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Shining World Compassion Award: Connor Kindred – 10-Year-Old Humanitarian   

Connor Kindred is a ten-year-old humanitarian who lives with his loving family in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Connor has always had a big heart. One day, he found himself
with a videogame player he did not need and wanted to donate it. What has happened since is truly remarkable.

I wanted to send my X-Box 360 away to Ethiopia, but my parents told me – but they had no electricity or clean water. And I thought that was kind of weird so…
And that was the first reason. And the second reason is that I am adopting a little brother from there named Daniel. And Rod Tyler, he let me speak at his meeting in the IMAX and I presented some slides about why, about my 『Well Wish』 and why clean water is important. 

Connor quickly realized that a videogame player was not a practical gift for his Ethiopian peers. He learned about situations, for instance, where a thousand Ethiopian children had to share one clean water tap at school. They needed wells and related facilities. In November 2010, Mr. Rod Tyler, a family friend, provided Connor with his first speaking opportunity at a local IMAX theater and matched the funds raised for a total of CA$1,400. (In English)

Rod Tyler(m):
Connor came to speak to a group of my clients. I am a financial advisor. He stole the hearts of 150 people there. He made a plea for a little bit of money and they gave him a few dollars and we added some more to it.  I think at that point he began to realize that he could do something special.

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