Himalayan glaciers drastically affected by warming climate. - 27 Aug 2008  
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At the World Water Week conference in Stockholm, Sweden, experts raised concern regarding climate change, which is causing Himalayan glaciers to recede at an alarming rate of up to 70 meters per year. Mats Eriksson, program manager for water and hazard management at the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development, stated, "Himalayan glaciers are retreating more rapidly than anywhere else in the world." As melting glaciers and snow make up about 50 percent of the water that flows through the nine largest rivers in Asia, their continued retreat presents a serious threat to the livelihood and survival of 1.3 billion people in the Himalayan region who depend on fresh water for farming, energy, and drinking. Also, the increased melting releases more carbon into the atmosphere.

Many thanks, international specialists and experts, for bringing to light the crucial effects of climate change on the Himalayan regions. We pray your reports will encourage our immediate action in working together to adopt lifestyles of care that bring restoration to the planet.

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