Communicating with Your Heart: Telepathic Animal Communicator Carol Gurney   

HOST: Greetings, noble viewers, and welcome to Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants.
Today we journey into the realm of animals with Carol Gurney, a noted telepathic animal communicator, author and founder of the US-based Gurney Institute of Animal Communication, to learn about their marvelous ways of expressing their thoughts and feelings.

Many of us have a deep desire to understand animals, and feel it would be wonderful if we could speak to them directly, just as we do with humans. We could ask them about their favorite foods, the state of their lives and how they perceive the world around us.

Carol Gurney has spent the past 23 years interacting with our fellow beings on a deep level and teaching others to do so as well.

In addition to conducting private consultations and workshops, she has appeared in many publications and on radio and TV shows in the United States.

Ms. Gurney is the author of 『The Language of Animals: Seven Steps to Communicating with Animals.』
She first learned of telepathic animal communication after her beloved feline friend, who had been with her for 16 years, suddenly began to behave in a way she had never seen before.

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