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With a brilliant sun and turquoise sea, friendly people, tropical wildlife, and the largest coral reef in the Western hemisphere, Cancún, Mexico was the gracious host of the 2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference. With dedication and cooperation, distinguished COP 16 delegates from over 190 nations worked toward reaching a hopeful accord on ways to mitigate urgent climate change.

Livestock production is, yes, it’s a very major contribution to greenhouse gases emissions. In the midst of this two-week summit, a special event on December 5 held at the leading eco-friendly Fairmont Mayakoba resort hotel welcomed international dignitaries to join in highlighting the foremost solution to global warming as it celebrated exemplary champions of the planet.

Co-hosted by Mayor of Cancún, The Honorable Jaime Hernández Zaragoza and the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, “The Greenest Heroes Gala” opened with vital messages shared by the esteemed 44th Costa Rican President José María Figueres Olsen and the 7th President of Ireland, Mary Robinson.

Gracing this meaningful celebration was special guest of honor Supreme Master Ching Hai, who was personally attending the COP 16 summit at the invitation of the Mexican government, meeting with conference delegates and journalists in support of their noble efforts to protect the planet.

During the Gala’s multi-course vegan banquet, gifted performances unfolded, including songs inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai’s poetry that were presented by celebrated artists.

These included soprano Lynne Wintersteller accompanied by 2-time Grammy- and Oscar-winning composer David Shire on the piano; legendary Beach Boys founding member, Al Jardine; Tony Award-winning vocalist Melba Moore, with songs by 2-time Oscar winner Al Kasha; acclaimed soprano Kerry Walsh; award-winning Italian-Mexican singer Filippa Giordano; multiplatinum recording artist Taylor Dayne, who has sold over 75 million albums, as well as beautifully attired traditional Mexican dancers and musicians and vibrant international dances performed by our Association members.

“The Greenest Heroes Gala” was a tribute to all Earth protectors who participate in and promote the compassionate plant-based lifestyle for a more healthful and peaceful world.

For their outstanding representation, eight people were specially honored by Supreme Master Ching Hai: Ultraman World Championship athlete and attorney Rich Roll; internationally renowned communication coach, Richard Greene; best-selling author and speaker, Dr. Will Tuttle; 3-time Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, Cary Brown; soprano Kerry Walsh; accomplished film producer and former Warner Bros. executive Julie Bergman Sender, and the Gala’s two Masters of Ceremonies, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Lionel Friedberg and actress Mariana Tosca.

The evening also featured the premiere of the book, “From Crisis to Peace: The Organic Vegan Way Is the Answer,” a compilation of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s messages on the environment, along with the debut of “Birds of Paradise,” a feature animation based on Supreme Master Ching Hai’s #1 international bestselling book, “The Birds in My Life.”

During the gala, Supreme Master Ching Hai delivered an elevating speech in which she urged all leaders to adopt benevolent life-saving policies. She also revealed certain spiritual information for the first time as part of a vital message for all to make wise choices that determine the future of our precious planet.

We can save all that we wanted to save because we have the power. In addition to live coverage, numerous print, radio and television media reported on the event, highlighting its key themes of veganism and sustainability for an even wider audience. We now invite you to watch the first of the 11-part series rebroadcast of the grand live event, “The Greenest Heroes Gala.”

They say I was born among the oaks They tell me I am muleteer Because I whistle and they stop If I throw the hat to them You will see how it prances Ay, ay, ay

Let the music of the tambora follow me Play for me “El Quelite” After that “El Niño Perdido” And at last, “El Torito”

So you can see how I prance to it Ay ay ay, Mama my God. They call me the lover But I am none of that Everyone calls me the dark one Dark but lucky Because if I face a challenge I don’t fear death Ay, ay, ay, Mama my God.

I am from Sinaloa, Where the waves break, I’m in love with a lady With no attachments Staying out of trouble, when she accepts me

Ay ay ay, ay ay ay. Yes sir! Bravo!Encore.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome tonight’s Masters of Ceremonies.

Greetings ladies and gentleman, and welcome to Cancún, Mexico! It’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth, with its music, clear blue ocean and warm sunshine. And it certainly makes you feel welcome. No wonder people from all over the world love to visit here.

Yes, it certainly is a place that makes my heart beat faster. You can tangibly feel the presence of the great Mayan civilization that once flourished in this area. It’s quite a treat to be here. You’ve just heard the song, “El Sinaloense”, performed by Mariachi la Diferencia. So ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Greenest Heroes Gala.

It’s being held here at the prestigious Fairmont Mayakoba Hotel in one of the most beautiful places in the world – Cancún, Mexico.

We are privileged to have you join us, all of you, this evening.

And this beautiful city is currently hosting COP16, the 16th annual Conference of Parties international climate change conference, with tens of thousands of people here. The decisions made at the COP16 have the very, very real power to change the destiny of the world.

Tonight we celebrate the many areas where great strides to climate change have already been made. That’s what this lovely gala in this lovely ballroom is all about. We’ve got an exciting program lined up for you, starting with a 5-course gourmet vegan meal, reflecting international flavors and the most sustainable and compassionate diet for the planet.

The main purpose of this evening is to celebrate and honor the noble efforts of those courageous people who are championing effective ways to positively impact climate change. Throughout the evening, we will enjoy entertainment by celebrated artists from around the world.

Before we start, let me introduce you, all of you, to my very beautiful co-host, Mariana Tosca.

Mariana is an award-winning actress. She won a Drama Critics’ Ovation Award for Best Actress for her performance in Tennessee Williams’ wonderful play “Orpheus Descending”. And she’s a member of the prestigious Actor's Studio. She’s a wonderful mix of acting talent and compassion, and both inner and, as you can clearly see, outer beauty.

Thank you, thank you, Lionel.

(And beauty, yes.)

Mariana starred in the films, “Christmas in the Clouds,” as well as in the acclaimed, “I Knew a Girl Named Hollywood,” for which she won the Breakthrough Performance Award from the ICA Critics’ Society. Mariana serves as a board member for Save the Chimps, the world’s largest chimpanzee sanctuary, and at the National Academy of Music for the Blind, where she volunteers teaching drama.

She received an Artists for Humanity Award for her work as founder of the Los Angeles Homeless Coalition, and has the privilege of serving as chief animal welfare advisor to United States Presidential candidate, Congressman Dennis Kucinich. When Mariana isn’t acting, she devotes herself to protecting animals, humans and of course, the environment. A longtime vegan, the brilliant Ms. Tosca is also a member of MENSA International, which humbles me just looking at her career.

I apologize. That seemed to have gone on interminably.

Thank you all. And now it is my privilege to introduce to you my co-host, the extremely talented and world-renowned film producer, Lionel Friedberg. His skills range as director, writer, cinematographer. Lionel has made films for television channels like National Geographic, Animal Planet, CBS, PBS, the History Channel, and Discovery Channel.

Lionel has received numerous awards for his work, including the Primetime Emmy Award, the American Association for the Advancement of Science Westinghouse Award, three Columbus, and two Golden Eagle Awards. Noted for his compassion for our world, and all of its inhabitants, Lionel is a vegan and is very, very active in the animal welfare movement. So I applaud you, sir.

Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are honored to have very many dignitaries with us at this evening’s gala event. Heading the list, of course, is our Guest of Honor, none other than Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Merely having her in the same room with us is more than a treat, it’s an exceptional privilege. Thank you, Supreme Master, for being with us tonight.

We have Mayor of Cancún Jaime Hernández Zaragoza; José Maria Figueres, former President of Costa Rica; Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland; Eugene Chien, chair for the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy; Gurbangeldi Allaberdiyev, head of delegation of Turkmenistan Ministry of Nature Protection; John Topping, president of the Climate Institute in Washington DC; Latif Amars, project manager for Tanzania Natural Resource Forum; Ezzat Lewis Hannalla Agaiby, department head of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs (EEAA), Mario Castro,

the Deputy of Cancún, Heherson J. Alvarez, Secretary for the Office of the President of the Philippines; Deputy Director Hamid Javaid Awan of Pakistan’s Ministry of Environment; Consul General Mark Carney of the United Kingdom; Ambassador Hamdani Djafar of Embassy of Indonesia; and Mr. S. T. Kodikara, Secretary to Sri Lanka's Ministry of Agriculture. There are many more dignitaries in attendance, however, due to limited time we cannot name them all.

Thank you all for being here. Thank you.

Beautiful people, this is impromptu, spontaneous, because our President must leave. He has urgent business to go. It was very gracious of him to come. So I let him, please say hallo to you. To welcome you and to tell you “Be Veg, Go Green,” something like that. Please, the president of Costa Rica! Thank you. Good.

Good evening, good evening to all my friends.

Dear friends, thank you very much for giving me this opportunity.

To you, Supreme Master, thank you so much for honoring us in this beautiful (With pleasure.) Mexican land.

I wanted to stop by and not only pay my respects but also thank you for this event and for celebrating the activity that you are celebrating tonight in honoring heroes that are doing good work for our planet. I would have loved to stay here. I am the Chair of the Carbon War Room and I have activities this evening that I must be present at. So, with the music here, I don't know if I should dance or what, but…

They just welcome you. They’re so excited. The music went on by itself.

Okay, but in any case, if I may, I come from a country that has taken environmental policies very serious and very at heart.

Yes, in Costa Rica. In your country many activities. Please tell a little bit.

Many of you have been to Costa Rica, the Supreme Master was sharing with me that she was there about two weeks ago (Yes, yes.) in our country. And, of course, for us the environment has become a way of life. Sustainability has become very much the paradigm towards which we have moved, combining good macroeconomic policies with good social policies, and at the same time developing ourself with nature. (Yes.)

In many ways I would consider myself and call myself a tree hugger, that expression they use in North America to identify people that are very inclined towards respecting the environment. But I would also say that in bringing the resources that we need to bring to the table and in bringing all the strength that we need to bring from different sectors of society to be able to tackle the challenge of climate change, we would need to bring in, very importantly, the private sector as well.

This is an issue on which I feel it is just too important to our lives to be left in the hands of government themselves, or of the political framework. So, while I wish the political framework and the process of the countries coming together here in Cancún the best of lucks in reaching important agreements, I don't think we can just wait for them to reach an agreement.

