North Korean Vegan Cold Noodles Served with a Hope for Peace (In Korean)   
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(For all ingredients, please use organic versions if available)
Mul Naengmyeon (Water Cold Noodles)
Dongchimi (water pickled radish)
1 radish
½ Korean pear
2 red chili peppers
2 green chili peppers
1 ginger
Water (3 times the amount of radish)

Vegan broth (4 servings)
1 radish
½ ginger
100 grams shiitake mushrooms
1 long piece of kelp
2 dried red chili peppers
10 bay leaves
10 peppercorns
1 ladle vinegar
1 ladle sugar
Korean pear
Vegan protein (vegan ham or seitan)
Served with
Noodle (200 grams for 1 serving)
Sesame seeds
Mild mustard

Bibim Naengmyeon (Spicy Cold Noodles)
5 teaspoons soy source
5 teaspoons vinegar
½ teaspoon vegan seasoning
5 teaspoons red chili pepper paste
½ teaspoon salt
5 teaspoons sesame seeds
5 teaspoons sugar
5 teaspoons red chili pepper powder

Korean pear
Vegan protein (vegan ham or seitan)
Served with
Noodle (200 grams for 1 serving)
1 tablespoon sesame oil

North korean vegan cold noodles served with a hope for peace
  1. Cut the ginger thinly and add it in
  2. Add the salt(pickle them a bit saltier than you usually do)
  3. Allow this to marinate for 3 hours before using
  4. Add the pear, red chili pepper, green chili pepper, sugar, and water
  5. Close the lid and leave it in room temperature for 3–4 days before you keep it in your refrigerator
  6. Cut the radish thinly and add into the pot
  7. Add dried shiitake mushrooms and 1 piece of kelp
  8. Boil it well for 40 minutes
  9. Take the boiled vegetables out of the pot and leave them on the side
  10. Add half of the ginger root and 10 peppercorns
  11. Add 2 red chili peppers.
  12. Add 10 bay leaves
  13. Heat it to boiling.
  14. Then reduce the heat and let it simmer for 20 minutes
  15. Took out all the vegetables used in the boiling.
  16. When it has cooled, mix it with the same amount of dongchimi brine
  17. Add the same amount of vinegar and sugar
  18. Stir it
  19. If it tastes a little bland, you can put in a little salt
  20. Boil the water cold noodle broth
  21. For garnishing, cut the radish and cucumber into thin strips,adding a little salt to pickle it
  22. Cut the pear and the seitan into thin strips
  23. After the water is boiling, add noodles (200 grams for 1 serving)
  24. Boil it for 15 seconds
  25. Place the noodles in cold water. Rub them until there is no more residue from the noodles
  26. If you rinse them in water with ice, they become cold instantly and you can enjoy a much more delicious dish later
  27. Then, rinse and rub them once more in new water bowl.take them out and drain them
  28. Put them in a bowl.add the vegan broth.these are ice cubes.if you add ice cubes, it becomes chilled and very tasty
  29. Place the pickled radish, place the pear, place the cucumber , place the seitan, sesame seeds on top.
  30. Ready to serve
Bibim naengmyeon ,Spicy cold noodle,
  1. Add 5 teaspoons of soy sauce
  2. 5 teaspoons of vinegar
  3. A little bit of vegan seasoning
  4. 5 teaspoons of red chili pepper paste
  5. Add a little bit of salt
  6. 5 teaspoons of sesame seeds
  7. 5 teaspoons of sugar
  8. 5 teaspoons of red chili pepper powder
  9. Stir them until well blended
  10. Mix the seitan with the sauce
  11. Mix the cold noodles with the sauce(use the noodle which is made for the spicy cold noodles)
  12. Add a little sesame oil and mix it
  13. Put the noodles on the plate
  14. Garnish the top with seitan, pear, and the pickled radish
  15. Ready to serve

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