Over-exploitation of underground water is harming the environment. - 4 Sep 2008  
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During a two-day seminar in Bali, Indonesia, environmental experts spoke about the current water shortage in Asia, and its future impacts. Dr. Brahma Chellaney from the Strategic Studies Centre for Policy Research in India stated that ground water is being used at a much higher rate than can be replenished by nature.

He said, “Over-exploitation of aquifers will affect ecosystems, and in turn accelerate global warming.” The overuse of underground water is evidenced through such phenomena as sinking pavements and sidewalks in Thailand and Âu Lạc (Vietnam), as well as a shrinking water supply in China. Seminar participants encouraged Asian governments to better protect and manage groundwater reserves.

Thank you, Dr. Chellaney and all participants for this timely information. May the people of Asia and all countries adopt a plant-based diet for its proven water-efficiency and planet-cooling benefits.