Award-winning TV legal expert makes the case for vegan solution to climate change. - 27 Mar 2010  
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As a longtime host for her own national live talk show on “Court TV,” Lisa Bloom now serves as a legal analyst for the major television networks CNN and CBS News.

Admired for her insights, unbiased interviews and direct manner of speech, Ms. Bloom appears daily as a legal expert or guest host on multiple television and radio programs, including “The Dr. Phil Show,” “Larry King Live,” “Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell,” and “The Early Show.” Ms. Bloom has also become a champion of
justice for the defenseless such as children, and she is also a committed vegan and animal lover.

On March 23, she attended a book signing event for “Gristle,” which describes the harms of intensive livestock raising and is co-edited by multi-award winning vegan musician Moby.

Affirming her support of the book’s message about the animal suffering caused by meat consumption, Ms. Bloom also articulated her firm stance on climate change and its largest cause, factory farming.

Lisa Bloom – Award-winning CNN and CBS TV news network legal analyst, Vegan (F): I’m a lifelong vegetarian and I’m a vegan now. And you know, there’s no question that the number one contributor to climate change is livestock production – in fact, more than all of the cars, planes, trains and boats in the world
contribute to climate change.

And climate change is the biggest threat to my children’s generation. It’s probably going to be the biggest humanitarian crisis in world history. So I think we all have a moral imperative to do whatever we can to stop it. And the quickest way to make an effect is to immediately start on a vegan diet. 

It also happens to be delicious and good for your health, so it’s a win-win. But you know, the methane gas that cows produce, which is a big contributor to climate change will very quickly disappear from the atmosphere if we stop producing livestock, versus the CO2 that stays in the atmosphere for a very long time, so it just makes sense on so many levels to stop eating meat, to stop eating any kind of dairy products or eggs, from a climate change point of view, to reduce animal suffering, and also for human health.

VOICE: Well said, Lisa Bloom! Our admiring salute and appreciation for your honesty, courage, and dedication in discussing this most important issue of our time. Through clear voices such as yours, may there soon be justice for all beings in a humane and loving world.

Lisa Bloom (F): I’m Lisa Bloom from CNN. I’m a legal analyst from CNN and CBS News. Be veg, go green, save the planet!