Our True Home is in Heaven - P3/3 February 28, 2009    
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Sometimes you need to pick an auspicious day for the visa application. You need to pick an auspicious day based on feng shui, etc. All the Chinese know these things. Why didn't you check? Need to check closely.
If you were born in the year of the mouse, and people already said that this is the month of the cat, then it's your own fault if you insist to go out anyway.
We Aulacese (Vietnamese) have such traditions.
Suppose you are a “mouse,” you definitely cannot marry a “cat.” Is there such a thing in China? (: Yes.)
Yes. The rabbit of Chinese zodiac is equivalent to the cat in Âu Lạc (Vietnam).
*Cannot be in conflict with one another. Or, a “monkey” cannot be with...
*(A “tiger.”) (A “chicken.”)
A “monkey” and a “tiger” cannot be together?
A “monkey” and who?
*A “chicken”?
A “chicken”? (Yes.)
A “monkey” and a “chicken” are not compatible? Why not? The “monkey” won't “eat” the “chicken.” (*A “chicken” and a “tiger” are not compatible.) A “chicken” and a “dog” don't get along.
* “The `chicken' flies and the `dog' jumps.”
I have seen on TV that a monkey was jumping on a dog. Okay. That's nothing. It's all right for him to jump on you for a while. What then? A “monkey” and a “dog” are not compatible? Then who and who else are not compatible? You said a “monkey” and a “chicken” are not compatible, right?
A “chicken” and a “dog.”
*A “tiger” and a “snake.”
A “tiger” and a “snake” are not compatible? A “rabbit” and a “snake” are not compatible?
*An “ox” and a “horse” are not compatible.
An “ox” and a “horse” are not compatible either, “the spirits of ox and horse.” no, dragon and horse. A “dragon” and a “horse” are okay, but an “ox” and a “horse” aren't. An “ox” and a “horse”… How about a “dragon” and a “tiger”? A “dragon” and a “tiger” are not compatible?
*A “dragon” fights with a “tiger.”
Will the dragon and the tiger go well or not?
*They are okay.
They are okay? One said yes, but the other said no. No or yes? Yes or no?
A “tiger” and a “dragon” are not compatible?
*They are.
They are? Yes or no?
You are unreliable! Like this, how do you tell one's fortune? We heard that a “dragon” and a “tiger” get along very well.
*Yes, I am a dragon.
You are a dragon.
*I have checked.
You have checked that you get along well with a “tiger.” (*Yes.)
*(My brother is a tiger.)
Your brother is a tiger. You get along very well. They said no.
*(We can.)
You can? He said no, you said yes.
*I am a “tiger,” my husband is a “dragon,” we get along very well.
Very good. How about you? You are a “dragon” and your husband is a “tiger”? And you don't get along or what? Then why did you say no?
*We meant that a “dragon” and a “tiger” tend to fight with each other, and easily get hurt,
so it is not good.
They are adverse to one another.
*A “dragon” and a “phoenix,” which is the “chicken,” is the best match.
* “Ox” and “horse” can't stay together. “Ox” and “horse” cannot be in the same stall. If they stay together, they will get hurt, a lot.
They will bite.
*Yes, they will bite.
That's terrible. It is good that I am not a “horse.”
A “dragon” and a “horse” don't match. No, a “dragon” and a “horse” are okay. No, no. A “tiger” and a “horse” don't match.
Go ahead. (*Me?)
You haven't finished talking.
*I don't know much. I only know what I just said, such as a “chicken” and a “monkey” are not compatible. One of them must die.
That's terrible! How come? How can it be to such an extent? Chickens never eat monkeys, and monkeys don't eat chickens. How can they be adverse to each other like this?
*That's what the old people say.
Okay. Fine! Fine! Is there anyone else wiser who can tell us more, such as a great feng shui master?
*When a “rabbit” marries a “snake,” they will get wealthier and wealthier.
If a “snake” marries a “rabbit,” they will become wealthy.
