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Halo, God-loving viewers. Today, we will begin a three-part program featuring an interview with Ms. Marge DeVivo from the Unites States, a trusted disciple of the great spiritual saint of the Himalayas – Haidakhan Babaji.

Haidakhan Babaji is an immortal Mahavatar, meaning a great Divine being who can manifest a human form at will. He is believed to be the same mysterious Mahavatar who is described in Paramahansa Yogananda’s fascinating book, “Autobiography of a Yogi.”

Mahavatar, the meaning of that is that he didn’t come through a woman’s body, he just creates the body.

Babaji has many different forms and many incarnations that he’s taken, but he doesn’t do normal incarnations by being born, and coming through a woman as a little baby and all that. He can form a body anytime he wants to. Now, the first place that I heard about Mahavatar Babaji was when I read “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda, and that was in about 1970 through 1974.

It talked about Mahavatar Babaji as a being who came to help the Earth, that he and Jesus worked in connection with each other. The other thing that was said was that any time even you mentioned Babaji’s name in reverence, you receive an instantaneous blessing.

And so when I read all of that, I sat very quietly, said his name, and I did feel a blessing. And so then my other prayer that I put out to the universe right then and there was, “If you are in a body now, I want to see you.” And I said it with all my heart and soul and just felt like I really had a deep connection with Babaji.

In 1978, Ms. DeVivo came in contact with Babaji through one of his students who taught workshops in the United States. Finally, in 1982, she and her partner decided to travel to India to meet him.

Who was this wondrous being called Babaji whom Ms. DeVivo was going to visit in India? Let’s take a look at his story: In the 19th and early 20th centuries, a legendary Yogi who was called Haidakhan Babaji appeared frequently in Northern India in the Himalayan region. He was said to possess all of the yogic siddhis (supernatural powers), and the people who met him would experience a deep bliss in his presence. The last time he was seen was in 1922, when he disappeared before a group of his students in a ball of light.

Many people believed that Haidakhan Babaji was the immortal Babaji. One of these was the well-known saint Mahendra Baba who had met Babaji in his youth and diligently prophesied that Babaji would appear again in public soon.

In 1970, a man from Haidakhan by the name of Chandramani had a dream in which his long-deceased father, who had been a devotee of Haidakhan Baba, appeared to him and told him that Babaji had reappeared and that he should go and look for him in a certain cave. Chandramani went to the cave and found a venerable old man with a long white beard sitting there. The old man told him to go back home and come back in three days. Chandramani went home but returned immediately. When he came back, to his amazement, instead of the old man he found a young yogi of angelic beauty who seemed to be only 20 to 22 years old.

The young saint acknowledged that he was Haidakhan Baba. This “new” Babaji who seemed to be 20 to 22 years old later stated in the local court that his age was 130 years. The court acknowledged that he was the same Haidakhan Babaji who had appeared half a century earlier in the same region.

Ms. Marge DeVivo kindly shared about her first meeting with Babaji at his Haidakhan ashram in the Himalayas.

When we got up there, Babaji was down in the water, in the riverbed taking his bath. He would go down and they would pour buckets of water over him, and whoever was asked to come for the bath was kind of a privileged. And he watched us, this took like 15 minutes to walk from where we were over to where he was. We were walking across the riverbed trying to just stay calm.

Everything started to tremble as I got closer to him. And so, I finally got over to him and the procedures always say to touch his feet, the tradition in India. So I bent down to touch his feet and then stood up, and in standing this close. And he said, “What your names?” And I couldn’t – I opened my mouth and I knew what my name was, but I couldn’t say anything, nothing would come out.

My partner says, “Oh, our names, what are our names? I don’t remember what our names are.” So finally, he says, “We’re Jim and Marge,” and then I could open my mouth and I said, “and we came from our teacher Emahmn.” Emahmn was the one who taught us for that whole year, and I knew that he was very close to Emahmn. And Babaji just turned and he looked down the riverbed and he screamed, “Emahmn, Emahmn!” with all his force. And then when he turned back to us, there was none of that. He just looked at us, and he told us to go sit under a tree where it was shady because it was very hot.

So we finally sat in the shade and he came up to talk to us. We’re sitting there and kind of trembling, in awe and unable to really function at all. He walked in front of us. He just kept pacing back and forth, back and forth. He was building up this energy back and forth. And then he grabbed a chapatti, because it was lunch time and there was a plate of chapatti there.

