Interviews with Supreme Master Ching Hai by TV and Radio Host Judith Conrad December 27, 1993, California, USA    
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* Intuition is going inside and finding that part of ourselves,inside. And of course,the light is what we're talking about here: light in awakening,awakening that part of ourselves. That's why many people have candles,especially around the holidays,especially when it's a time of celebration. You notice the birthday cake,they always put candles on it. It is a de-『light,』 and we are lightening up this world in what we're doing. So my guest today is Supreme Master Ching Hai,so I'm going going to interact with her as we begin the show,so welcome,Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Thank you,thank you.

*And you have seen her on another one of our television programs. What we're here to do in this year,1994,is to lift the vibration,to be able to be more enlightened,more awakened,and that is finding out the de- light in our selves. Where is that de-light within yourself?I challenge you for this year,1994,to find the light and then feel that de-light inside of yourself. I know you're up for it,so let's go now to Supreme Master Ching Hai,welcome.

Thank you.

* Okay,well,as we're talking about fear,and letting go of the fear,could you tell us,just give us some comment about that. What comes up for you when we talk about that?

You see,fear is not always from within as people most often blame us for it. Not only from within,but also from without. Yes,yes. Because even the strongest man,or the most spiritual person,will experience fear sometimes due to the circumstances. Not necessarily fear for him or herself,but just the fear for circumstance,just the experience,the atmosphere that that fear generates from other people or from the surrounding. That doesn't necessarily influence the enlightened state of an enlightened person.
Therefore,if we have fear at all,we should not fear our fear. (*Right. ) Yes. Just accept it and whatever we can do to eliminate it or minimize it,we do it. If we can analyze it and think that the fear has no basis,then we can drop it easily,and if we cannot,then maybe it is influenced sometimes by the atmosphere of fear,which surrounds us sometimes,or all the time,because this world is made up of fear. That's how the maya,the queen,the king of illusion controls the world,and if we are not strong enough,then oftentimes we are swallowed by fear. That is the weapon that the king of illusion,or the maya,try to gives to people,to make them feel that they're weak,that they cannot control their destiny,that they cannot make better of the future etc.,etc.,so they give up the struggling or fighting- for-better-future spirit.
Therefore,we should know fear as it is,not try to reject it,and not try to even to blame ourselves for not being courageous,but try to see it as it is,and then think of the way to conquer it; or forget about it: we have fear?So what?

* Right. One of the philosophies I have is about taking that pencil and simply dropping it and letting it go and get on with what we're here to do.

Okay. Let me do it with the cup.


Now,suppose I put the fear in this.


Transfer in that and just drop it there. Would my fear go away?

*Is that in your philosophy that it will go away?

Well,if it does,(it's) because we are clearer in our conscience. (*Right.) Clearer- have a stronger belief in God or we have access to more portion of wisdom in ourselves. Otherwise,if fear still exists,or still exists in some portion,it's okay. Just go on with what else you have to do,and the fear just has no place to stay.


*In other words you're filling your essence then with more positiveness,(Yes). so that fear doesn't have a chance.

Yes,it just will go. Or it'll just stay in the corner,trembling.

*Right,right. That's so great. So,『Away with you fear monsters. Fear tigers out,out,out!』(Yes,yes,yes.) Right,okay.

Maybe we leave them a corner,but that's all.

*Just one small corner,right.

Yes. Well,it's a kind of decoration also. Why not?Yes.

*Okay,so in the corner we'll put the fear tiger. (Yes.) Okay.

Some people grow roses,you know?Americans are familiar with roses?(*Yes,they are.) Most of them have thorns. (Yes.) So what?We just enjoy the roses. I don't touch the thorns. (*Right.) Because without thorns,I think the rose will lose some of its vigorous charm.

*That's right. (Yes.) So life sometimes does have all of these (Yes ) thorns. It has some of the pricklies and some of the fears,so (Yes.) it's there.

You just wear gloves.

*Just wear gloves,okay. Now,one of the ways that you live your life is through meditation,(Yes,yes.) and how long do you spend in meditation every day?

For the average person… of course,the more the better,(Right.) but because we don't have that much time in our society,so we suggest that one tenth,one tenth (*One tenth of the day.) of our time. 24hours,yes?We reserve two and a half for ourselves. That means for God,yes. Therefore,we sit in silence and communicate directly with the God power,with God's wisdom (*Right.) and then we get all the answers from that period of time,and get all the energy and power we need for the whole day,and even leftover for the next day; (*Right) share it with the neighbor,whoever needs us.

