Words of Wisdom
How to Find God   

I have found that to find God or to find the Buddha Nature is pretty easy,whereby to solve any worldly problem is a big deal. So I have found that to find out about the Kingdom of God within or to find the Buddha Nature within yourself is very easy, but to drive a car, for example, for me is difficult, or maybe to translate, like him,is very difficult.

So why is it to find the Kingdom of God or the Buddha Nature within ourselves is so easy? Because in the Bible it is said that the Kingdom of God is within you; and Buddhism,it is also said “Buddha is in your mind” or “the Buddha is in your heart.” 

All of us know that God is within us and we heard about it, but then sometimes we have doubt. We were thinking,“If God is inside,within us, how can I not see Hirm? If Buddha is within us, how could we see him? Why?” It is for a simple reason, it's that we often look outward and do not look within.

  How is it that we always look outward? It is because we are living in this world. We must do many kinds of jobs which require a lot of attention. For example,if I pluck the flower even and I have to look where the flower is, pay attention that the flower will be plucked intact and not be broken.

Or when we fix an engine or taking care of a computer we have to pay our whole attention to that machine. We have to put up with the imperfection of this world. This world is not imperfect, but it is very perfect.

It is perfect in the look of the perfect people.  When we look with the perfect eye we see the world is perfect. Just like when you wear glasses, if you wear clear glasses, then you see the world is clear. If you wear black,pink, yellow,then you see it becomes black,pink, and yellow.

Now,most of the time we forgot God except in times of troubles, pains,and sorrow. But then,sometimes it's too late just to remember then and there. Therefore many people like myself have discovered that we should remember God or Buddha at all times  then we are never late. How to do this is very simple.

I read a story in Indian scripture. It says like this. There was a great master, he told a story about how God would prefer monks or householders,both are worshipping God, and then who is Hiers favorite,yes. So God said, “The householders are my favorite.” Why is it that God prefers householders or more touched by their devotion than by monks or nuns?

I mean,when I say “monks,” I mean “nuns and monks”; when I say “men,” I mean “men and women,” please. We are so used to masculine society so I go along with it,yes? Women,don't get hurt, yes? Because God says,“It is all right for monks and nuns,for the renunciates, to worship Me, to worship God. They have time, it is natural. They must do it. They should, they ought to,and they have no problems.

But the householders, they have a lot of burdens,they have a lot of temptations swimming around them. They are swimming in temptation and then they still struggle to remember Me, to worship Me. Therefore, I am more touched by their devotion.

They could even remember Me.” You understand that? So why God makes such a distinction? It is like this. What I think the story offers us is that it doesn't matter how much we make offering to God, it is how sincere we do. That is how we should worship and remember the God or Buddha within us.

If that is the case, what are we doing every day? When we do that,it means we remember God and Buddha because God and Buddha are inside us. If we do not remember that,it means we are ordinary people. If we remember that, it means we are saints. That's all.

The story I just told is to let us know God and Buddha do not need us to become monks or to remember them all the time. But remembering their names even for just a minute… During our busy schedule, try to remember God and Buddha a little; that is monumental. Just like,if we have a lot of money,then we give $100,000; if we have a little money, then we give $10,000. Comparing the $10,000 to $100,000,sometimes it is even greater than that $100,000.

So I just say the story just offers us the conclusion is that it's not how much you remember God or how long it is how sincere. It is just like we have a lot of money and we can offer $100,000, maybe without any sinceritybecause we take it for granted that we have a lot of money.

So $100,000 means nothing to that billionaire, whereas someone else who hasn't much money but with sincerity and wanting to help, very devoted heart, donates about $10,000, and that, it is more valuable. Therefore,the story indicates that we should always remember God or Buddha within us in any circumstances.

Of course,the nuns and monks should be more devoted and sincere in their effort,but the householders,even in such a busy schedule of daily struggle for living,if we could remember God once a while, that is very valuable. And I assure you, through God's message that whoever remembers God, even just for a while, especially when you leave this world. 

The time when we leave this world,when we die, if we could remember God or Buddha we will ascend to Heaven. That is God's, Buddha's,promise.

God and Buddha told me that people who remember God and Buddha, even for just a short time, especially at the time when we leave this world, if we still remember God and Buddha and pray to them very sincerely, we will be liberated.

“Liberation” means we go to the Buddha's Pure Land, to that very happy place where there is no suffering like in this life.  The Christians call it Heaven or the Kingdom of God. We Buddhists call it Nirvana or the Western Paradise. Each locale calls it by a different name. For example, we call these “bông” and  they are called “flowers.”

So Nirvana,or the Kingdom of God,is denoting similar things; it's just different countries use different names for it. Therefore, I find no difficulty in worshiping God and Buddha at the same time. And then, after worshiping God and Buddha sincerely for some time, we identify ourselves with this God or Buddha and then we become one. Then we become great.

That's how Buddha became great; that's how Jesus became great; that's how Krishna, etc., became great. The secret is so simple, and everyone could do it.

If we always remember God and Buddha like that, then one day,with much sincerity like that, we will feel that we and God and Buddha are one, and we will become great like the Buddha, like Jesusor other saints. That is the secret to becoming a Buddha,or to become Jesus, Christ.

Some of you have heard the story of Sri Ramakrishna in India? Yes? Now I don't talk about Buddha and Jesus anymore lest you think I want to convert you into Christianity or Buddhism, since my childhood is embedded in these two. No,I do not want. All of you are already Buddhist; all of you are already Christian, born Christian. There's no need to be born-again Christian.

