Las Vegas water source could run dry by 2021 - 15 Feb 2008  
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Las Vegas water supply disappearing. A study by researchers at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in California, USA predicts that Lake Mead, the prime water source for the city of Las Vegas, is likely to go dry within 13 years.

The lake, which is currently half full, serves 90% of the city’s water needs. Saying that the effect will be more far-reaching than Las Vegas only, Dr. Tim Barnett, the study’s co-author, stated, “This water problem is not a scientific abstraction, but rather one that will impact each and every one of us that live in the Southwest.”

We appreciate it, Dr. Barnett and Scripps Institution researchers, for revealing this urgent truth to the public. May the Providence guide us in finding solutions to preserve our resources so that future generations can live in happiness, security, and prosperity.