kind of discovery Well, I don't know what to say anymore. We blame Eva for eating the apples,
but the Buddha has another story, so I don't know whom to blame. Yes, blame our ancestors anyway; we were not there, right? We were not responsible.
For your safety, please do not attempt to cease eating without proper expert guidance. Anyway, did I tell you? The other day she asked about breatharian stuff, I told you these things; they're real, they're real. Because if you do something, you have to do exactly to the letter. There are different ways to do it, but whatever way, you have to stick to it, okay? Yes.
But as you are spiritual practitioners for many years, maybe the discomfort will be minimized, yes? Except for the habit, you know, looking at food and then you like to eat it. It's like Eva, you know? If the apple wasn't there, she wouldn't have eaten it. It's all God's fault.
Knowing humans, you know, and still put an apple right in the middle of the garden where you always pass by and look at it, see what I mean? There's no need for the snake to tell her anything, she's perfectly capable of looking at the apple and thinking what to do about it, right? Blaming it on the snake, the poor snake. What can the snake do?
So small and no legs, no arms, nothing, and even the tongue is split! How can the poor snake do anything to an intelligent human being, the child of God? We have to blame it on somebody, you know? Since time immemorial, we blame things on everybody else, so the poor snake had to take the blame. All right. And now become used to it, you know, generations after generations, and then it has become difficult to quit, that's all.
But actually, the Quan Yin Method also would get you there, okay? Yes, and if you do the breatharian alone, then you won't get there. But if do the Quan Yin and you even eat also moderately, it gets you there, okay? That is the catch. That is the catch. Okay, if you go back for Christmas, don't get fat.
Everybody gets fat at Christmas, you know? Maybe you need a few kilos on. You eat since how long, a few months, and still don't gain back the weight? (*Just till I got here, then I gained back some weight.) Before you didn't? (*No.) Juice? (*I eat mostly just fruit, but not too much.) That's why. Okay.. There are some people who are already 80 and they still start this process also. If you have been on a vegetarian or vegan diet, and fruit and raw, then you have very less problem with the process, yes?
But I'm surprised, some people they really jump from meat and alcohol right into the process. No wonder they have big problem; but you have to stick to it. Even if you are vegetarian and meditating, you still have to stick to the program, okay? And have expert guidance, okay? I'm warning you: if you die, don't come back and tell me it's my fault. [laughter]
I told you already, don't bother to come back, I won't talk to you ever again, not listening to me. [laughter] But that was the reason one of the women died, for example. It was on the newspaper, practicing breatharian, died afterward. Because she didn't stick to the rules.
On the seventh day she should not drink yet, you know, on the eighth day, but she drank, and drank a lot, one liter and a half. No, you're not supposed to do that. The first sip of drink you should just take one spoon. One spoon at a time, and slowly one spoon and a quarter, and one spoon and a half, and then two spoons.
Have to watch your body's reaction. After seven days without anything, it's a shock to the body to drink one and a half liters of orange juice - you understand? - in a rush like that. You will feel very painful, and collapse. She collapsed and later died.
For your safety, please do not attempt to cease eating without proper expert guidance. You see, everything has a price to pay. Quan Yin Method is the safest, that's all. You can still eat everything you want except the animal products, which we should abhor anyway, with or without Quan Yin method. See what I mean? How can we enjoy the suffering of other living, breathing, jumping, walking, or swimming beings, yes? See what I mean?
And vegan also, we should start less and less the plant stuff, plantsor some roots, that might hurt the worms. Some roots, the harvesting of which doesn't hurt the worm, but some do. And then just eat mostly fruit like… Yes, we have a lot of fruits. Beans are also fruit, see? Beans, green beans, string beans, black beans, brown beans, red beans, carob beans, yellow beans, all kinds of beans. They are fruit, also can eat slowly. Less and less, the less burdensome, okay?
