Freshwater pollution by nitrogen, phosphorous costs U.S. $4.3 bln annually - 19 Nov 2008  
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US fresh water damage from nitrogen and phosphorus. Research carried out by Kansas State University in the US has found that pollution from nitrogen and phosphorus is costing the nation more than US$4.3 billion a year.

This figure, which the scientists say is an underestimate, accounts for costs such as damaged fresh water supplies, additional funds to treat the water, and loss of revenue from decreased recreational activities. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations reports that the root cause of this pollution is synthetic nitrogen and phosphorus applied to crops.

Kansas State University and United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization scientists, we thank you for this quantitative information. May we also consider these chemical effects on the health of all beings and switch to the quickly restorative plant-based fare.

Speaking via videoconference for the International Climate Conference in California, USA on July 26, 2008,

Supreme Master Ching Hai : Organic farming is always ideal for health and ecology, as we have had it proven from the scientistsIt keeps water clean and environment safe. So, in my humble opinion, instead of subsidies for the farmers who lose money on meat or because of the meat was tainted with disease the government can subsidize the farmers so they have more financial support to fall on until this becomes more stabilized as a practice and the market has more demand for organic food.

Then farmers will be happy to grow more vegetarian food to supply for the health of human and the planet. It helps in many, many angles. Not just health, but the water, the health of the planet, and right now we’re short of food.

So if the farmers are encouraged to grow more and the government supports and subsidizes, then, of course, we will have no problem then and people will have more vegan food to choose from, and the farmers will also be happy to supply.