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This week, our guest is Macedonian psionic (psychic) researcher Pane Andov. Throughout his life, Mr. Andov, a vegetarian, has had numerous extraordinary encounters with extraterrestrials and unidentified flying objects (UFOs), which he has shared with us in previous programs. Crop circles are wonderfully arranged, impressive geometric forms that mysteriously appear in farmers’ fields overnight. Many believe these magnificent creations are messages from otherworldly beings. In this two-part series, Mr. Andov will shed light on the meaning of various crop circle designs and discuss the enormous changes he says our planet and humanity will experience at the end of 2012 and beyond.

I would like to share (some) amazing information (on) what is going to happen in the future, in the 2012 and 2013 event. I would like to offer people the information that was passed to me by the extraterrestrials that are willing to help. If you get the latest update from NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, a cosmic jet was actually recorded in the Milky Way Galaxy, which is 25,000 light years in every direction from the galactic plane. So, in crop circles like this, you see a source of energy that is spreading towards the edges. And this energy is extremely fast – it’s massive – and it is coming, and it is almost near us.

This is the depiction of the Milky Way Galaxy, and when it comes, it is going to hit the sun and produce something that is called a “red giant phase.” This wave of energy is a few million degrees Celsius and is highly magnetic. The surface of the sun is only 6,000 degrees Celsius. If something that is millions of degrees Celsius touches the surface of the plasma, that is only 6,000 degrees Celsius, it will be enough (for the sun) to start to spend all its fuel and to move from its main sequence to what is known as the “red giant phase” – like in this crop circle.

The sun radiates heat by converting hydrogen within its core into helium in a process known as nuclear fusion. The sun’s characteristics are just right for enabling life on Earth to flourish and be sustained. Once the hydrogen at the sun’s core becomes depleted, a process that normally takes 5 billion years, the core begins to contract. The star then collapses and releases gravitational energy into its surrounding outer layer, causing it to expand and transforming it into a red giant. When the red giant phase ends, the sun will become a smaller, cooler star which is known as a “white dwarf.” Mr. Andov has determined from analyzing the crop circles that after the energy wave arrives, the sun’s white dwarf phase will be reached within months.

This is a close up of the crop circle that was delivered and the red giant phase. This is, in my perspective, one of the most important crop circles that were delivered. It appeared on July 15, 2008 in Avebury Manor in the United Kingdom. It is the depiction of our Solar System with all the planets, with only slight deviation. Pluto is not in the same place where it should be.

As it is possible to calculate the position of all the planets in the Solar System on a specific, future date, the alignment of the planets in the UK crop circle match what their positions should be on December 23, 2012.

There was another depiction, another warning, which took place on March 29, 2011 when we experienced this amazing display above the sky of New Zealand. When people started to analyze those stars, they were matching exactly the same – December 23, 2012. This crop circle, the dragonfly, is symbolizing the extreme changes, and the phoenix which is extremely important, is a mythological bird that lives a very long lifespan and when it recognizes that its life is coming to an end, it sets fire to its nest, and it burns to ashes. From those ashes, a new small phoenix is reborn. That is a symbol that the sun is going to be reborn soon. It is all symbolic depiction. So the red giant phase is scientifically possible.

What are the consequences for the planets when the sun becomes a red giant?

It’s going to (go through) a slow expansion, which will begin on December 23, 2012 and it will culminate on 28th of March 2013. The sun here is expanded to swallow Mercury and Venus completely. That leaves Earth and Mars very dangerously close to the sun.

The energy emanating from the center of the galaxy will not just transform the sun; Pane Andov says it will make contact with the rest of the Solar System as well.

This energy as it is spreading towards the edges of the galaxy will pass through all the planets including Earth. Just for comparison, the hottest layer of our atmosphere, the thermosphere, is at around 1,500 degrees Celsius. Most of the time it is less than 1,500 degrees Celsius. So what happens when a cloud, which is highly, highly magnetic and millions of degrees Celsius hot, touches with the atmosphere of a planet which is only, let’s say, 1,500 degrees Celsius hot, it is just going to deplete the whole atmosphere. So there are plenty of changes on the 3D level that we need to be aware of.