You are born Christian. Yes,you are born in Christ power. You're born from Christ power,so no need to be born again. Just stay where you are and remember how great you are.

Now,I want to begin by telling a few stories about the Indian religion. If I always talk about Jesus or Buddha, you might be afraid and think that I try to force you to follow Buddhism or Christianity. Because you heard that I came from a family that was half Buddhist and half Christian, therefore, I'm afraid you'd think you're being forced to follow Buddhism or Christianity.

I say “no need.” We were born Christians already,we were born Buddhists already. We were born from the Buddha Nature; from the Buddha Nature we were born, from Christ we were born. Therefore,we are already children of Christ, children of Buddha.

There is no need to say we have to be reincarnated to become Buddha or to be children of Christ. So those people liked that and they laughed.

Now,Sri Ramakrishna… First he was a Brahmin. Ramakrishna,a very famous person in India, he was born a Brahmin. He belonged to Hinduism and he was a Brahmin. He had no teacher for the beginning.

He had no teacher to teach him. In the beginning, there was no teacher. He went into a temple, which was a Hindu temple,and bowed to the statues, the Buddha statues. The Buddhas of their religion, they'd bow to them.

So every day he went to the temple and worshipped Kali - Kali Mother of Hinduism. Kali in Hinduism symbolized destruction and fear and negativity, etc.,but he worshipped her all along. And the Indian people worshipped her also.

He worshipped her to the sincere and blind faith extent until one day the Mother appeared to him and taught him many things and made him holy. Then after that he became wiser and he knew more and he understood everything in the universe.

After he had bowed to those Buddhas very sincerely. But one saint, a female deity,a female Buddha who represents death and destruction… But the Indians do not make a distinction. Destruction and creation, they just worship So he was very sincere.

His heart was very pure. Therefore,even though he worshiped such a being, he worshiped her very sincerely. One day that deity, or that Buddha,appeared to teach him the path to become a saint. Afterwards, he gradually understood all the secrets of life. He became a saint, a Buddha.

So he became also one of our modern saints who is very famous. I think most of you would have heard of him, no? Yes? He passed away long ago but his fame is still very prominent. You know,yes? Yes,it's good. So he didn't even have a teacher,and due to his own sincerity, he knew God.

He was in contact with God,face-to-face. So now,if we all can do that,that is fine, but there are some people who could not. If the people who could not do it by themselves, we have other chances. We could go to those who already have visions of God,already have contact with God and then ask them for some boon,some help, some grace.

People who bow to the Buddha,who are already taken care of by the Buddha,who have been face-to-face with Buddha,who have become Buddha,then it's very good,really good.

But the majority of people are not so lucky, or they are not as sincere as he was. Perhaps he had already practiced life after life,so he did not need a teacher to become a Buddha or to meet face-to-face with the saints.

For many of us, our hearts are still coarse, our minds are still very distracted,therefore, we cannot be similarly fast. But we still have a way, we can find those who have the blessings of God and the Buddha. We come and sit with themface-to-face or visit them every once in a while to benefit a little bit from their blessings.

We refer to it as “being affected,having a share of it,” just like if we put on perfume, then the person who sits next to us also has the fragrance. Similar to a sandalwood tree, they plant it in a forest, only one or two trees, and the whole forest becomes full of sandalwood trees.

Other trees also have the fragrance,just like the sandalwood tree. Very miraculous. With such a sandalwood tree,then it is considered to be very valuable, because of its special quality. Understand? There are a few people in this world who also possess such qualities, like the Brahman that I have just mentioned.

This man was very famous in India,and also very famous in the world. He was not very famous when he was alive. After he passed away, his disciples propagated his teachings. Now everyone knows him. I just asked if you know him, and you all do.

I am very happy for the Aulacese (Vietnamese) who are able to come to America or other Western countries. The culture,the study of spiritual matters, is very open. It is not so constrained and narrow.

I was telling the Aulacese (Vietnamese) I was happy that they have,some of them have,made it to America or some of the so-called European country because in these countries the educational system or the inter-religion are very broad-minded.

People can study all sorts of religions and absorbs all kind of ideals and different schools of thinking. And that is good, that is good for people.

I was in China for six or seven years and I have not become famous until recently, until recently, about two years ago, then I suddenly became famous. I don't know why. It's not that I crave for that,but I was surprised that suddenly I became famous after five or six years.

Now,that's not the point. I wasn't very surprised until I went to Costa Rica. I made a speech, the first day,and I became famous immediately, one day, and it took me six years in China to make it.

One day in Costa Rica- they call me a living God. But this makes no difference to me at all. I was just surprised how things are different from one country to another. If they call me “living God” or “living ghost,” makes no difference actually, because you know your own worth,yes? You don't depend on other people.

I was saying that,for the Aulacese (Vietnamese) who have come to America, the level of the educational system in regards to religions is a little more open-minded; we refer to it as being “generous.”

So,I had been in China for six or seven years and I wasn't famous. When I went to Central America for just one day, I immediately became famous. They called me a “living Saint,” a “living Buddha.” In China,it took me five,six years. Hence,I said that, whether they call me a living Buddha or a living ghost, it makes no difference to me at all.

I was just very surprised at how things are different from one country to another; the difference is so vast like that. In one country, I was only there for one day and they didn't know me before. I just spoke a few words and they already called me a living Buddha, while in another country,it took me five,six years of working really hard but could not get anywhere. Therefore,I think the Western countries are more generous.