* Yes, they will become wealthier and wealthier.
Next time when I am reborn again, I will become a “snake” or a “rabbit,” and then look for the other one. It is good to be rich. Who else is more compatible with whom or who controls whom? When a “snake” marries a “rabbit,” they will become wealthier and wealthier. Wonderful. Have you seen such a case, or you're just talking? In what year were you born?
*I am a “tiger.” I am the same age as you.
Who are you living with?
* My husband is a “mouse.”
Are the “mouse” and the “tiger” good to each other?
*Not bad. Very good.
* Very compatible, “mouse” and “tiger” are very compatible.
In which aspect are they compatible?
*They don't fight or compete.
Really? (Yes.)
* Who doesn't fight or compete?
*The “tiger” lets the “mouse” have his way.
*The “tiger” is a major sign in the zodiac, but the “mouse” is the one leading the 12 signs. The “mouse” is also senior in position, so neither of them will compete but rather yield to each other.
Okay! Good! I will look for a “mouse.”
I tell you. I have many mice in my house, and I feed them every day, but there are too many of them to feed. Who else? Anyone else? We are just chatting, no big deal. Okay, it's just for fun.
*I think these things are past traditions.
*But I think these are related to the Chinese numerical theory. Some old people said two people can't get along if their zodiac signs are adverse to each other. However, if the numbers of the two persons' last names added together are suitable, then they can get along. If the number is not good, then they can't get along. Anyway, this is somehow related.
We have to check closely.
It's so tiring. It is so hard to find a husband.
*Everyone is governed by the numerical system. From 1 to 81, it forms a cycle in the numerical system. Chinese are the most concerned about feng shui. For example, things inside the Forbidden City, like the big doornails on the big doors, go with the number 81. Eighty-one forms a cycle in the numerical system. Everyone has a first name and surname.
There are metal, wood, water, fire and earth, and then from 1 to 81 it completes one cycle. In one cycle, 1 represents something, 2 represents something, and 3 represents something else. There are a lot of numerical meanings. If the numbers of the two people add up to a good number, then they can get along with each other. This is important when choosing names.
Reading so many books is exhausting. I will stay single. I don't have time to read books. Okay, okay. Anyone else? Has anyone found a good match? For example in her case, a “mouse” is a very good match for a “tiger,” okay. Who are you with?
*My mother and I, a “chicken” and a “dog,” are really not getting along. We've quarreled our whole lives.
A “chicken” and a “dog,” you've quarreled your whole life. (
* “The chicken flies, the dog jumps.”) Chicken?
* (“The chicken flies, the dog jumps”)
What does that mean? The chicken jumps on the dog?
*They often quarrel.
Quarrel. Don't people say that “dogs” are very kind?
*Their personalities are not compatible.
Okay, who else is good at this, tell me.
*I say that none of it is like this. Why so? There is an old saying, “Enemies are destined to meet.” Thus, whether a husband and his wife get along is like one with his creditor.
*Enemies and creditors.
They are enemies and creditors coming back.
*If you meet a kind person, then he is paying back his creditor. So this is more realistic.
What is it with a good relationship? What is it if the relationship is good?
*(He is paying back the debt.)
He comes to return a favor. If not, it is the creditor…
*(Who comes to demand repayment.)
To ask for repayment. Okay. Do you have such an experience? Do you have personal experience?
Has your husband, the “mouse,” come to return a favor or demand repayment?
*He seems to have come to help me.
*He comes to return a favor.
*Actually, “mouse” helps “tiger.”
A “mouse” is to help a “tiger.”
*Right. He is also a fellow initiate.
I understand, I understand. We are not talking about being a fellow initiate or not. We are only talking about the 12 zodiac signs for fun. Okay. It is very difficult. If you want to find a “mouse” who is single, whom you like, and who also likes you, and who does not mess around, gambling or womanizing, etc. It is very, very difficult.
