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9 Hearts - George Monbiot
UK award-winning journalist George Monbiot explains that the only ethical and effective solution to world food shortages and famine is a vegan diet.

9 Hearts - California, USA
California, USA, approved the creation of a US$600 million think tank to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

9 Hearts - Russian Federation
The Russian Federation pledges over US$500 million in development assistance to Africa.

9 Hearts - AT&T
Telecommunications company AT&T donates $100 million to helps kids stay in high school.

9 Hearts - United Kingdom
The United Kingdom donates US$60 million for urgent aid issues in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

9 Hearts - Spain
Spain donates US$7 million for a climate change program to help Turkey meet UN Millennium Development goals.

9 Hearts - Renate Kunast
German Congresswoman Ms. Renate Kunast supports less meat and dairy consumption as part of environmentally friendly agricultural policy.

9 Hearts - Ontario
Ontario proposes stricter laws to safeguard animal welfare making it the strongest animal protection in Canada.

9 Hearts - TreePeople
US environmental group The TreePeople has planted over 2 million trees to date in the Los Angeles area.

9 Hearts - Iowa
Iowa Governor Chet Culver has pledged to sign into law a proposed state-wide ban on indoor smoking.

9 Hearts - University of Science Technology in Missouri, USA
The University of Science Technology in Missouri, USA, develops a new biodegradable plastic for films, bottles, and plastic packaging.

9 Hearts - Peruvian Military and Social Workers
Peruvian troops and social workers deliver bags of groceries to the most impoverished.

9 Hearts -Âu Lạc (Vietnam)
Au L?c (Vietnam) donates 300 tons of rice seeds plus US$150,000 for instant noodles and soap to Cambodia.

9 Hearts - Botswana
Botswana donates US$78,000 to benefit Namibian flood victims.

9 Hearts - New Zealand Policeman
An off-duty policeman in New Zealand jumps into the Waikato River and carries a six-year-old girl to safety.

9 Hearts - Rex the Australian dog
Australian pointer Rex saves an abandoned baby kangaroo by carrying it safely in his mouth back to his human caretaker.

9 Hearts - Ms. Marketa Vachova
Shop assistant Marketa Vachova of the Czech Republic foils a robbery attempt by offering the man a cup of tea and cake, and some constructive conversation.

9 Hearts - Lucky
Cat Lucky of Oxfordshire, UK, saves her human companion from a fire and enables the safe rescue of all residents in the building.
9 Hearts - Russia
Russia donates 40 tons of relief to minority Serbian populations living in Kosovo.

9 Hearts - Joseph F. Longo
Joseph F. Longo, founder and CEO of Startech Environmental Corp. for creating a plasma converter to transform waster from landfills and chemical weapons into hydrogen fuel.

9 Hearts - European Commission
Donates €80 million to start the Global Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Fund to help the developing world gain access to sustainable energy.

9 Hearts - David Murphy
David Murphy, an 11-year old, steered a bus load of children to safety when it began rolling down a hill into oncoming traffic.

9 Hearts - Dor, a black Labrador Retriever
Dor, a black Labrador in Tokyo, Japan saves the lives of two people by alerting her human companion through barks during walks.

9 Hearts - United Nations Development Program
United Nations Development Program donates US$2 million towards construction, water and electricity projects in rural western Cuba

9 Hearts - James Mason
James Mason, a teenager in the UK, lovingly shelters, feeds and cares for more than 90 animals.

9 Hearts - Paul Coleman
Paul Coleman walks through China in support of a life goal to plant 100 million trees.


9 Hearts - President Nicolas Sarkozy
President Nicolas Sarkozy announces that France will reduce her supply of nuclear stockpiles by a third.

9 Hearts - Canada
Canada donates $3 million to support Ethiopian agriculture.

9 Hearts - Shanghai, China
Shanghai, China allocates approximately US$283 million to clean all the urban waterways by 2009, promoting sustainable living.

9 Hearts - Boris Trajanov
Boris Trajanov, a Macedonian opera singer and UNESCO Artist for Peace, coordinates the planting of 2 million trees.