So I was happy when I came back to America, or in some kind of this open land. Yes. I heave a big sigh,I feel some kind of relief. But again,I would not abandon China or Formosa (Taiwan) just because of the difficulties I have encountered.

I just tell you the differences between the nations and maybe to congratulate you that you have such an open field, very freecountry,where human life is valued and where all religions are free to express their full potentials.

I said when I come to America or to some kind of open land that appears to be free, where human values are respected and all religions are allowed to develop to the utmost to serve humankind, I feel that I could breathe a little easier. But, not because of that reason that I would abandon Formosa (Taiwan) or China or the countries that are not as open.

I only mentioned it so that the Americans and the audience here would understand so that you could be happy for yourselves. I'm also happy for you that you can live in such a free country.

So we began with God and end with humanity. So we have not ended here actually. I was thinking this morning when I came on the stage before, that,“Oh God,how I'm going to speak to you? Maybe you already know everything.

” But then I had to do it because already appointed today. My disciples,or my fellow practitioners, had thought that my presence is necessary somehow. Maybe it reminded you of your own goodness, of your own potentiality, of your own most high power,and that you do not give up hope; or if you already are on your way,then please do not forget again.

Why do we must remember God so desperately? Because that is the only thing that saves us out of any kind of trouble, any kind of urgency, any kind of depression, sorrow and pain. If we realize God, nothing can shake us anymore. Nothing can make us fear any longer. We are so secured, so loved,so protected.

Prior to my arrival here, I said,“When I come onto the stage,what am I going to talk about? Perhaps every single audience member already knows. They already know the way to find their Buddha Nature, to discover the Kingdom of God within. And then I go up there, what more can I say? What if they get bored?”

But I had to do it because my disciples in this country had invited me and I'd already accepted and came here, so I had to go onstage. Then I thought,it would also good if I went onstage. Sometimes saying it again is also okay, in case some people haven't found their Buddha Nature, their Kingdom of God; then they may start to remember again and no longer forget it.

If you have already found it or are in the process of finding it, then don't retreat, do not forget it again and should thank God. Why must we remember God? Because if we don't remember God,then we'll be very lonely. All the miseries of life will press upon us until we can no longer bear it.

If we remember God, if one day we become enlightened and realize our Buddha Nature,our Kingdom of God,then nothing can pressure us, nothing can make us fearful,nothing can make us regress. There is no pain Nor difficulty that can shake us anymore.

Therefore,if we want to be happy,to feel free, we have to always remember God. We have to always think that God helps and protects us. But thinking like that is sometimes hard if we don't see for ourselves what God looks like, what the Buddha Nature is. Sometimes it's a little difficult not to be shaken. So we have to meditate every day to research our Buddha Nature.

But then,it is difficult to believe this God power or have an unshaken conviction about the existence of God or Buddha if we ourselves have not once or twice, or at least often,have a glimpse into this existence of the Most High which we call Godhead or the Buddha Nature.

Therefore,we sometimes tend to forget or to be shaken out of our belief. That's why enlightenment and getting in direct contact with God is still very necessary.  Faith is the first step to be in contact with God, but the second and the most important step is still to be in direct contact with God.

It is just like we know we have a great treasure our parents left behind for us,but if we haven't seen it,then we could hardly be convinced, and our speech to other people is still very humble,and still one of those very poor and penniless persons, not confident,not noble, not to convince people enough that you have a treasure.

It is just like we have a great treasure, but we haven't seen it or opened it to see,so when we talk to other people, our speech is still very humble,not confident. We say we have money but we didn't say it with the attitude of a millionaire.

A millionaire has a confident tone; when they speak people believe them right away. However,even those who know that they have a treasure inherited from the father, but haven't seen it, so they don't have that power behind their speech. Therefore,we have to see our treasure, so we can use a little bit of it to benefit ourselves And have a different attitude.

It's also when we discover the treasure that our parents left behind for us; not only that we have a very confident attitude,not that we want only a confident attitude in dealing with others, but that the treasure will profit us,will benefit us in many ways. No good to have a treasure locked behind somewhere and we starve and we have to work every day for every penny.

The same. The treasure, the greatest power, the greatest,you could not even imagine, power that lies within us, lies waiting for us to use. If even just a few people, just a part of the people in this world use this power, then the world would become Heaven already.

But very few people use this. We see only a handful of people use this - Buddha,Jesus,Socrates, yes? - and Krishna, Muhammad. Just a few. Yes,there are some more in modern times,like Sri Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Paramhansa Yogananda, etc.

These great beings, they know how to use their great potential. That's all there is, the difference. And we,most people, we do not know how to use it so we become ordinary and miserable and helpless; couldn't help ourselves, couldn't help others. So that's the difference.

The difference between us and Buddha or those great people is that they know how to use their Buddha Nature,they know how to use the power that God has given to us,within, the so-called Kingdom of God within or Buddha Nature within. But regrettably,I said if some of the people, a portion of the people, in this world knew how to use that power, knew how to use that wisdom,then our world would have become Heaven a long time ago.

It's not necessary that everyone in the world uses that power, just a few is enough. But regrettably, too few people make use of their powerful Self nature.Only a small number of people like the Buddha,Jesus, Ramakrishna or in this modern people like Yogananda, Vivekananda, Ramakrishna,etc.

Âu Lạc (Vietnam) also has a few saints, such as the Cao Đài saint, more recently. Before, there was Buddha, and more recently there are Prophet Huỳnh Phú Sổ and some other saints, Phạm Công Tắc. Perhaps more recently there are a few more. Are there any others?

