Words of Wisdom
Spirituality Shines in Adversities    Part 1

Because after disasters, we tend to become more spiritual. It is sad, but at least in the thorny bush, we have roses. Similarly, in the late event, we have war in Kosovo and people tend to become closer together - more loving, more giving, more understanding.


God would not visit such a sinner like us, etc. But actually, all these are the tricks of the dark force to put us down, to pressure us into submission to this physical existence, because a child of God is always a child of God. Whatever he does by mistake or by ignorance is always forgivable by his Father. Once he knows the Father, everything is clear and forgiven.


It even slows down your life, slows down your job, slows down a lot of things. Yes, whenever you touch alcohol, you really want to live shorter than you should. That's the way it is. The body is not suitable for this kind of strong intoxication. And it damages the nerves, it dulls the intelligence, it shortens the life span. So it's up to you to choose to live dangerously or to live quietly. OK? There're so many temptations. It's difficult to resist. But if you would like to live a more healthy life, and a more active life, a more productive life, then it is better to refrain from alcohol.


No such thing as eternal hell. It would be a very, very, very, very terrible, cruel God who makes eternal hell. Can you think of the logic? Whatever we do, doesn't matter how bad, how terrible, it's short-lived, it's temporary. How can it be measured by eternal hell? How can a God who is so just, even, measure such an eternal punishment for limited actions, however bad it is?


We make this choice already while we're living by acting out what we want to be. If we want to be godlike, then we act like a loving person, - compassionate, giving, understanding, forgiving and holy, etc. If we want to act on the contrary to God, then maybe we do not follow the Ten Commandments, we try to do everything that is contrary to the teachings of Jesus, for example. Then at the time of death, the habit thinking, that we would think in that way, and so this thinking will not allow us to go into a higher Heaven.


All suffering and disease is our own free will. Yes, when we do something that is not suitable for the body, then of course the body gets sick. For example, if we smoke too much, then we sometimes get lung problems, and the person who sits next to us also has second-hand smoke problems. For example, me, second-hand smoke victim. And there's other things that we do unconsciously, which will also affect the body, and it bursts out in sickness. All these things can be remedied by turning to God again and let Hirm heal our shortcomings.


It is dangerous to focus anywhere without proper guidance. Because we have forgotten so much about ourselves that we should learn it from ABC again. So the highest gate for us to leave this physical body when we die, is the third eye center, the wisdom center. So, in order not to confuse and go the wrong way around, go downward into a lower level of creation, we should practice going and coming through this gate while living, because God sits there, the wisdom sits there. So I do not want to take up too much of your time by teaching from the feet upward, which you can do. In the old times, people lived until 800 or 1000 years. They can have fun doing all kinds of upside down, inside out things. We don't have time anymore. Our lives keep shortening despite our technology advances, so we make it quick. We must practice where it is important, where it is the only way to get in and out of the body for the higher level of love.

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