And the troublesome of cooking and eating too much, yes? After a very sumptuous and mix-all-kind-of-things meal, you feel heavy. Yes, feel heavy, and sometimes the pain, okay? So it's better to eat light; slight, yes. Moderate, you know? Moderate, choose Buddha's way, maybe. Once a day or twice a day, but light, okay? Or fruit, or raw; slowly, okay? All right. okay.
So remember: everything slow, okay? Do slowly, right. The thing is, they brought too much food here and so I had to let them, finish the cooking. Because we don't have enough deep freeze anymore. Deep freeze, we have only one now, and that's enough, okay? Don't buy anymore, all right? Maybe a refrigerator, but not deep freeze, yes?
Don't fill too much; that's enough to last for many years. Don't leave it here, the guy will eat it alone. When you come back, then you won't see him anymore. Or maybe you won't see the food anymore, yes. The food will last you for many, many years, if you eat alone, yes. So you intend to stay here, some of you? (*Yes.) For a while, yes.
Suppose I go away, you stay also? (*Yes.) Yes, good, good, good. That's very good; because it's a good place for you. You can't follow me everywhere. It's a very good place for you. If you can follow, you follow; but I don't even know where I'm going next, if I go. Different places to take care. One day maybe I'll be free, free of all this worldly trouble and obligation and work. Don't abuse the kindness of this country and the law of this country, okay? (Yes)
You have to uphold it so that everybody can come in easily, because if you break it, you'll make trouble later. They will be stricter and the later-comer will have problem to come in. They won't be that easy anymore. Do you hear me? (Yes.) Not just that, but you should respect the country's law, anywhere you go. You should be a good citizen as if it's your country. You can't come in and mess it up, yes? Just because you're a foreigner, just because you're a US citizen.
Precisely because you're a US citizen you should even have a more lawful attitude here, you see what I mean? First, you respect the law of Mexico. Second, you represent America. You see what I mean? US citizens don't do anything bad anywhere - you see? - for the reputation of your country, understand? (*Yes.) So it's for two countries that you have to be a good citizen. No matter where you go, it's always the same, all right?
Today I watched, accidentallywatched, a short documentary about lions, one lion, you know? There was one guy, he saw a lion cub for sale and then he took pity on him, and he took him home and raised him up in the church, maybe a priest or something - I heard, I saw only halfway- and then he raised in the churchyard, you know?
The church allowed it. But later on he became so big. It was just like this, like a little puppy, and grew big, big; you know how lions look like. And after he became too big, too big, even though he was harmless to everybody, and they returned him to the wild. And after many, many years these people came and looked to see if the lion was okay. The lion recognized them, jumped on them, kissed them, hugged them - oh, my God! - snuggled all over them, both of them. And even brought the wife, yes, and the wife never knew these people, of course.
Only the male lion knew, but the wife also didn't hurt them, nothing. Very respectful and like a dog. Both of them, just like my dog would jump on me when I come home, hugging and snuggling and nagging around, you know, like a human. I was on the brink of tears; but I was happy at the same time. After many years, and run into the wild already, and still hunting, eating meat, already in the wild, still knows the kindness of humans; recognizes them, runs to them and hugs them and kisses them, licks them all over, like a dog.
I can't believe the lion, you know? Yes. The lioness didn't do that, of course, just introduced and she just walked by, but she didn't even try to harm, or growling at the humans, nothing. Incredible! He already told her of course - but can you believe that? And we humans think that they don't know, animals don't know, anything. Even conveyed to the wife that “these are my friends,” and she just behaved like a wife of a friend It's on film. (*Yes.) Incredible!
I saw it today on Barbara Walters' program. It's ABC or something like that, yes, just by the way; we were just testing something and then jumped on that, okay. I hope they let us show that again to the world, you know, whole world, yes. If they give permission, we will show it. Or you can contact the owner of the film. Yes. maybe try, yes?
