Jordan displays larger graphic warnings to deter smoking - 22 Jan 2011  
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Jordan displays larger graphic warnings to deter smoking. As the Health Ministry of Jordan heads a campaign to bring awareness to tobacco-related diseases, its recent initiatives included a decision to increase the area on cigarette packaging devoted to warning labels. In 2006, Jordan adopted the international Framework Convention for Tobacco Control, which now has 166 signatory parties working to eliminate tobacco across the globe. One of the accord’s requirements is that all cigarette packets must display an image of diseased lungs occupying 30% of one side, with 30% of the other side devoted to additional text warnings. Jordan’s new initiative goes beyond this standard by now requiring a full 50% of cigarette packet space to be filled with images depicting lung and lip cancers as well as stained teeth on one side, with warnings still in place on the other side.

We laud your bold initiative, Jordan, to further safeguard the wellbeing of fellow citizens. Blessed be such exemplary developments in hastening the day when the healthful state of clean air and lungs is enjoyed by societies across the globe.
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