The Coconut Saint.

The Coconut Saint is really good? The Coconut Saint has become a Buddha already? That's very good. It's very good that Âu Lạc (Vietnam) also has people who have become Buddhas. I've heard that he is famous,very famous. That is good. I'm very glad.

In Âu Lạc (Vietnam) we also have a few living saints. We call one of the saints is a Coconut Saint in the modern times. Why did we call him “Coconut Saint”? Because he lives on the coconut tree. He doesn't mix with society. He thinks nobody can understand him. Is that right? Yes?

Probably no one understood him so he went and sat on the coconut tree,as proof that he was lonely. It is true that when we've attained the Tao we feel very lonely,because not many people attain the Tao in this world. Whatever we say, not many people understand. It's already very good that they don't slander us.

So that's why our world is still deep in misery and troubles. So I thought if I could share with you a little technique,a little secret that I have learnt, that I have mastered, maybe it could help you to use your own greatest power to help yourself, your relatives,friends, and your nation.

And greatest of all, help the whole universe, because I have seen with my own awakened eye, that all the universe, all the beings in the universe, are linked together. We're all the same essence: we are only one. 

I have not read that from books only; I have seen this. Therefore,if you think you are still in misery and you think your life has not gone smoothly enough,that God has forsaken you, that you haven't seen God with your own eyes, then please let us help. Let us do that together and you find God.

Then you'll be happy as I am,as my fellow practitioners. And this,we all try many times,many thousands of people tried already, and no one failed. No one failed with the technique I convey, so I'm sure more and more each day that whoever come has faith,and practice with us, even for a few days, even the first day, the great change will take over.

If you already have your good technique, have your good gurus, you're already awakened, if you have seen God, then all right, I congratulate you. If you haven't, if you doubt, then you may try,and that's all I can say.

I said thatbecause I have seen with my own eyes, the Buddha eye, the third eye, I have seen clearly that all beings are one. I didn't read that from the sutras and then tell you; I've seen it myself. Therefore,I believe that if I help others, it is the same as if I've helped myself. If others are suffering, then I'm also suffering. Everything is interconnected. 

Therefore,because thousands of my disciples who've practiced this method have become enlightened and received the benefit. The first day, the second day, the third day,they got the benefit right away, or in just a few days,or even just the first day, they've already reaped the benefits, depending on their levels.

There is no one who has no benefit; there is no one who has not lessened his or her sufferings; there is no one who has not become enlightened. Therefore,I believe that this method is really great. If any one of you are already enlightened, have already attained the Truth,already have the inner bliss,then I am very happy for you.

You don't need to study You already have a good teacher or master, and you have the confidence that you are already enlightened, you are very happy and contented. Then it is good for those people.

If you're not enlightened and still doubt your own Buddha Nature, and still feel that you are suffering,that you lack inner peace, that you don't have enlightenment, haven't seen the light or heard the melody of the Buddha,then you can study with us so we can share those moments of bliss and reduce your sufferings, and you can help yourself,your parents and grandparents who have already passed away, or in the your future. And save your country, and help bring peace to the universe.

That's all I have to say , and I will end it here. I am finished now. I have finished my speech and wait for yours. Thank you very much.

If marriage is a sacred bond between husband and wife, and your husband was supportive of your spiritual work and there are also many saints and masters attaining enlightenment while married, why did you need to leave your husband?

Could he not have attained enlightenment with you? Or at least continue with you as a brother or supportive companion? Not that the duality of husband and wife continue?

Yes,you are right. But I wasn't enlightened then. I was so eager to seek God,to elevate the suffering of the world. I thought I couldn't do it with a husband,with a handful of duty. I thought I had to renounce everything so God will have mercy upon me,God will understand my sincerity.

I thought I had to leave everything. You don't have to, so don't be scared. Don't leave. I have told you already. It's all right. I'm happy the way I am and he is happy the way he is. He has his own work, I have mine. I am serving people better this way.

If I have a baby, what do you think? I'm giving a lecture and giving milk at the same time? Yes? And even though your husband would be supportive to you, but he has his needs too. Understand? I couldn't run around the world offering my service to people day and night.

I don't know how the other masters are. My case is different. Everyone is different. If you are happy as a householder, you'll be a householder. If you are happy to renounce the world,then you renounce the world. Yes? The world has many different kinds of people, yes,and different kinds of fields to serve.

I left my husband only because I wanted to serve people, not because I hated him. So I didn't do it with a bad motive. Understand? It is the motive that counts. It's not what you do, it's how,and what the outcome of it. I think my husband is very proud of me; he says he is.

And he is happy now, and so am I. And I couldn't like that kind of life. I couldn't serve only one or two - I have to serve the whole human beings at large. He supports me, but not as much as if I'm alone now. Understand? Not that I could go any place,any nation and anytime I want.

And you see,with the limited money of the householder… And then I have to keep birthday presentsand sister-in-law's present, mother-in-law's birthday, all this kind of thing. What do you think when I have time for you?

You know I work every night since I became famous, sometimes until 2,3 o'clock in the morning,giving initiation to people, attending to people, and then 5 o'clock get up again,meditate. How would I attend my husband?

All day long I'm away, all night I am with people, morning I meditate. What do you think about a husband who wants to have babies and who wants to have a wife attending to him? I want to give to people totally,totally.

Yes,being vegetarian can really have a big impact on this big issue which is the loss of biodiversity.

Is enlightenment simply realizing that I'm enlightened?