*Right. For those people who've just tuned in,this is the Judith Conrad Show,and I am privileged to have as my guest,Supreme Master Ching Hai,and we're talking about meditation. And my next question... I just want to make sure that they know who they're listening to when they're going through the channels. See?That's right. (Okay. Okay. Sure.) So,in the meditation,what is the difference between prayer and meditation?

It's similar,similar.

*Very similar?

Except that in meditation we don't ask so much,as much as we listen. We just listen,we sit there,or maybe we chant some names of God - especially,yes,some which are already charged by some spiritual master,or someone who has this energy from God; (Right.) it means connected already with God. Therefore,whatever he charged it,it's from God power,not from his individual self.

Yes,then these names will be charged,and then when you repeat them,sometimes if your mind wanders,then you'll probably repeat these God's names to bring your mind back,(Okay.) or to protect your `environmental' energy,magnetic field.

And you sit in silence,yes,but it's more fruitful after the initiation,because after the initiation,the spiritual friend,experienced in this field,already connects you with the universal power. Therefore if,when,you sit still,you're filling up yourself. Otherwise if you sit and you don't know what to do and where to concentrate,(Right.) or if you're not connected with the 『water of life,』then your cup is still empty.


*Is there any time that meditation or any type of information you can give to the people,and… because we have quite a bit of time left on the show… to be able to,if they cannot be initiated,and they,because the people are very hungry right now,(Understand,yes.) Could you give that to the people who are watching our show?

Yes. they can try. (*Alright.) You see,but the principle is that we should also try to live an ethical life,according to the 5principles - that,not to hurt others and do to others what we would prefer others do to ourselves - as much as possible. (*Right.) And if you cannot bring happiness to people,try not to harm them,at least,or animals also,yes. And also try to be a vegetarian as much as possible. And this is serious,

* (Yes.)

because apart from all the health problem that the scientists have proved is fatal to us through a meat diet,there is another principle of 『life begets life.』If we eat dead things,we are inviting to our body and spirit and mind the death itself. Therefore,it is better for us to eat living… kind of vegetables,because vegetables,even if you cut and you plant it again,it still grows,but if you cut an animal and plant it again,it will not live again.

* (That's right.)


It's gone,yes. (*It's gone,yes.) And also animals,they have fear and anxiety and want of life,and fear death,and if we take all this energy within ourselves,then we make ourselves unsettled

*And so then,what we're doing is we're taking that fear tiger ( Right.) out of the corner and we're putting it into our body. (You're right.)

Now,I do still eat meat. I've noticed that I…

I'm sorry to offend some people.

*That's no problem.

Because you ask me,I have to tell the truth.

*I'm so glad you did. And I'm noticing that as I am doing this work that I have less desire (To eat meat.) to eat meat,(Right.) and it's reducing and reducing and reducing. And so I just want to put that out to you out there,that as you become more awake,(Yes.) more in the light,and become de-light-ed with yourself,that this is something that we would encourage you to notice that it's happening in your life.


*And you are completely a vegetarian?

Yes,yes. (*Completely.) No egg even.

*Not even the eggs. I would like to ask the question,why the eggs are eliminated?

Because if you're familiar with the,(what) people called 『magic (Yes.) you know people,most of the magicians,I mean the real… Is it magician?

*Yes,the witches and…

*The witches.

The witches.

*Black magic.

Not necessarily black magic,you know,the magicians,they use eggs sometimes,many times,to attract the possessive entity from other people's bodies,and sometime they feed deceased spirits with eggs and all that. So we try to refrain from attracting them into our body by using eggs. Even an infertile egg has also the potential of life,yes,so it's… (*Okay.) Yes.

* You know,most people don't even think about this,and so as you're looking at your own diet,think about that. Okay,so going back to the meditation,(Okay. Yes.) that we would like to encourage you to share with us.

You see the meditation,it will at least calm your mind,(*Yes.) And then when you're truly sincere it will bring you up into a higher dimension,and from the higher dimension,when you come back,you have less and less desire for some of the things that you discussed before (*Right.) including meat; it would be easier to just leave it and live a healthy life without.

*Great. Well,we're ready!

Especially for those who want to lose weight.

*Yes,I know it!

* And for those people who would like to get in touch with a meditation center in San Francisco,the number will be on the monitor as we're closing,with the closing credits. You know,if we can just take that time to center in,the world gets a lot simpler.