He took a bite out of it and then he breathed on the rest of it. And he went over to Jim and he said, “Open,” and he shoved the chapatti in Jim’s mouth, and Jim ate it. And then he did the same thing with me, with a smaller one, and the minute that food got into our mouth with his energy on it, everything calmed down.

It was just total peace, harmony, “Here we are in India. Isn’t this great? Here is Babaji.” And it felt like that was all there was, and all that there had ever been was Babaji, and that this was a normal life. The only thing about that was that as we went on with our day, we realized we couldn’t even remember anything from our other life.

We knew that I had three sisters, Jim had five sisters, and neither of us could remember even one sister's name. It was like, this was the only life. It wore off by the time we were coming back. But it stayed this way the whole time we were there really. So that was a blessing because we could go on with daily life there as if this is normal and this is fine, because it was such a complete different lifestyle.

And if we had stayed in that state of awe that we had started out in, I don't think we could have stayed there at all. It was just too intense.

“His eyes are dark and sparkling, laughing, full of bliss, endless in their depth; seeming to contain or reflect the cosmos. … His face is full, like the sun. His beauty is beyond this world. … His body is broad, sometimes quite large in stature. At times, he seems to carry the earth in his belly. … One devotee had an experience of entering Babaji's body and in fact viewing, seemingly, the whole universe contained therein. Despite this load, grace characterizes all of his movements.

He walks, sometimes carrying a staff, and his feet, like the lotus flower, do not seem to rest on the ground. At times he leaves no footprints. … Some people who have carried him report that he seems to weigh almost nothing.” “What one observes in Babaji's physical appearance depends upon what Babaji chooses to disclose. Sheila, an Indian devotee, first met Babaji in 1972.

… When she first saw Babaji, she spoke to him internally. She asked that if he were what he was reported as being, he should disclose himself to her. For the next half hour, as she continually pinched herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming, she stared at his face, which changed like a kaleidoscope, from one form of God to another, running the gamut of Hindu and other deities. I have seen him also, with my physical eyes, as the great Lord Shiva… One time I even saw his face as Hanuman, the beloved monkey-faced god who is said to be a Shiva manifestation… This fairest flower of creation, ocean of mercy without any motive; why has he come to the world? To the worldly minded it is impossible to perceive Babaji's nature.

But God has few to whom he whispers in the ear. It is for these that he has come into the world. This is what he said: I am everywhere – in your every breath. I am come to help you realize unity beyond division. I will show you a freedom you have not imagined. You must seek that unity where there is an awareness that we are all one and the same. You should seek harmony in all that you do. I am harmony...”

He gave us the mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” (I take refuge in God) as the way to purify and be in alignment with ourselves. And so, while in his presence, you could feel, it was like a vibrational Om Namah Shivaya (I take refuge in God) all over the land, all around.

But the major things were just how you knew that he knew everything about you, and still loved you. There was so much unconditional love coming out of him, even though he knew all my past, all my future.

That was mind-boggling, I mean, truly mind-boggling, and to actually feel unconditional love from any being, is something I don’t think you get over. And I think that’s what had a lot of the people really staying there and wanting to be there so much, is because you felt that total complete acceptance and unconditional love.

Today, many years after Ms. DeVivo studied with Babaji in India, and long since he had left that form, she is still communicating and working with her beloved teacher. The mission is to spread the eternal teachings of Truth, Simplicity, and Love, service to humanity, and remembering God.

Upon Babaji’s instruction for this mission, Ms. Marge DeVivo created a website for all to freely access his universal teachings and an online spiritual-minded community at

Thank you for your kind company today. Please join us next Sunday, October 24, for the continuation of our three-part program, when we will hear various accounts about the miraculous immortal saint, Mahavatar Babaji.

Now, please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for Our Noble Lineage, right after Noteworthy News. Blessed be the Divine within you.
Greetings and welcome to A Journey through Aesthetic Realms. Today, we present the 2nd of a 3-part series on Sri Haidakhan Babaji, featuring an interview with Ms. Marge DeVivo, who is one of Babaji’s trusted disciples from the United States.

Last week, we heard the story of how a young yogi who was discovered in a cave in Haidakhan, India in 1970 was believed to be the legendary Haidakhan Babaji who lived in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Ms. DeVivo also shared how she first came into contact with him at his Haidakhan ashram in India.

