Inner Connection: Brazilian Telepathic Animal Communicator Sheila Waligora (In Portuguese)   

HOST (IN PORTUGUESE):  Greetings, wonderful friends, and welcome to today’s Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants featuring Sheila Waligora of Brazil, a vegan telepathic animal communicator, author and veterinarian specializing in natural treatments for animals.

The largest country in South America, Brazil is home to over four million plant and animal species and approximately 60% of the Amazon rainforest, known as the 『lungs of the Earth,』  which contains many beings found nowhere else in the world.

Blessed by growing up in this bountiful environment, Ms. Waligora has had a deep bond with animals and nature since childhood.

Sheila Waligora(f): It is something that emerged inside of me and that I was able to express due to the abilities that I had, a connection, I call it, a very big connection with animals.

HOST: Sheila’s love of animals led her to become a veterinarian.

Sheila Waligora(f): And when I graduated from veterinary school, I went to work with livestock, and there was a boy, an agronomist, who accompanied me. And he once called my abilities to my attention saying, 『Wow, how did you learn to do this? How do you do this? Because I have never seen anyone approach
a cow the way you do.』 Because my thinking was the cow is there. So, for me to go there and touch her, I first must greet her from afar and seek permission to talk with her. I cannot just arrive there with a stethoscope examining the animal.

The animal will get scared, right? He would say, 『Wow, I have never seen this. It is very different. It is very special.』

HOST: The more she learned, the more the compassionate animal healer became concerned about the cruel practices of Brazil’s livestock industry, causing her to re-think working as a livestock veterinarian.

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