This is something in which we have to exercise personal leadership and personal commitment. Your being here tonight, your activity, your leadership, Supreme Master, are already a fine example of that leadership and of stepping forward. So I wish you the best in your activities here this evening and in the times to come.

These are important times, beautiful times, challenging times. Climate change may be to some a big challenge. To many of us, it’s a tremendous opportunity to move towards a world that is free of carbon emissions, that provides better jobs, that provides better opportunities for the private sector and for civil society to interact. That world, which is a much better world, is possible if we all exercise our leadership and we work in that direction.

Thank you so much, God bless you,

and I wish you have a very nice celebration.

Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. You’re the best. God bless you and your country.

Thank you so much.

Thank you for coming. We thank His Excellency for sparing his precious time to come to grace us with his presence. Please do one more thank you applause.

We would now like to introduce you to the co-organizer of this event, the Honorable Jaime Hernández Zaragoza, the mayor of this most beautiful and welcoming city of Cancún.

A firm believer in the importance of cooperation, Mr. Zaragoza stated when he recently assumed his position, “I want to send a clear signal of unity, peace and harmony.” So please, please join me again in welcoming his distinguished mayor, Jaime Hernandez Zaragoza and his wife, Lady Mayoress Ms. Paty Meneses de Hernández.

First Lady of Cancún! Without her, he’s not as great. Sorry. People say there’s always a great woman behind a great man. So we welcome her and honor her as well. Beautiful couple.

It’s really an honor to be in this place. Apart from what this piece of Heaven that God has given us represents,we are able to share this place with every one of you. When one first hears about global warming, there is a great concern, and a feeling of loneliness that invades our heart. However, getting to know you all, listening to you, and to know that more people are working to reverse this effect, that brings peace. But it also increases the commitment, the responsibility to take action.

Recently, in the city of Mexico City in the Federal District, we had a gathering, a summit of local and regional mayors where we were able to come to an agreement on 13 points. But the main plan, the main focus was the commitment: to stop being observers and to become actors.

Altruism, generosity and solidarity are values that represent lights of hope in the middle of the incomprehensible darkness of greed, which envelops humanity and our planet. There are many of us who realize that an upside down world is not an option. However, sometimes it is not easy to find each other, get united, organized, to fight, to disseminate, to straighten out the twisted paths that lead only to chaos.

This night is an exceptional night, a night of lights, a night in which Supreme Master Ching Hai, enlightens us with her presence and motivates us with her wisdom. It is for me, truly, a very special honor, to give the utmost welcome to this woman, who has managed to gather a large amount of hearts and minds looking to stop climate change.

And she also works tirelessly to bring help to those who are already suffering the consequences of this terrible phenomenon, which threatens our planet and all its inhabitants. I would like to express in the name of the municipal government, and of all the inhabitants of the municipality of Benito Juarez, Cancún, Mexico, and also on my own behalf and that of my family, our great pleasure because Cancún has been distinguished by the presence of the members of the humanitarian Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association in the context of this international summit on climate change, we hope that each and every one of you can enjoy the natural beauty which characterizes our municipality, the quality of our facilities, but above all, the quality of our people.

We, the people from Benito Juarez (Cancún), are hardworking and friendly, who have learned to serve. And today we have in mind a phrase that my wife often says, “Those who do not live to serve, serve little purpose.”

And I add to that, “The one who doesn’t serve, is of little service.” We work hard to take care of you and offer you the necessary conditions so that the goals of your visit are met and exceeded and to make a memorable experience of your time in Cancún. In this municipality, this city, we are working to transform history.

We cannot go on blaming whoever has left us what we are experiencing today, because, today, we are all responsible. In this city, we are opening spaces, sports fields and parks, for interaction and family integration. We are reforesting our city, our parks, and the goal this year is to plant one million trees. We are cleaning our beaches, and today, we do not limit ourselves to cleaning, but also disinfecting the beaches. We are rescuing our springs, these places of pure water which circulate in the inner channels of our planet. We are working to make Cancún an example of safekeeping of the planet.

But we consider that among everything that there is on the planet and in the universe, the key element is the human being. And we are aware that this piece of paradise that God gave us does not make us owners, but managers. And we are also aware that we must take in account what we do or not do in this place.

I would like to say many words but I am overwhelmed by the emotion of having you in my home. Cancún is your home, and I wish that in this place, there will be an agreement among all the representatives of the 194 countries and groups and associations that participate in an open way. And that these commitments, these proposals, be not only policies but rather realities.

On occasion, I have commented that when we were kids, we had dreams that we couldn’t transform into reality because we were not the right age, nor did we have the conditions nor the power or authority to execute them. The problem is that today, we are old enough, we are adults. The conditions exist, and we have the power and authority to generate actions. But we have lost the dreams. Let’s recover our dreams, let’s be kids again, take care of our planet, there is no other place for human life.

The commitment is not only by the leaders, although I accept my responsibility as such. I believe that we have to make changes in the mind of leaders. And I will start with myself. I’m joining in this project. I will disseminate what is agreed on here, what is proposed here, and all the solutions that are put on the table and in this organization; I shall make them as my own, with my family and with all the inhabitants of the municipality.

I’m very sorry for having gone on but you must know this: Never put a microphone in the hands of a politician! Truly, thank you so much. Welcome to you all! Cancún is your home! And we are your family! I would like to take a bit more time and share this space with my wife, because there is something special, my wife doesn’t speak with the mouth, she speaks with her heart. And I would also like her to give us a message.

And she is beautiful also. Beautiful.

Thank you. We see beautiful faces, but we are not so different. We have at least one thing in common. We are very concerned about our tomorrows. And tonight, it’s a really special night for us. And we want to give to all of you the very welcome to Cancún, to the Riviera Maya, to Mexico.

That was a couple!

Thank you so much for joining us here this evening, Mayor. We’re honored to have you here. Thank you for inviting me to join you in this beautiful event carried out by the Supreme Master, here in Cancún. The president of Costa Rica. One of the major contributions we can make to lower carbon emissions is a change in our diets, and if we go in that direction we will be doing a lot to lower emissions, so it is an important contribution.

The truth is that the level of carbon emissions that we have reached today is excessive for the health of the planet. To welcome you and to tell you “Be Veg, Go Green,” something like that. Please. I thank Supreme Master for her leadership, thank her for her optimism, thank her for the people skills she has that makes her so unique and so special.

The evening was wonderful! It was as special as all of these Supreme Master events are, and especially too having Supreme Master Ching Hai here, elevated it to something unique. It really was. And so, of course, we all had a wonderful time up there and trying to do our little bit to make a difference, (You are all my heroes.) you know, and following her leadership.

She is such a wonderful leader; it all comes from the heart. I met her this morning for the first time and it was extraordinary! This woman’s soul, and her consciousness is so amazing! And of course, all of you, you’re just wonderful. I just wish the rest of the world would be more like this organization.

It’s just great to be part of this. You know, a week ago, no one knew this was happening. And suddenly tonight, here was this mammoth show, very ambitious. Looking from the stage down at the audience and how they were enraptured by the speeches, the songs, it was just amazing to watch.

When one talks about global warming and climate change, it’s a dour, darn, dark subject. People are terrified of it and there’s so much bad news. Something like this comes along, there is an optimistic side to it. And that’s what this was all about tonight. You know, we can make a difference!

And I think that with what people take away from a show like this is invaluable. Absolutely invaluable! And, I’m delighted to be in Cancún. What a special place. Just gorgeous to be here with all of these enlightened people. Wonderful!

I am the co-Chair of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development’s Education Caucus and we have a climate change delegation here and we’re working on a well-prepared society. This event helped raise my awareness. It was delicious, tasty and very, very delicious. This was superb. Whoever the chef was, brilliant work! Brilliant work. The presentation, the colors but the food itself was incredibly tasty. The program is incredible. It’s fantastic. Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!

It was nice to see so many people caring and concerned with saving our planet. I am very happy, and willing to enter in this movement to save our planet and to invite more mayors so that they know and participate in this movement to save our planet.

I am so impressed. The dinner was delicious. The salvation, it starts not in our families; it starts in our plates. I think that is the most important thing tonight. And I really think that it’s going to be helpful for everything and so blessing to us. Thank you.

I think it’s very interesting with all the culture and the dinner was wonderful, the organization, the music, and the Lady [Supreme Master Ching Hai] is fantastic.

Well, I have made a number of films on global climate change. And if I make a documentary film, be it for Animal Planet or whoever it may be, I will always embed a message in there about compassion, about caring for the world, about caring for our fellow beings. I would love to see humanity changing to a plant-based diet. Time is running out but when you see these huge quantum leaps of change.

There was a time I would fly on the airplane and then ask for vegan food and they wouldn’t even know what I’m talking about. You know, they’ll offer you fish and chicken, and say, “Well, you’re vegetarian, you eat that, don’t you? Or there’s cheese, you eat that, or there’s eggs.” Now, I can order a vegan meal on just about any airline in the world. That’s progress!

I am ready, and willing to do it with a big commitment for this to happen, the change has to be made, and I will lead that change. Welcome to Vegetarian Cancún.

You are welcomed, this is the home of veganism.

Hi I’m Lionel Friedberg, and you’re watching Supreme Master Television. Remember: Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save The Planet!

Thank you for your gracious presence today for Supreme Master Television’s rebroadcast of “The Greenest Heroes Gala.” Please join us Saturday, March 5 for part 2 of this grand multi-cultural event. Stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for Words of Wisdom. Heaven bless your noble hearts in all your loving and sustainable endeavors.

All information concerning the scientific evidence of climate change and its solution is in Supreme Master Ching Hai’s book, “From Crisis to Peace: The Organic Vegan Way Is the Answer.” Freely available to read at
Another very special guest with us this evening is Her Excellency Mary Robinson. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Ms. Robinson was the first woman to hold the office of President of Ireland. She was also the former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The recipient of numerous awards and honors throughout the world, Mary Robinson is currently the President of Realizing Rights: The Ethical Globalization Initiative. Its mission is to ensure fair and beneficial human rights for people all over the world. Tonight she shares with us some of her thoughts on climate change and its impacts. Please join me in welcoming Her Excellency Ms. Robinson.