9 Hearts - King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud
King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia makes an impassioned plea for dialogue among Muslims, Christians and Jews to facilitate peace in the Middle East.

9 Hearts - Alliance for Climate Protection
The Alliance for Climate Protection in the US is spending US$300 million over three years to promote grassroots solutions to climate change.

9 Hearts - China
China donates US$500,000 to the Trust Fund for the United Nations-African Union Joint Mediation Support Team for Darfur.

9 Hearts - Scotland
Scotland offers a US$20 million Saltire Prize to the inventor designing the best eco-friendly technology using wind and tidal power.

9 Hearts - Combatants for Peace
Combatants for Peace brings together former Israeli soldiers with Palestinian activists to speak together on the importance of using peaceful means.

9 Hearts - Dutch Embassy in Lebanon
The Dutch Embassy in Lebanon funds 70% of a program providing 200 schools with young trees.

9 Hearts - Will Gardener
Will Gardener in the US stops a knife attack and provides first aid to a stranger.

9 Hearts - Pakistan
Pakistan’s newly elected parliament introduces a bill to restore freedom of the press.

9 Hearts - Mr. Kukku Bakhshi
Mr. Kukku Bakhshi, of Ludhiana, India spends US$25 each day to feed 250 homeless dogs.

9 Hearts - T. Boone Pickens
T. Boone Pickens, a billionaire Texas, USA oilman, invests US$10 billion in the world’s largest wind farm to benefit a million homes.

9 Hearts - Cuba
Cuba’s energy conservation methods saved a million tons of oil between 2006 and 2007.

9 Hearts - Thailand
Thailand announces a US$317 million agricultural program to restructure and increase areas allocated for crops to curb the global food crisis.

9 Hearts - USA
The US waives US$430 million of debt owed by Liberia.

9 Hearts - United Nations
The UN’s Fund for Agricultural Development provides US$50 million to assist 126,000 farming families in Angola.

9 Hearts - Norway
Norway donates US$100 million over five years to help Tanzania reduce deforestation.

9 Hearts - Ms. Wang Yu-zhen
Ms. Wang Yu-zhen rents a house in Formosa (Taiwan) to rescue dogs and animals from euthanasia.

9 Hearts - Duke and Duchess of Hamilton
Duke and Duchess of Hamilton, vegetarian Scottish aristocrats, boycott Selfridges’ for animal cruelty in selling foie gras.

9 Hearts - Hawaii State Congressman Joe Bertram III
Hawaii State? congressman Joe Bertram III in the US supports fighting obesity and global warming by ensuring that a vegetarian menu is available in public schools.

9 Hearts - Australian Senator Andrew Bartlett
Australian Senator Andrew Bartlett promotes vegetarianism in support of the environment.

9 Hearts - Wendy Turner-Webster
UK vegan celebrity Ms Turner-Webster campaigns for a ban on foie-gras in all Staffordshire county buildings.

9 Hearts - Jan Juc Dog
A dog in Jan Juc, Australia, awakens his human companion, after a house fire broke out, thereby saving his life.

9 Hearts - Blood donor Zak
German Shepherd Zak, a police dog in Central Scotland, provides a blood donation for an anemic cocker spaniel thus saving his life.

US, Australia, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Norway
US, Australia, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Norway accept a total of 107,000 Bhutanese refugees who have been living in camps in Nepal.

Goldman Sachs
Goldman Sachs, a US-based investment firm, launches a US$100 million program to pay business school tuition for 10,000 women in less fortunate countries.

President Nicolas Sarkozy
President Nicolas Sarkozy announces that France will reduce her supply of nuclear stockpiles by a third.

Egypt builds schools for girls, with a goal of having all girls enrolled in school by 2015.

Energy East Corporation
Energy East Corporation in the US reduces its emissions 50% over an eight year period.

Ricky Martin
Latin pop star Ricky Martin pledges continued support of children while on a humanitarian visit to Cambodia.