Mr. Andov has learned that our sun has a companion or twin star located on the outer edge of the Solar System. The sun becoming a white dwarf will enormously change the relationship between these two stars.

I will just need to mention that the other celestial object spotted in the skies is actually a twin star orbiting around our star. And this energy that is approaching will hit that star also. And when it hits that star, it is going to move towards the white dwarf (phase). What we have seen in astronomy, two white dwarfs are attracted by each other, gravitationally, they start to rotate around each other, and eventually they collide. And when those two collide, they produce a bigger star which can produce enough light and heat that will provide the conditions for life again. So what I am trying to say with this, is that this white dwarf (phase of our sun) alone is not capable of producing the same amount of light as we are receiving today. Which means it is not capable to produce the same amount of heat that we need to survive on the surface.

Mr. Andov believes that the energy wave heading towards Earth need not lead to disaster, rather we can take steps now to protect our planet.

But this energy that is approaching can be shielded. And the crop circles are leading us towards the conclusion and the answer how we can do this. The data that arrived through the crop circles, plenty of information was about fractal geometry and people realized that they are referring to fractals. But in reality, they are referring to the fact that this universe we live in is a fractal universe and we can influence it.

Pane Andov says that although the recognition of fractals is correct, most don’t understand that the data is saying that we live in a fractal universe and we can influence or change the universe.

If you recall the research by Dr. Masaru Emoto about the water molecules, humans are able to change the crystalline structure, and turn (water) into something magnificent. We have the ability to influence one of the elements, water. But that is not where it stops. We have the ability to influence the fractal momentum or structure of the rest of the elements that are present on Earth. So that’s the first momentum that we need to understand, that we have the capability, the power in us, that is dormant, that if united it can produce a change to the matrix. So how can we do that? By combining energy, and the only known tool to me is meditation – massive, group, global meditation where millions of people can unite into one meditative oneness, they can impact the fundamental structure of Earth.

In addition to meditation, like Pane Andov, many across the globe are calling on humanity to immediately end our destructive habits, including the slaughter of our fellow beings for food, so that we can preserve our world for future generations.

People need to change. First thing is they need to realize that this world is a world that we are sharing with other species. And we have no right to kill anything. The first momentum is that people become vegetarians, because every time when they consume meat or fish there is something definitely wrong going on.

I will explain in this fashion. Let’s say if a patient goes through a heart transplantation, before that he or she was not skilled in playing piano, violin or some other musical instrument. And after the heart transplantation, and the patient had recovered, that same patient started to express fundamental skills and ability to play piano or violin, which was impossible in the past. What took place is simply like in computers, you put new hardware in and if you have the necessary drivers, the processor will recognize the new hardware and it will make it functional.

In this same, particular case, the previous host that was hosting that heart was extremely skilled in playing violin or piano and that same knowledge was passed to the new owner. The brain had decoded the DNA. So imagine when people consume meat. That animal before it was killed had suffered a trauma, a stress, a terror which was condensed into the structure.

And when we consume that stuff into our bodies, we actually inherit the same emotion, the same energies and it produces a DNA virus. And this DNA virus further goes to diseases and completely lowers the vibration. It’s lowering our vibrational field. And without a proper vibrational field, we cannot tune into this method of oneness that we are talking about. And what is even more important is that we don’t need to kill animals or fish, because we are light beings and we can exist on vegetables, even on prana, if some people go toward that path.

Thank you, Pane Andov, for sharing with us the valuable knowledge you have gathered from extraterrestrial sources regarding our universe. Your message of hope which asks humanity to quickly embrace vegetarianism and practice group meditation to safeguard our wonderful planetary home is a beautiful one.

