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“Apples and Oranges” - American Vegan Folk Songs by Bob Pyle      
Apples! Oranges! I grew up in an ethnic home and food was everywhere
Our idea of a vegetable’s a chocolate éclair Salami, pastrami,
canoli, stromboli, from livery to liverwurst
Kielbasa so lumpy, pierogis gawumpkies, I thought that I would burst
Then one day I saw that I could choose What’s best for me when it comes to food
And now it’s Apples and Oranges, peaches and porridges,
mangoes and marzipan, tofu frying in a pan
Jelly made from eucalyptus spread on homemade whole wheat biscuits
It took me long enough to see that it was Apples and Oranges for me.

Well, I’ve been a vegan for about six years, and a vegetarian for about 20 years. One day, when I was younger, it kind of hit me that eating meat is eating animals. I always knew that in the back of my mind. And I think most people know that in the back of their mind.

But one day for some reason, I put them together that for me to eat a hamburger or a hot dog or anything like that, is killing an animal. And I like animals and I don’t want to kill them. And when I put the two together in my mind, I decided that’s something that I don’t want to do anymore. So that’s when I became a vegetarian.

I like salad with cilantro, at a home or restauranto Spinach greens and avocados, lima beans or sweet potatoes So please take away the scrapple (leftover pig meat) Cause I’d rather have an apple or something of that kind

Mr. Bob Pyle is an American folk singer and songwriter. With a college degree in business and his own gutter cleaning and repair business, the entrepreneur-artist is able to support his creative endeavors, which include composing and performing, painting, and writing. He also founded the Baltimore-Washington Songwriter’s Association.

Bob Pyle’s first CD, “Apples and Oranges,” was released in 2004 and since has been played on over 100 radio stations worldwide! Jo Stepaniak, author of “Being Vegan” wrote in a review: “Apples & Oranges is that unusual blend of toe-tapping pleasure that melds professional musicianship and superb arrangements with both humorous and heart-rending lyrics.”

The “Apples & Oranges” CD, it’s about being kind to animals, it’s about becoming more spiritual as a person, and growing as a person. And it’s about making a better world, which I think most of us are interested in doing. So, fortunately the CD came out very well, and I had a good producer and great musicians on the CD.

I got a lot of e-mails and people who I met in animal rights groups and animal rights conventions told me they like the CD very much. And it really made me feel good.

I was leanin’ I was lurchin’ feelin’ lonely
I was searchin’ for a little understanding someone to tell my troubles to
Your eyes glistened as you listened
Then I knew what I was missin’
Cause a friend that I was searchin’ for I finally found in you.

Oh Petunia the Pig, you’re so pretty and so strong,
Petunia the Pig, Come on back where you belong

Now you’re skin’s a pretty pink when you take a bubble bath in my sink
That you look like Greta Garbo with a ribbon made of blue
I like jelly you like marmalade
We go strolling down the parmalade
And everywhere we go everybody winks at you
Oh Petunia the Pig, let’s get married in the spring
Petunia the Pig, you can wear a diamond ring

I say hallo, you say oink as we walk down to the boink (bank)
To get some money for your makeup and a mud pack treatment too
And you know I won’t desert you
And nobody’s going to hurt you
‘Cause I think I’ve finally found a friend in you

Oh Petunia the pig, you eat oats and you chew cud
Petunia the pig let’s go wallowing in the mud

Mr. Pyle’s song, “Factory Style,” was inspired by John Robbins’ bestselling book, “Diet for a New America” and its chapter on factory farming.

And it’s not like you see or you imagine a cow running through the pasture or living on a nice farm. It’s an industrial operation; they usually do not get to go outside. They do not get to move around. It’s so cruel. These are the reasons that I learned, that it’s not good to consume dairy products or eggs, and that’s when I became a vegan.

Well the sun comes up and the sky is blue And the temperature is mild
But the chickens inside don’t crow at all
On a farm that’s factory style Nowadays it’s factory style

And the rain comes down and the ground is wet
And the pigs should go hog wild
But the pigs inside don’t see the rain
On a farm that’s factory style Nowadays it’s factory style

There’s about ten chickens in every cage
And the profits are worthwhile
And it don’t really matter that they can’t turn around
On a farm that’s factory style Nowadays it’s factory style

And the pigs are piled up in a cage
And they’re stacked up to the sky
And when they get sick they’re sold anyway
On a farm that’s factory style Nowadays it’s factory style

That’s the only way to compete today
You tell me with a smile But how would you like to live that way
On a farm that’s factory style Nowadays it’s factory style

So I don’t support a factory farm
And every once in a while I think about the cries that go unheard
On a farm that’s factory style Nowadays it’s factory style

When we come back, we will continue our interesting discussion with vegan song writer Bob Pyle. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television.

