Australia unveil plans to mandate graphic tobacco packaging. - 20 Apr 2011  
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In an effort to reduce smoking to 10% in less than 10 years, the Australian government has unveiled new proposals to ban advertising branding on cigarette packets. Designed for the lowest appeal to smokers, all packages would be the same dark olive green color, with graphic health warnings that include pictures of diseased eyes, decaying teeth and children in hospital beds.

Additionally, product names are to be printed in identical font sizes and styles. While the proposal awaits being written into law, Health Minister Nicola Roxon said, "The government knows that big tobacco companies are going to fight this. But when you still have 15,000 Australians dying every year because of tobacco-related illnesses caused from smoking, this is a fight worth having."

Way to go, Minister Roxon and Australia! Our admiring accolades for your steadfast commitment to safeguarding the health of every citizen. We look forward to the implementation of this and many such measures in hastening the day that our world is tobacco- and smoke-free.
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