For more details on Mr. Andov, please visit DVDs and e-books by Mr. Andov are available on the same website

Please join us again next Monday on Science and Spirituality as we continue our interview with Pane Andov about Earth’s future and the workings of the cosmos. Thank you perceptive viewers for your company today on Science and Spirituality. Words of Wisdom is coming up next, after Noteworthy News. May we forever treasure the world in which we live.
Welcome, beloved viewers to this week’s edition of Science and Spirituality, where we’ll conclude our discussion with vegetarian psionic researcher Pane Andov about insights he’s gained from crop circles and contacts with extraterrestrials regarding enormous changes he says our planet and humanity will experience at the end of 2012 and beyond. Mr. Andov has written a number of books regarding his work in this area.

I have written “2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy Comes our Way,” which I released in 2008, and it was read by more than 2 million people and was explaining about the conscious aspect of this approaching energy and how it will affect our DNA, our evolution, and things about that process. I also had written a book, “Extraordinary Powers in Humans” in 2007 which deals with all the psionic trainings, how people need to meditate, what they need to concentrate and 18 astral travels that I experienced in contact with the extraterrestrial intelligences. This is the latest one, which is called “2012 Equation Solved.”

Today Mr. Andov will address the preparations that he feels humankind has to make as the energy of our entire planet goes through a major vibrational shift into a higher level of consciousness. One of the most urgent steps that humans must take is to change to a plant-based diet.

We don’t need to consume meat or fish or anything that has a life force because we can exist on prana. But we can still consume vegetables and with this we will increase our frequency.

People need to change. They need to realize that this world is a world that we are sharing with other species. And we have no right to kill anything. The first momentum is that people become vegetarians, because every time when they consume meat or fish there is something definitely wrong going on. So that’s one of the first momentum – we start to change how we feed ourselves. And we change how we interact with other people and species; we have to respect nature, to become one with nature.

The next step is to discover the potentials we have by understanding psionics, research that can be defined as paranormal. But those abilities are common to every human being. At this particular moment, we are operating only in 3% of the active genetic material. It’s enough consciousness for you to see me, to hear me, or to experience me, a certain consciousness that you can experience at the astral dimension in a form of lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, or let’s say, near death experiences. That’s all the double-helix functionality provides.

Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA is a human blueprint, a complex operating system consisting of nucleic acid that contains our genetic codes. According to scientists, the two active strands of DNA in humans, also known as the intertwined double helix, only represents 3% of our active DNA. The other 97%, contained in the additional 10 strands of DNA present in each human, lies dormant within us. Some say that if we fully activate this 97% of unused DNA, the double-helix DNA turns into a 12-strand DNA, which can awaken a wide range of capabilities and divine powers within us.

The potential (97%) is there. Nature never creates anything without reason. This genetic material is all our other abilities that we have and all our subtle bodies that we have, because we are consciousness, an intelligent life form that is capable of multi-dimensional presence. But in order to go to different places in the universe, which it has different densities, and different speeds of vibration, it needs a suitable vehicle or suitable subtle body that matches with the density and with the speed of vibration of that particular dimension.

I cannot use this (physical) body if I want to express myself in the astral dimension. I have to use my astral body, which is far finer than this one and the speed of vibration is higher. But if I want to go into the further dimensions away from the astral dimension, I have to use an even finer body than the astral body. So this is what we need to understand, this is what psionic is all about, understanding that we are consciousness. Together with my wife, we were exploring more than 3,000 ancient temples and images, trying to extract what ancients had left for us, how they were meditating.

So every conclusion that we realized is that they were able to join their energy. That’s the same knowledge the extraterrestrials passed to me. The good is separated by thousands of places. When we overcome that and we come to the point that connects us all, we can make a connection. And the force comes from the unity. We need to contact the spiritual leaders that have disciples, we have to unite them into groups and organize group meditation.