Okay. Okay. I still think it is simpler to be single. If you can catch a good “mouse,” keep it. Other people who don't have a good marriage should also keep it well. Anyway, it may be worse if you look for someone else. Are there any enemies here? For example.
*When my former husband and I started to date… because he is a “goat” and I am a “mouse”...
*He is a “goat” and I am a “mouse.”
*My mother didn't agree. My mother said a “goat” and a “mouse” would eventually split.
*She didn't approve of our marriage.
We started to fight right after we got married. We fought almost until the year 2000. And then we separated for over 10 years. We finally divorced last year.
Divorce is so difficult.
*We were concerned about our children getting hurt, (Understand.) so we kept postponing until last year. (Understand.) My eldest younger sister also has a similar story. She and her husband are also a “goat” and a “mouse”; they also tried to divorce in court several times without success. Finally, they just made it, staying together . They are also old now.
So a “goat” and a “mouse”are surely not good together.
* (Right, a “goat” and a “mouse” cannot stay together.)
I have never heard of that. The more I hear, the more adverse relationships I learn. Before, I'd only heard about “monkey,” “mouse,” “snake” and…
* “Rabbit.”
“Pig,” “pig.”
* “Pig.”
“Pig.” Right, these four. Now it sounds like all 12 signs are adverse to each other. Okay, if you have children, of the “goat,” the “mouse” is not okay.
A “chicken” and a “dog” are not okay. Who else? An “ox” and a “horse” are not okay.
*A “pig” and a “monkey” are not okay.
A “pig” and a “monkey” are not okay.
*A “snake” and a “monkey” are not okay.
A “horse” and an “ox” are not okay.
*A “dog” and a “chicken” are not okay.
A “dog” and a “chicken” are not okay. What did you say?
*A “snake” and a “horse” are not okay.
A “snake” and a “horse” are also not okay. Not okay! Oh my God. Then who is okay? No wonder all you couples fight, and then go back to complain to your mothers - all are not okay!
That's right, it's not okay. Whatever she said, even if you don't understand, it's still not okay. From the way she was talking, it must not be okay. All 12 zodiac signs have been covered. I feel that you'd better not marry anyone. Oh my God! It is really so! A “dog” and a “chicken” are not okay, a “monkey” and a “chicken” are not okay.
A “snake” and a “chicken” are not okay. Which book says so many bad things about people? In this way, how can people get married? If you happen to find an excellent husband, but you say, "You are a `goat' and I am a `mouse.' This is not good. I'd better look for someone else.” Maybe the next person you find is similar. “Not bad, not bad.
What is your zodiac sign? Don't shake my hand yet, tell me your zodiac sign first. Don't come too close. Show me your ID. I need to know your date of birth, and the time of birth, not just your zodiac sign being the `goat.' What's your birth time? The month, the day, the hour, the minute and the second.” Sometimes it's said that one second apart in birth time makes a difference. Right?
*There is a fortune telling software on the internet. You can enter your name, and the name of the other person. The computer program was written based on I Ching and others.
There is software?
* Yes. It can calculate the degree of compatibility between two people.
Whether or not they are a good match?
*One hundred or 80 points.
Okay! What if you've already fallen in love with the person by that time? Will that software also make you change your mind?
*One parameter is for names. Sometimes you can change your name to change the relationship with that person.
It's so simple. In this case, a “dog” and a “chicken” are also okay, as long as you change your names.
*That software is for fun.
For fun. Change your name and it will be okay. Wonderful! Good. Now you know, it is okay to love a person with an incompatible zodiac sign. You just need to change your name. My God. It's fun. It's fun. This is good. This is good.
Are there any other pairs that are incompatible? Tell me. I forgot.
A “goat” and a “mouse,” okay. A “mouse” is good for a “tiger”? Okay. Who else is good for a “tiger”?
*A “dog.” A “horse.”
*A “pig” and a “dog” are the best marriage partners for a “tiger.”
A “tiger” and a “pig” or a “dog”...
*Have the best marriage.
