Report warns of future environmental challenges for Arab countries - 1 Nov 2008  
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Environmental study focuses on risk to Arab nations. On Sunday, the “Arab Environment: Future Challenges” report, compiled by independent experts, was released at the first Arab Forum for Environmental Development (AFED) being held in Bahrain.

The report cited issues such as air and water pollution, desertification and fresh water shortages as being the most pressing for the region. With recent severe droughts in Jordan and Syria as well as others in Algeria, Morocco, Syria and Tunisia, the report concluded that many Arab countries will face continuously diminishing water supplies. Climate change was cited as a major factor in these predicaments, and the report offered recommendations for polices and remedial actions.
We respectfully commend all leaders at the Arab Forum for Environmental Development for coming together to address these urgent matters of our time. May Allah grace your nations with resiliency along with the implementation of measures like the plant-based diet for its effectiveness in restoring the natural balance of life for all.