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Spice Williams-Crosby:The Story of a Hollywood Action Actress      
When you’re born a twin in Hollywood, you’re born with tap shoes on and pigtails and you’re all ready. You come out of the womb that way.

Welcome, magnificent viewers. Today and over the next two episodes of Vegetarian Elite, we have the pleasure and honor of sharing the life of vegan Hollywood actress, stuntwoman, and bodybuilder Spice Williams-Crosby. We’ll hear about her life as an actress; see her in action weight training and teaching defense; attend an audition with her; and get a glimpse into her family life, including talks with her son Luke and her husband Greg Crosby, the first grandson of the legendary Bing Crosby.

My twin sister and I were always performing. And as I got older, I would record my favorite movies. I memorized everything Joan Crawford said, Agnes Moorehead, and Bette Davis. I went through drama. I sang in the choirs. And then I got into dance, competitive gymnastics. I loved it. And then I got a call one day to go on the road as a musician. And they were looking for two twins who could sing and dance in a group. My twin sister sang and played really great guitar. And I was on the piano doing all the wild and crazy numbers. That’s why they said. “Oh, you’re the spicy one.” But the arts have always been in my soul.

After 10 years of traveling on the road as a musician, Spice decided it was time for a life change.

So I said good-bye to my twin sister and her husband and the group. I said, “I am going back home to Los Angeles, and I want to act.” I’d be combing my hair, getting ready, using the brush as a microphone, and I would be like, “Thank you for this Academy Award.” I was already feeling this tremendous need to break-away, and evolve. So I came home, and I was signed with 20th Century Record as a staff songwriter. I actually had six songs that won the American Song Festival, and I had one song that hit 23 on Billboard, and I was a pretty good songwriter at the time, but I wanted to act. And I got into my first acting class with the world famous Jeff Corey, acting teacher.

So there I am, I am an actress and I’m bodybuilding. My girl friend said, “Let’s learn how to wrestle, we could make money wrestling.” And I am like, “Oh, okay, what’s that?” So I went to this woman, Mildred Burke, world renowned 5000 undefeated match’s female wrestler. So she taught me how to wrestle. Well, one day I got a call saying that they were looking for an actress who could wrestle. And they came out and watched me and they hired me on “Fall Guy,” and I was playing Ricco’s Rockets on “Fall Guy.”

And the stunt coordinator was the famous judo Gene LeBell. And he was a world renowned judo, represented America and five times with Japan, and then he also was a world renowned wrestler so that’s why he was teaching us how to do this wresting thing. And he said to me, he’d talk with this gruff voice, he’d go, “You’d make a good stuntwoman.” So I went out to his dojo, I learned how to hit the ground, do stair falls, ride motorcycles, flip guys, fight them, all kinds of things.

And all of a sudden, I was being asked to work because I had the muscles, I had the physical fitness, and I could act. And from one show to the next, to the next, to the next, I was working a lot. And I worked with some great people from Rock Hudson, to Sir Lawrence Olivier, to Tony Curtis, Roddy McDowall, Herschel Bernardi, Polly Burson, Lee Grant, some of the old timers and some of the great new timers, just fun people.

So tonight I have an opportunity to do Steve Nave’s Actor’s Workshop. And what’s so exciting is, like working out in the gym, I get to be an actor to work out in a workshop. So this way when you’re getting a chance to meet casting directors, I bring my picture, my résumé, they get a chance to see what I can do and meet me. And then the next time they have a big famous movie or TV show and they have to cast someone like me, they remember meeting me and it’s really exciting. So, come on, let’s go and enjoy the night.

Hi, I’m here with Steve Nave and this is his actor’s workshop.

Spice, it’s a pleasure to have you here. We have a great workshop we’ve been doing for 17 years now, and you’ve been coming to it for many years and started off a good actress and you’ve even gotten better as time’s gone by. And I know with all your talents, your veganism, and your martial arts and your acting and your stunts, you’re a great addition to our workshop. And we have some terrific actors tonight. And we have great guests, each workshop we bring in a different guest. Tonight we have the casting director from Desperate Housewives and they also do a show called Gigantic.