Good afternoon. Good evening. (Good afternoon.) Supreme Master Ching Hai, Honorable Mayor of Cancún, ladies and gentleman, I am very happy to share a few thoughts with you. I had accepted to give a few remarks, and I am happy that I do it after another former president, President Figueres of Costa Rica.

He comes to the issue of climate change, I think, from a more political perspective. I come to the issue of climate change from a human rights context. In my work for the last eight years, with my colleagues in Realizing Rights, we were working on health issues, we were working on women’s leadership and conflict situations, we were working on decent work issues in African countries.

And the conversation we were hearing was increasingly about the impact of climate change on subsistence farmers, on indigenous peoples, on poor communities. There were no longer seasons that were predictable. It wasn’t possible to know for farmers when they would sow and when they would reap the harvest. The weather changes were becoming evermore threatening to poor communities who don’t have insurance.

And I learned from some of my friends that actually are here with me this evening. For example, Constance Okot from Northern Uganda speaks about the good life that she had in her poor but stable community as she was growing up, because they had food security and they had seasons and they were able to feed their communities. The children went to school and life was a normal village life.

But more recently that has changed, and changed in a very bad way for the community. Instead of having regular seasons they now have flooding and then eight months of drought and then flooding again, and school has been undermined and the local community. And it is Constance and a group of women who are trying to hold their community together. At first she told us yesterday, at a meeting of women leaders on climate justice, at first she said, “We thought it was God who was punishing us, and we wondered why God was punishing us, a poor people in Northern Uganda.”

And then she learned, in fact through Oxfam, I’m Honorary President of Oxfam International, and Oxfam brought her to a meeting to talk as a climate witness about what was happening in her community. And when she described this, she found that in fact it wasn’t God who was punishing her people, it was in fact rich people, people who had profligate lifestyles, that were punishing her people. And that is the essence of the idea of climate justice, that there are poor communities all over the world who are in fragile areas and are increasingly finding that their lifestyles are being undermined, food security is much more difficult.

And it is because of the way the more developed parts of the world have used the resources of the Earth. So it is important, as you know well in this room, that we change our behavior, that we learn to reuse, reduce, recycle, and that we learn how to be better stewards of this earth. So I admire the way in which you are also putting a lot of emphasis on your own lifestyles, what you eat, what you grow, how you behave.

I think we need to have many diverse ways and learn from each other and encourage each other. So I’m delighted that I was able to come here this evening, but I, too, have to go for urgent reasons, to take part in discussions that are ongoing. It’s that kind of conference I’m afraid, as the Mayor knows. We are here in Cancún to try to change a very, very important issue, I think the most important human rights issue of this century, to ensure that we get a very good agreement from Cancún.

And I’d like to conclude by paying a tribute to Mexico, to the government of Mexico, which has prepared so well this climate conference, which has an open process for this climate conference. And I’m also very happy that there is the opportunity to bring the voices that need to be heard. Yesterday, in an event which I co-hosted with a number of other organizations, Wangari Maathai of Kenya and her Greenbelt Center, The Nobel Women and Realizing Rights, the foundation which I have established on climate justice. We brought together grassroots women on climate justice.

Tomorrow with the support of the government, the support of the leadership of Mexico, we will have a meeting of women ministers on climate justice, and we will bring the perspective of poor women and their communities, indigenous women to women ministers. We could not do that without the support of the government of Mexico.

So not only is the conference being well organized, but there is a lot of thought given to the important gender dimensions of climate, which have not been enough part of the previous COPs. So here in COP16, I think we have a chance to really change attitudes, change behavior, and have an outcome which will bring forward this whole debate on climate change. So thank you very much indeed and enjoy the evening. Thank you.

Thank you so much. If I just may say on a personal note, I’m so grateful that there are voices like yours out there, who are so well spoken and so impassioned as advocates for especially indigenous peoples. So thank you very, very much, Mary Robinson.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, let’s begin the evening’s entertainment. With regard to the arts, performing arts, arts in all its forms, our special guest as you know tonight is Supreme Master Ching Hai. She’s not only a humanitarian, and a bestselling author, and spiritual teacher, she’s also a poet and very, very fine artist. Her work is so deep and touching that it frequently has inspired composers to adapt her poetry to music. So we have a treat for you tonight.

Having met you personally, I know that you’re very shy and very humble about your poetry, so I would like you to know how very, very grateful we are that your profound poems can be offered to the public at large through songs like this.

Beautiful. So our first performance tonight is a song adapted from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s tender poem entitled, “Visiting Me,” with a musical score written by the wonderfully gifted David Shire.

David has composed prolifically for theater, film, televisions, and recordings. Throughout his outstanding career, he has received international recognition, being honored with 2 Grammy Awards, an Academy Award, multiple Tony and Emmy Awards as well. His extensive list of film scores include the Oscar-winning theme song for “Norma Rae,” titled “It Goes Like It Goes,” and the well known scores for “Saturday Night Fever,” and Francis Ford Coppola’s film “The Conversation” starring Gene Hackman.

But David’s list of achievements is virtually endless. I’m humbled merely to be in his presence. David has composed hundreds of television scores, which have garnered him 5 Emmy nominations.

His work includes “Sarah, Plain and Tall” starring Glenn Close, “Rear Window” with Christopher Reeves, and “The Women of Brewster Place” with Oprah Winfrey. In theatrical productions, David has multiple Tony-nominated works, including songs that have been sung by the likes of Barbra Streisand, Johnny Mathis, and Vanessa Williams.

Lynne Wintersteller is a gifted soprano singer and talented actress. She has appeared in several musicals including, Richard Maltby Jr. and David Shire’s hit musical “Closer Than Ever,” which ran for an incredible 312 consecutive shows at the Cherry Lane Theater.

For her extraordinary performance, Lynne was nominated for the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Actress in a Musical. Lynne’s debut on Broadway was in Rodgers and Hammerstein's “A Grand Night for Singing.” She continues her successful career, appearing at prestigious theaters such as the Kennedy Center and the Goodspeed Opera House.

Tonight David Shire and Lynne Wintersteller combine their musical talents to present an original composition based on Supreme Master Ching Hai’s poem, “Visiting Me.”

The song will be sung by Lynne, accompanied on the piano by David, and this will be followed by his Academy Award winning song, “It Goes Like It Goes,” with music and lyrics by him and Norman Gimbel. So please ladies and gentleman, will you help us give them a very, very warm round of applause?

We had a wonderful surprise honor today. The Supreme Master, she made lunch for us. It’s very nice! And I know you refer to her as the Supreme Master, but to us, after our lunch and our lovely conversation and meeting you, we are going to call you “Mommy Heart.” Beautiful. And she’s a good cook, too! We are combining, as a surprise to you, a poem that you wrote, David Shire, writing a beautiful song, music, that goes with it, for you to enjoy.

I'm embarrassed, but I'm grateful.

I set out, Spreading my wings to the heavens. Spreading my wings to the heavens I proceed to call on you, The one I cherish…

The Earth is vibrant, Exulting in our reunion An uncommon day of happiness, An uncommon day of happiness, Together as on our first meeting. Together as on our first meeting. Let us overlook The nights of our distress, Because from now We are together A long time…a long time!

Vast, open arms A profound, tender kiss Together this night, Let’s forget yesterdays And the rest.

We depart at sunrise, Return at twilight, Sing on full moon nights, Chorus on breezy days. Life is an aromatic flower garden Life is an aromatic flower garden Oh, Mein! Vast, open arms A profound, tender kiss Together this night, Let’s forget yesterdays And the rest.

We depart at sunrise, Return at twilight, Sing on full moon nights, Chorus on breezy days. Life is an aromatic flower garden Life is an aromatic flower garden

Oh, Mein! What a voice!

Mommy Heart.

Ain't no miracle being born People doing it everyday Ain't no miracle growing up People just grow that way

So it goes like it goes Like a river flows And time it rolls right on And maybe what's good gets a little bit better And maybe what's bad gets gone Bless the child of a working man She knows too soon who she is And bless the hands of a working man He knows his soul is his

So it goes like it goes Like the river flows And time it rolls right on And maybe what's good gets a little bit better And maybe what's bad gets gone

So it goes like it goes Like the river flows And time it rolls right on And maybe what's good gets a little bit better And maybe what's bad gets gone Gets gone

Thank you. David Shire, ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you, David. Thank you, Lynne and David, for you wonderful talents and this absolutely beautiful performance, thank you so much. It was just gorgeous.

So moving. Thank you both, your talent is just unlimited.

They are the countrymen of the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Okay, so please welcome the Korean group.

Thank you. Beautiful.

Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you so much. That was absolutely gorgeous.

These are my people.

(They are your people.) From Korea. I’m proud. (And they represent you very well.)

I’m proud of you.

(We’re all very proud of you. That was really beautiful and colorful, and so vibrant.)

They are Association members. Spontaneous and like impromptu almost. Because we came here not to dance actually, just they like to offer something to Mexico.

Thank you.

You saw them handing out flyers somewhere on the street yesterday, yes, in front of the (Cancún) Messe.

These, some of them, yes.

In homes and in communities, we can encourage all kinds of changes, and reducing, recycling, reusing, and being aware that we have to hand this planet on in good standing to our children’s children and at the moment we’re not on course to do that. I think it’s important that we all recognize that we need to reduce our consumption of meat and other ways in which we’re using up the resources of the planet.

It was an excellent event and I really enjoyed it. And I hope that this type of event can continue and you get a little bit more of spiritual feeling into your life as opposed to a totally materialistic world. I’m quite impressed with what’s been stated here, you know, that you have to reduce your dependence on animal diet.

And it’s very logical that if you want to reduce emissions, from methane particularly, that you don’t want to be sort of pushing too much on very large production of livestock and then clearing out of forests. I think it’s important to instill in the children particularly, that there has to be change in the lifestyle patterns. And I think it’s a fairly, very healthy way of living.

I was invited, like everyone else last Tuesday. We just did it real fast and a miracle happened, we all just showed up. “Cancún? Sure, we’ll be there!” I’ve never been involved in something so exciting.

