Water shortage taking toll in Egypt. - 6 Dec 2010  
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Extended periods of water scarcity have resulted in the use of agricultural waste water by many farmers to irrigate crops. Some have even resorted to using water containing untreated sewage to keep their crops alive, which poses a large health hazard for the community.

The Egyptian government is trying to resolve the issue by transitioning to modern irrigation techniques and informing farmers on ways to conserve water. Currently, the nation’s population of 80 million is supplied with less than 800 cubic meters of water per person annually, an amount that is below the United Nations water poverty line of 1,000 cubic meters, and below the world’s average of 7,000 cubic meters per person a year.

Mr. Hossam Gamal, a researcher with the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture, noted that the living situation for Egyptian people could be improved along with billions of US dollars saved if meat production in the country, such as cattle imports and factory farming, were reduced. This recommendation is in accordance with
United Nations findings that livestock production is a primary consumer and polluter of water.

We are saddened to know of this predicament and pray for Heavenly rain and thank the Egyptian government’s efforts to help resolve the nation’s water crisis.

Let us all step in unison toward more sustainable ways for the survival of communities such as these.
Speaking during an April 2009 videoconference in South Korea, Supreme Master Ching Hai mentioned as on previous occasions an optimal approach to conserving water that would also restore planetary balance.

Supreme Master Ching Hai : Scientists have documented that one serving of beef takes more than a thousand gallons of water to produce. By contrast, the vegan diet uses about one-tenth of that amount. So, the water problem would also be completely solved if everyone is vegan. And as the killing karma (retribution) is reduced withpeople becoming vegan, all disasters will diminish, a more loving atmosphere will envelop our Earth.

So consequently, each nation would naturally have sufficient resources and wholeheartedly exchange help to each other. The vegan diet will help us to achieve that goal, and almost immediately.