Are we short of water,food?  
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Are we short of water?
1 serving of BEEF Over 1,200 gallons of water used
1 serving of CHICKEN 330 gallonsof water used
1 Complete VEGAN meal with TOFU, RICE, and VEGETABLES98 gallons of water used
Are we short of food?
How many people in the world are hungry?

862 million people in 2008
Grain currently fed to livestock is enough to feed 2 billion people.

UK Video Conference June 13, 2008

And I said already 80% of it, will be cut almost immediately, and we can see the results in a few weeks.
Because if you don't keep breeding more animals, and then there is less methane.
And if we don't eat meat, then there is no transportation necessary for it and much less fuel needed.
And all these people can be trained to do something else.
And there will be less hunger because we will use the agriculture products, cereals, to feed humans instead of feeding
more bred animals in the future.
So we don't have hunger anymore and there will be no more war because of hunger.
So the effect is immense. Keep multiplying it, and then you know what I mean.