Today, we’ll continue our interview with Ms. DeVivo about her encounter with the legendary saint who is regarded by many as the immortal Mahavatar Babaji who is described in Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi.”

It was a constant checking within and, “Am I in alignment or am I not?”

And he always gave an indication really quickly of when you were in alignment. He always gave some sort of blessing or something or gave you a piece of fruit or just smiled. There was an immediate acknowledgment anytime you were in alignment.

But if you were ever going to him in expectation, you didn't get anything. He didn't even look at you if you were not right in the zone, right on the beam at that moment. So, it was a great way to know when you're in alignment, when you're not, knowing that your inner atmosphere is the most important thing around him at every given moment.

Before I went, I knew that his teachings were truth, simplicity and love and unity of all religions. And then in Haidakhan, you live that, because there's people from every country in the world all visiting there and you might all speak a different language most of the time. But then when you went into the temple, you all sang in Sanskrit and you all sang the names of God.

Previously, Ms. DeVivo shared with us that so many people wished to stay in Babaji’s presence largely because of the unconditional love which they felt from him. Babaji had said: “Whosoever comes to me with love, then I will show him/her love beyond anything imaginable.”

There was so much unconditional love coming out of him, even though he knew all my past, all my future.

That was mind-boggling, I mean, truly mind-boggling, and to actually feel unconditional love from any being, is something I don’t think you get over.

You knew that he knew if you weren’t doing what you said you would do, or if you weren’t treating someone else in the ashram exactly very nicely, you knew that he knew all of it. And he would often just burst into rooms. It was an omnipresent, omniscience type of experience, where you just knew, okay the jig’s up, there is no fake anything.

He knows me from my core. Who else can you run into who will make you really truly be accountable to yourself? And that was one of the greatest blessings of being there.

Illustrating Babaji’s deep knowing is the following experience shared with Ms. Devivo and others by a devotee named Dan Brule.

“In kindergarten, I was taught to squeeze to the left side of my chair in order to make room for my “Guardian Angel” to sit. Deeply impressed, I took these instructions very seriously. I remember consciously and obediently forming the secret habit of leaving space beside me for what the nuns and priests told me was God's heavenly messenger and special protector, my personally assigned guide and helper.

I don't know when I left that ritual behind, or when that delightful childhood game faded away, but I remember exactly when the memory of it was awakened. It was August 1980. It was my second day in Haidakhan. I was sitting in the shade on a stone ledge, leaning back against a wall. [A] woman, who told me that she had been Babaji's disciple for 8 lifetimes, was screaming at me as if I had just committed a mortal sin! She was threatening me with a stick. “Do you know

where you are sitting? That's Babaji's room behind you! You can't sit there!” A moment later Babaji came whirling around the corner of the building. She began to prostrate herself and attempted to kiss his feet. But he walked right past her and snuggled up alongside me on the seat.

He curled up like a cute little boy, his eyes sparkled, he giggled like a child in church! The moment exploded in a gentle burst of white light! And I was back at that kindergarten desk. I was looking into the loving eyes of my Guardian Angel! Everything stopped. He was, in that moment, the most beautiful man I had ever known!”

There are many fascinating reports about Babaji’s supernatural powers: In September 1970, Babaji ascended Mount Kailash in India and sat on the summit absolutely motionless and without food, sleep, or leaving his seat for 45 days.

Chandramani, the devotee who first found Babaji in the cave in Haidakhan, went together with the great saint to Mount Kailash and reported later:

“All this time I was with him, but not once did I see him get up for anything, not even to have his bath. All this time he remained sitting at one spot absolutely motionless. When he finally came out from his deep meditation, I asked him how he would have his bath, since I could not see water anywhere. He answered me: “I order the wind to fetch me water and that is what I bathe with.” Then I noticed that his lovely long tresses were dripping with water…”

Chandramani also recounted that not only did Babaji not eat for long periods of time, but that also he himself didn’t feel hungry while staying with him. However, once when Chandramani was very thirsty, Babaji let water and milk spring forth from a Shivalingam, a stone symbolizing Lord Shiva.

It has also been observed that at times, Babaji’s feet left no footprints, that his clothes didn’t get soiled when he was walking in mud, and that he was light as a feather when carried by someone else. He was seen appearing in different places at the same time, and a lion and a cobra who came near him behaved as though they were household animal companions.