Spice Williams-Crosby has been involved in the entertainment industry her whole life. For almost 30 years, she has worked extensively in film and television as an actress, stunt double, or directing the stunts herself. Among the movies she has appeared in include Star Trek V, From Dusk Till Dawn, Spider-Man, Mission: Impossible III, For the Love of the Game, and Million Dollar Baby. She has also made guest appearances on popular television shows like Seinfeld, Star Trek: Voyager, Roseanne, Days of Our Lives, Buffy, Melrose Place, Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, and Scrubs.

Okay, I’m playing Nurse Parker from Desperate House Wives so I am going to go and do my scene. See you in a little bit. Bye!

Well, I just finished my little thing on stage and I think I did okay, I don’t know, we’ll see. But the casting director is from Desperate Housewives, which is a really popular TV show, and hopefully she’ll like me and call me in for a show. So, it’s all good. As my aunt Dodo used to say, “No effort ever goes unrewarded.” So, I’m happy I did it.

Time to put on your workout clothes and running shoes, when we return, Spice is going to take us to the gym. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television. You are watching Vegetarian Elite.

What some people don’t know about me is that I was the first vegan body builder who squatted 315 pounds and benched 235 pounds all animal-free. And I did all this being a vegan!

Hi, I am Spice Williams Crosby and I’ve been a vegan for over 30 years. A vegan diet will transform your life, it will transform your body, and you will enjoy optimal health. Nothing like God's fruit, oh my God!

Welcome back to Vegetarian Elite on Supreme Master Television and our feature on Hollywood actress Spice Williams-Crosby.

And you used to train as a vegan body builder.

I did.

Did you find any challenges being on the vegan diet and being a bodybuilder?

I didn’t find a challenge. Other people find challenges because they are looking for challenges. But when you learn scientifically what makes up proteins… If you were soaking your beans, rice, you have to get so much protein per body pound. I made a rule for myself how many grams of carbohydrates I had to have before I trained.

How many essential fatty acids to slow down the drip of… The oil also slows down the drip of glucose to sustain how many hours you are going to carry on that fuel. I weighed 145–150 pounds at the time when I was squatting 315 pounds (Wow!) and benching 225, drug-free and animal-free. I was taking in close to 100 grams of protein a day. I was eating 6–8 meals a day, taking in small meals, and I was doing a lot of protein powders.

You, come on. What are you doing? You are working out? You are not doing anything? Let’s go, come on. Here we go. Ten pull ups.

That’s good –

Let’s go, 2 more, 2 more! Come on. No hiding, let’s go.

It’s time to move on, let’s go. We’ve got a whole new set to do, we’re just getting warmed up.

And you’re such a great role model, too, just as vegan and as a person who is concerned about their health and taking care of their body. And you were chosen for this statue that’s outside the US Olympic training center.

It was just amazing, I’m so grateful for the things that have come my way. Who would think at 52 years old, I’d get a phone call to go see a man about a statue. And when I met this man, a very wonderful man, his name is Jon Hair and he’s a sculptor. And he was looking for the perfect woman that would be able to represent this look he had in mind. So I showed up, and he goes, “You’re perfect.” I had to get my head scanned, my body scanned, I had to stand in a certain way, so it was about 4 hours of work.

And then eventually he sent me the grand opening. And I realized it is a 30-foot bronze statue of the four of us, I am the only female, and we represent the past, present, and future female, male and female Olympians and Pan American game athletes. We are holding the world up, and it is in front of the US Olympic Training Center. And it is the most magnificent honor. So here I was, 52 years old, a vegan, chosen to represent these great athletes. So it’s (It’s amazing.) it’s amazing.

I’m going inside to lift weights and work out, come follow me, see how a real vegan trains. Good morning, good morning to all you conscious, aware, spiritual and loved people. Okay, here I am doing cardio. Got to remember, no matter how many times you work your muscles, you’ve got to work the big muscle, which is the heart muscle.

