Welcoming Lunar New Year in Malaysia: Fragrant Auspicious Delight & Happy Vegan Burger (In Cantonese)   
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(For all ingredients, please use organic versions if available)
Fragrant Auspicious Delight
200 grams mushroom stalks (soaked, dried, finely blended)
100 grams vegan roasted meat (char xiu) finely blended
20 grams sugar
60 milliliters water
½ teaspoon vegan seasoning
1 tablespoon wheat Flour

Happy Vegan Burger
150 grams mushroom stalks (soaked, dried, finely blended)
150 grams vegan soy chicken (finely blended)
50 milliliters water
4 tablespoons wheat flour
Chinese 5-spices powder
Ground pepper
Vegan seasoning
1 cucumber (sliced)
1 tomato (sliced)
Fresh lettuce leaves
Vegan bread buns

Directions (to preparing):

  1. Soaked chinese mushrooms for 24 hours then drained dry
  2. Blend mushrooms stalks until they’re fine
  3. Slice vegan grilled meat, blend until fine
Directions (to make fragrant auspicious):
  1. Pour in the blended mushroom stalks
  2. Add in 1 leveled tablespoon of plain flour
  3. Add ½ teaspoon of vegan seasoning
  4. Blend and mix well together
  5. Add in the minced vegan grilled meat
  6. Mix well
  7. After mixing well, knead them and roll out into thin pieces
  8. First roll them into balls
  9. Roll them out into flat pieces into square or rectangular pieces
  10. Heat up the pan over high heat first
  11. Add in the cooking oil
  12. After hot enough place the rolled pieces carefully into the pan
  13. Fry over medium heat
  14. We can check on the texture; fry until it’s not too soft, kind of turning hard, and turn golden brown (before they are cooked, do not turn them over, otherwise they will break apart)
  15. After cooked well put on the plate
Directions (to make sauce):

  1. Pour in the water
  2. Add in the 20 grams of sugar
  3. Cook them into a sweet sauce over a low heat
  4. Cook until it thickens
  5. Cook until the sugar dissolve then bring to a slow boil
  6. After boiling, that will become the sauce.
  7. Use medium heat
  8. Add in the fried fragrant delight
  9. Mix them well until the sauce is dry
  10. During the cooking process you can use higher heat to cook to get the “burnt” effect for a better taste
  11. We can now use it for a sandwich with bread
  12. After cooked well arrange them all on a nice platter (you can also use veggies and fruits to decorate the dish)
Directions (to make happy burger):

  1. Soak mushroom stalks in water for at least 24 hours. After which, drain them dry, and blend them finely in a blender
  2. Soak vegan chicken nuggets in water until they soften, drain them dry as well, and blend them fine
  3. Pour in the water
  4. Add 4 tablespoons plain flour
  5. Mix them up well
  6. After mixing them well, add a pinch of salt
  7. Add chinese 5-spices powder
  8. For a very light marinade, add a bit of ground pepper
  9. Add some vegan seasoning
  10. Mixing them together
  11. Add in the blended vegan chicken nuggets
  12. Add the minced mushroom stalks
  13. Make sure it’s all mixed well
  14. Roll them up into balls
  15. Roll them up into burger shapes
  16. Then steam them in a steamer until the water boils, for about 15 minutes
  17. After that fry them in a wok (you don’t need too much oil, as long as the wok is evenly spread with oil)
  18. Once the oil is hot, we can put them in for frying
  19. Until you can smell the nice aroma, they are ready when they look crispy
  20. You can serve them now
Directions (serving):
  1. Slice vegan bread buns
  2. Put 2 slices of cucumber
  3. Put a slice of tomato
  4. Put a fresh lettuce leaf
  5. Put a patty
  6. Happy burger ready to serve

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