*It does. In my own work,when I'm running around,I just can't do it all,(Right.) unless I'm taking the time to center in,(Right,) clear out all the energy.

Yes,yes,yes. Otherwise even if you try to solve the problem you cannot,but when you just quiet and sit,then it's just clear to you. (That's right.) It's just like when you're too busy,you don't know where things are. It's very logical. It takes sometimes 20minutes to clear,to settle down,the mind,so don't be impatient if you sit a little bit longer. (*Right.)
And if you eat a lot of meat and all kinds of high… animal protein,then please don't sit longer than half an hour. You will have some kind of side effect; that's a very unpleasant place. So if you eat more vegetarian diet,it will be more calm,more peaceful for your energy,and easier to concentrate,and you go a little bit higher,because less burden,alright?Everything I tell you it's what I know,and it's up to you to accept it or not. Thank you.

*Perfect. Well,I don't know… we have about 5minutes left to go on the a program,and I want to thank you for giving them some of the… And I and again the Americans love those techniques. We want to know logically,intellectually how to do this.

That's why I explain too much. Otherwise I just tell them, 『Sit,close your eye,look here.』

*Sit!Do!And that's it!

You do or you die. (*Yes.)Well,we're not going to say that. I'm not so sure about that.

Yes,yes,yes. No,no,it's okay.

*So,okay,we do actually have a couple of minutes left,so we'll wind down now,and we do have another interview. I'm so excited that we're going to have her for one more interview,for those people who we piqued your interest and are interested in the meditation,I'm going to give that number again- it will be on the monitor.
You can call the meditation center in San Francisco. I personally have Experienced so much since Supreme Master Ching Hai has arrived in the area,and I am spending a lot of time with her,as much time as I possibly can,getting her on all my shows. The radio show in San Francisco on KBST 1450AM,she will be on,in several dates.
You can call me to get the exact dates. If you are interested in listening to her we have great interviews,you'll hear her on just about every Monday and Friday on my radio program. Is there anything that you'd like to leave our wonderful audience with?

Love them,and wish them all the best that's good for them.

*They are wonderful,they are,can you feel their energy?(Yes. Yes. I feel …) Whenever the camera is on,I always feel their energy coming back through to me. So we'll close this then,and remind all of you that who you are makes a difference.

Welcome,this is Judith Conrad,and this is the Judith Conrad Show,and on the show we feature intuition as the ultimate tool for success. And again,my guest is Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Remember when I end the show it's always 『remember who you are makes a difference』?The truth of who we are,I believe,will set us free. So I hope that helped you to answer some of the questions that you have.


Thank you. Thank you.

*One of themes that we have for today is,of course,the Truth,and we're talking about choosing a path to higher understanding and Truth,and it seems,if you've noticed,if you've been watching all three of these television programs,the word Truth has been so important. And I feel that's very close to my purpose. So what is your purpose here in,on this Earth?

I guess each one of us has a purpose,and the main purpose in our life is to search for the Truth,the true being of ourselves,to see that we will have peace eternal,because we are too busy watching our actions and wanting the result from our actions,and trying to solve the problems from the leaves and not from the root. (*Right.) So,then,we encounter many frustrations,difficulties,as well as disappointment. (*Right.) So if we find the Truth,which means the true being of ourselves,the greatest energy,the greatest intelligence in the whole universe,and that we will realize that we are one with all things,and that we have never been separated from God or Buddhahood,then we will never feel this frustration,fear or resentment from the failure orunwanted success of the purpose of our life.


*Now you mentioned Christ,you mentioned Buddha,you've talked about this on our other shows. Are you a follower of these shall we say (Great...) philosophies?

Yes. Also yes. We are a follower of one philosophy or another,whether we are Christian or Buddhist,and once we get beyond the level of intellectual understanding we will see that all these great Masters actually taught only the same thing.

*And that is about?

From within and without: from without,they taught us or teach us to be perfect human beings,to be good to neighbors,to keep the commandments,and to try to find what is greater than our physical life; and from within they will use their power,which is the power of the universe,because they are connected with this greatest universal power,so they're one with it. So,from within they will use this power to lift us up into the higher mountain top,(*Right,right.) so that we can see very clearly what is lying around and why we have been so enmeshed in all these problems,which is so easy to see from the top.

*So I would encourage you,the mountaintop is there. Get up out of the valleys where we are awash in all of our emotional things. Get up above,and get up so we can see what is above,and then as we do that,you know,then we don't get caught up in that stuff down below,do we?(Right,right.)

