Through the Eyes of the Pure: Trisha McCagh, Animal Telepathic Communicator    Part 1

Trisha McCagh (f): We need to start looking at each other and other people the way they see us with their hearts, because the animals only work through the heart, they don’t use their head. And that is the wonderful thing that animals have to teach us: Think about things from the heart.

HOST: Hallo, compassionate viewers, and welcome to today’s Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants show featuring gifted Australian telepathic animal communicator and founder of Animal Talk, Trisha McCagh.
Internationally acclaimed in her field, Ms. McCagh consults with hundreds of animals each year and teaches courses in telepathic animal communication.

She has appeared on the Australian television programs “A Current Affair” and “Sunrise” and is the author of “Stories from the Animal Whisperer.”  Her journey toward understanding animals began with her cat companion Beau.

Ms. McCagh believes that the year 2012 will have tremendous significance and will be a major turning point for Earth, humanity and all other beings.

Trisha McCagh (f): As many people out there may be aware, or unaware there will be a big change in 2012. This planet as we have known it is moving into a different stage of more simplistic attitudes like the animals.

SupremeMasterTV(f): Have the animals communicated to you what’s going to happen and what we should prepare for?

Trisha McCagh (f): Most definitely. Many animals are leaving at this time in preparation. But they’ve also told me it doesn’t just happen on one day. Everybody’s waiting for the 21st of December 2012.

We’re already in motion. You’ll find that the children being born now and in the last few years are much more knowledgeable, much more spiritual, deeply into the Earth and the basic and more ancient type of knowledge and heading into those more creative areas.

That’s because we are already in motion. 2012 more signifies, the animals have said to me, more the changing of this, and the acceptance of a lot more of the beautiful energies back into us.
So we will be having a very big change.

Trisha McCagh (f): They’ve also said that those who do not wish to take on this change will obviously leave this planet at that time.

HOST: Animals have deep inner wisdom and thus are greatly in tune with the Universe.

Trisha McCagh (f): The animals are very knowledgeable. Even in the tsunamis, even in many things that happen on this Earth, the animals have known well ahead of time what is going to happen.

And that’s why in the tsunamis of 2004, no wild animals perished, because they knew hours before. There were elephants reported heading up the mountain, trying to put humans on their backs, because they knew what was coming.

They can feel the rhythm of the Earth. They know that this change is actually occurring. And moving into 2012, we should all be very excited because it’s going to be a much better Earth, a much better place to live.

And remember to be watching the animals because they will be showing you the signs that you need to see and the changes that will be occurring at the time.

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