Vegan Polish Pierogies and Vanilla Soy Custard (In Polish)   
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Pierogies with Lentil Mushroom Filling
½ kilograms flour
1 cup water
Pinch of salt
¼ kilogram mushrooms
¼ kilogram red lentils
Green dill
Salt and pepper to taste
Oil to fry

Vanilla Soy Custard
½ liter soy beverage
(soy milk)
2 tablespoons cornstarch
2 tablespoons vanilla sugar
Directions (to make pierogies with lentils):
  1. Put lentils in a pot to boil
  2. Add a little salt
  3. In the meantime, as the lentils are boiling we can prepare mushrooms and parsley. Slice it
  4. Put the mushrooms on the stove and add a little bit of oil
  5. The lentils are also nicely cooked then turn off the stove
  6. While the mushrooms are frying, we can chop our parsley
  7. Add the fresh chopped parsley to the filling
  8. Mix and fry the mushrooms
  9. After the mushrooms are done, then we add the lentils and parsley
  10. Stir for a while so the water from the lentils evaporates, otherwise it will make the filling too soggy and it is much easier to make pierogies if the filling is dry
  11. And now we will transfer our lentils with the mushrooms
  12. Add parsley. Maybe even a lot of it. Just the chopped leaves
  13. Add a little bit of salt
  14. Add pepper
  15. Our filling is ready now
Directions (to make dough for the pierogies):
  1. Put some water to boil
  2. Put very little salt into it
  3. While it is getting ready, we will prepare the dough
  4. Here we have the flour and first, we add 1 glass of water (if it’s not enough, then We can add a little bit more)
  5. Add a tiny bit of salt to the dough
  6. Add a bit of water for these crumbs to stick
  7. When we get a nice consistency of dough, which is pliable and nice in our hands, then we can put it on the side
  8. Cover it so it doesn’t dry up
  9. The water is starting to boil and we can now prepare the pastry board
  10. So that the dough does not get dry, we will only take a small piece and the rest we will cover
  11. Now we roll it into a thin flat sheet
  12. When our dough is already rolled out very thin, we can start cutting circlets out of it and stuff them with the filling
  13. And in the meantime the water will boil. First we cut out circlets, which will be the base for each pierogi
  14. Take each circlet, put a spoonful of the filling on it, fold it, and stick the edges together, forming a semicircle or crescent.
  15. We can also make fancy frills so that our pierogies look more decorative
  16. Do not put in too much filling so that it won’t spill out of the pierogi
  17. After the water is already boiling, put the pierogies in. A few at a time, so they won’t stick together in the pot
  18. We can cover the pot, but when the water starts bubbling more, we take the lid off or else the water will boil over
  19. Once they have floated up, it is a sign we are going to drain them off
  20. Pour a little oil on them, so they do not stick together
  21. If somebody likes the dish this way, then this is already ready
Directions (to decorate):
  1. Take a frying pan
  2. Put a little oil in it
  3. Fry some proteins
  4. Poured some oil on the pierogies so that they don’t stick together
  5. Add salt to taste
  6. Stir and take care not to burn the soy mince
  7. Take it off when it is slightly golden
  8. Pour it on the pierogies
  9. Sprinkle them with dill, so that it is even more beautiful and tasty
  10. Ready to serve
Directions (to make vanilla soy custard):
  1. Take 1 glass of soy drink. And bring it to boil in a pot
  2. In the meantime, we mix another glass of soy drink with cornstarch and vanilla sugar
  3. Mix it well in cold soy drink, so as not to leave any clumps
  4. When the soy drink starts to boil, we pour in the cornstarch mixed with the cold soy drink
  5. Stir it until it thickens
  6. After the custard is thickening, then turn off the heat
  7. The custard is ready
  8. Leave it to cool down and we can put it into glasses or ceramic bowls
  9. Dessert is ready

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