*Okay. So it's the same truths that are coming through from Christ,from Buddha,(Buddha.) from… (All the Masters) all of the Masters. (Yes.) Now,I noticed in your name,you're called Supreme Master. (Yes,the people call me that.) The people call you (that),have given you this title. May I ask why they've given you this title?

Because they went into the higher dimension,and then they thought I am the Supreme Master,(*And are you the Supreme Master?) because I am one with the Supreme Master. (*You are one with the Supreme Master?) And one of the logical reasons is that because we are all from the Supreme Father,so our surname should be Supreme.

*So all of us are Supreme?

Yes,but many of us don't recognize that or forgot our origin. That's not our fault. (*Okay) So I'm here to try to remind you of your origin and try to prove to you in many ways your origin; and you will believe as soon as you see.

*I like that. So again,to my audience,I am saying,you are the Supreme One,if you can remember that,and Supreme Master Ching Hai is here to remind you of that,to help you to remember. Is that correct?(Right.) To help you to remember. And since I have been with Supreme Master Ching Hai,there is a part of me that is awakened,that I am remembering now that 『Yes,I am that Supreme Master.』I was getting close before. (Understand.) Yes. (And then you lost it and you get (it),come back and lose it.) and I feel like I am getting much closer.

You will get more stabilized in this conviction and recognition after you have been reminding yourself each time through meditations and through the vision of the Supreme,through your meditation. Then you'll remember all the time.

*Right. I am encouraging everyone,of course - I ask this all the time- (is) to take some time during the day to sit in meditation. And perhaps you're standing and looking out at a beautiful horizon,I encourage you to do that,because that's part of meditation too,looking at the clouds,just thanking God for that wonderful cloud out there,that perhaps there's a message in that cloud. (Just whatever way you like to.) Yes. So you're saying also in agreement that there are many ways of going into meditation?

Yes,yes. Yes,it's just that because there are some ways quicker- shorter path,cut-short path. (*Right.) And some ways are winding around the mountains. Yes. (* So,elevator to the top?) Yes. (*Right. Okay.) It may cost a little bit more but…I don't mean materially,I don't mean money-wise,because we teach everything for free and most our information are free except the tapes and all that,are sold at cost,meaning at the empty-tape cost,same like that. (*Right.) Yes. (*Right.) But mostly we give it free,you know.

*I'm noticing that since I have met the people in your organization,it's a meditation center,everything is free there and so if you are interested… and I'm going to show you this book that perhaps you would like to have this book. It's a sample booklet,it's a free copy, has a picture of Supreme Master Ching Hai,and it is 『The Key of Immediate Enlightenment.』
So this is the book that you perhaps would want to have for free. And if you would like to have this,you can call and ask for this to be put on the mailing list,or you can send a postcard to post office box.

And again this is a wonderful book; I have underlined it,(Yes.) scored it,(Oh you really?) and this was about when you spoke at the United Nations. Now I understand that you've had the opportunity to speak to the United Nations. (Yes.) Could you tell us about that experience?

Three times we have been there. (*Wonderful.) Yes. And we have also magazine every month,free for everyone. (*Great.) It's color. Very beautiful; yes. Even I like it!

*Even you like it,yes?Would you say you're hard to please or easy to please?

Sometimes hard,sometimes easy. (*Sometimes easy?) Like everyone else.

*Right. Well,I'm enjoying having you here. (Thank you.)

*You please me!

Yes I am pleased to have you too. (*Right.) You are very joyful and positive and loving,and you love what you do. (*I do.) And that's what I admire in people,when they love their job.

*And what I feel I'm doing is I'm creating my ideal by going inside and saying,『Okay,now God,what is it You want me to do this day?』(Do it. Right.) And just do it.

Yes. 『Use me.』That's good.

* Yes,use me anyway You can. And that's,again,the philosophy that we're experiencing with

Supreme Master Ching Hai.

That's very egoless,and it's easy to work without much ego; or we use the ego but not let the ego use us.

*We don't have to have to trample upon the ego by intellectual or physical means,but just to use it as a friend,as a tool,(* Like my friend,the ego.)

to ride to our destination,Yes. (*Right.) that the negative and positive can blend well together and work for our benefit.

*Okay,so then,the plus and the minus,the light and the dark. Last time we talked about the fear tiger,and this time we are talking about the opposites. We can have these in each of our lives and we recognize them for what they are. (Yes.) Perfect. Now why is it that some people need to have accidents or tragedies in their life before they wake up?

