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 10 Hearts -  East Timor President Jose Ramos-Horta
East Timor President Jose Ramos-Horta, who was critically wounded in an attempt on his life, formally forgives Alfredo Reinado.

9 Hearts - Kofi Annan
Kofi Annan, the former General Secretary of the United Nations, succeeds in mediating talks between Kenya's main political parties.

9 Hearts - Turkey
Turkey provides US$12 billion for Kurdish agriculture development and a new TV channel with programs in the Kurdish language, Persian and Arabic.

9 Hearts - Germany
Germany donates over US$100 million to Afghanistan.

9 Hearts - India 
India forgives US$15 billion in debt to farmers throughout the country, while ensuring compensation to the nation's lending banks.

9 Hearts - Yunnan Province, China
China's Yunnan province sets aside nearly one billion dollars to protect her rich mountain biodiversity.
9 Hearts - Germany
Germany donates US$80 million to Uganda for supporting development projects and improving the living standard of the disadvantaged.

9 Hearts - US Department of Veterans Affairs
The US Department of Veterans Affairs allocates US $37 million to support homeless shelters across the country.

9 Hearts - European Union
The European Union donates US$29 million to support Nigeria's polo polio treatment program.

9 Hearts - United States
The US donates over US$25 million to Kenya for post-election reconstruction.

9 Hearts - United Kingdom
The United Kingdom allocates €13 million for a public awareness advertising campaign on the risks of alcohol consumption.

9 Hearts - The European Union
The European Union donates over US$13 million for health care for Iraqi refugees in Syria.

9 Hearts - United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
The United States Agency for International Development donates US$12.5 million to Zimbabwe for health care.

9 Hearts - Bruce and Martha Karsh
Bruce and Martha Karsh in the US donate US$20 million to Duke University to provide financial aid for international students. 

9 Hearts - European Commission
The European Commission donates €2 million to assist 110,000 people in Bolivia.

9 Hearts - Greece 
Greece donates US$1 million to provide food for over 1 million Ethiopian women and children.
9 Hearts - Mayor Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf, Tehran, Iran
Mayor Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf of Tehran, Iran pledges assistance for the reconstruction of Iraq.

9 Hearts -  Hammerskjoeld Simwinga
Hammerskjoeld Simwinga of Zambia saves the animals in the North Luangwa National Park by helping the villages nearby develop sustainable livelihoods.

9 Hearts - Pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline
Pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline donate US$450,000 worth of medicines to treat health problems in Burkina Faso.

9 Hearts - European Commission Humanitarian Aid Office
The European Commission Humanitarian Aid Office donates US$3 million to the United Nations World Food Program for cyclone Sidr victims.

9 Hearts - Sir Richard Branson
Sir Richard Branson, in his goal to make Virgin Atlantic Airways the greenest airline, decides to use fuel-cell powered cars from General Motors in his fleet.  

9 Hearts - Jessica Long
Teenager Jessica Long, paraplegic and multiple award-winning champion swimmer, succeeds as an athlete and in life.  

9 Hearts – Âu Lạc (Vietnam)
The government of Âu Lạc’s (Vietnam) mobilizes soldiers to clean up an oil spill along the coastline in Bà Rịa, Vũng Tàu province.

9 Hearts - Walter and Shirley Wang
Walter and Shirley Wang donate US$1 million to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to promote US-China relations and Chinese American studies.

9 Hearts - Stanton Foundation
The Stanton Foundation donates US$3 million to the Animal Rescue League of Boston, USA to found a center for shelter dogs.

9 Hearts - Netherlands
The Netherlands provides €470,000 to repair war-damaged homes in Afghanistan.

9 Hearts - Drew Barrymore
US Actress Drew Barrymore donates US$1 million to feed Kenyan schoolchildren.
9 Hearts - SMIT
US-based SMIT develops solar "shingles," which convert energy from the sun into electricity and also take advantage of wind energy as they are moved by the breeze.

9 Hearts - Sandie Anderson
Starbucks barista Sandie Andersen offers her own kidney as a donor when she hears that a customer is in need of a transplant.

9 Hearts - Morgan
British automaker Morgan introduces a modern, emission-free version of its classic roadster. 

9 Hearts -Simin Marefat
US-based registered nurse Simin Marefet travels the world providing free care to those in need.

9 Hearts - Mark Pacey
Mark Pacey risked his life to rescue Kelly Bock and her six-month old baby, Cooper, from rushing flood waters after their car was washed from the road in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.

9 Hearts - Karl Celestin
Karl Celestin donates his kidney to his grade-school classmate Ricardo Maier after they reunited through Facebook, a social networking website.

9 Hearts - Alex Scott
Canadian student Alex Scott risks his life to rescue stranger from an icy harbor.

9 Hearts - Brazil
Brazil donates US$260,000 in medicine to aid flood and volcano victims in Ecuador.

9 Hearts - United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates launches humanitarian and environmental TV channel. 

9 Hearts - Carbon Sciences, USA
Carbon Sciences, Inc. of Santa Barbara, California creates a technology that captures CO2 emissions and converts them into harmless calcium carbonate.

9 Hearts - Himachal Pradesh, India
The state government of Himachal Pradesh, India, proposes the reconstitution of the Animal Welfare Board to advance animal protection plans.