The word that comes to mind is “international.” It’s a fantastic cause and it’s also just fantastic to be a part of all these different cultures, and all these different worlds and all these different costumes backstage. And the Japanese garb and the Chinese garb, and it’s Korean, it’s fantastic. We’re having a ball. And we have pop, we have opera, we have all sorts of styles, and The Beach Boys.

With all the need for leaders around the world… I was at a conference, the World Climate Summit, Richard Branson and Ted Turner and a bunch of other leaders were there, and I was there to attend and to learn and to network, and trying to help figure out how do we communicate that which Supreme Master was talking about. How do we get people to take that step forward on an individual level, by eating more consciously. I applaud Supreme Master for being a real leader on this. So we have the food, we have the technology, we just need to have the political will, and to sum it up, the moral courage to evolve individually and collectively.

The music beautiful, the Supreme Master beautiful. It was a beautiful experience, I like it too much. I didn’t imagine that it was so nice, and I didn’t imagine that it was so cruel to kill animals. So I think that I’ll change my habits, my eating habits.

She’s [Supreme Master Ching Hai] a very impressive lady. I am a Muslim, but I felt that she is bringing in ideas from Buddhism, from Hinduism, from Christianity, Judaism and provide a common platform with some of her ideas. She’s trying to make the world a better place for everybody and I think that’s the way human beings should progress with life.

I love her [Supreme Master Ching Hai]. I’m calling her “Mommy Heart.” We had a special treat to meet her. I guess a brunch, and she had us up to her room and she cooked for us. I mean, it was a spread of food and there’s so much more backstage that she brought, and she wants everybody to take a bag of food home. So she’s quite remarkable, she really is. “Mommy Heart” I love you. It was an honor to meet her. My consciousness is elevated, it really is.

Keep doing what you’re doing. Keep elevating yourself, because as you elevate yourself, you elevate us, and God bless you, and I love you, “Mommy Heart.” I’ll never forget you, I won’t forget you. I hope I see you again. I know I’ll see you again. There are no coincidences in life.

Be Veg, Go Green, 2 Save the Planet! Please!

It was a joy to have your company today for Supreme Master Television’s rebroadcast of “The Greenest Heroes Gala.” Join us again Monday, March 7 for part 3 of this spectacular celebration. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for Words of Wisdom. May we treasure and honor all co-inhabitants with mutual love and respect.
Our next performer is well known for three things, and I bet you, you can’t guess what they are.

He has good vibrations. He popularized surfing in the USA. And he gets around, round, round. He gets around. (Yes.)

Al Jardine is a founding member of one of the most well-known and most loved band of all times, The Beach Boys. Yes!

He is an American icon, and the music of this band still resonates. There he is! Thank you, thank you. Yes, the music of that band still resonates in the minds and heart of millions of fans worldwide.

So people, Al, the guy in the middle, provided the harmony vocals and was the guitarist, of course, for The Beach Boys. (Thanks for coming, guys.) Singing lead on songs such as “Help me Ronda”…

No, no, no, no, you have to sing it.

No, I’ll leave that to you, my darling. “California Saga,” “Vegetables,” “Transcendental Meditation,” many, many others. This outstanding group has been awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, and Al was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

For this evening’s performance, Al will be performing three pieces for us.

The first is his original composition adapted from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s own poem, “Eternal Ballad.”

Again? My God.

His second number will be “Surfer Girl,” with music and lyrics by Brian Wilson. And finally, he will perform “Kokomo,” with music and lyrics by John Phillips, Scott McKenzie, Mike Love and Terry Melcher. Al Jardine will be lead vocalist accompanied by his sons, Matt and Adam. Take it away, boys.

Thanks for coming.

Thank you so much. Thank you.

Greetings to the God within!

Well, we are indeed happy to be here tonight. Supreme Master, it’s very gracious of you. And we have chosen to sing for you, one of our favorite poems, called “The Eternal Ballad,” which is just a gorgeous poem, and very deep, intellectually deep and spiritually deep poem that we’ve put to music. And my two sons, Matthew and Adam, are going to be my background singers, and it’s going to be beautiful. (Thank you.) And then I would like to do a couple of more familiar, maybe some contemporary songs, by The Beach Boys. And we just selected a couple of random tunes for you. I hope you like them.

In my dream You came to me, Whispering love Eternally
Whispering love Eternally. In my dream You came to me
Me-mo-ry When time was young And life took wings Beyond heaven!
Me-mo-ry When time was young And life took wings And my heart sang Golden time!...
Of longing pine For the Home We've left behind For the Home We've left behind
In my dream The soul's so bright
The thousands suns Adorn the sky The trillion stars Light the milky way!
The trillion stars Light up the night. Golden time!...
Of longing pine For the Home We've left behind For the Home We've left behind
We've left behind We've left behind We've left behind

Thank you so much, I hope you like it. (Thank you, thank you.) Alright. It’s a beautiful poem. I love the concept of the Milky Way, the trillion stars light up the night. It’s just beautiful.

Thank you.

Well done.

Thank you.

Well done.

I am glad you like it, and I am very honored.

Yes, these are her original lyrics, I want you all to know. These are very, very beautiful lyrics.

I am honored that you like it.

And deserves a nice around of applause, I think, yes, indeed, yes. Bravo! Bravo! Now, The Beach Boys recorded a song years ago, about a little surfer girl thatkind of encapsulated the sound of The Beach Boys in their beautiful harmonies. And I’d like to do that for you now as well.

Thank you.

Thank you, thank you.

One, two, three.

Little surfer little one Made my heart come all undone
Do you love me, do you surfer girl
Surfer girl, my little surfer girl
I have watched you on the shore Standing by the ocean's roar
Do you love me, do you surfer girl Surfer girl, surfer girl
We could ride the surf together
While our love would grow In my woody

I would take you, everywhere I go
So I say from me to you I will make your dreams come true
Do you love me, do you surfer girl
Surfer girl, my little surfer girl
Little Girl surfer girl my little surfer girl
Little Girl surfer girl, my little surfer girl

Thank you, thank you very much. Thank you. There is a little Latin American tune that we did. It has a nice rhythm to it. It reminds us of this area here in the world, where the ecology is so beautiful and unspoiled. And we would like to do that for you now I think. It’s called “Kokomo,” and it’s in a fictitious island in our dreams that we want to go to when we want to get away from it all.

That’s in this area!

Yes, as a matter of fact, it probably is.

Aruba, Jamaica I wanna take you To Bermuda, Bahama come on pretty mama
Key Largo, Montego Baby why don't we go

Off the Florida Keys There's a place called Kokomo
That's where you wanna go to get away from it all
Bodies in the sand Tropical drinks melting in your hand We'll be falling in love
To the rhythm of a steel drum band Way down in Kokomo
Aruba, Jamaica I wanna take you To Bermuda, Bahama come on pretty mama
Key Largo, Montego Baby why don't we go

Down to Kokomo We'll get there fast And then we'll take it slow
That's where we wanna go Way down to Kokomo To Martinique, that Monserrat mystique
We'll move out to sea We'll perfect our chemistry By and by we'll defy a little bit of gravity
Afternoon delight… Cocktails and moonlit nights
That dreamy look in your eye Gives me a tropical contact high
Way down in Kokomo Aruba, Jamaica I wanna take you
To Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama Key Largo, Montego
Baby why don't we go I wanna take you down to Kokomo
We'll get there fast And then we'll take it slow
That's where we wanna go Way down to Kokomo

Well, that’s it. That’s it.

That’s it, that’s about as… Halo! Hey! All right!

We… I got one more for you though. You want to try?

For my vegetarian friends out there, we’d like to dedicate this to you. My friend Paul McCartney a long time ago, came to our recording studio. And he is a vegetarian, you know. And he helped me, he produced this song for The Beach Boys, I should say. And so I’d like to do it for you because it’s kind of cute.


I think you’ll like this.

I’ll bet this will be the first song ever written about a vegetable!

I'm gonna be round my vegetables I'm gonna chow down my vegetables
I love you most of all My favorite vegetable
Oh, take a vego If you brought a big brown bag of them home
I'd jump up and down and hope you'd toss me a carrot
I'm gonna keep well my vegetables Cart off and sell my vegetables
I love you most of all My favorite vegetable Table vego
I tried to kick the ball but my tenny flew right off
I'm red as a beet 'cause I'm so embarrassed

I tried to kick that ball but my tenny flew right off
I'm red as a beet 'cause I'm so embarrassed
I know that you'll feel better When you send us in your letter
And tell us the name of your Your favorite vegetable
I know that you'll feel better When you send us in your letter
And tell us the name of your Your favorite vegetable

There you go!

All right for all of you vegans out there.

That was a bonus track.

I knew you’d like it!

We love you! We love you!

We love you! We love you! We love you! We love you!

We love you! We love you!

God bless you, Al!

(Thank you guys. Thank you.)

Al Jardine. Wasn’t that amazing?


I love these guys!

What’s really extraordinary is that Lionel and I came here, we did not meet each other before this conference, but having been here for the past couple of days together… An added benefit of of coming and sharing our time with you, Supreme Master Ching Hai, is that we’ve met other people of like mind and have become very good friends. So now I’m looking around the room, I see a lot of people that I feel are like family now. And Al Jardine is one of them. (Yes.)

I think she just appeared from the celestial dream.

(She beamed down celestially.) Welcome. Thank you for coming.

Thank you for being here. They told me that our Association Members just come in between the great programs. You know like the Korean dance, or the Chinese harp, etc. We are the between people, just like here, we are the between in Cancún. We are no one and we are someone. We’re nobody, and yet we’re doing something.

Like that. So, please, don’t be surprised if there is no introduction, all right? And just enjoy!

This is one of our Association members from China, if you would like to know. They’re all beautiful like that in China. Yes. And Taiwan (Formosa), and Hong Kong, you know, wherever the Chinese people are, they’re like that, okay? Now, you look at one sample. So, please do visit China, Taiwan (Formosa), Singapore, Malaysia, etc. Go ahead!

I know you can clap forever because they are really beautiful, but I want to tell you, do you recognize them? They pass on the flyers on the street in front of the (Cancún) Messe.

All of them, whoever comes, they are doing all kinds of job. I told you, we are in between people.

We are the shadows.