Babaji was also said to have the ability to miraculously multiply food: The kitchen workers in his ashram experienced that there was always enough food for visitors, even when suddenly a bus with 100 visitors came and they had only prepared food for 20 people.

Yet another fascinating ability of Haidakhan Babaji was that he could speak many languages – without any accent!

Every time we’re away from Babaji, we'd say gosh, we have to ask him all these questions, and then we get in his presence – and there were no questions. The mind was just… everything’s fine, no questions, no problems, nothing.

I finally wrote down all the questions and said, “Okay, this is it, we’ve got to ask him all these things.” So we took that list, went back to the ashram, to the temple where Babaji was for this whole celebration.

So I’m reading the questions, and he was answering in Hindi. If there were Indian translators around, he'd used them, but if he was with you alone he would speak your language completely. And not even with an accent. He would speak exactly the way that you would talk, actually.

Babaji said of himself, “I am nobody and nothing. This body has no meaning. I am only a mirror in which you can perceive yourself.”

It was so intense, and so many things happening at once. It’s after you got home that you could really look at things and say, “Okay, here’s what he was showing me.” And he was always reflecting back to you the way that you are, the mirror is what we talk about a lot. I’m sure that’s with every great spiritual teacher, they’re a mirror.

Ms. Devivo recalls that for a while, she had a hard time getting along with another disciple at the ashram. Silently aware of this, Babaji set about to heal their relationship in a subtle way, by gifting Ms. Devivo a beautiful mala, or a string of beads used for meditation, which had originally been offered to him.

It was afterwards that I found out that the man who gave him the rose quartz beads was the one who I was having the fight with. And he was actually a jeweler, and he had gifted Babaji with those beads, and Babaji just automatically gave them to me. Then after that experience, every time I saw this man, all we talked about was the beads, which was perfect.

He hardly kept anything for himself. Everybody wanted to bring gifts, and he would just say, “Office, kitchen…” He was passing things out, or even if he wore a shirt once, then he passed it to someone else, constant movement of energy, and never hung on to anything at all for himself.

Babaji lived a life of utmost simplicity. Even during winter, he would bathe at 4 in the morning in the cold Gautama Ganga River and remain there for an hour. In the early years, he had no room for himself, and later he had but a tiny room. He ate sparingly. Sri Haidakhan Babaji clearly had come to Earth not to receive. He had said: “I have come to give, only to give. Are you ready to receive? I give everything but few ask for what I have really come to give.”

While using his physical vehicle, Babaji took on the bad karma of others to relieve them of their suffering.

He was always taking on karma, constantly. I mean in Haidakhan he was just glowing with so much energy, and by the time we went to Vrindavan, and there were the hundreds of people from morning till night, he just looked like he was in agony.

This was just one of many ways that Babaji was assisting humankind with his vast spiritual abilities.

It really looked like it was very, very difficult for a being like him to come into a physical body and function in a way that didn’t blow somebody off the planet, because he could do that. It’s really important that he tones it way down, he gives you only as much as you can handle. And maybe just a little bit more than that.

In describing his great power, Babaji likened himself to fire. He said, “I am like fire. Don’t stay too far away or you will not get the warmth. But don’t get too near or you may burn yourself. Learn the right distance.” Babaji had appeared in 1970 and remained in his physical form for 14 years until 1984, when he stopped his heart. He had mentioned many times to his devotees that he was going to leave.

Thank you, elevated viewers, for your company today. Please join us again next Sunday, October 31, for the third and final part of our interview with Ms. Marge DeVivo in getting to know more about Sri Haidakhan Babaji. Be sure to tune in as Supreme Master Ching Hai shares her insights about Babaji, the wondrous immortal saint.

Now, please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for Our Noble Lineage, right after Noteworthy News. May Heaven’s love and light guide you always.

To find out more about Babaji and his message, please visit and
Haidakhan Babaji is an immortal Mahavatar, meaning a great Divine being who can manifest a human form at will. He is believed to be the same mysterious Mahavatar who is described in Paramahansa Yogananda’s fascinating book, “Autobiography of a Yogi.”

Babaji had most recently appeared to the public in 1970 and remained in his physical form for 14 years until 1984. Ms. Marge DeVivo is one of Babaji’s trusted disciples from the United States.

