The Amazing Animal Whisperer: Kim Malonie-Animal Telepathic Communicator   

Kim Malonie(f): When you have an animal that’s living in your house and you don’t talk to them at all, they feel very lonely. They feel like you don’t love them. So yes, I talk to them wherever I go.

HOST: Halo gentle viewers and welcome to Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants. Many of us who have an animal companion sometimes have questions about their well-being.

If she is old and has been ill for a long time, we might wonder if she is ready to pass over. We might like to know if she is lonely and would like a companion or if there is any way we could make her life more happy and comfortable. How can we find out the answers to these types of questions?

One way is to consult a telepathic animal communicator. Today, on Part 1 of a two-part series we visit with Ms. Kim Malonie a professional telepathic animal communicator from Ontario, Canada.

Striving to help all types of animals with behavioral, emotional and physical issues, she is known as 『The Animal Whisperer.』 Ms. Malonie has an honors diploma in animal sciences, and has earned certificates in nutrition, homeopathy, and applied kinesiology.

She has appeared on television and radio programs and is a columnist for the 『Sedona Journal of Emergence,』 a US-based spiritual publication.

SupremeMasterTV (m): Why do you call yourself an animal whisperer?

Kim Malonie(f): Well, it started off years ago, as kind of a joke, because I don’t have a loud voice. And I would literally get down with the animals, I would sit with them, I’d get in with them in the barns, wherever they are and I talk to them.

And because I talk so quietly, they would nickname me an 『animal whisperer.』 But then, it just became that a whisperer is gentle with animals, that kind of thing.

SupremeMasterTV (m): You say you were born like this?

Kim Malonie(f): This is all I’ve ever known actually.

HOST: As a young child, Kim Malonie was surprised to discover that, unlike herself, other people were unable to have conversations with animals.

Kim Malonie(f): When I was little, I used to go around to my friends and I used to just talk to them saying different things, and they’d say 『Well, what are you talking about?』 I’d say, 『Well, my dog was telling me this and…What do you mean? Doesn’t your dog tell you things?』 『Well no.』 And then my parents,
back in the 1960s, they used to say 『Kim, you don’t talk about stuff like this.』

I'd say, 『Why? Why?』 『Because not everybody’s like this.』 So I didn’t talk about it. I just kind of subdued it.

HOST: As she grew older, the fact that society discouraged her from discussing conversing with animals caused her some discomfort.

Kim Malonie(f): And I was told by some different people that I was weird, strange, not to talk about it. This kind of, 『No you don’t do this.』 So I always thought I was kind of different and strange.

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