Now its time to work those vegan muscles! Let’s follow Spice to the weight room and learn some facts about building strong, healthy muscles.

And what this is called is super setting, going from one exercise to the next. So once you pump a certain amount of blood into the muscle, you continue to keep pumping the blood into the muscle, you don’t give it any rest. There is white muscle fiber and red muscle fiber. The white muscle fiber is very fast twitch and it helps muscle grow and make it very strong. The red muscle fiber is slow twitch, and that seems be the hardest to hypertrophy but it’s great if you want to be a marathon runner, and it’s also great for like more cardiovascular-type sports.

Okay, so in order to work the deltoid cap, there’s an anterior, posterior, superior, inferior, so we work them all different angles back. We did up military, then we did laterals, anterior. Then we’re going to go do posterior. That builds a nice round shoulder. As a vegan, as long as you understand the biochemistry of your body, you can build any kind of body you want. And being a vegan, I certainly have no problem building a strong, healthy body.

Next week on Vegetarian Elite, Spice will talk about the events that transformed her life from addict to actress, veganism, and finding strength in spirituality. Coming up next is Between Master and Disciples on Supreme Master Television. May happiness and health accompany your life always!

Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!

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Suddenly I felt myself peel out of my body and I looked up and there I was looking down at my body, thinking “Cool, how interesting.” No sadness, no happiness, just interesting.

Halo, gracious viewers, and welcome to Vegetarian Elite on Supreme Master Television. On last week’s episode, we were introduced to the multi-talented vegan actress, Spice Williams-Crosby, and her impressive career spanning film, television, and bodybuilding. On today’s program, Spice shares how a near fatal car accident, a drug overdose, and a conversation with God led her to embrace the compassionate vegan diet.

I didn’t know I was a vegan when I became a vegan. When people ask me what led me to become a vegan, it usually is a huge catharsis for someone, an awakening like, “I want to be a vegan!” I had no idea. My story begins when I was a child, I went through some difficult times. There was a lot of problems in my family, and as a result I was starting to play around with certain drugs and alcohol.

But at 18 years old, I got into a car accident and I was thrown out of the car. I rolled around in traffic, and when they picked me up and I went into the operating table, they claimed they were losing me. And I heard them say that, and I felt a heavy chest, a feeling on my chest. And then suddenly I felt myself peel out of my body and I looked up and there I was looking down at my body, thinking, “Cool, how interesting.” No sadness, no happiness, just interesting. And I thought, “Oh, I could get a better look over there.” And I was there, realizing that there’s no shape, no form, we’re just energy, just bodies.

And so as I was looking at everybody panicking, trying to save my life, I felt this little bit of a tug, a suction-like feeling as I started to move. Colors started to swirl and I went through this gray mass of air, and this bright huge light and a voice telepathically said, “You’re not going to die. You’re out of your body because you’re going to be in a lot of pain, but you’re not going to die because you have something very important to do.” And I was like, “Okay, not a big deal, all right.”

Because when you’re out of body, when you’re in spirit, it’s all good, (Yeah.) it’s all good. So and the next thing I heard was my mom screaming and I slammed back into my body. My eyes opened up. And from there, I segued into a coma for six days and I could hear everything. I tell all my patients and all my people, if someone’s in a coma, talk to them, they hear everything.

In her youth and as a young adult, Spice and her twin sister toured as rock and roll musicians. They were affectionately known as “Sugar & Spice.” But life on the road as a musician and celebrity was not always sweet. In fact, it was through struggling times that Spice had a life saving realization. The drugs on the road during the 70s, the 60s, and 70s were part of that era.

And by 1977, September 19th, I had my third drug and alcohol overdose. And on the third day of that comatose state, I crawled out of the bed, through the living room into the kitchen, pulled myself up on the stove, looked up into the air vent where I knew God lived for that moment, and I said, “What were you trying to tell me 7 years ago? That whole thing I had something important to do.” And then a voice came out of me, a voice that for those who have ever heard this sobering voice, you know what I’m talking about.