American Investment Group - Guangdong Branch, China
American Investment Group in Guangdong, China contributes US$82,000 to assist approximately 200 children in Zhanjiang.
Aziza Muadi
Ms. Aziza Muadi of Maghar, Israel trains Arab women how to raise awareness of environmental issues.

European Union
European Union donates US$10 million in reconstruction funding to Jamaica after Hurricane Dean.

United Kingdom
The United Kingdom donates an additional £32 million to help pay teachers, doctors, and engineers in Palestine, particularly in Gaza.

Armadale, Scotland
Armadale becomes the first town in Scotland to ban alcohol sales to youths under 21.

Czech Republic
The Czech Republic donates US$308,000 for humanitarian assistance to Sudanese refugees in Darfur.

Russia bans all alcohol advertisements in metro stations, bus stops, airports, and other transportation facilities.

North Wales Fire Service
North Wales Fire Service? rescues a 7-year-old Labrador Retriever from a 30-metre deep old mine shaft.

Jeremy Laurance
Jeremy Laurance, editor of the UK’s newspaper The Independent writes an article explaining how a vegetarian (vegan) diet will end global starvation and conflicts over food.

Cuba restores vision to 15,000 Panamanians by providing free medical services.

Action for Animals
Action for Animals, based in Seattle, USA, creates the web site advocating the benefits of a vegetarian diet for animals.

Mexico City
Mexico City bans smoking in all bars, sidewalk cafes, public transportation, elevators, schools, and office buildings.

The US donates US$2.1 billions funds for humanitarian food assistance to needy African and developing countries.

Vegan Society of Chicago, USA
The Vegan Society in Chicago, USA, promotes a vegan diet while hosting Try Vegan Week for University of Chicago students.

US Congress
A bi-partisan group in the US Congress introduces a bill to end invasive research and testing on 1,200 chimpanzees in U.S. laboratories.

Kuwait donates US$1.5 million for Palestinian refugees.

European Commission
European Commission donates US$134.5 million in effort to eliminate poverty in Namibia.

United Nations
UN agencies distribute 8,000 tons of food and provide US$1.6 million for improved water and sanitation in Haiti.

Jordan supports low-income residents and Palestinian refugees with US$7 billion to construct 120,000 new housing units.

African Rainbow Minerals
African Rainbow Minerals in South Africa donate US$5.3 million to the Rivoni Society for the Blind.

United States
The US donates over US$1.2 million in textbooks to grade schools students in Ethiopia.

Formosa (Taiwan)’s Minister for the Environment Winston Dang
Formosa (Taiwan)’s Minister for the Environment Winston Dang recommends saving resources and reducing pollution by encouraging minimal or no meat consumption.

South Korea
South Korea donates US$50 million for reducing poverty through education in Latin America and the Caribbean.

International Boao Forum for Asia 2008
Participants at China’s International Boao Forum for Asia 2008 support reducing CO2 emissions by encouraging vegetarianism.

Candace Cox and Adam Daniels
Candace Cox and Adam Daniels of North Carolina in the US enter their burning apartment building to rescue their canine companion, Misha.

US engineer Dr. Don Schoendorfer
Mechanical engineer Dr. Don Schoendorfer of the US donates free wheelchairs to 250,000 physically disadvantaged people in over 70 countries.

Jameela Al Za’abi
Jameela Al Za’abi of Dubai is honoured by Prime Minister Shaikh Mohammad of the United Arab Emirates for rescuing 60 fire victims in Al Quoz, Dubai.

Professor Chris Rapley
Climatologist Chris Rapley, Director of London’s Science Museum, advocates vegetarianism as a major solution for global warming while receiving Scotland’s Edinburgh Medal.

Dr. Verna B. Dauterive
Dr. Verna B. Dauterive donates US$25 million to the University of Southern California, the largest donation to date to a university by an African-American.

Marina Rikhvanova
Russian environmentalist Marina Rikhvanova is rewarded for her successful work to save Lake Baikal, the world’s oldest and deepest lake.


