Rallies mark World No Tobacco Day - 2 Jun 2011  
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In raising awareness of the ill effects of tobacco use and the benefits of a smoke-free society, people from around the world participated in rallies on World No Tobacco Day, an annual initiative of the World Health Organization.

In Thailand, where a smoking ban in indoor public spaces was introduced in 2002 and renewed in 2008, the Ministry of Public Health launched the 7th consecutive year of a walking rally against smoking.

Parades and other public events to curb tobacco use were also held in India, where government officials joined students, doctors, academics and other advocates to call for initiatives that will reduce the 120 million smokers and the 1 million who die annually from tobacco-related illnesses.

Sri Lanka’s National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol also reported that up to 60 people die daily in the country from smoking, while researchers in the UK have pointed out that second-hand smoke is the cause of fatality for 81% of newborns who perish from the condition known as Sudden Infant Death syndrome.

Meanwhile, the United Nations urged governments to increase their efforts to put an end to the use of tobacco, which kills nearly 6 million people across the globe per year.

Our appreciation all leaders, government agencies and participants of World No Tobacco Day for your efforts to protect current and future generations from this harmful substance. May the day come soon when every corner of our world is blessed with clean, fresh and smoke-free air.

Supreme Master Ching Hai : The damaging effects of tobacco are very severe, and affect others as well.

It is truly a death sentence. We could kill the babies just by smoking. This is how deadly it is, and how cruel it is to our family members and to ourselves to bring such a harmful toxic substance into our precious body, the temple of God. So we should quit smoking, we should eliminate tobacco altogether from this world.

One can overcome any bad habit within 21 days. So it is possible to quit cigarettes during that time. But during that time frame, the addicted person
must keep occupied with constructive things, like their favorite hobbies, spending time with good friends and supportive people, to make delicious vegan food, do exercise, go to meditation class, do yoga, etc.

Fresh organic vegan foods balance the brain's chemistry so that it functions best, which also can help the addiction to subside.

Moreover, other scientific research has found that alcoholic beverages and meat tend to make cigarettes taste better, but fruits and vegetables make them taste less appealing. So the vegan diet is the perfect solution for quitting smoking.


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