It is your soul, it is your Self, it is the Truth. And my voice of who I really am as spirit said, “Okay, God. Here’s the deal. You help me turn my life around, I swear I’ll be an image that changes the world.” And at that point I started searching. I put my medical blinders off, I went into holistic, homeopathic, I went to a chiropractor, I started changing my life around, changing my diet, investigating the pain that I was feeling in my back, no more drugs. No more drugs, no more alcohol, and I immediately started seeking alternatives from the acupuncture to the chiropractic.

But I knew I had to detox and clean out. And one thing that I learned was digestion times. Dairy never breaks down and digests. It’s rotted, it rots and putrefies. It’s loaded with pus, lactose, which causes systemic Candida albicans. It coats everything for 12 hours. And I thought “I don’t want that in my system.” See, educated people make educated decisions. Then I read about red meat takes 9–10 hours for it to break down and get out of your system.

I learned that your stomach breaks down with acids for proteins and alkalines for starches. If you combine the two they neutralize each other and you don’t break down your food 100%. So I had to start combining foods properly. Now, I love to eat. I love to eat. And so little by little, I started eliminating things that took too long to break down and digest, and that would rot and putrefy, and would have parasites and toxins and chemicals and carcinogenic hormones.

Red meat has 49 carcinogenic hormones in it and chemicals. So I thought, “I’m just going to eliminate these things.” And I didn’t know what I had become in search of detoxing and cleaning my body out. And hoping to spiritually arrive, I arose, I became in my search what I am today.

When we return to Vegetarian Elite after this message, Spice shares why a vegan diet is the optimal choice for maintaining our bodily temple. You are watching Supreme Master Television.

I also believe that this envelope of flesh that is a gift that I chose to reincarnate into, I have a responsibility to keep it healthy in order for me to stay connected with God. And when you’re sick and you are not feeling healthy it is really hard to stay connected.

Welcome back Vegetarian Elite, and to our discussion with Spice Williams-Crosby. The vegan Hollywood action actress shares with us how a simple promise to God helped her turn her life around, and in effect, inspire countless others. I was doing a TV show called “Getting Physical,” and it was the very first time they were starting to show women bodybuilders.

And they were interviewing everybody, and I said, “Hey, you want to interview me? Because I used to be really fat, and I became a vegan. I used to do drugs, I’m really clean.” They weren’t interested; they were interested in the other stars of the show. And I was kind of disappointed. I thought I need to tell my story because I promised God I would become an image that would change the world. And here I am, I’m co-starring in a very hip show, I wish I could get it out.

And the next day, you were saying be careful what you ask... or you will get it (Yes.) because we spiritually manifest. Energy is energy. It is either good or it is bad, and if you spiritually manifest with the good, it will come to you. The next day, I got a phone call from a gentleman that said, “Hallo, are you Spice?” And I said, “Yes.” He said, “I am Paul Obis.” I said, “Okay.” He goes, “I am the editor and chief writer for Vegetarian Times.

We would like to do your life story and we want to put you on the cover.” And that started. I have been in over 100 magazines, (Wow!) and I have been able to tell my story. And every time I tell my story and let people know that you can turn it around just one step at a time. A long journey begins with one step. And I’ve got letters and phone calls, and pretty soon it was me helping other people.

Garnering roles in Hollywood for her talent and fantastic physique, it is easy to agree that Spice is a model of vibrant health. For Spice, an animal-free vegan diet nourishes not only one’s body, but also one’s spirit.

And when you start detoxing, cleaning out, and spiritually becoming aware that if we’re all of zero point energy, we’re all of this spiritual conscious energy. All of us. Everything, from a rhinoceros to an ant. Then any time you hurt a living energy, it boomerangs back. It is a ripple effect. I believe in life. We are living. We are 300 billions cells. We are all living. It’s life!