No. You have to be enlightened. “Enlightened” has its significance of its own. “Enlightened” means light, have light - en-light. You have the light within yourself. And when it is “enlight-ed,” then you are enlightened.

So “enlightened” means you see the Light of God or you hear the Words from God. The Words from God is not in the human language. It is in a different language, the inner Voice.

* How can my practice of Quan Yin help alleviate the violence overtaking the world? I ask this because I see history has been increasingly more violent, even though I do meditate already. I ask this maybe because I need more faith and more global evidence of improvement. Thank you.

Do you practice Quan Yin Method? Who asked this question, may I ask please? What kind of method do you practice? Meditate on breath, on mantra? You see,it's better that you're devoted to one technique that you like most.

Then you get the result quicker in the end and your faith is more firm. I think at the moment you are still searching. You just try, but you are not sure and you have not met the technique that brings calm and peace and faith into your heart.

So you may try the Quan Yin technique. It's truly a wonder, compared to the others. I dare not say other techniques are not good,no. It's just sometimes it's not suitable for you. For me,the Quan Yin is the best,the fastest, and also the Buddha says so.

The Buddha says it's the fastest. What I mean is if we have not been in contact with the Light and Sound of God within, no matter with what technique you use, if it has not brought you to that bridge of Light, then you will still be in doubt.

Then you are not yet secured of God's salvation. All right? But,actually,it's sad. Not many people will listen to me; not many people listen to Jesus,and not many listen to Buddha either. You see that?

That's how we have the world's problems. But we must try. It's better than no one ever practice. To have a few lights on the street is better than no light at all. To have a dim light on the highway is better than no light at all.

If no one ever practices Quan Yin Method, no one at all in this world is enlightened and become virtuous and have firm faith in God in order to infect others with fragrant faith, then the world will become hell.

At least it stayed as it is now. It's still livable,bearable, in some parts of the world. If there are no one practicing, no one becoming like Ramakrishna, Yogananda,etc.,and no one like their followers,then the world has long become hell. So we are happy that it hasn't become hell.

The Quan Yin Method will bring peace into your own mind. If it does not bring peace into the whole world, at least into your own. Begin with us. Begin with each of us.

* How does one protect oneself and their children from violent people?

Violent people? Pray to God,and pray to your living master. Whomever your living master is, put the children into his or her hands. Give them initiation, give them holy teaching, virtuous way of living, and God will protect them.

Someone asked about the practice of the Quan Yin Method does it have any impact on world peace? I said that even if it does not affect world peace, at least it has an impact on your own peace.

Each one of us has to begin with ourselves. We must take care of the family, rule the country,then pacify the world,right? There was a woman who kept meditating but didn't have any results. I said that maybe the other methods of meditation were not suitable for her.

That was why she was still hesitant, still had doubts and hadn't found the Buddha Nature yet. Therefore,she can change to something different, change to another method of meditation.

And I said that,even if we see that currently the world is not in peace, at least it has not become hell. Understand? If it were not for a few who have been practicing,like the ones I've just mentioned, then the world would have become hell a long time ago.

At least the world today is half hell,half Heaven. In some parts of the world,it's still livable,in some parts it's not comfortable, but at least it's not entirely all hell. For example,having a few lights on the street is still better than having no light,understand? It's better than complete darkness.

Therefore,when we practice spiritually,we shouldn't pay attention to other people, we shouldn't look at the world. We light a light; a small light is better than no light.

* When I sit to meditate for hours every morning, I come into the presence of peace. But when I run around in the world,I lose it. And 'm told you must be awake when you go around, and I can't; only when I sit. Should I then be a monk or wait to be awakened?

It's up to you. It's up to you. You see,we could not have peace 24 hours except you are in such a state,like Buddha. But then,you have peace, but then you don't have peace.

You have peace in the upper level of your consciousness, and you do not have peace when you're dealing with people. But then,at that moment, even then your peace or “unpeacefulness” is of an impermanent nature.

You are permanently peaceful in Nirvana (the highest paradise). But when you are in the world,you must have the ups and downs, and that's nature, and that's natural.

Also,if you want to become a monk or a nun, it's all right. Find out your own tendency. It is also praiseworthy, whomever forsakes all the world for God's sake. That's very noble, and very few persons can do that,I'm sorry to say. They are living God. We could not even forsake…

There is a wife of Ramakrishna - they are married, but just like friends - she says,“People cannot even part with an old cup. How could they forsake the world?” So those who can forsake the world for God's sake are holy. So find out what you want to be and settle down with your own peace.

Anyhow,if we meditate and we find peace, that is a good result. That means you have succeed in your meditation. But then,when you run around the world you have a little bit of distraction and disturbance, and that's all right also. Don't let that disturb you. It's better than all day, evenin meditation, and you have no peace. Understand?

It's just like we eat in the morning and we feel very full and satisfied, and after we work, we feel hungry again, but that's all right. Then go back and eat again. That's how you appreciate your food.

That's how you appreciate your meditation. No problem. You want to be in the world, then be in the world; accept both peace and turmoil. You want to be a monk, then be a real monk, dedicate to God and to the service of mankind.

You see,if you are having an unselfish motive,wanting to be a monk for God, for the serving of all the people, and that's praiseworthy. No one will condemn this kind of ideal. Because that's a very unselfish motive, very noble idea.

Someone asked that when he sat in meditation, he felt very peaceful. Then when he go outside, he felt distracted again. I said it's all right. It's just like after we have eaten and then we go to work and get hungry again. When we are hungry, then we go home and eat again. That way we appreciate the food.