In 1982, while Ms. DeVivo and her partner were studying with Babaji in India at his ashram in Haidakhan, they received instructions from Babaji to change their farm at home in Nebraska, USA into an ashram. Over many years, Ms. DeVivo faithfully carried out Babaji’s instructions to establish the ashram. Then, in 1998, to her amazement, she started to receive emails that said that they were coming from Babaji!

I started getting emails that said that they were from Babaji, and I had to go through a whole big process with that, because how could Babaji write an email? He had left the body in 1984. I got these emails that said now it’s time for people to focus on the teachings more than the body, because everybody had wanted to be with his body, but he said, “The only reason I ever took the body was in order to have people focus on the teachings.

And instead they all just wanted to stay there with me, instead of go out and do their work.” And of course, I’m going, “Okay, where are you? Can you call me on the phone? Can you do this, can you do that? And he would always write back, "Pinda Kacha, Sabda Sacha." And that means “body is perishable, the teachings are eternal.”

As Ms. DeVivo felt a familiar deep wisdom from the emails, she became convinced that they were really sent by Babaji.

Every message I got from him by email was written in the shortest amount of words and the most concentrated energy that could ever be imagined, and then he told me that the ashram project had become too complicated, and that things were going to become very difficult, because he said, “The way the world is now, is that the Great Revolution is happening,” he called it the “Maha Kranti.” And it’s very important to remain in Truth, Simplicity and Love during these times.

To be an independent thinker was like the most important thing you could do. Be as sustainable as you can. And his favorite line of mine is, “Walk on the higher path and follow no one.” Because you’re following your own heart, and if once you’re purified enough to follow your own heart, everything goes just fine.

One day, Ms. DeVivo learned that a radio station was able to conduct an interview with Babaji! The transcript of the interview, made available on the internet, sounded to her very much like the emails from Babaji. When she asked the radio station how they got the interview, she received the following reply:

“Dear Ms. Devivo: The Babaji interview took place at least 3 or more years ago. At that time some of the programs were transcribed. Anyway, we were at a health expo and this middle aged man approached us and said that he was a channel for Babaji and that he would have Babaji come forth if we would put a link to the Babaji website.

We don't know who this person is and never saw him again. We couldn't find any Babaji.net website but some months ago someone said that this site did exist, so true to our word, we put up the link. The tape has been taped over but I remember someone mentioning that the man had a deep voice and the voice that he channeled was high pitched and shy sounding. Hope this helps. Pathways Radio”

Very much surprised by the radio interview, Ms. DeVivo wrote Babaji an email:

“Babaji, This sure sounds like you. What is the deal?” ONS (Om Namah Shivaya) Love, Marge”

Her beloved teacher replied, “Blessings: It does sound like me. Babaji”

Later, when others doubted whether it was really Babaji in the interview, Babaji emailed Ms. DeVivo as follows: “Blessings: I was in that body. I knew the name of my website years BEFORE YOU decided upon the name. Understand? I speak to many Hearts in many ways. You will learn of this. Many will say this and many will say that about Babaji.

How can they know anything about no body? How can they know anything about no thing? If the mind tries to put Babaji in one place, in one body, in one culture, in one time, in one form... how can that mind understand how to use the Teachings for spiritual growth? Shall we live in the dead past or shall we move forward through the eternal now. Babaji”

The following is the beginning of the 2000 interview with Babaji conducted by Pathway Radio: Dr. Bob said, “Welcome to the program. We are waiting for Babaji to appear. This master has been seen in different times and places and in different bodies since recorded time. He was last found in a cave in the Himalayan mountains in an 18-year-old body.

He shared his teachings, guidance, and message until 1984 when he left that body...” Babaji replied: “[Halo] Bob. Om Namah Shivaya (Lord, Thy Will Be Done).” Dr. Bob asked: “Is that you Babaji?” Babaji replied: “Yes. I have come forth to give a message about the great changes and how to live in the higher path and come through these changes by living in Truth, Simplicity and Love and by serving others and connecting to God.”

Babaji went on to caution about large changes facing the world, including challenges caused by humankind’s destruction of the environment and injustices and wars with one another. Babaji then outlined his teachings of a higher path that would help counter the coming negative consequences of humans’ actions.

