Incan Sun Priest's Message: Earth's Transformation P1/2 (In Spanish)    
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Today’s A Journey through Aesthetic Realms will be presented in Spanish, with subtitles in Arabic, Aulacese (Vietnamese), Aulacese (Vietnamese), Chinese, English, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Persian, Portuguese, Persian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Greetings visionary viewers, and welcome to A Journey through Aesthetic Realms. Today, we present part 1 of the 2-part series featuring an interview with Ñaupany Puma, representative of the Inca sun priest tradition. He describes himself as a humble and ordinary person simply wishing to help the Earth and his fellow humankind.

Since young, Ñaupany Puma has been receiving knowledge of the ancient Incas during his meditation. He follows the Sun Path, or the Sun Priest Culture. Some of these teachings he has learned by himself, inside. Father Sun and Mother Earth were his teachers.

The sun, it emanates, it sends its rays of light, always. The sun is for us the great light from Heaven, and at the same time it is the giver that expects nothing, always giving. Light means life, which means that it always gives life. In each ray – imagine thousands, an uncountable number – in each ray of light, there is an information.

In other words, this means that a ray of those gives information to a little plant, for example, to grow. Another one teaches it to develop, to reproduce. In each ray of light, there is a recorded information. And when it encounters a physical body like the Earth or us, we get information, and the body, the physical, manifests this light; we do manifestation.

That is the process by which all the information comes from the sun, for the development to happen on the planet, for it to grow, to change. Now, speaking of the spirit, the light from the sun reaches our spirit and our spirit collects that information and the information is manifested in our body. In this form, the light we receive increases our spiritual development as well.

Ñaupany Puma keeps in general a vegetarian diet. Sometimes, he does not eat at all and just lives on sunlight, gazing into the full sun as the past sun priests did.

In all ancestral tradition: Egyptian, Maya, Inca, all the past sages, those great masters, the solar priests, nurtured themselves from the light. And why did they do that? Because they devoted all their lives to the spiritual path, because when the body has less physical food, and more light, it has more space to develop the awareness or the communication with the Great Spirit.

For those who have ever wanted to try sun gazing, Ñaupany Puma gives the following advice as well as important words of caution.

Let’s explain first this, that it is not necessary. It’s just necessary to have a balance, just don’t eat too much, and don’t stop receiving the light, but also receive as much light as amount of physical food. Because physical food is also a manifestation of the light that enters the body and comes out and only leaves the essence, that is, the light stays in the body.

But, we can increase that amount of light – and how we do that? In the past they did it this way: they looked in the morning when the sun rose, and in the sunset, they looked at the sun; when looking at the sun, through the eyes the light enters, it reaches the brain, and the brain is like a stomach that digests that light, transforms it like a prism, like a crystal, a quartz, and it is divided into the lights, into the colors.

And it goes down through the spine and nurtures each energetic center. That’s why the color is over here. Then, it goes nurturing. So, we look at the light for a few minutes, in the morning with the big sun that rises, and also in the afternoon when the sun sets. It is very important, because otherwise, when we are not used to it, we can hurt our eyes. I mean, first we have to do little by little, and then the light is received.

You close the eyes, let the effect work and then slowly we open the eyes looking at the whole, and again when the eyes get used to it and get acclimated to seeing everything clearly. That is the way that we used to do it in the past, and we are at the same time nurturing the spirit, not just the body three times a day and eating in-between meals, but also nurturing the spirit daily. That makes this light enter the body, nurture our body and spirit, but also helps us so that the dark parts of our spirit vanish.

It helps us to have more health, and to not get sick easily because the immune system of our body goes up. It helps to bring more luck to life because we are filling ourselves with light, so we are attracting more light to life. I mean, for people it can be called luck; the path clears itself, also it makes us not age quickly. Also, this way of meditating makes our thoughts become clearer and purer.

Since we have more light, we can concentrate much better. The past sages, the sun priests, those people did it with another purpose which was also to meditate with the sun, to achieve contact with the sun, to communicate with the sun.

