Cigarette-allowing restaurant ordered to close in Spain - 15 Feb 2011  
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Cigarette-allowing restaurant ordered to close in Spain. On Thursday, February 10, Spanish officials ordered the closure of a restaurant in the southern part of the nation that had repeatedly ignored the nation’s new anti-smoking law. This measure, which came into effect on January 2, prohibits smoking in all indoor restaurants and bars. When the establishment’s owner outspokenly refused to comply with the new law, even after receiving a number of warnings, he was finally issued a fine of almost US$200,000 and an order to close his business. The Spanish government has stated that most of the nation's bars and restaurants are responding with compliance to the ban and that they intend to ensure that all establishments provide smoke-free atmospheres for customers and staff alike.

(In Spanish)
Raquel Fernández Megina, president (F) :
It is a fundamental law and a turning point in the Spanish public health, which will save a lot of lives in the next 25 years.

Patricia, worker at Spanish health clinic (F) : People are taking advantage of that they cannot smoke in public, in bars, everywhere, so they can’t smoke anywhere, they are taking advantage to quit smoking now. We have a lot of people who are coming to us.

We thank the Spanish government for your dedicated determination to safeguard the vitality of fellow citizens. May many other municipalities and nations similarly enact such protective measures to create more healthy and enjoyable public spaces for all.,,

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