To put dead food into our body means that we are automatically dying. And you can see it under Kirlian photography, live living food. That is why when you sprout things, they are live, they are growing, you are eating life. When you eat an animal that has been killed you’re eating death. When you fry foods and boil them and bake them to a certain degree, you’ve killed them. And yet, our cells are looking for life. Because we are not conscious of putting life into our body, we are constantly putting death. And so our cells are dying from the minute we are born, we are dying.

And it is our responsibility to put life back into us. That is why eating fresh fruits; whole grains, soak them, sprout them; vegetables, fresh organic vegetables; and all the kind of plant proteins are full of life. It’s just ignorance to believe that a vegan doesn’t get enough nourishment. And it’s funny how people don’t say, “Oh you eat meat? Oh you probably don’t get enough nourishment.” People are mistaken. The thought of eating something that has been killed, dead, rigor mortis setting, to me is just putting death back into my body.

So the principles for me… Nothing keeps me vegan. It is my life. It is my faith. I also believe that this envelope of flesh that is a gift that I chose to reincarnate into, I have a responsibility to keep it healthy in order for me to stay connected with God. And when you’re sick and you are not feeling healthy it is really hard to stay connected.

Thanks for spending time with us here on Vegetarian Elite. Please come back to join us next week for the final part of our program on the charming, talented, and versatile Spice Williams-Crosby. We will meet Spice’s family and hear about her experience speaking with Supreme Master Ching Hai. And now, beautiful viewers, stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for Between Master and Disciples, coming up next. May your kind heart and gentle spirit guide you on your paths in life

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Okay, so, every morning we have fresh fruit, fresh enzymic fruit with all kinds of fibers in it. We don’t do sweet fruits in the morning. And then I also have pre-soaked nuts.

A delighted welcome to all our viewers. Today on Vegetarian Elite, we continue our story on vegan Hollywood actress and stuntwoman Spice Williams-Crosby. We’re invited in her home for a vegan breakfast with the Crosbys, meet her wonderful family, and learn of her discussion with Supreme Master Ching Hai two years earlier.

These are walnuts. They have been soaked overnight because there are enzyme inhibitors inside nuts. If you leave a nut on the table, walk away and come back in a year, you will still have a nut. But if you put it in water, it releases the enzyme inhibitors and it allows it to sprout that makes it live, living food. This is live, living fresh protein right here. This is the good stuff, with omega oils, and then I combine that. We’re going to have organic pears and organic oranges today. Okay honey, breakfast is served.

We can eat now? Love it. Great.

Godmother, Christine. Luke, Lukey. Okay, let me see. Nothing like God’s fruit. Oh my God, that is good. That’s a meal. That’s breakfast. Our kitchen is animal-free, vegan-friendly, but safe to all people. We don’t have chemicals, we don’t have anything that would hurt you because this is our home, this is our haven. And people when they come in here, when they leave, they always feel good. They don’t know why because we always give them food full of energy full of life.

Every morning I get up, I have 16 ounces of water, and then I cut fruit, and I make breakfast for the family; I lay it out, lay out all the vitamins, everything. And then my training partner Lisa comes, who’s also my kid’s school teacher. And on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we run around the lake or the park. This morning we did the park. Wednesday we run 5 miles around the lake. This was 3 miles today with our little bootcamp out at the park.

Tomorrow we’ll go to the gym and we’ll lift weights, we’ll do chest, shoulders, and tri[cep]s, and the elliptical. And Thursday, we’ll do legs, back, and bi[ceps]s. Tuesday nights I teach martial arts, and Saturdays I teach martial arts. So I’m belted; I have 3 black belts. I’m belted in RG Campo. It involves grappling, kick boxing, boxing, traditional karate, and self defense. I’m belted in Eskrima.

My style is Doce Pares from the Philippines grandmaster Cacoy Cañete. My styles you have to study them between 10 and 15 years before you’ll be belted. It’s not something where you pay some guy $2,500 and you get a black belt in two years. My other style that I’m belted in is called Israeli Kapap, Krav Panim El Panim. And it’s taught to civilian police or military. I was also belted in, I don’t have a black belt, but I was belted to brown in Hawaiian Kempo. But I have been studying the arts for many, many years, and that keeps me in shape.