During an October 2010 videoconference in the US, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke not only about the health and emotional boosting effects of the magnanimous sun, but also the tremendous spiritual benefits. In a rare, encouraging revelation, she informed that all people could meditate in the sunlight to multiply spiritual merit points and thus more quickly elevate themselves.

If you sit in the sun to meditate, it's very, very, very good for your spiritual progress. It could increase hundreds of thousands or millions of spiritual points if you concentrate well, if you deserve it.

Even the teachers or the masters of the Light and Sound elsewhere themselves would benefit greatly if they sit in the sun, under the sun, near the sun, with cover of course, if it’s too hot.

Even not Light and Sound practitioner, if you just sit there and recite the Holy Names or if you recite the Buddha’s name, you benefit many millions as well.

And if they pray, any denomination – Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Zoroastrian, Buddhist – if just sit in the sun and pray, they will get also the same, more or less 200,000 spiritual points per hour. Even the people, for example, the Zen monks for example, if they practice Zen only and they sit in meditation for Zen, they even have many millions for an hour, if they are vegetarian. If they are not vegetarian, there are less, of course; depends. Okay?

And I myself love the sun. I could look at the sun, midday even; it doesn’t hurt me. It doesn’t hurt me. It regulates, or it screens a little bit so that my eyes won’t hurt. The sun is a beautiful being. I love the sun forever. I love the sun a lot, and the sun loves us forever.

In addition to having practiced in sun gazing, Ñaupany Puma of the Inca sun priest tradition also has the ability to communicate with nature, the cosmos, plants and animals.

I think that everyone can communicate that way with the cosmos, with nature, or with the animals or the little tree. What happens is that already this planet, us, we are the cosmos. The cosmos is not far away. The cosmos is right here, this is part of the cosmos. To understand this, we have to think about three basic principles.

First: that everything is related to one another, that nothing is separated. Even if the bodies are separated, the spirits, the world of energy is always related. And that is even within nature, the entire planet. And that means the Earth itself has a relation with the sun, with the Moon, with other planets. Our entire Solar System has a relation with another solar system, and this in turn is related to the whole cosmos, and this in turn is related to the Central sun or Great Light, or the Great Spirit.

So, that is the principle: first, the awareness to understand that everything is related. This awareness of thinking that everything is related leads to a second step of knowing that everything is alive. Every being, even though one ignores it now, a tree, a mountain, a cloud, everything, a river, a lake, all of them have a deep relation and are alive, they are living beings. That consciousness of a living being makes the doors open to communication with nature.

According to the Inca prophecy, a great change called Pachakútec is taking place now. During this transitional period, humanity’s consciousness is elevated by an even bigger sun known as the Central Sun.

Now in this period we are living, there is the cosmic giant change, and for that change it is a bigger sun that emanates this information. This information comes from the Central Sun, and reaches the suns, and from the suns it is sent, with the light, to the planets, like in this case to ours. And the planet, which is ourselves, we receive this information.

That means, this is how the sun helps us to develop, to change, to improve our consciousness, to grow our consciousness. The sun, just like the Central Sun, sends its messages through the light. This is received by the Earth and us. Part of the Earth, within the Earth, we receive this information. And what is the path? The path is very easy.

Since the Earth receives the majority of the information, then the path to the light is through the Earth, communicating with the Earth. And so we come to this great light, the wise light, the wise spirit of the sky, the great light.

Please join us again next Sunday, August 28 for the conclusion of our 2-part series, as Ñaupany Puma, representative of the Inca Sun priest tradition, speaks more about Pachakútec, the great change on Earth.

For more information on Ñaupany Puma and the Sun Path tradition, please visit: or Radiant viewers, thank you for joining us today. Coming up next is Our Noble Lineage, after Noteworthy News. May Divine bliss uplift you and all.

Radiant viewers, thank you for joining us today. Coming up next is Our Noble Lineage, after Noteworthy News. May Divine bliss uplift you and all.
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