Therefore, when we meditate and feel peaceful, it's good It's better than meditating and having no peace It's just like we eat a little and we go to work. We meditate a little to be peaceful,then the whole day we can so-called "cope," and deal with the challenges of the world.

That man asked if he could become a monk. I said,“of course ” Being a monk is a very noble ideal. Not many people can forsake everything in the world, without any attachments, to serve sentient beings or to serve the noble ideals of God.

Those individuals are really noble. Not too many people can be like that. Because there was a teacher in India who said, "Normally people cannot even part with an old cup,let alone the whole world." So those people who can forsake the world to serve humankind, to serve the public, are worthy of our praise, worthy of our support and respect.

Thus, from ancient times, everyone respects monks and nuns,right? We must have such noble ideal. If we cannot do it and see that others can do it, then we must respect them

* What is the Kingdom of God and how do I find it?

I will show you at the time of initiation. It's hard to speak of such glorious things; but I can show you. You see, the Kingdom of God includes peace,harmony, wisdom,power, compassion,love. If you have the Kingdom of God, you have everything that you ever,or never ever, desire for.

“Seek you first the Kingdom of God,and all these things shall be added unto you.” When I was a householder, I had a good husband. I had money, I had position, and all the Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees also loved me, because I'd write poems, I'd write things, I helped them, rendered service to them - about many thousands of people.

Tens of thousands of people,not just a few. They all knew me. I was then enough satisfied as far as worldly satisfaction goes. But now I became enlightened. When you are enlightened,this is another different thing. You have thousands, millions of properties.

You have all kinds of visible,invisible properties. People force you with money; I have to refuse. I had to refuse the money which comes unclean. Also,I earn my own money. And before that I worked ten hours a day and I earned how much,you know? You know how much you can earn working 10 hours a day,except you are in a great business.

So all these things are God-given to me in order to serve you, so that I can give you free initiation, free booklets, free advertisement,etc. All this I did not desire. God forced me to have it. You understand?

But I work very hard. I didn't expect that much money. I just give out,whoever; give how much, it doesn't matter. So all the benefit you get,however much, is all pure, is all from God, is all from the same belief.

Somebody asked: What is the Kingdom of God? I said that this I cannot describe,but at the time of initiation,you may see it. After we have discovered the Kingdom of God, we will have everything. For example,before when I was not enlightened,when I had not yet discovered the Kingdom of God, a lot of times I could not help other people because I did not have the money.

Now that I do handicrafts,people compete with each other to buy my handicrafts. I make a lot of money. And thanks to that money,I can travel, buy air tickets, publish free publications for people to learn about virtues and morality and to give free initiation,etc. All this comes from God,from the Buddha.

It's not that I can have these things just because I want them. Sometimes I don't want them,but they still leave them in front of my door. In the past,I could not make enough money to serve others.

Now,I can have whatever I want. When we sincerely want to find God and Buddha, then God and Buddha will support us.

* When your awakened eye sees the world, do you see there no difference between good and evil because it is all divine?

Yes,yes. But then if the tiger comes,I will run away. There is a difference between my seeing and the tigers' seeing. Understand? I know he is good, but he doesn't. Just like I know you are the Buddha, but you do not. I know you are God, but you do not.

That's why you have to know it yourself. I could not help you to know it. It doesn't help you that I know. That's a regrettable thing.

A person asked that when I became enlightened, did I see that there was no difference between good and evil,that there is no bad people, no good people,that there is no good or evil, and everything is one? I said,yes,that is correct, everything has Buddha Nature. But if a tiger comes, I would run immediately, because I know he is a Buddha but he does not know that he is a Buddha,understand?

It's just like I know you are Buddha, but you don't know you are Buddha,so you have to know it yourself. I cannot help you. It's not important to you that I am enlightened. Only if you want it then I can help you to become enlightened. Understand?

* How can I feel peace in the present when I remember my sins of the past?

You see,you have to clean away the sin. You do that through repentance, sincere change of the way of life,or through a compassionate master who can help you to burn away all the past sins, the original sins,so that you may not be able to remember again.

It wouldn't bother you again. You'll feel clean like a baby. That's how we say in the Bible,“Except you become a child again, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God.” We are burdened with guilt,so we cannot enter the Kingdom of God, we cannot see God.

So through the grace of an enlightened master, the sins,the guilt-burden, will be lifted away and burned out. Then we feel innocent, we feel good again. Even though we do know we have done something bad in the past,but we do not feel burdened with it; we forgive ourselves.

We know God is merciful then. We do know it, completely. We do feel it, not just hearing. That is the difference. If you have repented very sincerely, then you feel the lifting.

Or if you change your way of life,like last life, or maybe in the past you have done some bad deed,like taking drugs or cheating people, or killing someone, now pray to God, say,“Please,forgive me. I know it was wrong, I'll never do it again,” and that's enough.

God will forgive you. But if that doesn't help you,then you must seek the compassion of a master who can help you to feel fresh and innocent again. All right?

A person asked: How can we experience bliss in the present if we believed that we have sinned in the past?

So I said that we must sincerely repent,praying to God,to Buddha, saying,"I know that those things were wrong. I will never do them again. I will only do good deeds instead of bad.”

Then God and the Buddha will forgive us immediately. But if we feel that God and Buddha have not forgiven us, if we still feel burdened with guilt in our soul, then we have to find a compassionate master who has the power to burn away our feelings of guilt.