What he was saying is, “It’s time to be extremely simple, make sure everything is in alignment with your purpose and just live in Truth, Simplicity, Love. Service to humanity and repeat the name of God at all times, and he gave us the name “Om Namah Shivaya” (Lord, Thy Will Be Done) but he said all names of God are totally acceptable, because as you repeat the name of God, you’re in alignment with Divine.

According to Babaji, karma yoga (service to humanity) is the foremost means to purify one’s heart and to attain liberation. Babaji also stressed the basic precepts of a saintly life. He said, “One should follow a vegetarian diet, take no intoxicants...”

When Ms. DeVivo started to receive emails from Babaji and shared them with others, many people wished to write to him and ask for his advice.

And of course, there’s people who think I am making this up, so I would just say, “Okay, if you ever sat down and talked with me, you’d know that I can’t make up answers like that. It’s just not in me, I don’t have that kind of consciousness.” And even if somebody is sitting and making up these answers somewhere, they’re so right on and they’re so poignant. And a lot of people would write, “Well I didn’t even ask him this part, but he answered that part…”

Ms. DeVivo, who diligently passed others’ emails to and from Babaji, is now working to publish the correspondences in a book to benefit even more people.

He said he had entered a very frail body that would not last very long, but it would last long enough to complete this mission of establishing the global community through the website and get people communicating with each other about the teachings and supporting each other.

To many people, it remains an incredible mystery: How is it possible for Babaji to enter a new physical body at will, after leaving his old one?

Many Indians saw him as an avatar of Shiva, one of the three aspects of God in the Hindu cosmology. Meanwhile, Mr. Leonard Orr, a foremost disciple who was instrumental in introducing many Western seekers to Babaji, said: “I have lots of friends all over the planet who Babaji appears to on a daily basis… He’s more often than not appeared to me as [homeless people] on the street or little old ladies on bicycles…”

“When Babaji creates a body,” Mr. Orr explained, “he is descending into physical existence, and when immortal yogis evolve into Godlike beings, then they are ascending. So there is a big difference between a manifestation of Babaji himself and a human being.”

During an international gathering in 2007, Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed further understanding about Babaji’s truly exalted status as the Divine Mahavatar.

A Master of high degree, like Babaji, for example, who is willing to remain in the lower realm of Astral domain to assist other Masters in salvation work is a great being. Even though he is in the Astral Plane, but he is a great being. He is from Fifth Level, super Fifth.

The highest Fifth Level. A great being who forsakes the indescribable bliss of the Fifth Plane, praised and admired by all who know this great sacrifice. I also praise him. He can be in the physical and Astral realm at will, depends on what needs to be accomplished at that moment.

If you have read the autobiography of Yogananda, you would think he is a physical being. But he resides in the Astral. He still can manifest into the physical body for a while, just to do something in the physical realm. Hence, the people who met him at that time think that he is a long-living Master.

Babaji: a being so full of love, wisdom, and compassion for humankind. Though called the Immortal Saint, in truth, he is even greater.

As Haidakhan Babaji once said: “In the past people had difficulty being humane. It is to bring the message of humanity that I have taken on a body.” We conclude today’s program with the final words that Babaji shared in the 2000 radio interview, a timely prophesy for the planet:

“You are noticing the changes in climate, more extreme conditions in temperature, larger more powerful storms, more occurrences of volcanic and earthquake activity and more extremes in the economies. You notice the changes in the perception of time. Everything appears to be speeding up… After the Great Revolution, this world will enter a golden age.

The environment will be in balance and mankind will have changed its ways by living on the higher path. There will be tremendous technology. It will take you to the stars in this galaxy and beyond to other galaxies. You will become a great race creating life throughout the universe. And you will meet up with sentient beings from other dimensions of space-time…” Babaji then concluded with his loving reminder to humankind: “You are the eyes and ears of the Universe.

You are the observers of creation and its myriad things. And eventually... this leads you back to your real self... the Creator... Remember, by just calling my name I will hear you. If you are open I will guide you... repeat my mantra... live in truth, simplicity and love... and remember your purpose in this body on this world is to serve...”

We are grateful to you, Ms. Marge DeVivo, for sharing the priceless memories and thoughts of Sri Babaji. Wishing you all the best as you continue your entrusted mission in bringing forth the sacred teachings for the world. Blessed viewers, thank you for your presence today.

Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for Our Noble Lineage, right after Noteworthy News. May we all remember God with love every moment of our lives.

To find out more about Babaji and his message, please visit and

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