With her multiple black belts and extensive training, Spice is currently developing a television series focused on helping women bounce back spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. She is devoted to empowering people with tips and skills on how to better protect themselves having overcome a past traumatic experience herself.

No, that was nice, but make up your mind. Do you want to…here… do you want to when you take him down. You’re taking him here and down. You’ve got his arm right here, and then you’ve got his ribs. So you can either do this and hold onto him. I just want you to be conscious. Me personally, if I were to throw him, I would probably throw him and run away because I don’t want to apprehend a big guy like that. There you go. That’s good! So you made a conscious decision not to hold a guy. How tall are you?


how much do you weigh?


You made a conscious decision. And how tall are you?


4’11”. How much do you weigh?


Okay. So you made a conscious decision. I can take him down, but I’m not going to. I don’t really need to hold them. My job is to get home and to be safe. Not try and be macho man, macho lady, and try and hold him until the cops get there or something like that. You know what I mean? All right, so you guys all did a great job. We bow to each other in a circle because we’re all connected, right, through the universe, (That’s right). And we have sensei Benny, sensei myself. All right a loud “K-I” Yakup.

Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television, we will be right back after this brief message.

Be Veg, Go Green, 2 Save the Planet.

Welcome back to Vegetarian Elite on Supreme Master Television. It’s time to meet one of the two main men in Spice’s life, Gregory Crosby. As the first grandson of the renowned musician and actor Bing Crosby, Greg was born and raised in the entertainment industry. He currently works as a producer and screenwriter, and has collaborated with Hollywood notables like John Travolta. Greg has been a vegan for 20 years. He looks pretty great, especially for someone close to 60, don’t you think?

I was developing a show for CBS about a superhero and a woman who I felt needed physicality, muscles and stuff, and so I had interviewed quite a few bodybuilders, female bodybuilders, but they couldn’t act. And then Spice walked in and she had been trained as a professional actress and she had the physicality and the look and she was perfect. So that’s how we met, it was actually she came in to read for me.

And when Luke was born, he was the love of our life. My husband and I would both step in front of a bullet for him. And Luke means “The Bearer, The Bringer of Light.” And then I went, “Oh, well, if I’m going to have a kid, now I have to do it my way.” So, easy, no vaccines, he will be a vegan, he will learn to cook. His girlfriends are going to so thank me! (Yes.)

Let’s now meet the other man in Spice’s life, her not-so-little-boy, Luke. A handsome, 6-feet-tall, athletic, 15-year-old who has been vegan his whole life.

So this is my little boy. (Not very little, but…) And he always will be my little boy. But he is very healthy, and I love him, I respect him. He’s an amazing martial artist, an excellent student, and he understands how important it is to love life, to respect animals, and to eat healthy, and take his vitamins. It’s his life.

Luke, how have your friends reacted to you being vegan?

Well, being a vegan it doesn’t bother them. And anyway, they actually enjoy my food a lot better than theirs. My best friend actually right now, Mark Estrada, he’s a big meat-eater. He used to eat tons and tons of red meat. And over the years, since he’s been friends with me… Then again, he also was a chubby kid, too, I mean, he ate all this red meat, all this bad stuff. And when he started working out with me and my family, and started eating better food, he’s actually lost a good 30 pounds. He’s joining the football team this year. And he’s just doing a lot, he’s great, and it’s all because of our diet.

Good, and your mom said you travel all around the world also?

I do, I do. And my mom being in “Star Trek” and being in all these movies, and I’m trying to get my acting career on the way as well. We take all our vegan food with us. And even around the world, wherever we go, they’ll be, “What’s it like being a vegan?” And we just tell them what we all say, “It’s great. You should try it.”

Our first time meeting Spice and Luke was two years ago in 2008 during an international climate change conference held in West Hollywood, California, USA. During the event, Spice and Luke had the opportunity to talk with Supreme Master Ching Hai about the health benefits of the vegan diet.