They use their wisdom and compassionate power to get rid of it, to burn away our sins. Then we will feel innocent like a child, like an infant; we won't feel guilty anymore. Like that,it's good.

* Do you believe in the Christian God, Buddha,Jesus,the Tao? Or do you simply believe in you? Are you God? Is God universal or personal,or both? I cannot answer these questions,I'm lost.

I believe in the Christian God, I believe in Buddha, I believe in the Tao, I believe in myself. Because I'm also God, or at least a part of God.

There is no doubt there is a God. God is both personal and impersonal; God is both with form and without form. God is without form, but if God desires form, makes the form.

If you want to see God in a kind of form, God will appear in a kind of form in order to be tangible, so we may see God.

A person asked if I believe in God,Buddha, Jesus,in the Tao, you know, Lao Tzu, or do I believe in myself? Is God a being with or without form?

What is God like? I said God is with and without form. If God wants to have a form to let us see Hirm, then Hes will appear in some kind of form. Our Buddha Nature is usually invisible, but if Hes wants us to see Hirm,then Hes will appear like Shakyamuni Buddha, like Quan Yin Bodhisattva or Amitabha Buddha for us to see.

Hes can appear as a brilliant light for us to see, or as melodious sounds for us to hear, to uplift our soul. Otherwise,if everything is invisible,then we wouldn't know,right? We are human beings, not the Buddha.

If everything is invisible, then how can we believe it? However,I believe in both the visible and invisible, and I also believe in myself,because I also came from God and Buddha. I came from God and Buddha, at least a part of God and Buddha.

* What is,exactly, the method of immediate enlightenment?

That is an invisible power within you,which will be opened and then you get enlightened. It's not a method at all actually. Well,you can say it is an invisible method which a master will open the invisible power, treasure,within you and leave you in peace forever and liberation forever.

It's not a method, it is a power. It is the God within you who accepts to be awakened and comes for an expert to help. Just like Jesus, when he was on Earth, even though he was a son of God he had to go through different trainings and learn with different teachers, and even get baptized by John the Baptist.

He said, “Let the law be done.” So it isn't the water that cleansed Jesus or baptized him; it is God within him that accepts the awakening, that allows the awakening process to happen.

Once you are willing to get initiation,that means the dormant God within you wants to be awake,accepts, allows the awakening. Understand that? It's you yourself who allow the awakening. I only trigger the process. I only light the Light which is within the wood. Understand?

A person asked: What is initiation? What is the method of immediate enlightenment?

I said that this is not really a method, but if I don't say “method,” then ordinary people would not understand. If we say there is no method, then no one would come, so I have to temporarily call it a “method”; But actually, it's not a method.

If we want to, we can say that it is an invisible method. But,in fact,it is our own Buddha Nature within accepts; our Buddha Nature accepts, “At this moment, I want to be enlightened.

Now I want to wake up to help the world, to help myself.” Usually the Buddha Nature is sleeping,but when we accept to get initiation, that is when our Buddha Nature wakes up.

In other words,it accepts the awakening and no longer desires to sleep. It wants to wake up to save sentient beings. That means we save ourselves. That's why the Buddha said sentient beings save themselves; the Buddha does not save them.

The Buddha or the master is only someone who presses the button, understand? The electricity is already there. Just like a match has fire within it. We just strike it, then there is fire. If I strike this, there's no fire,right?

The fire is already there; a person only strikes it to help it burn, understand? The master only helps us to lift our Buddha from his slumber, wash his face,saying, "Get up and work! You sleep too much. You have been sleeping for many thousands of years!” Understand?

Therefore, there is no method. We already have the Buddha; there's no need for a method. The Buddha is sleeping. Now someone knows how to wake him up, throws water on his face, and he wakes up.

That's all. When we're asleep, we cannot throw water on ourselves,understand? So there must be someone who throws water on us to wake us up; that is called a master. The master has the right to throw water.

I said,just like when you are sleeping,you cannot wake up yourself; somebody else who knows you sleep too deep,he gets the water and throws into your face and then tells you, “Wake up,you're lazy! Wake up and help yourself and help people. You sleep in there and then dreaming about people beating you. What for? Get up! Get up!”

That is the work of the Buddhaor the master: throw water on your face and tell your Buddha to get up, tell the Christ within you to wake up. And you allow that to happen. Or you can go back to sleep again, that's all right,too.

* Is the Quan Yin Method the method to contemplate on the Sound?


* Is it the method mentioned in the Surangama Sutra or is it the secret method which was given to you by the Quan Yin Bodhisattva during meditation or in a vision?

It was also taught during meditation,and it is exactly the method which the Quan Yin Bodhisattva taught. It is also the same method which is mentioned in the Surangama Sutra.

This is an ancient method. It is the method of contemplation on the Sound.

* How can we concentrate and not let our mind wander during meditation? Is it correct that during meditation,we have to kill the Buddha or the devil when we see one,just like what the sutra mentioned?

If you can see him then you can kill him,but it's not with certainty that you can see the devil, not to mention killing him. If you don't want to wander during meditation, when you see the Buddha or devil,try not to feel excited or feel afraid but continue to concentrate and recite the Buddha's name,or single-mindedly focus on your method.

Then your mind won't wander. Understand? And during meditation, or when you're not in meditation,you must keep your thought, speech,and action pure. You must keep a vegetarian diet as much as you can.

Do good deeds and avoid bad actions. With a good deed, you do right it away. With a bad action, you avoid it immediately. Your mind should always be focused on and remember God and all the Buddhas, the highest beings. Don't think about fame and profit.

