Simplify Life: A Way to Improve Our Spiritual Practice - P1/3 December 15, 2010 Cancún, Mexico    
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This is  cute. I just want to see whoever I can for the last time before you go. You cool?Yes?(*Yes,Master.) Everything cool?(*Yes,Master.) You all look better than when I last saw you. I don't know why,but you look better. Okay. I love you all except you are 『goo-goo ga-ga.』
It's sometimes very obstructive. It is sometimes contrary to what you want to do. Like,if you want to help me,but you 『goo-goo,ga-ga,』you forget everything. I understand you love me very much. A lot,a lot of love. They understand. You know why they understand that?Because 『amor』is like in English. And "mucho" they always count,"mucho dinero",so they understand that word.
So they put together,it becomes like,"A lot of love," yes?Okay. From today,because we're staying,too many people,I suggest maybe we just eat cold,cold vegan turkey. Not cold turkey,but cold veg turkey. Okay?Like,okay,we buy bread or something and eat fruit or whatever; tofu if you still need tofu. How about that?(*Okay. Yes. Yes,Master.)
If you still need to eat some savory stuff,then just eat the vegan sausage as is. I used to eat it. I didn't die,so it's okay. You all like kings and queens,I always have to try something first and then you know it,then you try. If you really still need to eat cooked food,it's okay to eat once…maybe cook once or twice a week. Okay?If you really need to,you tell the kitchen team to cook it for you. Whoever wants to eat,just say how many people apply,you know,apply for 『eating visa.』
And whoever likes to be breatharian,then you have to organize together and then you ask someone who you think is capable to teach you,come to teach you; or you go find him or her. Okay?After 21days,you're brand new. New stomach. What I mean is,whatever you choose to do is good. Okay?But do it properly.
Don't try alone in case you mistake or you don't know how and then you overdo it or underdo it,and then you'll be in trouble. For your safety,please do not attempt to cease eating without proper expert guidance. But here,we just make it simple (*Yes.): fruit,bread,a little soy sauce to taste,or salt to taste. That's probably enough. (*Yes.) You don't stay forever so… One week,two weeks of fruits,I don't think you die. Will you die?(No.)
If you die,you know anyway,right?We know right away. We will know it. Okay. To live is difficult. To die is… easy Take care of the living is difficult. Take care of the dead,I think very easy. Okay. I think,just simple. You can buy things,but eat as is. Tofu,you can eat like that,cold,with a little soya,very nice. Yes?Very nice. No need cooking too much: first,waste a lot of time; second,waste energy. We can't afford it. What I mean is the whole world,you know?the Earth energy. So we simplify our life as much as possible.  Okay?
*Thank you,Master.
Let's begin. Let's begin now.
*Thank you,Master.
Fruit is very good for you. Fruits are good for you,especially if you want to transit into breatharian later. Smells nice.
*It does.
When you open this,it smells,the whole room,like perfume. So before you go out to see your boyfriend,you just… Yes,skin some fruits and then 『pssst!pssst!pssst!』tap tap it on your body. Then you will have all the perfume you need. Very appetizing lady.
Fruits are good for you. Yes,fruits are good for you. Fruit or juice,fruit juice. And it's very acceptable for the body. We eat cooked food because we are used to it,since we were babies,you know?Everybody gives us this kind of food and then we get used to it and used to it. It's like even with meat and fish,we were not born to eat it but we were used to it. Yes. So it's better we train our new habit,that's all. Okay?(*Okay.) Even at home. Even at home. (*Yes.)
If you want. If you want. Nothing forbidden by me or in our group,except anything that causes suffering to others,to animals and men,humans. But it has been many years now,so it's about time that we grow up. I also grow up. We grow up together.
*Yes. Yes.
And then we change a little,better habit,okay,(*Yes.) more simple life. (*Yes.) Because even normally when I am at home,I don't eat that much like here. But they cook a lot,and it's good also because I entertain the guests,the journalists,and just show them it's really very abundant,even vegan food is tasty,and they say they like it and they're going to be vegan from that time on already. Yes.
But for me now,if I eat so much like that,I feel very,very tired. It's almost like a sacrifice. So later,if we have to entertain people,we push out those who still like to eat cooked food,sit with them. Those who are very willing to sacrifice. Fruit is very good for the body. It's accepted easily,without any defense. Then you can eat fruit and drink juice and things like that. But go slow,go slow.
Even fruits are more acceptable,from our body defense system than vegetables. Yes. But don't go extreme so quick. Don't go too,too fast,extremely,okay. Maybe,okay,three days fruit and two days cooked food or two days other food okay,or two days fruit and two,and then slowly. Or one day a week and then slowly two days,three days; like that the body has more time to adjust. Maybe it's safer. Okay. Listen to your body's demand also,okay?If no good,the food is always still there for you. No problem. Okay. You understand?Eat just simple,okay?
(*Yes.) Simplify life so you'll have more time to meditate. (*Yes.) Because mostly we cook in the morning,or noon,when it's the best time for meditation. (*Yes.) I think you can understand now,when you first get initiation,I just tell them to be vegetarian,they're already 『gaa gaa.』 『No. How?』You know?But now I think you're grown up,I think you can understand what I am saying better.
These are extras,whoever lucky,gets. Yes,okay,good. You sit on it. Okay,don't sit too long; it's so cold.
*No,it's okay,Master.