So that’s why you don’t recognize them. They are beautiful, no? It’s Chinese. Okay? One Chinese, one Taiwanese (Formsan). They are all Chinese. I love them so much. They are so devoted. I’m really humbled by their sincerity and devotion. If everyone works like that we have world peace in yesterday.

That beautiful delicate melody reminds us of the delicacy of the world in which we live. It resonates with the fact that we are custodians of our planet and it is a delicate place. We all share a role in preserving it. Just lovely. And of course the melodies, Supreme Master, just gorgeous, thank you so much.

The beautiful melodies that you just heard were written off of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s poems. The first one was “I Will Forever Love You”, which was originally in English, and the second was originally in Aulacese (Vietnamese). And that was really quite beautiful, so thank you again for your contribution.

Off the Florida Keys There's a place called Kokomo It’s quite diverse and amazing and I must say, it’s very impressive that this was all put together in a matter of days. We have a song called “Vegetables.” We performed that song this evening for Master Ching Hai. Matthew starts tapping on his little glass, because it’s a little novelty song that enlivens the senses really and it’s cheerful, you know. And it’s about enjoying your vegetables and being healthy.

And I saw her face light up out there and then she started tapping a glass or something. You know everybody participates that way and I think it really, it was the perfect place to showcase that song. Your favorite vegetable It’s just a beautiful lyric. It’s very expansive. We looked at many of the poems and we thought this one would fit our style best, because it has rhyme, it has meter. And it’s very profound, really. I mean there’re not many songs about the Milky Way, and the stars. And you know, I like those kind of songs. This turned into a beautiful ballad, I think. And it’s called the “Eternal Ballad,” so it really works. We've left behind We've left behind

It has been an amazing event, and I didn’t know this organization before and I think it’s extraordinary. Congratulations. I think the message behind is completely correct. If we want to change the planet we have to first change ourselves. And definitely food is the number one (way) we can do, all of us. And I’ve been a vegetarian all my life, so I completely agree with this.

I think this is how we’re going to solve the climate problem. You know, we can solve a little bit in negotiations, but much of it is really going to happen just through all the interaction of many of the people of goodwill who’ve come together from countries around the world. And tonight we saw much of that in this wonderful gathering that happened here, really bringing people together. Looking at the importance of food as part of the solution to climate change. And our habits that we have and the care that we take for the planet and for other beings.

In Florida, there is pig farming, they have these pig culture places. And it’s poisoning the waters for the manatees down in the Florida area, they found the toxicity in the water.

I’m really glad I came and I benefited so much. I’m beginning to see a different angle as to vegan, and it’s something that’s worth looking into definitely.

If you become a vegetarian, you will not suffer. You will only have a proper diet that improves your health and your lifestyle.

And we help the world.

Actually, I found it very interesting, the event was perfect. One more hero! I was about 85% vegetarian. About a month ago when I went and spoke to a meeting in London and I guess I’ve now become a 100% vegetarian. My children have all been vegetarian for the last 25 years, and you know, they’re healthy. My son is a triathlete and I think that what we saw tonight with many of the people who’ve been active in this is that their health certainly has not suffered and they look remarkably healthy. And I think that not only the health of the planet could benefit, but also people’s personal health, their hearts and so on. And just how they feel about themselves is also important and advanced by this.

This decision to change the world is in the hands of all of us. Because even if the leaders take decisions, if we don’t follow, if we don’t change our life habits, our everyday habits on how we use energy, on how use food, on what footprint we leave on the planet. So it’s a collective action, that’s the beautiful thing about making this change in humanity. It depends on all of us. I’ve been working on environmental education all my life, and I very much appreciate this, and I’m very impressed by her, Master. I think it’s incredible how such a small woman, tiny woman can have such an energy to move all this. And I want to thank her, and all the organization.

Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!

Thank you for being with us for Supreme Master Television’s rebroadcast of “The Greenest Heroes Gala.” Please join us Tuesday, March 8 for part 4 of this meaningful event. Words of Wisdom is up next here on Supreme Master Television. Blessed be all who lead a compassionate, planet-saving way of life.
Our next performer is Miss Kerry Walsh. She is an internationally respected soprano whose wide range of musical talents encompasses a wide range of styles.

She trained at the Juilliard School in New York, and her voice has been highly praised by admirers with words such as “glamorous”, “rapturous” and “meltingly beautiful”, which is interestingly the same words that I used to describe Lionel. She excels in lyric soprano and dramatic coloratura with a repertoire that ranges from early through modern music, theatre, chamber music, as well as romantic opera.

Noted for her wonderful grace and her charm on screen as well as on stage, Kerry has also been an actress in theatre, television, film. She can sing in over 20 languages, which is quite an accomplishment, and these include Japanese, Ethiopian, Balinese and Arabic. With a seemingly endless variety and reserve of musical abilities, Kerry is also a very talented flutist.

Tonight she will be performing “Habanera” from Bizet’s wonderful opera “Carmen”. Ladies and gentleman, please warmly welcome Miss Kerry Walsh.

Thank you. I just wanted to say a little word about this song. I was trying to decide what I would bring to this wonderful occasion, and I thought, what’s more appropriate than a song about love, because everywhere Supreme Master is, there is so much love surrounding the occasion and everyone there. And you will hear “amour, amour, amour” over and over and over again in this song, very famous song about love.

Love is a rebellious bird That nobody can tame, And you call him quite in vain If it suits him not to come. Nothing helps, neither threat nor prayer. One man talks well, the other's mum; It's the other one that I prefer. He's silent but I like his looks. Love! Love! Love! Love! Love is a gypsy's child, It has never, ever known a law; If you love me not, then I love you; If I love you, you'd best beware! If you love me not, if you love me not, I love you. But if I love you, if I love you, you'd best beware!

If you love me not, if you love me not, I love you. But if I love you, if I love you, you'd best beware! The bird you thought you had caught Beat its wings and flew away… Love stays away, you may wait. When least expected, there it is. All around you, swift, so swift, It comes, it goes, and then returns ... You think you hold it fast, it flees. You think you're free, it holds you fast. Love! Love! Love! Love! Love is a gypsy's child, it has never, ever known a law. If you love me not, then I love you; If I love you, you'd best beware! If you love me not, if you love me not, I love you. But if I love you, if I love you, you'd best beware!

If you love me not, if you love me not, I love you. But if I love you, if I love you, you'd best beware!

No matter how many times I have sung that song, it’s always so much fun. (Encore!) I don’t know, I’ve sung it a million times, but it’s just always a blast. I just wanted to say again this is such an honor and such a thrill to be here. I’ve had the, the privilege and the pleasure to be acquainted with Supreme Master for twelve years. And I can’t say too much, because I get very emotional, but I hope everyone is having a wonderful time. It’s just magical. I feel the energy in the air, and I am so honored, and this song I sang with all the love in my heart to Supreme Master.

Bravo! Bravo, Kerry.

(Wonderful!) Thank you so much for that truly moving performance.

(Just gorgeous!)

What a voice! I wish I had a voice like that.

There is a reason why we are all here.

There is a very good reason why we are all here, and that is obviously a concern for the world in which we live. Both Mariana and I are vegans. And maybe you want to tell the folks in the room as well as me, because I don’t know what made you become a vegetarian, what made you adopt this lifestyle?

Well, I had grown up vegetarian. I have been a vegetarian since I was four years old. And that actually happened one evening when my family and I were in a car driving on a freeway, and next to us was one of those very long trucks with the slats on the side. And I looked over and I locked eyes with a cow, who was staring at me. And these eyes were just so soulful to me, I knew that there was sadness behind there.

And I asked my Dad, I said, “Where are they going?” And he very unceremoniously turned to me and said, “They are going to be dinner.” And at that age, I knew instantly that I didn’t want any part of that. There was an energy to it that I didn’t want to be part of. (How old were you?) I was four or five years old at that point. And that was the last time that I ate anything that had eyes and possessed a soul in the way that I sensed it did.

And about seven years ago, I visited an animal sanctuary, a farm animal sanctuary and was schooled about what really happens on farms in terms of egg production and milk production. I didn’t realize that the process of driving milk from cows entails keeping them (Very cruel!) in a constant state that was very cruel. (I also did not know.) And then the babies that were born were put into the whole cycle of production.

And at that point, that’s all I needed to know, and I went vegan instantly. I haven’t felt like I have been in a deficit for it. So…(And you are still beautiful.) Thank you very much. Why don’t you tell us about your story?

Well, I became vegetarian about…must be at least 45 years ago now. I was working on a film, and we were working on a sound stage. And during the break, the lunch break, the crew decided, well, let’s go up the road, and the closest restaurant was a steakhouse. And we had been up there a number of times, and so we decided to go up there again.

And we sat down, and on the crew, there was a vegetarian. And I ordered the usual hamburger and salad, and he stopped me and he said, “Have you ever thought about what you’re eating?” And I said, “Yes.” And he said, “No, but really thought about it. You know that you’re taking an animal’s life?” And it instantly clicked with me that there is something wrong with this.

So I come to it as well, as Mariana did, I guess from the moral standpoint. It really bugged me. It played on my mind for a long, long time, until I gained enough conviction to take up this lifestyle. And of course, ever since then, one realizes that this does make an enormous difference, not only to your health, but to the planet. And I think an occasion like this, COP16 is a great opportunity to recognize it. It’s not only about what you put in your gas tank, but what you put on your plate, is what is so important. So, with that in mind…

Very well said. Very well said. Thank you.

And now we have a beautiful traditional Mexican dance, titled “El Son de la Negra” performed by the Ballet Folklorico de Cancún.

Yes, Mexicans, the great! Look at your people! I love this! I've always loved it! So happy!

Bronzed girl, cause of my sorrow, flittering eyes, Bronzed girl, cause of my sorrow, flittering eyes, Say yes to everyone, but don’t tell them when, say like that to me That’s why I live in sorrow, like a piece of tired metal! Play it nicely! Yes sir! Let me hear it! For sure! Yes, sir! For sure, yes! Yes, sir!

Long live Mexico!

Bravo, bravo, thank you! Long live Mexico!

Long live Mexico!

That was fantastic. (Yes!) It makes me want to go out and take dancing lessons, doesn’t it? I think I could do that. (I know.) Not with this dress, but… Come up here and dance with me! It’s very contagious, when we saw something like this.