9 Hearts - Jordan
Jordan arranged to have some 3,000 children from the labor force return to their educational studies this year.

9 Hearts - Darcy Goodwin
Darcy Goodwin of Australia operates a mobile soup kitchen, providing regular, free vegetarian meals to all in need. 

9 Hearts – Phạm Văn Hồng
Mr. Phạm Văn Hồng, an Aulacese (Vietnamese) motorbike taxi driver, has been helping accident victims for 20 years without expecting anything in return.

9 Hearts - Xiongxiong, the dog
A 10 kg dog Xiongxiong in China saved his caretaker from electric shock by jumping on his hand to push it away from the electric socket.

9 Hearts – Barbarita Núñez
Ms. Barbarita Núñez, a thrift store employee in California, returned US$30,000 in cash that she found when sorting through donated items.
Special Thanks of the Month

Japan, Britain, USA
Japan, Britain, and USA contribute US$1.9 billion, US$1.6 billion, and US$2 billion, respectively, to address climate change and support sustainable energy practices in developing countries. 

Singapore spends US$680 million on healthcare programs for the elderly.

European Commission
The European Commission contributes US$243 million food provisions for 18.7 million people facing economic hardship, civil unrest, and climate change.

World Bank
World Bank waives US$150 million of the Republic of Togo's debt.

Australia  allocates US$46 million to stop underage drinking.

The Gates Foundation
The Gates Foundation continues to support the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine's malaria research with a US$30 million additional donation.

Australia donates US$3.5 million to Cambodia for building projects and food supplies.

Italy donates US$1.5 million to Liberia for agricultural projects to reduce poverty and improve food security.

Japan donates almost US$300,000 to Cambodia for school building projects and vocational training of children with HIV/AIDS.

World Bank and African Development Bank
The World Bank and the African Development Bank have committed to a US$28 million donation for economic prosperity in Gambia.

United Kingdom
The United Kingdom allocates €13 million for a public awareness advertising campaign on the risks of alcohol consumption.

Australia proposes new conservation rules for the declining whale population at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting.

Japan donates US$58,000 for distance education at Hà Nội University in Âu Lạc (Vietnam). 

South Korea
South Korea hosts international symposium to support her goals of moving away from animal experimentation to more humane options. 

United States federal appeal courts
United States federal appeal courts in Hawaii and California ruled that the US Navy must limit its sonar use, to protect the lives of marine mammals.

Scientists, Doctors, and Nutritionist Experts
Over 600 scientists, doctors and nutrition experts are converging in the US at Loma Linda University for the world's largest vegetarian nutrition conference. 

Howard Lyman
Howard Lyman, a fourth generation cattle rancher-turned-vegan and author of "Mad Cowboy," encourages people to stop eating meat.

Dr. Martín von Hildebrand
Dr. Martín von Hildebrand, a Colombian humanitarian, spent over 30 years championing for the welfare of Colombian indigenous people and the eco-system of the Amazon.
Germany donates US$40,000 to improve the Vietnam-Germany hospital in Hà Nội, Âu Lạc (Vietnam).

Episcopal Relief and Development
The Episcopal Relief and Development provides relief essentials to 3,000 flood-affected families in Ecuador.
Special Salute of the Month

Colombia and United Nations World Food Program
Colombia and the United Nations World Food Program begin a collaborative project to bring US$157 million in food provisions to over 500,000 displaced Colombians.

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva
Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva starts US$1 billion initiative to create jobs, improve schools and infrastructure.

US government awards city of Chicago US$49 million to help overcome homelessness.

Doctors in Âu Lạc (Vietnam)
Forty Aulacese (Vietnamese) doctors offer free eye surgeries and services in Cambodia. 
United States
The United States grants visa-free travel to citizens from Hungary, Lithuania and Slovakia.

Argentina experiences the most notable period of growth in the past 100 years. 

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia's oil minister Ali Al-Nuaimi announced the kingdom's new focus on solar energy.

New York, USA
In the US, New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg announces the city's 10,000 black cars and limousines will be required to meet new fuel efficiency standards.  

China continues to facilitating its citizens' overseas investments.

India improves the welfare of women and children through an increased budget in areas such as health, nutrition and education.

Freegans in New York, USA practice a consciously ecological lifestyle by sharing and minimizing resource waste. 

Fred Hollow Foundation
The Fred Hollow Foundation (FHF) of Australia donates US$187,000 to provide eye care Aulacese (Vietnamese) children.

University of Granada Scientists
Spanish scientists at the University of Granada develop new materials to eliminate harmful, atmospheric pollutants.

Internet search engine donates 50% of advertising profits to non-governmental organizations and schools chosen by users.

Boise State University
The students' association at Boise State University in Idaho, USA votes to make the campus tobacco-free.

Canada gives immediate visa-free status to Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania and Hungary.

St. John's Episcopal Church of Charlotte, North Carolina
US youth of St. John's Episcopal Church of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, raise US$100,000 for famine relief through World Vision's 30-hour Famine program

Schools in Lyon, France will begin offering vegetarian meals starting with the next school year.
Santa Monica High School students

Santa Monica high school students in California, USA teach elementary school students about environmental protection.

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