I am Spice Williams- Crosby (Hi.) and outside of being an actress and a stuntwoman, a martial artist, I am a 30-year-food- combining-organic vegan, and I also was the first vegan bodybuilder to squat 315 pounds and bench 235, drug-free and animal-free.

Wow! Wow!

It can be done.

Look at her.

Master Ching Hai, how are you?

How are you?

I’d like to introduce my son, Luke Gregory Crosby, and he will ask the question.

Halo, my name is Luke Gregory Crosby. I am the great grandson of Bing Crosby.

Wow, halo.

I’m 13 years old and I have been a vegan for my entire life. I study martial arts, shotokan, and I’ve never been vaccinated and anything. But when I was 18 months old, I got the Coxackie virus from a newly vaccinated child and from that I got Type 1 diabetes. But my question is, being a vegan keeps all diabetics’ blood sugar regulated, how come doctors don’t tell people about vegan, like diabetics for instance, about vegan diets to keep their blood sugar regulated?

Beautiful Luke.
I’m so sorry; you don’t need vaccination, but another vaccinated person could even infect you with this trouble of diabetes. Now, you’re right, Luke, I think the doctors should inform all their patients about the helpful factor of being a vegan to cure diabetes, as well as to prevent it to further development. Maybe they don’t know it, Luke. Maybe they don’t know about vegan diet that helps diabetic people.

So, what we do is we can put this in our website, on the for people to look up to. And you, yourself, or anyone here or anyone out there, please put it on your website as information for the diabetic people, so that they know they can cure themselves by turning into vegan. Thank you, Luke, for the beautiful information and you look beautiful yourself. Your mother must be proud.

Hi Supreme Master.

As our day was winding down and we were getting ready to say bye to Spice and her lovely family, we offered her some gifts in appreciation for her big heart and hospitality. The gifts included Supreme Master Ching Hai’s #1 international bestsellers “The Dogs in My Life” and “The Noble Wilds”; as well as music DVDs from the benefit concert “One World… of peace through music” and our program “A Journey through Aesthetic Realms.”

Wow, this is for me? I love this bag, it goes so well with my hair. Let me see what’s in here. Oh, no way! Wow, first, let me put my hat on. Oh, wow! Oh! Wow, thank you so much! This is amazing. Oh, this is so cool! Thank you so much! And I get, let me see. Wow, this is such a great gift. I mean to be able to spread information is so important. That is the greatest gift you can give anyone. To have knowledge and not share it is a shame. So my advice to everyone is whatever knowledge, whatever education you have, share it, spread it around, it’s worth its weight in gold.

And when you learn about veganism, share it. Share it with your family, share it with the world. That is the greatest gift. And these are gifts, these are great gifts. A lot of knowledge in these books and music! This is beautiful, look at these, look at these. Look at it, Saint Francis, look at my book. These are so beautiful. Well, you can tell by my house with all the animals and the fountains, that this is the way I want to live my life. This is beautiful. I thank you so much. This is a beautiful, beautiful gift. Thank you.

We want to thank you so much for allowing us to come into your home. Your home, this world is our home. So thank you so much for allowing us to share ourselves with you and your family.

I just want to thank you for the opportunity and I just send you lots of love and light.

Our gratitude to you, Ms. Spice Williams-Crosby for being such an inspiring paradigm of compassion, strength, wellbeing, and hope. With your talent and charisma, surely your Hollywood stardom will forever shine in the hearts of many. Kind viewers, thank you for joining us today on Vegetarian Elite. Please stay tuned to Between Master and Disciples, coming up next. May your life be filled with bright rainbows and smiling faces.

Be Veg,

Go Green

2 Save the Planet!

Learn more about Spice Williams-Crosby, Hollywood action actress, fitness coach, & co-founder of Spice of Life veg products at and

Due to extended programming, “Spice Williams-Crosby: The Story of a Hollywood Action Actress – Part 3 of 3” will resume August 14th on Vegetarian Elite. Please join us, right here on Supreme Master Television.

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