Is that so? I will go find those! Okay. I mean, if I want to find two assistants, I should look for a “dog” and a “pig.”
*Also a “horse.”
A “horse”! Just say “horse.” You said "scold"! (pun) I thought... Is that right? I heard her saying, "You also need to be scolded!" I thought, “I didn't do anything, why should I be scolded?” Did you hear clearly that she said "Also need to be scolded?" I am not joking. She said that. Okay. What I heard was the dog, the pig and the “scolding.” Enough of scolding. Scolding is enough. Okay. Fine. Who else gets along with a “tiger”? A “dragon,” right?
*Also a “rabbit.”
A “rabbit.” (Yes.) A “rabbit” and a “tiger”?
*The “rabbit” is very obedient, so the “tiger” likes it more.
I don't understand.
*The “rabbit” is obedient, the “tiger” loves it. I am a “tiger,” and my husband is a “rabbit.” We have a very loving, good marriage.
Very good. Do you mean that he is good, right?
*I am also quite good.
He is very obedient. That's why there is no trouble. Okay. A “rabbit” and a “tiger” are okay? Good. A “rabbit” is very obedient? (*Yes.)
Okay. Good. So many get along well with me. Let me write them down. A “scolding” (horse), a “pig,” a “dog,” a “rabbit” and a “mouse.” Who else? (
*A “dragon.”) A “dragon.” How about a “phoenix”?
*A “chicken.”
A “chicken” isn't a good match, is it? Yes or no? (*Yes.) I won't “eat” him. A “chicken.” Who else is a good match?
*A “monkey.”
A “monkey” and a “tiger” will also get along well? You are joking, right? Is a “monkey” a good match? (*No.)
Not a good match.
*Not a good match.
No, not a good match? Not a good match. Okay. Just tell me those that are good matches. Don't tell me those that are not. People will feel hurt. We have many “monkeys” here. Understand? Tell me, who else is a good match? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven are good matches. A “tiger” and a “tiger” are also a good match, right? A “tiger.”
*Also the “goat.”
The “goat.” My God, nine already!
* “A mountain cannot accommodate two tigers.”
*A “tiger” and a “tiger” are not a good match.
A “tiger” and a “tiger” are not a good match.
*There can only be one tiger on a mountain.
*Only one tiger can be the king on a mountain. The other one ...
Two will make a pair! Why don't they get along? I heard “two tigers running fast...” Okay, okay. A “tiger” is not a good match, right? If there is only one tiger in the whole mountain, who will give birth to baby tigers? Nonsense! This is not logical! Not logical! Okay. Even without the tiger, I still have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight! Including the tiger, it will be nine. Out of the twelve zodiac signs, nine are good matches. It's great!
*At our place, there is a “tiger” couple. They have a good marriage, and she also gave birth to a little “tiger.” The whole family is extremely happy and content.
You see? Didn't I say that? What I said was right! Two tigers turn into three, okay. Maybe they needed to give birth to another tiger, making it three. Three tigers are more stable, three legs, because three is more steady. Okay! Who else gets along with a “tiger”?
*A “snake.”
What about a “snake”? Does the “tiger” get along with the “snake”? Good?
*They match well.
Are you with a “snake”?
No. No. Is there any “snake” with a “tiger”?
*Raise your hand.
Raise your hand.
*My eldest son is a “snake.” (Yes.)
*I am a “tiger.”
*But we get along especially well.
*This child is very well behaved.
Wonderful. I will also count it in. The “snake”! Okay. That makes 10.
*The “ox,” also the “ox.”
The “ox” is also a good match. Yes! Yes, it's true. My former husband is an “ox”! We got along very well.
Oh my God! Only one left.
*The only one left is the “monkey.”
Only the “monkey.”
*Only the “monkey” is left.
Is the “monkey” not a good match? (No.)
* (Yes, it is.)
I also feel that it is a good match!
*We have a fellow initiate whose zodiac sign is monkey, and her husband is a tiger. They have a very good relationship. Her husband loves her very much.