Iceland, Norway, Costa Rica, and New Zealand
Iceland, Norway, Costa Rica, and New Zealand vie to become the first carbon-neutral nation.

Sweden doubles her budget for subsidies to encourage the purchase of? eco-friendly cars? US$82 million.

Gregg Newsom and Angela Kasmala
Chefs Gregg Newsom and Angela Kasmala of Detroit, USA, teach classes in the political and environmental advantages of being vegetarian.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine based in Washington, D.C., USA offer a free information vegetarian starter kit on their web site.

Brazilian Air Force
Brazilian Air Force flies in 14 tons of grain and oil and distributes them to 1,500 families in Cite Soleil, Haiti.

Australia contributes an additional US$10 million for minefield clearing efforts in Afghanistan.

United Kingdom
The UK donates US$1.45 million to the World Food Program to support efforts to feed displaced persons in northwest Yemen.

World Health Organization
The World Health Organization donates US$120,000 in medical assistance to help improve Liberia’s healthcare system.

United States
The US donates US$50,000 for reconstruction following January floods in the south-eastern Kuando Kubango province of Angola.

Sweden sets higher regulations for the appropriate care and protection of canine and feline companions.

Vandana Shiva
Indian social activist Vandana Shiva peacefully promotes organic farming and discourages genetic crop engineering.

Red Cross
On World Red Cross Day, 1,200 teenage Red Cross Youth Cadets in Singapore distribute US$22,000 in food and medical aid to 300 families.

Japan gives US$80,000 for 5 Braille printers to assist in Braille textbook and education at the Association of the Blind in Au Lac (Vietnam).

USAID supports 14,000 AIDS victims in Uganda with funding for a food nutrition programme.

Đà Nẵng University of Technology and Solar Serve Vietnam Đà Nẵng University of Technology and Solar Serve Vietnam reduce costs and CO2 emissions by donating 1,200 solar cookers to low-income households.

UK’s Saint Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital
Saint Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in the UK mend Nicolas the frog who broke his wrist after being caught in pond netting.

Ian Roberts
Policeman and veteran marathon runner Ian Roberts raises US$4,000 to help an injured rugby player return to his home in Bala.

United States
The US government donates US$50,000 to the World Wide Fund for Nature to support Cambodia in protecting Asian elephants.

Cyclist Mohamad Tajeran
Mohamad Tajeran, an Iranian member of the Red Crescent Society, cycles around the world to plant trees everywhere he visits.

South Dakota, USA
South Dakota, USA, offers students improved nutrition by adding 25 schools to the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program.

Scottish Fire fighters
Fire fighters in Dundee, Scotland, enter a burning house and use an oxygen mask to rescue Sookee, an elderly 16-year-old cat, and her three companions.

Xiamen University
Xiamen University in southern China? supplements meals for needy students by offering free rice.

Disney Corporation
Disney launches a new film production unit, Disneynature, to distribute Earth and other environmental documentaries through 2012.

Oteha Valley School
The Oteha Valley School in Auckland, New Zealand, bans unhealthy birthday cakes at school to encourage healthy eating.

Celtel Telecommunications
Telecommunication firm Celtel Uganda supports free education by distributing textbooks worth US$60,000 to 80 primary schools.

The Thai government establishes regulations to reduce CO2 emissions from large industry by 15-20%.

Shanghai Mental Health Center

A Shanghai Mental Health Center program provides employment for former mental illness patients to re-enter society.

Philippine Tobacco farmers
Tobacco farmers in the Philippines offer to combat rice rationing by growing rice instead of tobacco to help feed the people.

Jennifer Dillard and Amy Fitzgerald
Researchers Jennifer Dillard and Amy Fitzgerald in the US prove a linkage between work in a slaughter house and psychological damage to workers and increased violence to the community.

Cuban President, Raul Castro

Cuban President Raul Castro does away with wage limits to allow people to earn as much money as their productivity warrants.

Manitoba, Canada Cattle Ranchers

An estimated 1,000 cattle ranchers in Manitoba, Canada, switch to growing wheat and barley.

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