Drought in Western United States potentially catastrophic. - 22 Aug 2008  
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Climate change is silently taking its toll on water supplies in the US west, putting the region on a path that local water managers and scientists such as Steven Chu, a Nobel laureate and the director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, describe as an approaching disaster. Glaciers in Montana’s Glacier National Park have decreased from 150 in 1910 to a mere 25 today, with the ones that remain melting at a rate of nine percent per year.  The Colorado River, which offers the main water supply to seven US states with a population of 23 million people, is expected to be too dry to meet its contractual requirements within just a few years’ time.

We are thankful, Dr. Chu and all other concerned parties, for this clear-sighted view of the potentially devastating effects of climate change. We pray for greater awareness and rapid action to preserve our planet’s precious natural resources. 

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