We want to do the same!

The riches of our planet doesn’t only consist of the environment and so on, but people as well. People are what makes the world so amazing. So wonderfully spectrum and colorful and incredibly diverse. And so when you come to an opportunity like this and listen to a group like that, you hear all this wonderful, cultural richness that we have at our disposal, and it’s a real treat. So thank you all again very much for that.

Yes! Long live Cancún! Long live Mexico!

Mexico number 1!

I've had a spectacular time. This has been so much fun. I can't even believe it, magical from when we arrived and the buzz was flying around and we were all sort of giddy and giggling. We were so excited and there was just one amazing performance and we all support each other and admire each other and we’re all honored to be here and it's just wonderful.

I think we're very fortunate with all the resources we have and we don't realize how much gratitude we should have and how much blessing there is all around us for every, every tiny little thing. Everything blesses us and that's why we need to be respectful of all the beings around us, our fellow humans and our fellow creatures and the Earth itself. And I am very happy to hear her and I want to try to help get all these messages across as much as I can.

We should make the public and each individual realize that the Earth desperately needs our diligent protection. I feel it’s wonderful that so many people are promoting the vegan diet, the plant-based diet, and the act of non-killing. To me, it’s a brand new concept. I didn’t pay much attention to this idea before.

Today I heard some of their speeches and saw so many living examples who do not consume animal products. They eat only plant-based food. I think this idea is very progressive. It’s one of the very important messages that we want to deliver to our citizens.

In your own work in the media, will you increase the coverage on veganism in the future?

Yes! I will! In my media work, I have met some friends who have started to be vegetarian. I admire this act and I commend it.

I think it’s really needed to come back to the roots, and those roots to me represent, in a wider sense, being in touch and aligned and in harmony with nature. And that means having a good diet that really supports the entire planet and ecology, and that does not include at all eating animals. Definitely, there’s more than enough in the world to supply everybody without having to eat any animals.

It was a very nice meeting, a very good organization, a very good quality of artists. I liked everything. I think that these are very important messages that the Master is making.

Would you consider going vegan or moving towards more vegetarian diet?

Sure, I will start tomorrow to change it.

Please help! Everybody meditate, vegan, please help! Okay? Not just help yourself, help the world! Supreme Master Ching Hai, I’m going vegan right now! Wow! You’re my hero! One more hero! I was most impressed by her [Supreme Master Ching Hai]. I have received some of your promotional materials in the last few days. I have started reading them. I think veganism is an excellent idea. It’s very important in terms of protecting the Earth and our civilization. I respect her very much. I think we should help spread her ideal. I think more and more people will follow her ideal.

I would like to really thank Supreme Master for her work to the world and to uplift humanity, and to uplift consciousness, and I would love to be able to contribute to her work and message in whatever way possible at any point.

So what would you like to say to our viewers tonight, any message from you?

Well, from me personally, just to follow your heart and try to be a better person in whatever way you can. And watch Supreme Master TV because there's a lot of very, very interesting and inspiring programs on there that people have no idea and you can learn all kinds of interesting things. And of course: Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!

We appreciated your company today for Supreme Master Television’s rebroadcast of “The Greenest Heroes Gala.” Please join us Wednesday, March 9 for part 5 of our showcase on multi-cultural artistic talent. Stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for Words of Wisdom. May all God’s creations be cherished, respected and protected.
For two decades, Supreme Master Ching Hai has been raising awareness about climate change, and the vegan solution. She has launched international global warming awareness campaigns, and she’s participated in over 27 climate change conferences in 13 countries.

She’s also the guiding light behind Supreme Master Television, a constructive television station airing from 14 satellite platforms and reaching hundreds of millions of households around the world. This global television station offers programs with subtitles in 42 different languages, and features current news on climate change as well as its solution, the organic vegan diet.

To give people the opportunity to experience for themselves how delicious the plant-based diet can be, Supreme Master Ching Hai has inspired Loving Hut, the fastest growing chain of vegan restaurants in the world.

And now, this evening Supreme Master Ching Hai is releasing her latest book, I love the title of this book, “From Crisis to Peace: The Organic Vegan Way is the Answer,” which represents the culmination of many, many of these efforts to share this crucial message.

Her new book presents clear, concise scientific evidence, showing how raising livestock is a primary cause of climate change, and how the vegan lifestyle, free from any animal products, is the solution.

Supreme Master Ching Hai, we thank you so much for your efforts and for your devotion in preparing this very important book. We pray that this life-changing book meets with the same outstanding success as your three previous works, and that your message about the organic vegan solution spreads quickly throughout the world. Would you do us the honor, Supreme Master Ching Hai, of coming to the stage to share a few words about this new and critical book?

Thank you, darling.

Beautiful woman.

Hi guys! My God! What a beautiful program. Did you enjoy so far?


Some more are coming, so I make it quick. I have prepared something, but I’m not sure what you want to hear. Here’s a choice, okay? First is like I greet you and I love you and I thank you and all that stuff, yes? And the second one is, I share with you my spiritual diary, how to earn more heavenly reward. Which one you want?

Or you want both? Or you don’t want any?

Who is the first, raise hand? First, oh… Okay, who is the second? Who are both?

Well, okay, I have 20 minutes anyway, I make it fast.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, respectful greetings to all of you present… like a machine. Okay, now, it’s serious now, okay? My most respectful greeting to all present in Cancún. And I want to thank the government of Mexico. And I want to thank the United Nations for all that happens in Cancún and in the world, all the charitable things they do, all the upliftment for many different countries in the world. And I love Mexico, if you want to know. I came here many times.

I was here like 10 days or 12 days ago, before you came. I thought I’d come and take quick all the fresh air before they all coming here. No, I just came here to pray. To pray before you came so that everything will go smooth, and that all the great leaders of nations and governments will make the rightful decision to save our planet. I’ve been praying.

Thank you, thank you, you are all my heroes. You are my heroes.

Because many of you came from such a long, long way, with changing airplanes and different languages and different food and different all kinds of things. When I was at the airport, I met one person from Uganda. His airplane delayed, and then he could not change his airplane even, because his luggage is with the other airplane, etc. etc. and he was stuck in the airport. And he didn’t know, the person who supposed to come pick him up did not come because he was delayed. And then he was stuck in the airport, etc. etc. Now, that’s just one of the examples that the inconvenience that you all have to go through, maybe more than that.

And I humbly thank you very much that you have come here. The fact that you have come here, sacrifice the time with your family and your dogs, your pets, your children, and go through a lot of trouble and bureaucracy and protocol to come here, that shows… testifies your love for our planet and all that thrives thereon. Thus, you want to save the planet, and we all appreciate it. Now, our planet is so beautiful, don’t you think so?


Yes. I tell you a secret, maybe you won’t believe it, but I tell you anyway. I’ve been to other planets in my spiritual time, while I meditate. Many planets are not as beautiful as this. I want to tell you the truth. This is beautiful. Yes. Some planets are better, more beautiful than ours.

Some planets are more spiritually developed, or more technologically developed, but not all of them as beautiful as this, okay? And even some of them envy our planet. Many things we take for granted, for example, apple trees, apricot fruits, they love because they don’t have them there. Please appreciate our home. I just want to tell you that so that you appreciate our home and try to save it.

We can save that. We can save all that we wanted to save because we have the power. All of us, all of us have the power to do that.

Well, you have been told already that animal raising is the number one cause of all the illnesses and all the disasters in our world. So if we stop that, we’ll be okay. Yes, then we’ll have a beautiful planet still, and peace, and no disease, and rich, and no hunger, no war no more.

We appreciate the government subsidies that go into different sections of the society, but I think the best, the most beneficial use of subsidies is to go to the organic vegan section.

That will save lives. Yes. Save not only animals’ life, but our lives. Because if you do the research, you know all the horrible things that happen to us through the meat, dairy, and eggs, and fish, etc. I’m not threatening you, you please look onto the internet, like Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, for example. That’s one of them. He will tell you that you have cancer, heart disease, etc. etc.

I don’t want to spoil your dinner, so we just stop there. All that disease that we don’t want to have, all the shortened lives that we don’t want to have, all the sufferings for our family’s members and children that we don't want to have, we can avoid that. I guarantee if you switch to vegan diet, God is my witness.

Thank you. You see, We should subsidize life, benevolence, love and compassion, not death, not war. We have to stop the wars between human, and between humans and animals. Thank you. You see, we are the children of God. Everybody told us that. All the bibles tell us that. The Buddhist tells us that we are the future Buddha. We have Buddha within us. We have to awaken it. The Christians told us that we are the children of God. So we have to behave like one. Sorry, it’s not the time for politeness. I tell you the joke to prove it.

When I was younger, I tried to learn Italian. Learn, don’t try the Italian embassy, please don’t try. I can’t. I tried to learn Italian. And I remember this joke forever. It was a picture of the two gentlemen standing in front of a burning house, the doorstep, inside the door. With their hair all smoking up and their bodies all black and clothes are on fire, one says to the other at the doorstep, “After you, please.” And the other one says; “Please, after you.”

What I mean is, if we are too polite and don’t tell each other the truth and the correct solution, that we might lose our home.

Okay, we have only one planet. Please, do save it. You have the power. I count on you. Can I count on all of you, please? (Yes.)

Lovely. Now, okay. Thank you, all of you for coming and thank you for being concerned about the planet. It’s urgent, okay? I really mean it’s urgent. We should have this kind of conference 50 years ago, at least.

Okay, now, I am going to tell you something about the spiritual diaries, you know, just a part of it. Concerning us, and concerning your life and the planet. It’s our concern. We’ve all heard that a human’s life is precious. Have you heard it? Buddha said that it’s easier for a turtle, a turtle to go all the way from the bottom of the ocean up to the surface and to meet one random little piece of wood that’s passing by with a little hole in it. It’s easier than to become a human, means to have a human birth.

But you heard like that, but you don’t know how precious it is. I am going to put it here mathematically, so you know how many. It’s like money, you know? You are all zillions, zillions of zillions-aires just being a human.

Not in terms of money but in terms of spiritual points. Heaven does count points. you know? Even sometimes my Association members, they sit and meditate. You know, they sit like this.