Actually we don't need that,but unfortunately,sometimes we have to reap what we sow. (*Okay.) In this life or past life if we might have done harm to someone else then we just have to make up for it,for our conscience,for our subconscious. (*Okay.) But in that time of misery we often feel very lonely and fearsome,and even all the human efforts cannot help to ease that momentary discomfort.
So we turn to something deep down in our heart (that) we always believe that is greater than life. That is God,God power,or Buddha power,Christ power. We call them,it,by different names but these different names don't make any difference because whatever it is,it gives us comfort in these needy hours,and then we begin to be closer and closer to that,and we realize that it's only that,that we don't know what it is,but that is the permanent thing,that's more powerful than any human effort can bring.

*So if we could keep that going forever.

Yes that would be nice.

*And not just so we have this tragedy. (Right.) How wonderful it would be,and so I'm sure many of you have had tragedies there,you've lost loved ones,(Yes.) and it just feels like it's the end of the world,(Right.) and some of you even challenge God, 『Now,why did something like this (Yes.) happen?』

(『Why did you do this to me?』)Yes.

*Right!And so you're saying that much of this could be from,then,past life karma (retribution).

Yes,connection with some other things,many things,yes.

*Now the word karma,we've talked about this on my show quite a bit,and almost every guest,if they mention the word I always ask that they explain what it means to them. Could you give us an explanation what karma means?

Karma means the cause and retribution of every action of our life.

*Okay,so… (And previous lives also.) In previous lifetime. Okay now I have to ask,there has been recently an instance where a gentleman jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and took his two-year-old son with him. Now,is this karma for that little child who is two years old?(Yes,it's karma.) For me it felt like that too,that there was a completion now with that two-year-old child.

Because the child is not only born this life,(*Right.) and he just has to undergo what he has to undergo. But then we will continue again next life,different body. And if that child or that man will not be awakened the next birth,they will probably be very likely to repeat the cycle again. It's very sad tragedies. (*Yes.) If we can see through past incarnation,we see many people just go around,around,and around and doing similar things each of their lives.


*And within the same lifetime they repeat. So as I'm experiencing myself and of course I'm in this period of extreme awareness,I'm looking at what is happening,and I notice somehow my patterns continue to repeat and repeat. So as I stop this pattern,replace it with something else more positive,I have then broken the bad pattern,the karma (retribution),and I'm… (Right.) And that's 『one down』for me,right?(That's good. One point for it.)

*One point for me. (Ten points...)

*Ten points for God!(Yes. Right. Okay.) Okay. Well,that's perfect. I want to be on God's team,so...

But God is inside you.

* (Yes.) If you push aside the ego,there's nothing else but God.

* Isn't that wonderful?

We just try to take away His house.

*We try to make it too complicated sometimes too.

Yes,the small house and two persons - 『me』and God. (That's right.)

But 『me』- who is me?When you think about it,who is me?Before you were born,you were nobody. And when after you're born,when you're a baby,you're also nobody,you know nothing. And then as soon as you grow up,you have a name and then you collect a lot of information,a lot of habits from different people,teachers,parents,neighbors,and friends,and then you identify yourself with all this knowledge and habit. That is 『you.』That is the so-called you. Otherwise,what is you?

*God only. (Yes!)

*So all this other stuff that we're carrying around,drop it. (Yes!) (*Okay,I got it.) You don't have to drop it (*I got it.) but we know this is only the outside.

*Ten more points for me!) Okay. It's called instant enlightenment. (*You're right.) If you understand deeply something,that's enlightenment,but also when you see the Light from God,that's also enlightenment. That helps very fast.

* Okay you're talking about the third eye. This is the wisdom eye,correct?(Yes,yes.) I love the third eye. It's so deep and when I go in in my meditation (Yes.) it's like 『I know,』I know all this. (Yes.) Judith Conrad doesn't know this.

Right,right. The brain doesn't know. The brain doesn't know it.

The wisdom knows.

*The wisdom knows. (Yes.)

I call it 『the wise one in there.』(Yes,right.) The wise one in there.

The real us,the God who resides in this temple (*Yes) which is described in the Bible.

*And so when I say to you the God within me recognizes the God within you: 『Namaste.』(Namaste.)

*Right. Okay. So for all of you out there,then I would say to you: 『Namaste.』

They are all God.

*They… All of you,I recognize the God within you.

Not-realized God.

Not-yet-realized God.

*Wake up!Right?