The world is full of stories like that, and people still don't understand the animals. Also, remember last time? There was a cowon a farm and a person used to visit him sometimes, and after eight months he came back, he thought the cow would maybe not remember him, but the cow saw him and when he called his name he came, and running to him and slamming on his chest, remember? Yes, on our TV? Yes, yes.
There are really some touching stories, but of course they don't have video to do that. But I told you many things my dogs do together and birds do together, it's really, really touching, but I don't always record. Just like I told you one time that Mirabeau and Laguna were having difficulty together, because he was chasing her, but her heart is for Rainbow, so sometime he gets mad, like that, and chasing her around.
And I said, “Hey, you two, make peace with each other.” And then immediately he went to an olive tree, plucked an olive branch, and came to her, offered it to her. Olive branch! How does he know that in Europe olive branch means “peace”? Really, broke a twig and came to give it to her; flew back to her place and gave it back to her. I was thinking, “Wow!” Wow! Even human wouldn't be that fast; he, they, had understood everything, that's the thing.
Well, talking about this, I love animals so much; I love animals so much. I love you guys also, but it's a different kind, I love the animals really deep, very deep, yes, like loving your own children or something. Because with you, I can't feel that you are my children, that is the thing. You know, You're big and growing old and having your own babies and children, so psychologically I cannot feel like you are kids. But the animals, I just feel like they're so pure, innocent, and like kids.
They don't have ego, they don't have problems, at all, yes. And, you know Zolo, the biggest guy in the house? He's like a horse, a mini horse, even a mini horse is shorter than him. Tall, looks big and tough, and in the beginning he would bite anybody nearby or growl at him when he first came to my house, even after he'd been treated already, and well. But now, anybody comes he just hugs you, wants to play with you, puts his paw in the sky, like this, waiting for a rub, tum-tum. In the beginning I had to give them veggie bones; whoever visited packed pocket first, full of veggie bones, and then came, gave it first, you know, nervously, “Here Zolo, Zolo, Zolo.”
And now, no need bones, nothing; he will come and jump on you, if you're a boy; if you're a woman, he doesn't. Yes, he knows you're maybe more delicate. I told him that “I'm delicate, I am fragile, don't jump on me,” and he never does. Yes, just he comes and nudges his head. And he doesn't speak, but his message is very clear.
One day I was thinking, “I remember last time I let Zolo sleep next to me on my bed, and Benny also on my bed, I was very warm. It's good,” and then that day he demanded that he sleep on my bed again, with Benny next to me also. Yes, but then after a while, I said to him, “Zolo, maybe...” I said it like that but I did not bring him to my bed yet because I was still working - sometimes I work all night –
so I said, “Okay, Zolo, I'm in the office, and I'm working with so big a light on, maybe it's better you go to the living room. It's cooler there and dark, you can sleep all by yourself on the big bed there. What do you think? Or you'd still like to sleep with me?” He came and put his nose on my hand, “Let's go, to the bed.”
I can't escape. Whatever I promised him I had to do it because he keeps reminding forever. Yes, so cute, and so clear, you know? No mistaking about this guy; he doesn't talk much, but when he talks, it's very clear. And he's so tough and big like that, but if he did something wrong, I just raise my voice, and then he goes like, you know, he crunches his shoulder, and his tail goes back inside. Very pitiful. You could never scold him, you know?
He's really sorry. You can look at him and you can never raise your voice after that, because he looks so pitiful, so humble, so small. Such a big guy, tough, and wants to be my guard and all that, but when I scold him, he's so small, so small, and his eyes come down, like this. Oh, my God! You should see it. I can't describe. So pitiful and so humble that you'd say, “Okay, okay,” you know? Even he did wrong, I have to comfort him.
Because he was born and raised in the wild before, so sometimes he forgets, he pees in the house, especially when I don't pay attention to him. When I pass by and he comes wagging tail and I don't say nothing, because I rush to the other room to do other thing, and then he sometimes pees next to the sofa. And then I come back, of course I scold him, he's asking for it, but I just raise one voice and then he becomes...