Sometimes sleep on each other’s shoulders. I know all that, but I still tell them, “It’s okay. Even if you sit, you try your best, but you cannot concentrate and you cannot even go into samadhi.” Samadhi means a state of like, how you say, theta, something like that, very quiet, tranquil, all peaceful inside and outside. Nothing can disturb you at that time. They call it samadhi in Sanskrit. Now even if they sit like this, they would have points.

It’s just like in our world we have business, everything is in a unit of money or possession. Heaven does have points to classify who is who, yes. Now we humans are very, very precious. I put it precisely – 9.2 zillions of zillions spiritual points to get a human body. Yes, go ahead. Applaud yourself.

Congrats yourself. You are really precious in the eyes of the whole universe. I wish you know what I know. Now, 20 zillions of zillions to live a full 100 years, after the 9.2 zillions to be born as human, you need twenty zillions of zillions, yes? -because after zillion I don’t know if we have any more units or not, so I say zillions of zillions, to live a full 100 years. Okay?

Now, we have 400 zillions of zillions to get to Third Level of spiritual heaven. We have different heavens, yes. Many of us, if we don’t practice anything or we’re not even vegan or vegetarian, but we don’t do anything wrong in this life, we just live honestly and we eat meat or anything because we don’t know the harm of it, then we go to the First Level of heaven. We call Astral heaven.

It’s beautiful. It’s almost like here. It’s just more friendly, peaceful, lovely. Everything you wish, comes like that. Okay, that’s just even the first one and people who die, they call it clinically dead for a few minutes, they go to this heaven, come back they cry many months because they don’t want to come back here, after knowing the Astral heaven.

Imagine, some people go higher than that? To the Causal heaven, Second Level, and the Third heaven, and the Fourth, and the Fifth. We stop there. Only purer beings live above the Fifth Level. Alright, we are lucky if we go to the Third Level already, or the Fourth Level. After the Third Level, we don’t ever have to come back to the suffering level of the planets, like our planet. Our planet has pleasure and has sorrow.

Are you alright, love? Yes? You okay? Can somebody give him a stand or something? Or a chair. Okay, now, comes more here. I just give you a little bit, you know, not the whole of my diary, of course, that would take forever. These things I have researched during my meditation, and you never heard this before. So this is, how you say, premiere. Not even my Association members heard this, so I share with you today as an offer for Mexico and Cancún, and to you because you are good, good, good.

Alright, now, there are some extra things here. If you want to be a human and live a 100 years, that’s okay already, yes? Zillions of zillions already. Now if you want to be rich, like a millionaire only, not billionaire yet. If you want to be a millionaire while being a human being, you need an extra 300,000 zillion.

And if you want to be healthy all your life, you need another 350,000 zillions of spiritual points. Normal people, if you want to have a mental equilibrium all your life, mean invincibility, mental invincibility, you need another, oh my God, I could not even read my writing. Any pharmacist around here? I should be a doctor. My God, writing like this. 60,000 zillions to be mentally invincible, yes. To be physically invincible, I told you already. Now, we need… you want some more or not?

(Yes!) Okay. Seven hundred thousand zillion if you want to be a king, or queen, yes. There are prices to pay just like everything else in here. Just spiritually, just more difficult to earn these marks, points, than to earn money. Well, it’s not always easy to earn money, but this is even more difficult. Well, it’s easy actually. It’s easy if you know how. I’m not going to tell you because you won’t want it. You just want to save the planet and that’s all right with me.

Now if you want to be a president, for example, of the United States, don’t tell Mr. Obama this, you need 530,000 zillions, apart from everything else I told you before. If you want to be a prince or princess, or prime minister, for example, you need 460,000 zillion.

Okay, I make it fast. If you want to have like 150 IQ, like Einstein, you need 220,000 zillions. If you want to have good looks, like me, for example, it’s a joke for you to laugh at my expense. If you want to have a good looks, for example, like Mariana Tosca over there, then you need 200,000 zillion extra.

If you want to have a good voice, like you know, You know whom before, right? Then you need 183,000 zillion. If you want a good relationship with the world, with the people around you and whomever you meet, then you need 270,000 zillions. I’m stuck again. What’s this? If you want to be born in a peaceful nation, then you have 240,000 zillion to earn extra.

If you want to have a good marriage, don’t complain if you don’t because it’s all your fault, okay? A good marriage needs 230,000 zillion. If you want to have good children, also don’t complain if you don’t, it’s all your fault. Good children, need 350,000 zillion. If you want to be famous, like you know whom, then you need 170,000 zillion to become famous in this life. Okay?

While spiritual masters are different. Yes? Different. This is for average people, okay? For the people who are practicing, for example, like the method that I share, they have more benefit. There’s just more connection, so you can get more from the bank of the universe. Quicker, quicker, faster, yes. And the more you have, the more interest you earn.

For example, yesterday, if I meditate, I will earn like 300 zillion, for example. Today I would earn like 600 zillions because of the interest. The more I have, the more I am given. This is the point, yes. So, how do we get all this? You want to know or you don’t? So I just go then?

Okay, please. Okay, I will, I will tell you. Well, we have many blessing. As you and I are sitting here, you are not aware of so much blessing you have from the deities of the Heaven, from the angels that surrounding the good people. If you are good people, you don’t kill. I’m not talking about vegetarian yet.

Even if you don’t kill directly yourself, the animals, if you just eat the meat because you don’t know, because you buy it from the market, they make it like a piece of chocolate, then, you are not a very, I don’t know what I call it, sinful, please excuse me. I don’t know what else, I am just stuck with word. For example, even if you don’t eat vegetarian, but you are a good person at heart, you help people, you live your honest life, you truly are sincere and clean, then you have…

Okay, the five precepts, for example, you don’t kill, you don’t steal, you don’t tell lie, you don’t have extramarital relationship, you don’t take intoxicants, like drug, alcohol, etc., you keep your life straight like this, you have five angels always around you to protect you. Can you imagine? Would you ever thank them?

The more discipline you keep, the more angels you have. And these are real things. Right, so these are things we can earn, you know? For example, like 100 is the scale, 100%, then the angels normally would bless you 5%. The deities will bless you 5%. All this blessing, all over. If we don’t do anything wrong and if we even eat vegan, we get more from that. More and more all the time. If we meditate, we get even more than this.

For example, one person who doesn’t mediate gets 5%, but the meditate person gets like 15%. Why? Because the vibration is higher, and then it meets with more level of higher blessing, you see? Because they are on the higher level of consciousness. So the higher we go, the higher blessing we get. The higher it is, the more blessing, the more abundance, yes? We have to just get there, then we get it.

Now, a high level master, a saint, for example, would bless you 500%, for example. Normal saint, who, for example, a monk in India, he meditates, he eats vegetarian, he meditates on any other method, it doesn’t have to be my method, he would even bless you 30% by his own merit, automatically. But most people waste it. That’s the problem.

We get all this blessing, but we waste it every day, because we don’t do the right thing, and we don’t remember. We have to remember, at least feel conscious of your blessing every day. And thank them. Even if you don’t know about it, just feel conscious, be conscious. Every day try to feel that you are blessed, you are protected. And thank whoever blesses you. All right?

Now, okay. There’s more to come. There’s more to come. Even UFO people, you know UFO people? Yes, extraterrestrial. They bless you from 10-60% every day.

If the Master is higher than the Fifth Level, he would bless the disciple like 4,000% spiritual blessing. And bless, yes. But because this master is powerful, for example, this master on the Ninth Level, which is rare, yes? Most masters come here from the Fifth Level, yes. And Fifth Level can bless you a lot already.

Yes, many thousands, but if the higher master, for example, the highest one, for example, Jesus status and Buddha status, they would bless you 4,000% every time, every day, spiritual point. Like for example, if you’re near them, or if you are in the same world with them, of course, the nearer the more blessing, yes? They would just bless you 4,000% per day without you doing anything.

But the thing is, the people who are not vegan and who are not meditating, they get only 3% out of it. Because everything else have to deduct, deduct for animal karma, bad retribution, deduct for everything else and 3% left. That is the problem. We deprive ourselves of the benefit of so many blessings that’s all over us. More to come. Yes, you want some more, or you’re bored already?

A Ninth Level of master on Earth remotely even blesses his or her disciples 30,000%, if a direct disciple.

Yes, yes. And if nearer, of course, more, even. That’s afar, that’s remote blessing. Nearer, more. But I am not telling you, because what’s the use! Okay, now, even, oh my God, where did I lose my stuff? Pardon! Okay, so you thought that’s all we have? Or not? You think we have more blessing somewhere else? Yes or no? (Yes.)

You are right. My God, you’re so wise! Now, the animals bless us no end. Example only, we don’t have all life here. Average… I can’t even read my… just… I need a pharmacist. Average people only, there are exception. For example, normal dogs would bless you… Just for example, I forgot, I will read it later on. The information comes so fast, you know, I just wrote it down, but I don’t remember everything, okay? I don’t make it up. This is all, look at the notes I made in the dark night with a little flashlight or something. So I can’t read it. That’s why.

Now, for example, your dog will bless you 3% everyday. But my dogs bless me 6% or 8%, because they are vegan and I love them, and they respond to love. They don’t just give to anybody, not even their owner. If the owner doesn’t love them, they don’t give. And, for example, I have caretakers who help me to take care of the dogs, when I am not home and the day when I am not available. They don’t bless them that much. They bless them, yes, 1%, 2%. Stingy. Okay.

But they bless me 8%, 6%, depends on the size and the long term vegan or not. The longer the dogs are with me, the higher the percentage of blessing. I am surprised. Now, even… This is a vegetarian dog, bless you 3%. If a non-vegetarian dog, they bless you less, like 2%. Now, because they have to be deducted, that’s all. It’s not like they keep it, but deduction. If we eat animal, our merits have to be deducted and given to that animal, yes.

Now, a medium bird, for example, will bless you 4%. A parrot, for example, big parrot, blesses you even more, 8%. Mine, yes, mine. Vegan parrots, yes. Now, a turkey that you… I am sorry, I don’t talk about that, that some people have for dinner, if you are with them, if you raise them in your yard, he or she will bless you 5-10%. I mean spiritual points. For example, today you earn only 100 spiritual points by something, he will give you 5 more, or 10 more, to add on top, every day like that, can you imagine?