As Mr. Andov explained last week, there is something called a “cosmic jet” that has was ejected by a super massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way 26,000 years ago which is spreading a gigantic energy wave throughout the galaxy. From researching crop circles, Mr. Andov concludes this energy burst is set to hit the sun at the end of 2012 causing it to enter what is called a “red giant phase.” From studying crop circles he has concluded that during this phase the sun will expand enormously, swallowing up Mercury and Venus and thus come very close to Earth. He believes our planet will remain safe if we take action now, namely humanity adopting a plant-based lifestyle and practicing meditation together.

Thirty years of crop-circle messages are informing us, warning us, that there was an explosion that took place in the Milky Way core long time ago and then there is an energy that is spreading towards the edges of the galaxy. This energy was recorded by equipment that was launched into space and this energy is going to pass us on December 23, 2012. From the genuine crop circles, they are telling us that we have to be aware or pay attention to the so-called geometrical form known as the “seed of life” and “flower of life” with the star tetrahedron in it, which is nothing more than isolator of the charge.

So if this force field is created, the extraterrestrials are saying that Earth will actually be spared. So just picture this: When the energy comes, it will change the fundamental dynamics of the sun. And when the outer layer will expand, it will produce temperatures, thousands and thousands of degrees. The luminosity will go higher at least 1,000 times. The radiation will be extreme. They (the extraterrestrials) are saying that if we build this force field, in the flower of life geometry, around our planet by our combined effort, this planet will survive.

By combining energy, and the only known tool to me is meditation – massive, group, global meditation where millions of people can unite into one meditative oneness, they can impact the fundamental structure of Earth.

Individually, people need to understand how to create their own flower of life, force-field in their aura with the star tetrahedron in the center. And this needs to be done globally, planetary-wide. Many people are new to meditation, and this requires practice. It takes time until they create that sphere in their auras. The time is very, very short, but there is a part of humanity that is waking up. And those numbers are coming and growing all the time, every day. And I believe that we will do it. We just need to push it to the high energy and manifest this.

Just like every other form of physical matter, the human body has an energy field around it that can be affected by natural phenomena such as radiation from the sun. It is thus possible that any sudden change in an energy system, for example through an enormous energy wave, will cause transformations in a biological system.

When this energy hits it has enough potential to mutate DNA, all that 97% of DNA will be reactivated. Which means all the memory from the past lives, past incarnations, will be regained again. With all the knowledge on how the cosmos works and with all the powers of the consciousness, we will become functional again. And that’s the Nexus, that’s the power of God or the creator himself. And that’s what we are waiting for. That’s what the ancients had been counting as the end of this cycle. It’s the evolution of humankind.

At the moment we are going through the process of mutation. Recently scientists discovered that there are new particles that the sun is ejecting that were not detected before in the past. And in our biological bodies, we have eight radioactive elements. Particles are coming from the sun and they are influencing those radioactive elements in our physical bodies, and we are already mutating. The consciousness is awakening, getting information from the sun and the sun is getting information from the galactic core because everything is conscious. This is the beauty of it – the more we go towards the end of the cycle, the more energy will come in increased amounts, and it will change the mutation even further.

Here are some parting thoughts from Mr. Andov.

This energy that is coming, is not something that people need to fear. It is our ticket out of here – it is our evolution, that’s where the evolution is actually taking us. So all the forgotten memories will be regained again, all the powers of consciousness and understanding of the universe. So in other words, we will soon experience a cosmic existence – what we truly are – so I am looking forward to the time when this wave of energy approaches.

Our appreciation Mr. Pane Andov for sharing your remarkable insights on the symbolism of crop-circles, and your knowledge about the year 2012. As suggested by yourself and many spiritual groups, let us all gather together now to meditate daily for the well-being of our planet as well as embrace plant-based foods for our nourishment.

For more details on Mr. Andov, please visit DVDs and e-books by Mr. Andov, including “2012 Equation Solved” are available on the same website

Bright viewers, thank you for your company today on Science and Spirituality. Words of Wisdom is coming up next, after Noteworthy News. May all beings be united in name of love.

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