Global water supplies are running dry. - 25 Sep 2008  
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According to the International Water Management Institute, the planet’s already-scarce water supplies are becoming even more so in farming communities due to global warming. In Texas, USA lack of rain and high temperatures in 2008 has led to crop losses estimated at US$1.1 billion. And in the Middle East, the Palestinian Water Authority reports that farmers are currently receiving only one-fifth of the total water they need in a shortage that has worsened due to climate change. Proposed remedies include minimal soil tilling, drip irrigation methods and rainwater tanks.

We appreciate this information, International Water Management Institute, and pray for sufficient water to nourish the life-sustaining crops. May the time soon come when we all turn to the resource-conserving plant-based diet to ensure abundant food and water for all in the world.,$1.4%20billion,