Feels cold on the floor. Okay. I don't want you to get sick,okay?(*No,no.) Yes. (*It's okay,Master.) Okay,now you understand. Yes,I'm sure you understand. You're grown up now,yes. I don't need to baby-feed you anymore. And also,now we have a lot of brothers and sisters,now that we have this supporting energy,supporting atmosphere,so that you can accept new,better ideas,better lifestyle,better habit.
Remember,I taught you how to breathe,yes?Twenty times, 30times,50times,or 20times a day. You know,30times like that,it's fine. It's also giving you extra energy and nutrition.Remember,before I taught you to breathe in and deep and out before your meditation?(*Yes.) Yes. Long time ago,yes.
This is also very helpful to your health and long,long life,and healthy and also extra nutrition. Before meditation,at the time of initiation,I say take a deep breath and out before you meditate. Use that,use that. Also every time you remember,okay?Not just before meditation. The more you do it,later you take a longer deep breath and longer out. Becomes habit Okay. So that will help you also.
For your safety,please do not attempt to cease eating without proper expert guidance.
Help in transition,if you want to be breatharian - the fruit. But you have to learn properly with the guidance,okay?I'm not responsible if you drop dead in front of a,in front of a bowl of fruit,or shrink into a bowl of fruit. 『Mini』disciple. You can use a hat like this,this kind of hat,after shrinking.
So are you going home now,some of you?(*Yes.) How many?(*Some.) Two only?And tomorrow?Some more?Never mind,never mind. If you stay here,I come see you now and then,okay?And whoever can come while I am here,it's fine,yes?It is nothing organized really; it's just spontaneous,believe it or not. Just take care of yourselves. I just take care of myself,you take care of yourselves. Okay?Anything you need,you ask me. Okay?And I will say no. Take care of yourself.
Okay,good,yes. And thank you for all this work that you do these days with your heart. Everybody felt it. That's important. Not only what you do,but how,you know?Your heart touched their heart,and that's very important.
So many people are informed now because of your work,flyers,books,sandwiches,and many people became vegetarian,or vegan. Or vegan. They just need to be informed. People just need to be informed.  Many people are surprised to see our information. They'd say, 『We did not know.』And the journalist,one of the journalists,even told me that if people know all the information that I told him now,then they will all become vegan. So if we can stay here,then we begin with Mexico.
*Thank you,Master.
When working,it's always…at least some stress or somescuffles between each other,but for the big things,we forget the small trouble,small problem,small mistake,or small personality conflict. 
It's difficult to do a great job. First,personality conflict,second,the bad karma (retribution) of the surrounding area pressure upon you. And then when the Master came in between, 『goo-goo-ga-ga-ga,』and then he forgets everything. All right. Well,from today we have simple,all right?
No more cooking,smoking to Heaven. Find time to meditate. (*Yes.) If you have work to do together,just do work,okay?If you don't have,meditate anytime,okay?
It's a good place to meditate.
You feel better?Feel different?
Yes,this region has many Spiritual Blessing Lines,even if it's not made in your pocket,it has influence. Good influence. Yes,it's funny. Whenever there are Spiritual Blessing Lines somewhere,mostly that place is prosperous for tourism and anything like that.
Although people don't understand why,they just feel good and they feel like it's a lucky place,or a good place,and they just develop and continue to develop. I told you,like Monaco,small country - three Spiritual Blessing Lines!Everybody likes to go there. (*Yes.) For example. And Cancún also,I mean here,in this region. All Cancún.
The hotel where you booked for me,it also has a very big Spiritual Blessing Line.
Apart from the hotel I told you before... This one's bigger than the one that I…
I think maybe that's why the Mexican people,they're so sweet,you know,simple.
And people say they're lazy,but I think they have too much blessing,too much blessing,so just feel relaxed,you know?Don't think too much about how to gain material comfort. And it's normally that they're also content that way.
They don't ask for much. It's just that the neighbor's country,the richer country and luxurious country,richer and luxuries and all that,and then make people feel like,『Maybe I should have it.』There is a saying somewhere,I read it somewhere,you know,it's like a joke,but it says like,『It's not what you don't have that troubles you; it's what the neighbors have.』And I think it's correct. Yes,really!
It's okay if you don't have anything,you're happy. But then the neighbors have and then you feel like you are a little bit lower level somehow. Yes,feel a little embarrassed and shy.
Yes,because this is the material world,it's like that. It's just…it makes you feel like that so that you're forever striving for more possessions and forget the priority of spiritual progress,or spiritual treasure. Even now that you meditate and you live a simple life,and you're content with what you have,but sometimes if you see a flashing car or something,you also feel like,『wow!』Right?
It's not like we really try to get it,(*Yes.) but we still feel 『wow!』(*Yes. Yes.) Because let's face it,they look good!And all the designer clothes look really elegant too,and mostly people who live,for example,in Monaco,they're dressing elegantly different; they're all 『in the high,』socially; socially,I'm not saying spiritually,no.
So if they're also spiritually high,that would be so much better for them. (*Yes.) Maybe some are,maybe some are. There's no harm in wearing elegant clothes,which they already have or staying in the social status that they're already used to. It's no harm. But if they are spiritually elevated,then,『wow!』- lucky people. But we try to simplify life. When you go out with certain people or group,then,of course,you dress up. Save one or two dress for that occasion,and the rest,just simple.
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