“No…” “Please…” You know, you know really, really, really, you know, very, very afraid because he knew he did the wrong thing. But the way he does it, my God, you feel heartbroken. I say, “Okay, okay, it's all right, it's all right. Okay, just don't do it again.” And he does it again anyway and then feels sorry. “It's okay, it's okay,” I keep telling him, “This is your home, don't make it into a toilet. It's your home; my home, but your home also.”
In a minute he forgot. Habit dies hard; he doesn't mean to. He really tries very hard to be a good boy, a housebroken boy. He was wild, you see; all that time outside, nobody ever even touched him. But he tries so hard, he changes so fast and is so docile, so obedient even, so obedient. If I tell him something, he does it, faster than other dogs even. Before, he was so fierce, scared of humans or hated humans, I don't know.
Now he's so friendly, like a puppy all the time. Loves to play with the boys and play with me and play with anyone. Anyone who has time, he plays. If you have time for him, he can stay there, puts his tum-tum out foreverfor you. And then rolls around, wags his tail and laughs at you, looks at you, kisses you and licks you, and does anything; it's like a puppy. My God! Such a big boy and so tender, tender.
What a waste of dog that they didn't know this, didn't treat him… because he responds, you see? So beautiful, so beautiful. They know who's who outside the gate. I don't know, but they know Like, if I'm with them and if the people from the house come back, then they don't bark like that, just like welcoming sound. But then somebody else, like somebody who's kind of nosing into our house, they bark very loud. Even Benny barks loud, runs to the gate and all that, if they can; if they're outside. So much about animals; always talk about dogs and birds. Okay? Any questions, guys?
*We were handing out your books at the mall yesterday and one thing I noticed was that young children loved your books. (Yes?) They would often…
We had a bunch of materials and the children would often take your book. And with this one little girl, she was only about 3 years old and she just couldn't take her eyes off it. They must see something in it that the adults don't see.
Yes, yes, yes. They see the light comes from our books yes. That's it. Yes. Benny also, he always watches, when a lot of light around people, he just… watches like that, very attentively. That's why he especially likes children. Yes, yes. And Happy especially likes old people, because she loves to comfort people. She knows old people are lonely, you know? She always loves to see them. When she sees them going outside, passing by the fence, she says, “Owww owwww!”
Like that. She wants to come out and she wags all, the whole body, and whining, like sissy sassy Benny loves children. Laguna, all the birds, they love people also. Dogs, they all love people. All my dogs love people, except bad people, and they warn them. They warn them.
*I just read some interesting story in the internet: so many masters from ancient times, like Horace from Egypt and Dionysus from Greece, and even Krishna, they were all born on December 25th.
December 25th? (*Yes.) Really? (*Yes.) Are you sure it's the same calendar?
*So I thought, “Maybe all these masters are Master, our Master.” Is it true or…
*I was not even born; just borrowed a body. I told you already, yes. It's too cumbersome to be born. Just at that time, it was the time If I didn't come down at that time, it would have taken a longer time to come down later on, so I just picked it up and go.
Very interesting. Yes, but not all masters are born on the 25th of December. Buddha wasn't born on the 25th of December; Guru Nanak wasn't born on the 25th of December; Prophet Muhammad wasn't on the 25th of December. Maybe different calendar also. Okay, any more? Interesting anyway. Some are. Any more stories? You're happy with your house, yes? Okay? Not too tight, right? No. Yes? Okay? Sleep on the balcony also fine, no? Sleep on the balcony. No?
*We are kind of reserving this for group med.
Group meditation, yes, yes. Whoever likes to meditate, go out, okay? That's good, that's good. Yes, it's cool and nice; or sunny, yes? At night it's cool. Daytime is warm, sunny. That's good, that's good. See you tomorrow. If tomorrow, nothing to do, then you can come any time, daytime, just meditate, okay?

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