Vegan Mayonnaise and Eggless Spanish Omelet (In Spanish)   
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Veganaisse (Vegan Mayonnaise)
½ lemon
1 glass sunflower oil
1/3 glass soy milk
Pinch salt
Eggless Spanish Omelet
5–6 medium potatoes
¼ –1 onion
Vegan omelet mixture
Chickpea flour
Water or soy milk
Soda water (optional)
Sunflower or olive oil for frying

Veganaisse (Vegan Mayonnaise)
1.Prepare a mixing container
2.Pour 1/3 glass soy milk, and 1 glass ofsunflower oil and mix it well.
3.Add juice ofhalf of alemon, and a pinch ofsalt.
That's the basic vegannaise recipe.
From now on, the flavours.
4.If you want to make Vegannaise Alioli(Garlic Vegan Mayo), you can add some garlic(ex 1/2 clove)
4-1. If you want to make Salsa Rosa(Pink Sauce), add 1/2 tomato. Or you can add anything after your taste.
5. Mix them well starting from the bottom and slowly going up.
6. If you want it more lighter, add some more soy milk.
7. Put in the fridge to cool.

Eggless Spanish Omelet
1. Peel the potatoes.(with peeler its easier) And cut them into pieces to fry easier.
For thebasic omelet, only potatoes will do. You can add more like zucchini, green pepper etc.
2. Cut a quarter od the onion, cut it thinly.
3. Put in the oil and warm it.
4. Prepare a bowl for the mixture.
5.Add a little bit of Chickpea flour to it and a bit of water and little salt also
and mix well. Can replace water with soymilk. (Can addvinegar to kill the taste)
6. Beat it, watching the texture it's taking.
7. Whip a bit to see a creamy texture.
8. Put the potatoes into preheated oil, enough to cover all the potatoes.
9. After a while stir it with spatula so it's done evenly.(approx 10-15min.)
10. Turn the heat higher, and after a while turn it over again.
11. Drain the oil and turn off the heat.
12. Add the potatoes into the mixture.
13. Put the heat again(keep low)and put the mixture into the pan.
14. Flatten it to a shape of an omelet.
15. Flip it to a dish. Do it 2-3 times to take the right shape.
16. When it becomes golden, it's ready.

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