Don't think that you are practicing to obtain magical powers, that you are practicing in order to be rich.

Those thoughts will invite the devils to come. Understand? If your thoughts are pure, the devils will run away; they won't come and wait for you to kill them, right?

When you see the Buddha or the devil, don't be afraid. Just recite the Buddha's name. Because you don't have a teacher to teach you what is real and what is false, therefore,it is better not to pay attention to it.

But if you practice the method, I will show you how to distinguish between what is real and what is false. But if you don't practice the Quan Yin Method, then don't think about what is real and what is false.

Then there wouldn't be any problem. However,if you meet a real Buddha,then you feel very relaxed, because his appearance is very loving and compassionate. But seeing a devil is different: he is very ferocious and forces you to do bad things,to eat meat and drink wine. Then you know it is a devil.

* How do we know ourselves and forgive those who have caused us to suffer?

This ideal is very good. Try to pray to God and the Buddha to help you to attain this level. But oftentimes, there are people who are unreasonable,making us suffer for no reason, so we have to find a way to wake them up a little.

We just can't bow our head in acceptance all the time. We care for them,but we must show them in all seriousness that whatever he or she did was not right. Understand?

We just can't always bow our heads like that and end up causing harm to ourselves and to them. We have to react according to the situation. We truly love others and are peaceful,but we should know how to act with dignity so that they can treat us with respect.

Otherwise,if we always bow our heads to them like a doormat,then they continue to step on us. Understand? Being compassionate doesn't mean that we should be foolish; compassion has to go hand in hand with wisdom.

* How can we practice when we are so busy?

You practice whenever you have the time. Recite the Buddha's name while you're working.

* If we don't eat vegetarian, then when we die, can we go to Nirvana (the highest paradise), or will we be born as a lowly being?

If you are firm in your faith,then it's possible. Or,when you meet a high level practitioner who is very enlightened and you believe in him, that individual, that living Buddha,and you ask for his help, then when you die, that Buddha will come and save you; otherwise, when we eat meat, it's very difficult to be liberated,understand?

That heavy bad karma (retribution) will pull you down. But if there is a living Buddha that you can believe in,and ask for his help, then you can be saved.

* When does the Assembly of Dragons and Fairies start? When will Maitreya Buddha reincarnate,and where?

That was a long time ago. He wouldn't come down when this world is not peaceful. Only when everyone practices spirituality and becomes virtuous,keeps a vegetarian diet and recites the Buddha's name will the Buddha come down.

Now,if he comes down, he can't teach us because we're too stubborn, and he might be incarcerated,harmed. This world is really dangerous. Not many Buddhas come down.

None dare to come. If you don't believe me, then go up there and ask if any of them dares to come down. One will come down once in a while. They're frightened. They come down, see that it's no use, get more karma (retribution),and even get harmed.

* Why is the relationship between a male master and a female student of a violating nature? Maybe the person who asked the question would like to…

I do not understand why. Why,if you worship a male master,how is it violating nature?

* It seems that in the yoga discipline, that the emphasis is on abandoning the ego, and very male oriented, and I think that women and men have different ego boundaries. Because women give birth and…

No,no,don't go so far. What did you mean by this,by “if a female disciple has a male master”? How would that violate nature? No.

* There's a book that was written by Irena Tweedie who had a Sufi master, and she went to through a lot of deprivation and almost died in the process of her…

Seeking of the truth,yes.

* And there's also a Tibetan monk concerned about women dying in yoga discipline, that it's very physically detrimental,and this is my question about it.

Then don't go near. Don't go near this system. In our system, nobody dies, nobody will be deprived of attention and love. Everyone is equal, be it male or female. No one ever dies,and no danger in this path.

Everyone gets enlightenment at the first flash and will always progress. No one dies,no danger, no such a complicated question. So please,don't go near such a system if you are so fearful , “I fear…I'm afraid…” Is there such thing as a female dying by male master? By neglecting? (I don't know.) Your question is not very clear.

Is it clear to you or…? It's not clear either. Something new also,yes. I think no such thing as a female cannot accept a male master or a male cannot accept a female. That's a very natural thing,so there's no other question,no? Nothing violating nature.

* I think man and woman are very different personalities…

Personality,yes, but Buddha Nature,no. Probably in such a very dangerous yoga system there might be some differentiation between male and female disciplines and way of practice.

But not in our system, where we concentrate on the Most High and we draw our own highest potential from within ourselves,which is always available in male and female: God within us.

So we do not have any complications or discrimination. We are not the yoga system that makes so much suffering to people; only elevating. You can join us and feel relaxed - no suffering!

* Why did Jesus say to Nicodemus: “You must be born again.”

That means what I have told you already: be cleansed from all guilt; be a baby again, be innocent. We can do that through a power of God that is within you when it is awakened; cleans all sin.

Because,originally, we had none. We had it through the record of our mind which always records all the bad and good. But God doesn't need this mind to judge Hirm. Therefore,when we awaken the God within us, we are reborn again.

Understand? We really feel innocent, and we feel like a big burden has fallen off from our shoulder. That I assure you. I had this experience, and all the fellow practitioners have this feeling. They know they are cleansed forever; and they know. That's how they are assured and secured of salvation.

* Which tips are helpful or necessary as preparation to enlightenment?

The most important is an enlightened teacher who can open the enlightened door for you, who can shake awake the God in you. That's the most important thing. Other disciplines,you learn from that person, like you eat vegetarian, you meditate each day, and lead a virtuous life. These things are also taught in the Bible.

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