Turkey bans smoking in cafes and restaurants - 21 July 2009  
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Turkey bans smoking in cafes and restaurants.

Following a May 2008 smoking ban in workplaces and public spaces, all bars, restaurants and cafes are now also smoke-free. With nearly 100,000 deaths that have been attributed to smoking each year, the government is setting up a task force of 4,500 personnel to ensure that the legislation is implemented.

With 1 in 3 adults in Turkey who currently smoke, Toker Erguder, leader of the World Health Organization's tobacco-control project, said that reducing smokers to 20% is a first-step goal. Turkey, we laud your initiatives to safeguard the health of your citizens from the dangers of tobacco.

May your people be graced in welcomingabundant freshand invigorating air to your beautiful nation.


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