Right! Her husband is the “monkey”? The “tiger”? She is the “monkey”? You see? All twelve zodiac signs are okay! No wonder you like me so much! I get along with the ox, the mouse, everybody. We have someone down there ...
He is a monkey! He helped me build many houses. He is a very good match, well behaved. He listens to whatever I say. Everyone is afraid of the tiger! Right?
*When the tiger is not on the mountain, the monkey takes over as the king.
Yes, yes. However, the dragon doesn't live on the mountain. Can the tiger rule over the dragon who's from above? It also likes the tiger? Oh my God. No wonder all of you like me. People of all twelve signs have come over here. It's good for me to be a tiger. It attracts everyone, and gets along with everyone. I also feel that it is the case. I have many assistants of different zodiac signs. I get along with all of them, even the snake.
Certainly, not everyone gets along equally well, but all are good matches. No bad ones. The incompatible ones are due to the bad karma (retribution) from past lives, not because of the zodiac sign. Therefore, sometimes, the dog is supposed to get along well with the tiger, but in actuality they don't They get along well, but that doesn't last too long. Not very smooth. Understand?
Then some people say that the “monkey” and the “tiger” do not get along, etc. I also have good a relationship with them. Understand? It depends on the karma (retribution) from the past lives. Someone may just have been born in the year of the “monkey” or the “snake.” It's okay. Maybe at the time of his birth, he had to be born, and couldn't wait. Understand?
Because if he wasn't born that year, his parents would not be available, for instance. Things would change, and he wouldn't be able to come down anymore due to lack of affinity. Understand? Maybe some kids of the other zodiac signs would be born, and the whole family would be full. After 11 births, how could he come down? Okay. Understand?
One is arranged every year. Sometimes, it's too crowded with three, four, five or six in line. Twelve. Wonderful! Wonderful! I feel that anyone is okay, depending on the karma (retribution) from past lives, either enemies or creditors. It's really so. However, there was truly a story between the goat and the mouse. Two stories? Old mother. What is your zodiac sign? Who are you with? You two old mothers in red.
*He was a “rabbit.”
A “rabbit.” ( Yes.)
Did you get along with your husband?
*Sometimes we did. In some areas, we didn't.
That is...
*I am a “goat.”
You are a “goat,” and he was a “rabbit.”
*Yes. My son is also a “rabbit.”
How did you get along with your husband?
*My husband had passed away.
Before he passed away, did you two get along?
*Yes, we did. We did.
*We got along.
You got along? Good? Yes, you got along. Okay. What was his zodiac sign?
*What was his zodiac sign? He was a “rabbit.”
A “rabbit.”
*I am a “goat.”
Understand, understand. Isn't it that the “rabbit” and the “goat” are not a good match?
*(The “goat” and the “mouse” are not okay.)
The “goat” and the “mouse” are not okay. Why not? Between the two, one is bigger and the other is smaller, there is no competition. Why is it not okay? Isn't that strange? It's not logical. Fine. Forget it. Whether it is compatible or not, it will be just like this. You are already married, so forget it. Sometimes, you didn't find out that your zodiac sign was not a good match until you got married and had children. Never mind, never mind. Okay.
We are only joking. Getting along or not, you will be fine when you go up Heaven. Okay. Good. Okay. Let's meditate. (Okay.) Now let's just unite with Heaven. It doesn't matter if you don't get along with someone. Meditate, guys. Turn off the lights. Relax a bit like this, and it's more comfortable during meditation. Do you need to go out to get some fresh air and then come back to meditate?
Yes or no?
Okay. Are there any “yes”? Are there?
No. Okay. Good. Good. Then you hold it. Since I am sitting here, you all hold it and ignore it. You truly have good training. Okay. Meditate.
We are part of the whole planet, the whole community of worldly people, of Earthly people. Whatever affects our planet as a whole, affects us as a person. So climate change is a most urgent case of this, as it affects our Earth, ourselves and our loved ones.

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