Global warming threatens to destroy the Thames River system. - 4 Aug 2008  
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The Thames Vulnerability Assessment Report prepared by WWF-UK forecasts the Thames River system will have less water, but at the same time will be at a five-fold increased risk for flooding by 2080 due to climate change.  WWF-UK freshwater policy advisor, Dr. Tom Le Quesne stated, “Climate change is likely to result in hotter, drier summers and warmer, wetter winters.
Perversely, this means we will suffer from having both more water, and less, with greater risk from flooding and drought.” Mr. Le Quesne recommended that solutions to address the situation need to take a holistic approach rather than independently tackling each issue. 

We appreciate this warning, WWF-UK and pray all Britons will quickly act to halt the life-threatening effects of climate change through sustainable lifestyles.