Ten days, then you have 100% without doing anything. Just to keep an animal, a turkey. A chicken even, so small and helpless, blesses you 2-6%, 6% or 10%, because you give them vegan, then they have more power to bless you. A rabbit, from 4-6%. Now, the cow, a cow will bless you, give you 7-15% of spiritual point.

But this is not just like 100, and he gives you 15. If you have 400, this will be four times more, do you understand me, yes? (Yes.) The more merits you have, the multiplied of the blessing from the animals and angels and deities and saints and sages and spiritual practitioners.

A pig, a pig even, would bless you 5-10%. He gives you 5-10% spiritual points daily, if you raise him with love. The lamb would give you 5-10%, the same. A horse will give you 6-15%, etc. etc. An elephant will give you 40% of spiritual merit, the grown-up one. A seal on the sea, would give you 13%. A goat would give you 5%. A tiger even, imagine! You think tiger can bless you, yes or no? (Yes.) A wild tiger. Yes? (Yes.)

Surprise, surprise, surprise. Why does he eat other animals? That’s his job. His job to balance the population of the jungle, so that it’s not overwhelmed and coming to harm humans when they don’t have food. Okay, that’s his job. But nevertheless, because of his job, he can not bless you so much. But he blesses you 2% even if you are near or if you live near the jungle where tigers are. But take my advice, don’t go and live near the tiger and blame me if anything happens.

Oh my God, that’s incredible! Even a lion blesses you 1%. Even the way he eats meat, the way he lives, he still can bless you 1%. Imagine all this blessing we have! Okay, we have all the blessings, of course, from the Earth that we walk on. If you walk barefoot, in a clean area, in the sand, beach, for example, you have 5% blessing. Just to walk barefoot.

Okay. If you work for Supreme Master Television , oh, no, that’s not for you, not for you. Work for Loving Hut, no, that’s not for you, either. Sorry.

Okay, cutting trees at the rate of incredible speed harms us, harms our planet. Trees are also a source of great blessing. A tree about this size, that you could put the arm around it, for example, the pine tree in the forest, one tree alone blesses you 15% spiritual points daily, by just being there. And even the small plants, when you walk in the garden, or you sit in the garden, you meditate, you have more spiritual points than sitting on concrete in a small room somewhere.

And I talk about the benefit of the sun already, so I am not going on here. If you want, you can re-run Supreme Master Television and research about the thing that I told before. Now, even the moon blesses you 40%. The stars bless you 40%, the visible one will bless you 40%. The invisible one, means the faraway stars, bless you also, but less. You just make calculation. Now, there are some bonus of blessing here, my God.

You see how blessed we are. We live in blessing, we breathe in the blessings, we walk on the blessing, we swim… even the sea blesses you. How much percent? Probably I didn’t bring it here. The sea blesses you so much, so much, the sea water, yes? And the sun. The river water, the wind, the air blesses you also, like 10, 15%.

We are swimming in blessing. We are walking in blessing. We’re looking everywhere, it’s a blessing. Please, be conscious, so that you get more blessing, so that you can live your life more in peace and make a better decision for you and for all of us, for everyone.

Please, just be conscious. And when you’re very busy working in the office, sometimes you feel very stressed, very tired, just take deep breath like this and then out, a couple of times. Do this any time. It will give you more energy, strength to go on. That costs nothing. Costs just not even a second to do that.

Or exercise, you know. Do something on the chair and just kick around from the chair. Do something, yes? And take in deep breath. Be conscious, be aware that all the blessing that you’re taking in.

Breathe in all the best from the universe, and breathe out to spread that blessing and positive power into the world, okay? In, the best; out, the blessing. Okay, there is some extra here, extra blessing for you.

For example, if you meditate, normal meditation, it doesn’t have to be my method, my method gets more. It’s not because I advertise, but because I tell the truth. If you meditate on Light, for example “om,” “om mani padme hum” or breath, on the breathing, Vipassana, Hatha, Raja Yoga, you get 5% more spiritual blessing point. If you are a breatharian, and you meditate, you get 30-70% spiritual point.

Do you know what a breatharian is? No? The one who lives by air, and by love of God alone. No food, no drink, all his life. We have a show every week about these people. Some are already passed away, some are still alive, walking among us. Now, if you are a vegan, we talk about vegan, no more vegetarian. I don’t like cruelty to cows.

Now, if we eat, if we are vegan, for example, and eat only one meal a day, vegan, then we get like 40% more spiritual points. Suppose you earn 100 points, if you are a vegan and eat one meal a day, you earn 40 spiritual points more. And if you eat twice a day, two times a day, you earn 20% more. If you eat three times a day, vegan, you earn 10% more. Okay?

Average, Quan Yin practitioner. Well, it’s not for you, but you want to know? You want to know? Okay. It’s my Association member.

For an average Quan Yin practitioner, means our Association member who meditates every day, you have 30-40% more extra, apart from vegan meal and all that. Okay?

I think we can go on forever. Even fox blesses you. Squirrels bless you, beaver blesses you, ducks bless you, swan blesses you, even shark, you know. Sharks bless you, geese bless you 15%, bee, even bee, you know, the bumble bee, bless you 1%. My God, so small, the bee! Not only he gives you honey, he blesses you 1%! Little one! Please take care of the bee. Even a butterfly blesses you 1%. Even a fly blesses you 0.5%.

Wild birds bless you. Seagulls bless you 8%. Seagulls, 8%. Crocodiles, even, bless you 2%. A wild hog blesses you 8%. Turtles bless you 15%. A wild cat 6%, 2-6%. A fox even 4%. Okay, we can go on forever. No wonder, the Lord in the Bible says that, “I created all the animals to be your helpers.” Now we understand?

Okay, I’m done.

Is that 20 minutes or 20 hours? Okay.

You should have put the calendar in front of me, so I know when to stop. Thank you very much, and… And I love you all.

You’re my brother and sister, and you’re doing a great job. I count on you to save the planet.

What she [Supreme Master Ching Hai] was saying about the points process, I really think there is something to that. I really do. And she said something very interesting about how every time you harm something in some way, that you're actually creating a deficit in the world. And I had never been able to verbalize that before, but that's exactly what it is.

When you do harm something, you are creating a deficit, which is why you really need to put the energy into making up for the harm that you’ve created, but in essence, putting the energy into perhaps not taking the path of causing harm in the first place so that there's no deficit to be paid. She was incredibly inspiring tonight and very, very funny, very funny tonight! Her sense of humor really shined through.

It’s a great honor to be here with you, within this event, this magnificent event. And with the Supreme Master, it’s incredible that I have learned about the blessings.

You can receive all these blessings. And thank you for the blessing that you are giving us, to Cancún, to Mexico, and all the world to be together for just one idea, the idea to get better the world. And we know that together we’ll do it. So you be conscious, one, in our family, in ourselves, then within our own country and then with all the world we’ll commit for the best of us.

She [Supreme Master Ching Hai] is a wonderfully inspiring individual. I remember I saw a presentation she made in London where she talked about the importance of biodiversity protection as well as climate protection. And I think what’s very impressive is this movement has really managed to look at all the different aspects: water, resources of the world, all these things in a very holistic manner. There have been a lot of religious leaders who have become active in various ways on the climate issue.

But what I found very impressive was the holistic approach that she was taking. And tonight was just a wonderful celebration. It was a happy event. And you can see people smiling and I think the whole spirit of that was extraordinarily positive. I think it’s one of the most positive events I’ve seen. There’s a kind of spirit of agreement and goodwill. That’s something that I hope will carry into the final week of this COP.

She’s obviously studied for many years and meditated for many, many years. As a studier of Kabbalah and Buddhism, I personally for myself, you can see all roads ultimately lead to Rome. Because what she’s really talking about is metaphysics, the laws of the universe, that when you go against the laws that, you know, diet, vegan, you’re talking about energy, creating energy and the light.

And the light needs, the more light revealed, the greater resistance, a diet of meats, where toxins are coming in and death and these animals that are going through fear, we are ingesting that. When you ingest, when you take in alcohol and drugs you’re ingesting all those poisons and toxicities, you can’t be at a conscious level and you can’t as conscious as one would be.

So she says you can look at it like money. You can look at it like you are going to get this amount of points, this amount of points. So I understood it on a massive level. And it was great that she broke it down. I had a great time with how she broke it down.

You hang with the crow, you get maybe 2 points, I mean, it’s really the blessings and how you let it in. And I really appreciate it. It’s a great reminder as always. And every day to wake up and be very grateful and it’s always hard to remember. That’s why we have teachers to remind us.

If you understand metaphysics, and you understand the Big Bang Theory and you understand the laws of the universe and energy and how it’s channeled and our vibrations in our natural state, I mean, it’s just a great gift to become attuned to.

Her [Supreme Master Ching Hai’s] awareness is very keen. It’s very astute. You know, she really sees a lot. And it’s all interconnected as she told us this morning. And she doesn’t like to be preachy though, she says if someone wants an idea, she’ll give them her thoughts, but she won’t push, which I think is cool. But she has very keen insight. We support people in this movement for instance who can affect others, in the way Supreme Master does. And by supporting her, we support the movement.

Tonight I’m a changed man, really. Before I’m not really spiritual. When she mentioned the five factors of being a spiritual person, I was really impressed. And in me, I’m telling you particularly, I’m changed. I’m going to change when I get back home. I used to eat meat. I like meat a lot, but with what she told us tonight, I must confess I want to stop eating meat. I want to try what she has asked us to try so that I can develop my spiritual life as well.

Hallo, Supreme Master Ching Hai, this is Taylor Dayne. It was a pleasure being here this evening, and I'm honored to be interviewed for your station. And of course, giving my little experiences, and I will keep on the path. Thank you for all your messages tonight!

Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!

We enjoyed your lovely presence today for Supreme Master Television’s rebroadcast of “The Greenest Heroes Gala.” Please join us Saturday, March 12 for part 7 of our all-star event for a sustainable world. Stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for Words of Wisdom. May Providence grace bountiful blessings upon you for endeavoring to lead the most compassionate way of life.

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