Melting tundra releases immense carbon stores. - 20 Jan 2010  
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A study recently conducted by Dr. Sofia Hjalmarsson of the Department of Chemistry at Sweden’s University of Gothenburg found that the permafrost layer stretching across the vast reaches of the Arctic contains an additional global warming hazard.

Besides the melting of methane hydrate crystals, which have already been observed as gaseous bubbles rising from an increasing number of Siberian lakes and other water bodies, the thawing tundra also releases stored carbon.

Dr. Hjalmarsson’s studies of the Laptev, East Siberian and Chukchi Seas of north Siberia as well as the Baltic Sea revealed elevated carbon dioxide levels in all of them, meaning that organic carbon released from the permafrost is being carried by the rivers out into the coastal waters.

Dr. Hjalmarsson warned that the danger of the permafrost thawing is that it cannot be stopped once it advances beyond a certain stage, meaning that the melting of the vast carbon stores must be stopped now.

Our appreciation, Dr. Sofia Hjalmarsson for this important research showing the ever-increasing dangers of global warming. May findings as these spur us all toward sustainable practices such as the Earth-saving vegan diet. During an international gathering with our Association members in February 2008, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke of toxic gases such as methane being released with atmospheric warming, as she urged for the solution that addresses the root cause.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: You see, the gases are fuming from the ocean and from the land that’s been defrosting. It’s fuming everywhere. It’s just that at the moment, it’s not so intense.

Everybody knows by now, from the UN report that meat eating, animal raising, it’s one of the worst factors, or even the worst factor of global warming. And nobody talks about it.
Everybody says, new energy, biofuel, hybrid car, dig a hole and store the carbon.” As if it will not bust one day. And before that you have to breathe in already, as if will not affect you.

What is so difficult, to put down one piece of meat, and replace it with one piece of tofu? Which is exactly the same, better nutrition. Better for your health. More economized.