Africa's Rwenzori glaciers are quickly disappearing. - 21 Mar 2008  
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A team of 27 alpinists affiliated with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) recently explored the high-altitude glaciers of the Rwenzori Mountains bordering Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. They found that the glaciers have receded an alarming 50% in area over the last 50 years, and 75% over the last century. At the current rate of recession, the glaciers will be gone within 30 years. This is an imminent danger for millions of people, plants, and animals who depend on fresh water from the glacier for their survival.

We are grateful, WWF, for your concerned efforts that have revealed the depleted condition of the Rwenzori glaciers. We pray that this evidence will help catalyze the actions needed to preserve life-sustaining ecosystems while we still have time.