Now seaweed doesn’t sound so good judging by the name But once you get a taste of it You’ll never be the same With dozens of varieties Some yellow, green or black Once your dinner guests depart You know they’re coming back Seaweed oh seaweed, why do they call you names? If they misunderstand you, you’re really not to blame So put your best fin forward and stand up proud and tall ‘Cause seaweed, oh seaweed, you’re not a weed at all

Welcome back to Enlightening Entertainment and our interview with Mr. Bob Pyle, an American folk musician who is promoting the compassionate lifestyle for our animal co-inhabitants through his original songs.

I did a compilation, animal rights CD with many different songwriters and singers, and the title track was called “Rise Up” and it was sung by a lady named Maria Daines, from England. Hopefully we gave a boost to new songwriters and people trying to get the vegan message out there through music.

As Bob Pyle once said in an interview, “What can be better in life than to help those less fortunate than ourselves, including suffering and exploited animals?” Mr. Pyle is also greatly interested in spirituality and learning meditation.

Restoration Jubilation Shouted all across the nation
Like a lighthouse on the shore I’ve been restored

I’m working on a project right now it’s actually a documentary film project about great Indian saint named Anandamayi Ma, and this is her photograph. Her story is a beautiful story and it’s been very inspirational to me. But there are saints all over the world, great people, and this is just an example one of them.
Restoration Jubilation Shouted up and down the mountain
I’m no longer like before I’ve been restored
Now Hallelujah Adoration
Pure as water from the fountain
That’s been sent down by the Lord I’ve been restored

People like myself who feel compassion for the way that animals are treated today and want to help them try to find the best way that they can to help animals. And one way to do it is join with other people in helping animals, and that could be an animal rights group or a vegetarian or a vegan group, and there’s real power in numbers. And when you get together with other people who think the same way and are kind and want to be kind to animals, great things can be done.

This is called “The Mango Fandango” and if you like mangos as much as I do, maybe you’ll like this song.

In Trinidad, in the rainy season people stay in all day But when the rains disperse each evening they grab the banjo and play And singing the Mango Fandango Give me some right away The Mango Fandango, it’s all I want you to play

Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!

We send you our best wishes and support, talented and caring musician Mr. Bob Pyle. May your songs continue to inspire people to make compassionate choices so that we can share the world with our animal friends in peace and love. We now conclude today’s program with the moving song, “Gentle Creatures,” written and sung by Mr. Bob Pyle for the album “Apples and Oranges.”

Gentle creatures come to Me, lay your burdens by the wayside.
You are tired and your troubles now are finished for the day.
Sit beside Me, lay your heads down and I will tell you a story.
how I love you, ‘cause I made you and I’ll never go away.
Look high (we look high) and low (when you’re low)
Come to Me, gentle creatures, Come to Me.

You once roamed the plains so proudly grazing on the hills and valleys.
with the trees and rocks and caves in the sunshine echoing your call.
Now they’ve captured and corralled you in misguided domination
and convinced themselves to say it’s for the betterment of all.
Look high (we look high) and low (when you’re low)
Come to Me, gentle creatures, Come to Me. Here’s some water now, Some hay for you to eat.
Lay your burdens down and stay with Me a while.

You’ve been put into the circus, and put upon the table,
and used in cruel experiments, as though you had no soul.
You’ve been used up on the racetrack and battered in the bull ring.
And your blood turns into dollars as your life is bought and sold.

So I offer consolation and my deepest admiration
for your glorious example of humility and trust.

Sit beside me, lay your heads down and I will tell you a story,
how the world is still evolving into peacefulness and love.
Look high (we look high) and low (when you’re low)
Come to Me, gentle creatures, Come to Me.

Look high (we look high) and low (when you’re low) Come to Me,
gentle creatures, Come to Me,
gentle creatures, Come to Me,
gentle creatures, Come to Me!

Bob Pyle’s music CDs are available at and
Thank you for joining us on today’s Enlightenment Entertainment. Words of Wisdom is coming up next, after Noteworthy News, here on Supreme Master Television. May thoughts of beauty and happiness be with you.

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