It's very easy to realize God.

*And for those people who are saying... I'm just hearing them saying,『Well,how?How?』

Well,I have taught them a technique. (*Okay.) If they're diligent with it,probably they'll get to know God or some portion. (*Right.) And if they want to know deeper,then we offer the initiation,also free of bondage and charge and...

* And so,what is this initiation?

Initiation means the readiness of the soul. The real Self wants to push aside all the garbage information,which is called the self,the 『I,』

*The 『I』.) 『ego,』and to reveal itself to the Self. So when the people are ready like that,at the time of initiation,the spiritual guide,the experienced friend will help them just to push aside a little bit of obscurity,and they will see for themselves the Light of God and hear for themselves - without ears,without eyes,without physical means-the essence of the teaching of God. It sounds like melodious vibration but without any instrument,without any physical action or doing. Just sit in silence and be a recipient of this blessing from your great Self.

*For those people who just tuned into the show,this is the Judith Conrad Show,for people who are going through the channels,I always know that there are people who are just turning the television on. My guest is Supreme Master Ching Hai.

* And you do a lot of travelling throughout the year. Is that correct?

People require my presence.

*And you're going from place to place,and giving initiation,and talking to the people,coming on my radio program,my television program.

Yes. I'm invited,so I go there. (*Perfect.)

Anywhere I am invited,I go.

*I want to put out the invitation for the next time you come.

Thank you.

*Right here again,(Alright.) we'll be right back on the Judith Conrad Show. (Okay.) Oh,I'm excited. (Me too.) Yes?We play well together. (Yes,yes,yes. I think we work well.) Yes. And so,for those people who would like to contact the meditation center,if you're interested in meditation,I harp on this all the time,but that's what my purpose is,(Right.) is to help you to get that answer; the keys of that are inside you.

I'm using that as the intent to bring forth symbolic pictures,so that you can see what I'm telling you. Sometimes,people want to see that. (Right,right,sure.) And so that is… (We're all attached to forms.) That's all it is. Right. It could be any other tools that are available,and there are so many tools available.

Yes. Just like sometimes a teacher uses a book to explain a passage from it (*Right.)
in order to expound the deeper meaning (*Right.) of knowledge.

*So,it's the symbol,it's the word. Now you talk about the Word.

The Word is the Essence of our being,(*Yes.) which is God. Yes. So when we're in contact with the Word,or the Sound,melodious vibration,we are back to our God Self,or we realize God,or we are one with God (*Okay.) But even that,it takes some more practice in order to convince ourselves that we are just that,we are God.

*We are God,okay. (Yes.) Well,I also want to mention that the San Francisco Mayor's Office has given you a Certificate of Merit for Public Service and you've also received the International Peace Commendation and Honorary Citizenship in the United States from our government,the United States government. I want to say thank you to our government for this.

Well,I thank the government. And for this beautiful act of acknowledging the Truth,the American people will reap a very rich harvest of honor and elevation in all ways,in all aspects.

*You like the Americans,don't you?(I do.)


The more I know them,the more I like them. (*Great.) It takes a while to know them,but they're truly wonderful,and straight,you know,honest.

*And so,if you happen to be in Honolulu,on the 25th of October,that is the day of the Supreme Master Ching Hai,that's an official holiday now. There's a bronze statue there in Honolulu. I'm going to see it.

Yes,they say they will put a statue,in the public place. The 25th October is the Day of Master Ching Hai. (* All right.) Very kind of the government. It's good for Americans. (*Yes.) Good affinity.

*Great,I'm glad. Well,like I said,if you happen to be in Honolulu,do find the statue,and we'll let you know where that is if anyone is going there. Okay,well is there anything that you'd like to say in closing?I think we're just about ready to close the show. And anything you'd like to give to our audience?

I'm just speechless. I'm listening to you and speechless. Well,all my love to you,and everything that is best for you,I wish you will have it. God will take care of you,the American people.

*Thank you.

Namaste. (*Namaste.) Aloha. Yes.

*And so,we're closing now the show that we've had with Supreme Master Ching Hai. There have been many words of wisdom that have come through here. If they apply to you I encourage you to use them in any way you can.

So again,I want to remind each and every one of you that who you are makes a difference.

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A Journey through Aesthetic Realms
Animal World
Between Master and Disciples
Enlightening Entertainment
Good People Good Works
Noteworthy News
Vegetarian Elite
Vegetarianism: The Noble Way of Living
Words of Wisdom
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