Rosina Maria Arquati, A Caring Telepathic Animal Communicator   

Rosina (f): Animals are our brothers and sisters, and we are guardians of this planet and our job is to protect them and look after them.

HOST: Sweet friends, welcome to today’s Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants featuring vegan Italian telepathic animal communicator, animal healer and animal bereavement counselor Rosina Maria Arquati who has lived in Hong Kong for over 32 years. Since she was young, Rosina has always had a special connection with
animals, not only sensing and understanding their emotions, but also 『talking』 with them as humans do with each other. Her first memory of communicating with an animal is from around the age of six.

Rosina (f): My aunty had a black cat, and we would sit by the fire and that’s how I learned thatI could communicate with animals because the black cat and I used to talk.

HOST: Ms. Arquati’s husband, a vegetarian and veterinarian, inspired her to connect with animals more deeply, and together they adopted a compassionate, plant-based diet.

Rosina (f): As soon as I started going out with my husband, we started to collect, and lots of different animals came into our lives. So, it was like the Universe had sent my husband to supply all the animals that I needed to talk to.

HOST: Over the last decade Rosina has been teaching telepathic animal communication and raising public awareness about animal welfare.

Rosina (f): I’ve been teaching here in Hong Kong. I love to help people with their animals. Also, sometimes people can work with their animals and they won’t abandon their animals, and when that happens that’s really good because you’ve helped somebody connect with their animal.

HOST: Rosina next explains what telepathic animal communication is and how to connect with animals.

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